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Special Sessions at Bagenalstown
By kind permission of Michael Purcell
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At a Special Sessions held at Bagenalstown on Saturday the 10th day of October 1829 the following persons were approved of as fit and proper to be entrusted with the Sale of Malt and Spiritous Liquors, Wine, Beers, Ale &c for the year ending the 10th day of October 1830.

  Name Residence Securities
Pd John Agar Bagenalstown Luke & Thos Agar
Pd Richd Kehoe Do Jno McGee & Wm Tracey
Pd Mhl Cummins Do Mhl Cummins & Thos Payne
Pd John Cummins Do          Do                     Do
Pd Anw doyle Do Jno Agar & Jno McGee
Pd Richd Tennant Do       Do               Do
Pd Thos Hughes Do Jno McGee & Wm Tracey
Pd Mhl O'Reilly Do Chas Smyth & Mhl O'Conner
Pd Jas Byrne Do Jno McGee & Wm Tracey
Pd Luke Murphy Do
Jno & Jas Byrne
Pd Martin Nowlan Do Jas Nowlan & Pat Kelly
Pd James Nowlan Do Mhl Cummins & Thos Payne
Pd Peter Doyle Bagenalstown Charles & Jno Byrne
  James Nowlan Do entered at other side
  Patrick Tierney Do Wm Townsend, Mastin Mangan
Pd James Lawler Do Jno & Jas Byrne
  John Kelly Do Jno McGee & Wm Tracey
  Chals Sinnett Rahanna Michl Foy, James Hickey
  Mhl Dowling Ln Bridge John McGee & Wm Tracey
  Sarah Hennesy Do Do
Pd Michl Nowlan Do Wm Watchorn & Pierce Kieffe
  Jas McDonnell Do Do
  Michl Maher Do Do
  Wm Payne Do John McGee & Luke Agar
Pd Terence O'Neill Do Jno McGee & Wm Tracey
  Hy Ransford Do Do
  Patrick Moran Do Do
  Patrick Moran Do Do
  Jas Treacy Do Do
  Caleb Tyndell Do Do
  George Jeffers Do Do
Pd George Holland Royal Oak Do
Pd Elinor Hackett Do Jas Gleesen & Wm Cullen
  John Bridget Do Wm Maher & Jas Healy
  Margt Ounihan Do Wm Maher & Thos Lawler
  Edwd Headon Ln Bridge Jno McGee & Wm Tracey
  Peter Byrne Borris  
  Thos bishop Do Geo Whitney & Gart Darcy
Pd Jas Kelly Do Mhl & Edwd Kelly
  Jas Doyle Do Henry Kelly & Pat Sharky
  Jas Curren Do         Do                 Do
  Jas Dwyer Ln Bridge Jno McGee & Wm Tracey
Pd Edwd Cooke Fennagh Jno McGee & Wm Payne
  Matw Genlon Ballynocken Wm Dillon & Pat McAssey
  Mark Flood Borris Pat Sharky & Hy Kelly
Pd Richd Murphy Ballintrant  
  Dens Rigney Borris Henry Kelly & Pat Sharky
  Pat Connelly Old Leighlin Jno McGee & Wm Tracey
  Wm Byrne Borris Geo Whitney & Luke Flaherty
Pd Lauce Nowlan Ballinkillen Jno McGee & Wm Tracey
  Jas Reddy Nurney Jno McGee & Wm Tracey
Pd Martin Curren Drumphea Jno Murphy & Pat Kelly
Pd Anw Brennan Garryhill Jno Brennan & Wm Payne
Pd Jas Leech Killedmond Geo Whitney & Edwd Smyth
  Richd Welles Rahanna  
  John Lawless Loughenear Charles Byrne & Mhl Caher
  Jas Foley Newtown  
  Pat Byrne Ballinree  
Pd Mary Doyle Ballymoon Jno McGee & Wm Tracey
  Thos Fitzpatrick Carrigbeg Chas Ryan & Pat Murphy
  Wm Rourke Rahanna Darley & Thos Rourke
  Thos Byrne Glynn Edwd Galven & Bryan Fogarty
  Thos Doyle St. Mullins Mhl & Dens doyle, Bohano
  Jas Brohan Ballybeg  
  John Lynch Cashill  
Pd John Mullen Ballyellen Jno McGee & Wm Payne
  John Neill Bagenalstown  
Pd John Timmens Old Leighlin Thos Tunstead & Edwd Foley
  Chas Kavanagh Ln Bridge Jno McGee & Wm Tracey
  Edwd Cummerford Ridge       Do                    Do
  Martin Maher Bagenalstown Jno McGee & Wm Tracey
  Robt Smyth Do        Do                   Do
  Jas Cody St. Mullins Mat & Martin Breen
  Pat Murry Bagenalstown  
? ... Newton
Saml T Roberts
Robt. Nic....?
 William A... ?
 F...?  S....?

This document was provided by and transcribed by J. J. Woods
The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.
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