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Michael James Lawler
Lord Mayor of Carlow 1985

Michael James Lawler, well known Hawk Security officer, was born across the bridge in Graiguecullen in 1947 and although still a loyal supporter of Laois football he is now Carlow’s Lord Mayor.

Mick is the second person to hold non-political office (a fund rising affair for local charities which was invented a few years ago in Kilcullen, Co. Kildare).

In the election period the Hawk-man collected £3,425.76 which was shared out between – St. Lazarian’s School, Irish Wheelchair Association, Holy Angels and the Order of Malta.

The Graiguecullen lad did not have an easy contest and was pushed all the way by another Braun employee Leigh Shaw (QC) who collected over £3,000.00. It was only by a last minute “swing to the centre” that he collected those last minute £1 votes.

Our new Lord Mayor comes from a family of four – girls Rose and Bridget and a brother Jack.  All including Mick are married and a future “Lord Mayor” Michael Junior was born February 18 – (incidentally that was the day of the General Election). However, Mick stressed that as far as he knew, no impersonation took place in his election – but he didn’t mind if people bought a hundered votes.

Already one well known political party have been “feeling” their way with Mick but he wont admit whether they have “failed” or not yet.

He denied that he had made a deal with the Independents but said he hoped to style himself on Chicago’s Mayor Daisy (Democrat).

Mick has been involved with many clubs and organisations in his lifetime. He was a founder member of the Youth Centre Band and a prominent member of the Graiguecullen G.A.A. Club. Graiguecullen Badminton Club and even took part in the Carlow County Cycling Championship in 1966. Before joining Hawk Security M.J. spent five years in the Army in the Cavalry Corps and believe it or not was a special driver (say no more). Before this he worked with Cold Rolling Mills, and the Leix Dairy.

Since his election Mick has been busy attending various functions around Carlow and like most Lord Mayors he is showing an expanding waist line.  However, he has plans to drop this image and lose weight for some charity by having a sponsored weigh in starting in September after he returns frm his trip to London (prize for winning the Election). Mick expressed his gratitude for the generous support given to himself and Leigh Shaw from all the Braun employees.

Congratulations Michl.

Source: His daughter Sarah Lawler. Carlow and The Nationalist - 1985.

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