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Waters, Watters
Years 1804 to 1843

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Years 1804 to 1843

1804. Patrick Holland Rent Collector for Philip Watters Esq. challenged by Samuel Tierney, Victualler of Carlow town.

1806. Philip Watters, Magistrate, taking Statement from Richard Bourk.

1813. Thomas Ward and John Waters Maketh Oath that they Usually Reside at Clogrenan in the parish of Cloydah In the Barony of Idrone West and in the County of Carlow. this Nineteenth day of June 1813. Came in their proper persons and Acknowledged themselves to be Indebted unto Our Sovereign Lord king George the third in the Sum of Ten pounds Sterling.

1817. Owen Watters of Ballinasillogue, Carlow, charging Charles Proctor with stealing two sheep.

Arthur Waters of Killoghternawn, Parish of Slyguff. June 1819 charging 5 men with assault.

1819. Michael Watters of Nurney, charging Ann Rose with theft.

1820. Esther Waters of Killoughternane, Slyguff, assaulted by Naney Nowlan and her two daughters of Ballenree.

1820. John Waters of Ballenree, Slyguff, assaulted by Darby Nowlan of Ballinree

May, 1821. Edward E.Waters, Excise Officer of N.....? District bringing charges against Richard Walsh of Johnstown, Carlow. Sureties: John McGuinnes, Cabinet Maker, and Abraham Bunbury, Farmer. Witnessed by William Fishbourne., Magistrate.

1821. John Watters of Clogrenan looking for 19 shillings.

1825.Richard Watters charged with assault on Elizabeth Hogg and "forceably taking away several articles of furniture and presenting a Loaded Firearm at her".

1830. John Watters of Graigue, Queen's County, charged with assault on Michael Kehoe.

1831.Mary Waters of Kilclony, Clonegoose charging owen Waters with stealing fields of wheat,

1832. Owen Watters of Kilcloney, Carlow, charged with stealing one acre of wheat from Mary Watters of Kilcloney.

1833. William Watters charged with assault on Michael Byrne of Carlow.

1833. Mary Waters, widow, of Oldtown reporting a party of men entering her house looking for Arms.

1835. William Watters, Tullow, Barony of Rathvilly, Householder, acting as bondsman.

1835. Ann Watters of Tullow charging Laurence Byrne with theft,

1843. Catherine Waters wife of James of Bamahask, Parish of Barragh, Swearing before Thomas DeRinzy that Ann Jordon and Susan Power, Spinsters left a infant female child in a Potatoe Basket in her yard,

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This document was transcribed by Susie Warren

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