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The new Mr. Beresford comes of age!

By kind permission of Michael Purcell

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11th April 1885.

On Saturday last, April 11th, Mr Jameson, Sub-Sheriff for Carlow accompanied by his bailiffs and protected by a strong guard of police, visited the townland of Kilcloney, near Borris to seek possession from Mrs Anne Waters of her farm., in pursuance of a decree obtained by Mr Beresford the landlord for the recovery of a hanging gale. This hanging gale had been on the estate for more than a century and a half and was in existence long before the property came into the possession of the present landlord.

Amongst those present were Joe Delany, a well known bailiff from Borris and an underling of Mr Beresfords named Burke who distinguished themselves throughout be their insolence and impertinence. The sub-sheriff arrived at noon and proceeded to take possession of the premises by having the furniture removed from the dwelling house. After part of the effects had been brought out, Mrs Waters, being advised by her friends that she had done all that was necessary as a protest, she satisfied the landlords claim by paying the money due. The proceedings were attended by a large crowd of local people with a contingent of horsemen present and the scene was also graced by the presence of a number of ladies.

The Rev. W.P. Bourke, who was loudly cheered, then addressed the assembled crowd - - He stated that he did not think it well that they should separate without protesting formally against the outrageous treatment that Mrs Waters had been subjected to.

Young Mr Beresford came of age a few weeks ago and his first introduction to his tenantry there was through the sheriff, who had come to eject Mrs Waters not because she was unable to meet all just demands on rent etc but because she had refused to pay the hanging gale which was due before Mr Beresford was born, or before Mr Beresford owned a piece of land in Kilcloney.

The father of the present Mr Beresford was dead, and as they were told to say nothing of the dead except what was good, and as he had nothing good to say about the late Capt. Beresford he would extend to him the charity of silence.

From this day on, he said, the Beresford family will be known as "Hanging-gale Beresford". "I tell the people" he continued, "that they need not be particularly squeamish as to what means they would adopt to stop fox-hunting by the landlords on their land". Mr M. Waters thanked the people for coming out to support them. The gathering then dispersed cheering for Mrs Waters and the Irish National League.

The above is a true and accurate transcript of the original document.

  • Transcribed by Jean Casey, January 2010

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