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County Carlow
Members of Parliament
(Creation 1801 - Abolition 1885) 

Source:  Transcribed & Contributed by Susie Warren

''Carlow Borough'' was a former
United Kingdom Parliament constituency in Ireland, returning one MP.

Boundaries = This constituency was the parliamentary borough of Carlow in County Carlow.

The boundaries of the Cities and Boroughs in Ireland were defined by an Act passed in 1832, whose long title was "An Act to settle and describe the Limits of Cities, Towns, and Boroughs in Ireland, in so far as respects the Election of Members to serve in Parliament." This legislation was subsequently given the short title of the [[Parliamentary Boundaries (Ireland) Act 1832].

The boundaries of this constituency were described as follows.

"From the Point below the Town at which the [[River Barrow]] is met by the Southern Wall of the Grounds of the House belonging to Mr. Carey, Adjutant to the Carlow Militia, Eastward, along the said Wall to the Point at which the same meets the Kilkenny Road; thence in a straight Line to the Southern Corner of the Infirmary; thence in a straight Line to the Point a little above the Barracks at which the [[River Burren]] is joined by a small Stream; thence up the said Stream, and across the Tullow Road, to the Point at which the same Stream is met by a Hedge which runs down thereto from opposite the Southern End of the Plantation attached to the House on the Baltinglass Road which belongs to Mr. Hunt and is occupied by Mr. Butler; thence along the said Hedge to the Point at which the same meets the Baltinglass Road; thence in a straight Line in the Direction of the Cupola of the Lunatic Asylum to the Point at which such straight Line cuts a Road which runs between the Baltinglass Road and the Dublin Road; thence in a straight Line to a Gate on the Eastern Side of the Dublin Road which is distant about One hundred Yards to the North of the North-eastern Corner of the Enclosure Wall of the Lunatic Asylum; thence in a straight Line to the Point at which the Road to Athy is met by the North Boundary of the Demesne of the Roman Catholic Bishop; thence along the said Boundary till it meets the River at the Point; thence along the River to the North Corner of the Wall of the Burial Ground; thence in a straight Line to the Spire of Graigue Church; thence in a straight Line to the Summer House in Mr. Wilson's Garden; thence in a straight Line to the Point first described."


Members for the County

  ALLEN John 13
  AXTELL Colonel Daniel  7
  BAGENAL Beauchamp 21, 24
  BAGENAL Dudley 11
  BAGNEL George 4
  BAGNEL Walter 29, 30
  BALL John 52
  BERESFORD Denis W. Pack 56, 57
  BLACKNEY Walter 38, 39
  BRETT Lieut. Col. John 9
  BRUEN Henry (1st) 25
  BRUEN Henry (2nd) 30, 31, 33, 35, 44, 46, 48, 49, 52
  BRUEN Henry (3rd) 55, 56, 57, 58
  BUNBURY Thomas 49
  BUNBURY William 22
  BUNBURY William B. McClintock 51, 52, 54, 55, 56
  BURDETT Thomas 15, 17
  BURGH Sir Ulysses 31, 33
  BURTON Right Hon. Benjamin 19
  BURTON Robert 18
  BURTON William 21, 22, 25, 28
  BUTLER Edmond 2
  BUTLER James 5
  BUTLER Pierce 14
  BUTLER Right Hon. Sir Pierce 15
  BUTLER Richard 19
  BUTLER Sir Richard, Bart. 25, 27, 28
  BUTLER Thomas 19
  BUTLER Sir Thomas, Bart. 6, 7
  BUTLER Sir Thomas, Knight & Bart. 12, 13, 14
  De VALLE Geoffry 1
  De VALLE Philip 1
  DOYLE Sir John Milley 38
  EUSTACE Oliver 7
  FENTON Geoffrey 3
  FITZWILLIAM Sir William 2
  HARRISON Francis 17
  HYDE John 20
  KAVANAGH Arthur 58
  KAVANAGH Morgan 4
  KAVANAGH Sir Morgan 5
  KAVANAGH Thomas 34, 35, 44, 46
  LATOUCHE David, Jnr 29, 30
  LATOUCHE Robert 31
  LUTTRELL Henry 11
  PAUL Jeffrey (of Ballyraggon) 15
  PAUL Jeffrey (of Rathmore) 17, 18
  RAPHAEL Alexander 45
  REDMAN Daniel 8, 9
  SADLEIR Colonel Thomas  7, 8
  TEMPLE Sir John 10
  TEMPLE William 10
  TENCH John 12
  VIGORS Nicholas Aylward 45, 47
  WALLACE Thomas 39
  WALLOP Sir Henry  
  YATES John Ashton 47

