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Killeshin National School
Co Laois

Killeshin old school Coach House and Church.

The first National School in Killeshin was built in 1821. The school as you can see from the photograph below was a gothic style two-storey stone building. This school building was knocked in 1979. The Church of the Holy Cross can be seen above the old school building.

Killeshin Old School and Church

The small building to the right of the school was the Coach House, now long gone. Locals remember it being used to house the Priest's horse when he came to say Mass at Holy Cross Church long ago.

The present National School at Killeshin was built in 1948 as a two-roomed or two-teacher school. The teachers at the time were Principal Mr. SeŠn ” Shea and Miss Noud.

Source of Killeshin NS information:

Killeshin School 1910
Killeshin school 1910 but the younger class ó with Maggie Rourke, Bridie Connelly, Joe Toole, Martin Curran, Ciss Brennan, Dan Pender, Joe Connelly, Leslie M. Nolan, Pat Brennan, Mary Boltan, Bill Keefe, Tommie Reilly, May Dowling, Jim Pender, Martin Connelly, Paddy Delaney, Katie Toole, Bill Doran, Annie Pender, Eddie Pender, James Brennan and Sarah Dempsey.
Source: Anna Nolan Gough Dec 2012
Killeshin Old School 1930.
This photo was taken outside Killeshin Old School in the early 1930's. Photo includes: (at the back) Molly Lyons, Ce... Drennan, Maggie Grant, Maggie McDonnell, Gre... Brennan, Nancy Proctor, Julia Grant. Centre: Maggie Brennan, K. Brennan, ..... Kelly, Masie Nelson, Mo... Brennan, .... Kelly, Maggie Brophy, Annie Brennan, Katie Mullins, Brid Carroll. Front: Tommy Whi..., John Fitzpatrick, Wm. Fitzpatrick, John Malone, Mi.. Fitzpatrick, ..... .....?, Martin Curran, Tom Mullins, D..ny Hennessy, ..... .....?, Berney McDonald.
There are 8 girls on the back row but there are only 7 names listed.
There are 11 girls in the middle row but only 10 names listed. 
Photo provided by Anna Nolan Gough

Killeshin School 1949.

Nationalist and Leinster Times.

30th April and May 14th, 1949.

Local Man Built Killeshin's New School.

Killeshin Sunday is on May 18th. It will be an unusually proud day for the people of Killeshin, for the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, Most Rev. Dr. Keogh, will be there to open and bless the new school.

It is hoped that the Minister for Education with officials of his department, as well as officials of the Board of Works, will be present at the ceremony.

The school - built by Mr Michael Purcell, Coal Market, Carlow - was visited recently by Mr Akerlind, Board of Works Engineer, who praised its solid but graceful appearance.

The Contractor, Michael Purcell, has family ties with Killeshin, and it is a matter of pride to the local residents of the area that one of their own people should have built the school.

It was the first building undertaking Mr Purcell completed under the Board of Works.

Dedicated to the local Saint Comgan, the new school replaces the building beside the Church which was erected during the Episcopate of J.K.L. (Bishop James Doyle), which, was seen through modern eyes, is a draughty, out of date schoolhouse.

The cost of the new school was approximately £4.500, two-thirds granted by the Board of Works while the parishioners contributed the remainder.

Situated on the main Castlecomer-Carlow road, it is built on a plot of ground generously made available by Mr John McDonald, Clonmore.

Accommodation is provided for 80 children, with all modern conveniences. It is supplied with water from the nearby reservoir, and is fitted with washing basins and drinking fountains. It is also connected to the Electricty Supply Board.

Compared with National Schools in rural areas, Killeshin's new School stands out like a jewel.

Sunday's Ceremonies.

The special preacher will be Rev. E. Shine, B.A.. Senior Dean, St. Patrick's College, Carlow.

The procession leaves from St. Clare's Church, Graiguecullen, at 10.30 a.m. for the three mile walk to Killeshin, headed by the Men's and Women's Sections of the Confraternity of the Holy Cross, Killeshin.

Other bodies to be represented will be the Graiguecullen Sacred Heart Sodalities; St. Patrick's Branch Irish National Foresters; Carlow Branch C.Y.M.S; Men's and Women's Sections of the Knights of Malta; Carlow and Graiguecullen Troops of the Catholic Boy Scouts and headed by the F.C.A. Band, under Lieut. O'Brien.

A special feature of this year's procession will be the attendance of Graiguecullen Schoolboys' Fife and Drum Band.

At 12 o'clock, noon, His Lordship the Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin will preside at High Mass in Killeshin Church.

The Faithful are reminded that a Plenary Indulgence, applicable to the Holy Souls, may be gained by all, who having been to Confession and received Holy Communion, pray for the propagation of the Faith at Killeshin on May 3rd, the Feast of the Finding of the Holy Cross, or within the Octave.

The following article appeared in the Carlow Nationalist on 1st November 2011

History repeats itself when
it comes to bricks and mortar.

By Suzanne Fender

THEY SAY history always repeats itself. And in Killeshin National School that certainly seems to be the case with the name Purcell when it comes to bricks and mortar.

This old photograph, submitted this week by local historian Michael Purcell, shows workers building Killeshin NS back in 1947. The building contractor at the time was Michael Purcell of Coal Market, Carlow, pictured here with his team of workers.

Coincidentally, the new building currently under construction in Killeshin also has Purcellís at the helm, with Purcell Construction from Galway in charge of providing the school with a state-of-the-art new facility.

Pictured in this photograph at Killeshin NS in 1947 are, back: Michael Purcell, Mikie O'Regan, Paddy Scully, Jim Byrne (The Numbers), Pat Purcell, Harry Manning and Francie Rainsford; Front: Maurice May, John Purcell, Martin O'Regan and Mick Dempsey.

John Purcell

John Purcell RIP John Purcell who emigrated to London in the 1960s sadley died suddenly on Saturday 21st January 2012 while visiting friends in Brentwood, Essex. He was the eldest son of the late Michael Purcell and Esther Purcell of Coal Market, Kennedy Street, Carlow.  He was well known as a carpenter in Carlow before he emigrated.




Source: Carlow Nationalist on 1st November 2011

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