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Montgomery House
Athy Road

Montgomery House
aka Corner House
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Tracing the fascinating past of Montgomery House

THE present owner of one of Carlow's most significant privately-owned houses is seeking the public's assistance in collating the property's historic past.

The red brick property located on the Athy Road, opposite the Carlow Garda Station, was sensitively restored in 2007 by its current owner, John Sullivan in 2008, John relocated his practice to the building and ever since, has been researching the property's history.

During his research. John uncovered some interesting facts, thanks to the help of local historian, Mike Purcell.

For example, it has already been discovered that Montgomery House was built in 1847 by Dr. McDowell. The house was occupied by the Irish Sugar Growers up until the 1970s.

However, like most historic research, certain pieces of information pertaining to the property's history remain a mystery, and that is where John is looking for the public's help.

If you have any information that you think maybe of interest to the current owner, you can contact John Sullivan at Montgomery House, Athy Road, Carlow or email myself at

Source: Carlow Nationalist 5th June 2009

House History in progress:

Compiled by Michael Purcell in 2011 for Dr. John Sullivan. Montgomery House, at 33 Athy Road, Carlow. Originally, the property belonged to Dr. McDowell, Medical Officer to Carlow Grand Jury in the 1830/40s. (check year) Builder, Deeds, Census, PPP. etc.

In June 1921 the house and the adjoining (twin) house were advertised for sale, the owner was William Hadden of Hadden's Drapery shop. Both houses had tenants at the time of the sale, this caused some problems and the matter was referred for arbitration,

This extract deals mainly with Oswald Ross Swanzy, District Inspector with the Royal Irish Constabulary in Carlow (most of this is Googleable, but requires verification from other sources).
Oswald Swanzy was occupier of number 33 whilst he was stationed in Carlow. He was transferred from Carlow to Cork city, in Dec. 1915. He was shot on the orders of Michael Collins in August 1920.

Source: Michael Purcell c.2013

Email received from Carole 21 April 2021

I was born in Montgomery House in 1946. My grandparents were tenants, John and Bridigit Breen. My grandmother was a midwife. They had 3 daughters Maureen, Una (who was my mother) and Pauline. I was brought to England when I was 2 years old. My mother married Patrick Conkling. Sadly they have died a few years ago. I donít know if that information is any help.

Kind regards Carole.

Apparentely there was a Ryan family living in this house after 1911 until the 1980s and they refered to the house as the Corner House on Athy Road. Source: A member of the Ryan family in the year 2021

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