Members for the Borough

  ACTON Sir John, Bart. 92
  ALEXANDER John 89, 91
  BAGOT Mark 62
  BERE John 59
  BRADSHAW Augustus Cavendish 72
  BROWNE Hon. James Caulfeild 72
  BROWNE Sir John, Bart. 71
  BRUEN Francis 83, 85
  BRYAN (see O'Brien)  
  BURDETT Thomas 62, 67
  BURTON Charles William (see Lord Tullamoore)  
  CURTIS Robert 64
  DAWSON Arthur, Jnr 71
  DES VOEUX Sir Charles, Bart. 71
  DOYNE Robert, Jnr 68
  ELLIOT William 73
  FAGAN William 94
  FALKINER Sir F. J., Bart. 79
  FLOOD Sir Frederick, Bart. 73
  GISBORNE Thomas 86
  HAMILTON James 68
  HAMILTON John 67
  HARMAN Edward 60
  HARMAN Thomas 61
  HARTPOLE Robert 61
  HARVEY Charles 79, 80
  HOARE Edward 69
  HOWARD Hon. Charles 64
  HYDE John 69
  JACOB Sir Robert 59
  JONES Edmond 64
  LAYARD Brownlow Villiers 86
  MAULE William Henry 83
  O'BRIEN Sir Barnaby 59
  ONLEY (see Harvey, Charles)  
  ORMSBY Charles M. 75
  PONSONBY Right Hon. John 70
  PRITTIE Hon. Francis A. 75
  PRITTIE Henry Sadleir 73
  RAWSON James 59
  ROBINSON Hon. Frederick 77
  RUSSELL Sir William, Bart. 63
  SADLIER John 87,88
  STOCK Osborne 93
  STRAHAN Andrew 78
  SYMES Lieut-Col. Michael 76
  TEMPLE John 62
  TULLAMOORE Lord 80, 81, 82
  VANDELEUR John Ormsby 72
  VIGORS Nicholas Aylward 82
  WARREN John 62
  WELDON Walter 63, 64, 67
  WOLFE John 74
  WOLSELEY Richard 64, 67
  WOLSELEY Sir Richard, Bart. 68

Members for Old Leighlin

  ACHESON Hon. Arthur 108, 110
  AGAR James 100
  ANDREWS Right Hon. Francis 104
  AYLMER Sir Fitgerald, Bart. 105
  BEAUCHAMP John 100, 101
  BLAQUIERE Right Hon. Sir John 106, 107
  BOURKE John 104
  BOYLE Richard 99
  BRETETON Roger 96
  BUTLER Sir Francis, Knight 98
  CARTER Thomas, Jnr. 102
  CHAMBRE Walter 97
  COOKE Edward 110, 112
  CUSAKE James 96
  DAVELLS Thomas 97
  DORAN Daniel 99
  DUIGENAN Patrick 111
  DUNBAR John 99
  FITZGERALD Richard 96
  GILBERT St. Leger 101
  JEPHSON Robert 108
  JOCELYN Hon. Robert 101
  JONES Edward 99
  LESLIE Sir Edward, Bart. 110
  LONG Darby 99
  LUTTRELL Henry Lawes 108
  MASSY Hugh 107
  MEREDYTH Charles 98
  MEREDYTH Sir Thomas 96
  MONCK Thomas 105
  NICHOLSON Edward 105
  RIGBY Right Hon. Richard 103
  ROCHE Sir Boyle, Bart. 112
  TENCH John 100
  TROTTER Thomas 101
  WYBRANTS Peter 98

Candidates Defeated at Polls
for the County

  BAGENAL Walter 17
  BAGENAL Walter 31
  BRUEN Henry (the 2nd) 40, 46
  BUNBURY Thomas 47, 48
  BUNBURY W. B. McClintock 53
  BURDETT Thomas 14, 15
  CAHILL Michael 44
  KAVANAGH Thomas 40, 46
  KAVANAGH Walter 29
  KEOGH John Henry 53
  NEWTON Philip 29
  O'CONNELL David Jnr. 51
  O'CONNELL Maurice 44
  PONSONBY Hon. Frederick 49
  ROCHFORT Horace 37
  WARREN William Paul 23
  YATES John Ashton 51

Candidates Defeated at Polls
for the Borough

  BAGENAL Philip 84
  BROWNE John 63, 64
  BROWNE Robert Clayton 88
  BRUEN Francis 82, 85
  BURDETT Thomas 63, 64
  GISBORNE Thomas 85
  JONES Edmond 62
  LAYARD Brownlow Villiers 87
  PONSONBY Arthur 91
  ROCHFORT Horace 93, 94
  SADLEIR John 91
  TENCH John 67
  VIGORS Nicholas Aylward 83

Note. The candidates whose names are printed in italics were successful on other occasions: and will accordingly be also found amongst the lists of Members returned.

