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20th December, 1839.

County Carlow.

An Inquisition, Indented.

Taken for our Sovereign Lady the Queen, at Leighlinbridge in the Parish of Augha and Barony of Idrone East in the Second year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Queen Victoria the First, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, before EDWARD GORMAN, Esq. the Coroner of our said Lady the Queen, for the said County, on view of the body of Thomas Farrell then and there lying Dead, upon the Oath of ~

John Kehoe, Caleb Tyndall, Edward Haydon, William Tyndall, Thomas Brew, John Neill, Maurice Washington, Thomas Delaney, Jeramiah Kavanagh, Philip Graves, Timothy Hennessy, Richard Woodhouse.

Good and lawful men of the said County, duly chosen, and who , being then and there duly sworn, and charged to enquire, for our said Lady the Queen, when, where, how and after what manner the said Thomas Farrell came to his death, do, upon their Oath say that the said Thomas Farrell came by his death in consequence of a wound received from a red hot iron nail rod which was held at the time by Percy Farrell - There are strong doubts that this could have occurred by accident, but there is evidence to attach a Criminal intention to Percy Farrell.

(signed) Edward Gorman, Coroner.

(and signed by all of the above jurors with black wax-seal stamp adjoining).

Statement from James Porter M.D. in relation to above:

I am not a Surgeon but a Licensed Apothecary, I was called upon yesterday evening by the mother of the Deceased dying, he was in his brother's arms - there was a small punctured wound on the chest - which had a burned appearance as if seared by a hot iron -.

The external appearance of the wound was not larger than a sixpence - I do not recollect being asked any question by Andrew Farrell, he might have done so, but I do not recollect having any conversation at all with Andrew Farrell.

 (signed) James Porter, Esquire, M.D Surgeon.

[Note added by Michael Purcell 2011. Percy Farrell was from Augha, Leighlinbridge, he was later tried and convicted for the murder of his brother Thomas Farrell, (although Percy, his mother Anne and sister Bridget, claimed Thomas's death was an accident) according to a file in the PPP. I believe he was transported to Australia in lieu of hanging.]

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Source: Michael Purcell c.2011

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