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Image of St. Lazerian's Cathedral c.1780 century

Old Leighlin - two miles west of Leighlinbridge, St. Lazerians Cathedral, one of the smallest Irish Medieval Cathedrals, which was built on the site of an old monastic church founded in 632 AD. Part of the existing Church dates from 1181. This site was one of the foremost monastic houses in Leinster at the time with 1500 monks in residence. It was the location for a church synod in 630 AD, which decided the date on which Easter Day would fall for the entire Christian world. Today there are only a few remains including St. Lazerians Cross and Well.

Places of interest: The Marble Quarry in Old Leighlin, beside St Lazerian's Cathedral, they turn out the most beautiful white marble creations. Source: Elizabeth Curran

Old Leighlin Cemetery
OLD Leighlin 1837 Marriages Records
Church Baptism Records
Cathedral Burials / Deaths
C of I Register  

Old Leighlin Monastery & Cathedral
From the 5th to 15th century:


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