"The parliamentary roll: comprising lists of the knights of the shire, and members for the borough of Carlow, from the earliest times to the introduction of the ballot, and of the representatives for Old Leighlin to the period of the Union.  With genealogical notes and illustrative extracts", by Robert Malcomson, 1872, pages 129 - 132.

"The present effort toward the formation of a Parliamentary Roll, for the County of Carlow, embraces every name that extended research and inquiry could discover.  The lists for the Borough of Carlow, and for the extinct Borough of Old Leighlin, are, we believe, perfect". etc

This book can be found at the County Carlow Library, Local History, Call # 324.941882 and the LDS Family History Catalogue, Call # British Book Area 941.88 H2ma.  

 Members of Parliament

For The Borough of Carlow

  1613, May Sir John Bere, Kt., Dublin, Sergeant-at-Law.
Sir John Jacob, Kt., Dublin, Solicitor-General.
  1634, July The Hon. Barnaby O'Brien.
James Rawson, Esq., Dublin.
  1634, Janr. Edward Harman, Esq., vice O'Brien, absent in England.
  1639, Mar. Robert Hartpole of Shrule Castle, Queen's Co.
Thomas Harman, Esq., of Athy, Co. Kildare.
  1642, June Robert Hartpole was disqualified for Rebellion.
  1661, May (Sir) John Temple (Kt.), Palmerstown, Co. Dublin, afterwards Solicitor-General.
Thomas Burdett, Esq., Garryhill, Co. Carlow.
  1689, May Mark Baggot, Esq.
John Warren, Esq.
  1692, Sept. Sir William Russell, Bart.
Walter Weldon, Esq., Rahinderry, Queen's Co.
  1695, Aug. Edmond Jones, Esq.
Robert Curtis, Esq., Roscrea, Co. Tipperary.
  1703, Sept. Richard Wolseley, Esq., Mount Arran, (now Mount Wolseley), Tullow, Co. Carlow.
The Honble. Charles Howard.
  1703, Oct. Walter Weldon, Esq., Rahinderry, vice Howard, not duly elected.
  1713, Nov. (Sir) Thomas Burdett (Bart.), of Garryhill.
Walter Weldon.
  1715, Oct. Richard Wolseley.
Walter Weldon
  1725, Sept. Walter Weldon, Esq.
John Hamilton, Esq., Holmpatrick, Co. Dublin vice Wolseley, deceased.
  1727, Sept. James Hamilton, Esq., Cloghnowe, Johnstown, Co. Dublin.
(Sir) Richard Wolseley (Bart.), Mount Arran.
  1761, Oct. Robert Burton, Esq.
Sir Richard Wolseley, Bart.
  1765, Oct. Sir Richard Wolseley, Bart.
Robert Doyne, junr., Esq., Wells, Co. Carlow, vice Burton, deceased.
  1768, Oct. John Hyde, Esq., Castle Hyde, Co. Cork.
Edward Hoare, Esq.
James Somerville, Esq., vice Hyde, who was elected for Co. Cork.
  1776, June Rt. Hon. John Ponsonby, who made his election to serve for the Co. Kilkenny.
John Prendergast, Esq.
Arthur Dawson, Esq., vice Ponsonby.
  1783, Oct. Sir John Browne, Bart.
Charles Desvoeux, Esq.
  1790, Jan. Sir John Browne, Bart.
Sir Charles Desvoeux, Bart.
The Honble. James Caulfield Browne, vice Sir John, created Baron Kilmaine.
  1790, July Honble. Augustus Cavendish Bradshaw.
John Ormsby Vandeleur, Esq, Kilrush, Co. Clare.
  1798, Jan. Henry Sadlier Pritter, Esq.
William Elliot, Esq.
John Wolfe, Esq., vice Elliot for Kilkenny.
On the 2nd August, 1800, Parliament was prorogued, and, in consequence of the Act of the union, did not again assemble in Ireland.  From this period to 18[?] the Carlow Borough returned only one Member.
"The Castle and Manor of Carlow" page 396, Chapter XII.


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