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Pat Purcell Papers

Surnamess: Dournein, Gordon, Stanton & Goldsmith.

Letter from James Walker, NSW, Australia, to Pat Purcell.

15th August, 1952.

To. Patrick Purcell,
c/o Carlow County Public Offices or Library Office,

Dear Mr Purcell.

I am looking for information on James Dournein who married Elizabeth Gordon in Carlow on 15th April, 1854.

James's parents were Hugh Dourein and Jane Stanton.

Elizabeth's parents were David Gordon and Mary Ann Goldsmith.

James was Roman Catholic and Elizabeth was Presbyterian.

James and Elizabeth had 12 children. 7 of the children were born in Carlow.

They came to Australia in 1867 on the ship "Great Britain. James was 46.

Their eldest daughter, Mary Ann, died aged 14 on board the ship and was buried at sea.

In family lore it is said that the surname "Dournein" came about because James father, Hugh Dournein, was left as a new born infant at the door of a Catholic Convent and the nuns named the child Doorin?

If it is possible I would like to have Marriage Certificate for James and Elizabeth and Birth Certificates for the children and any information you might find on the family.

Looking forward to your reply.

Please let me know if there is any charges for obtaining the Certificates.

Faithfully yours, James Walker.

Source: Michael Purcell c.2012

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