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Pat Purcell Papers
John Lawlor of Ratheran 1788

By kind permission of Michael Purcell

Pat Purcell Papers

"John Lawlor of Ratheran"
By kind permission of Michael Purcell

County of Carlow to witt...



The Examinations of John Lawlor of Ratheran in the said county Taken before me one of his Majesties Justices of the peace for said County

Who being duly sworn and Examined Deposeth and saith that on the night of the fourth of April Inst. Between the Hours of Eleven and Twelve of the Clock or thereabouts the window of the dwelling house of Examinant was broke open by some person or persons unknown to Examinant and therein entered and opened the door of his said house and thereout carried away one trunk two pair of Breeches one Shirt one silk Handkerchief one Gown of Crape one shift Pettycoat whith two Shillings and one penny sterling which they Felonously carried away from Examinants house and Examinant saith he found the whole of said articles scattered about Examinants land save one shirt one handkerchief and said two shillings and one penny sterling as aforesaid and further saith that said Trunk was by said person unknown broke open and saith that Entire of said articles etc. was worth the sum of one pound ten shillings sterling and further said not.

Examinant John Lawlor 

Examinant bound in the sum of Fifty pounds sterling
 to prosecute at
this present Assize
 Sworn before me this 13th day
of April 1788
Thos. Drought


Acknowledged before me this 13th day
 of April 1788
Thos. Drought
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This document was transcribed by J.J. Woods c2008 from a photocopy sent by Michael Purcell.

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