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Finn's Leinster Journal
1-4 November 1797
Attempt on the Life of JOHN BUTLER, Efq

Source: Carloviana 2008 Edition pg.2.

From Finn's Leinster Journal 1-4 November 1797.

County of Carlow

At a Meeting of the MAGISTRATES, purfuant to Notice, at the County Court -Houfe of CARLOW, on Saturday the 28th day of Oct. 1797.

WILLIAM BURTON, Efq. In the Chair.

Whereas a moft atrocious Attempt was made on the Life of JOHN BUTLER, Efq. a Magiftrate of this County, on the morning of Saturday the 21ft inft. on his return to his own Houfe from Kilbridc, by two Shots being fired from behind a Wall on the faid Lands, one of which Shots wounded the faid John Butler, in the Arm; and being determined to bring the Perpetrators of fuch horrid attempt to Juftice. We do hereby offer a Reward of One Hundred Pounds Sterling, to be paid by our Treafurer, to the Perfon or Perfons who fhall within three Calender Months from the date hereof, difcover, and profecute to Conviction the Perfon or Perfons concerned in faid attempt, and if any Perfon or Perfons concerned except the Perfon or Perfons who actually wounded the faid John Butler, fhall give Information to any Magiftrate of this County, by which his or their Accomplices may be Difcovered and brought to Punifhment - fuch Pcrfon or Perfons fliall not only be entitled to the above Reward, but his her or their names fhall be kept SECRET (if required.) and appplication fliall be made to Government, for his, her or their Pardon. And, Whereas on the Night of Wednesday the 25th inftant, about the Hour of nine of the Clock at Night, WILLIAM BENNETT, of Ballyloughan, in this County, Efq. Was moft Inhumanly Murdered and Robbed of his Money and Arms, in his Dwelling Houfe at Ballyloughin aforfaid, by a number of Perfons at prefent unknown.
We do hereby promife a further Reward of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS Sterling to be paid as above, for the Difcovery and profecuting to Conviction, the Perforns Concerned in faid Murder and Robbery. Refolved, That a Proclamation to be iffued by Government, offering a Reward and Pardon in the ufual way to the Perfon or Perfons, who fhall firft Discover his or their Accomplice or Accomplices, would tend to bring the Perpetrators to Justice. Refolved, That our Chairman be requefted to lay the foregoing Refolutions before Government, and rcqueft a Proclamation be iffued accordingly. Refolved, that our Treafurer be direfted to publifh the foregoing Refolutions in the Dublin Journal. Dublin Evening Poft, and Leinftcr Journal; and alfo to have a number of Hand-Bills Printed and diftributed about the Country.


This document transcribed by: M. Brennan c.2009

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