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The Pat Purcell Papers.

By kind permission of Michael Purcell


Manuscript from the Pat Purcell Papers.

Address from the inhabitants of Fenagh to Mr. Pack-Beresford. (undated)

(Note from M. Brennan this was possibly 1865)

Honoured Sir.

We the inhabitants of Fenagh and its vicinity eagerly avail ourselves of the present opportunity as well to express to you our gratitude for recent kindness, as to testify our joy at your return as Member of Parliament for this county. The many benefits you have conferred upon us and the interest you have always taken in the honest struggling poor on your estate, without any distinction of creed render it no more than our duty to congratulate you on being successfully returned.

We feel that by that return this part of the County has received a distinction and that we too are all in some degree sharers in that distinction.

It is scarcely necessary for us to say that having always felt justly proud of you as a landlord whom others might copy, we now feel doubly proud of you as one upon whom the entire county has unanimously conferred the highest honor in its power to bestow. We who know you so well feel confident that you will in your place in Parliament discharge your duties as fairly between class and class as you have heretofore discharged them between man and man.

In conclusion we wish you every success in your new position and many happy returns of last Thursday.

(signed) on our behalf~

William Butler. William Jenkinson. Henry Dillon. Michael Lynch. and ??.

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.
This document Transcribed by Jean Casey, Nov. 2010

1864 Page 89 1867

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