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Hacketstown - 1881
Extracts from Slater's Directory of Ireland
1881 - (Co. Carlow)
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Hacketstown, Kiltegan, Tinahely, & Neighbourhoods 

HACKETSTOWN is a market town, or rather village, in the parish of its name, partly in the barony of Rathvilly, county of Carlow, and partly in that of Ballinacor, county of Wicklow, and union of Shillelagh. It is 44 miles s. from Dublin, 18 E. from Carlow, 9 N.E. from Tullow, and 8 B.B. from Baltinglass; pleasantly seated on the Derreen rivulet, a branch of the Slaney, and on an elevation in an eastern angle of Carlow County.

In 1798 this town sustained two attacks from the insurgents, the first was unsuccessful; the second drove the King's troops from the town, which was then set on fire by the rebels, after which they retreated. Captain Hardy was killed in this attack, and "was buried in the churchyard, where there is a monument to his memory. There is a good traffic in corn and potatoes carried on here. Quarter and petty sessions are held for the barony of Rathvilly— the latter the last Thursday in every month. The Protestant Episcopal Church, a neat stone structure, with a handsome tower, stands on a commanding elevation. The Roman Catholic Church is a commodious and somewhat handsome edifice. There is also a chapel for Wesleyan Methodists, a very neat building; and schools afford instruction respectively to Catholic and Protestant children. The market is held on Thursday; fairs: January l3th, February 7th, March 12th, April 13th, May 4th, June 16th and 23rd, July 13th, August 2nd and 2 September l9th October 17th, November l5th, and December 21st. Population of the town in 1861 819 and in 1871, 863.

KILTEGAN is a small village and parish the latter partly in the barony of Rathvilly, county Carlow, and in those of South Ballinacor and Upper Talbotstown, County Wicklow, and union of Baltinglass, four miles from Hacketstown and three from Baltinglass. The church is a handsome building, with a lofty spire. There are schools in connection with the Protestant and Roman Catholic places of worship. Population of the parish in 1861, 2,181, and of the village, 194; in 1871, parish 2 041 village, 190.

TINAHELY is a market town, in the county of Wicklow parish, of Kilcommon, barony of Ballinacor, and union of Shillelagh, 42 miles s. from Dublin, and 6 from Hacketstown. It is a station on the Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford line of railway, the station being about half a mile distant. Petty sessions are held here once a fortnight; the market days are Mondays and Wednesdays and fairs are held January 7th, February 7th (horses)' March 24th, April 14th, May 8th (horses), June 4th June 30th, July 14th, August 7th (horses), September 1st October 6th, November 8th (horses), and December, 8th' Population in 1861, 510, and in 1871, 495.

Post Office, Hacketstown Benjamin Lamb, Post Master. Letters arrive (from Baltinglass) at Twenty Minutes to eight morning, and are despatched at six evenings

Post Office Kiltegan Melville Keay, Post Master. Letters arrive by horse messenger (from Baltinglass) at seven morning, and are despatched at Half past six evenings

Post Office Tinahely William Griffin, Post Master. Letters arrive from Dublin at half past six morning and Twelve noon, and are despatched at one afternoon and twenty minutes past six evenings


Boland Rev. Patrick, Hacketstown
Brownrigg Henry, Esq. Vermount
Brownrigg Rev Robert G.  A.B. Tinahely
Budd Rev William R Tinahely
Dennis Edward A Esq J.P. Eadestown Park
Dennis Meade C. Esq. J.P. Fortgranite
Dick William Wentworth Fitzwilliam,Esq. Humewood, Kiltegan
Dowse  Miss Elizabeth  Tinahely
Ebbs Thomas, Esq. Mullins, Tinahely
Fortune Rev. Martin, P.P. Tinahely
Godfrey Rev. William H. A.B. Kiltegan
Griffith Rev. Patrick. Hacketstown
Howard Captain  , Ballyrahan, Tinahely
Jones Hannah, Rathnafishonge
Lett Rev. Stephen, A.B. Tomnafinog, Tinahely
McDonald Rev. Patrick P.P. Hacketstown
Newton Major J.P.   Ballypeg Tinahely
Rice Rev. Thomas R Hacketstown
Stopford the Honourable & Rev. Henry Scott, AM. Clonemore Glebe.
Walsh Rev. David, Tinahely
Watson Rev. George T  A.B. Hacketstown
Westby William Jones, Esq J.P. High Park
Wilson Rev. William A.B. Tinahely


National Schools

Bridgeland ,  Tinahely Julia McDonnell, Mistress
Hacketstown — Patrick 0'Gorman
Master, Maria Murray, mistress
Talbotstown—Michael Keenan, master;
Margaret Lee. mistress
Tinahely—Michael Healy, master
Margaret Jane Healy, mistress
Tyneclash—Catherine Weekes, mistress


Hacketstown — Elizabeth Morris, mistress
Kiltegan—Richard Griffin, master;
Mary A. Griffin, mistress
Tinahely— John Grant, master




Barry Michael, Jr                McArdle Lawrence
Bennett Samuel                   McArdle Patrick
Byrne Edward                     Murphy John
Byrne John                          Murphy Peter
Byrne Patrick                       Murphy William
Codd Robert                         Neill James
Codd Thomas                       Neill William
Connell Myles                      Nolan John
Cooke Robert                       Norton Michael
Cullen John                          Plunkett Peter
Donohoe Michael                 Plunkett Peter Jr
Dowzer Charles                    Pollard Henry
Hardy Thomas K.                 Pollard Thomas
Jones William                       Scott John
Kealy Michael                      Toole James
Kelly Edward                        Toole Michael
Kelly James                          Toole Nicholas
Kenny Jameg                        Whelan John
McArdle John                       Whelan Peter
Wilson Joseph


Clibborn Cuthbert C. (& registrar of births, deaths marriages), Kiltegan

Crowley Richard  (& registrar of births, deaths marriages) Tinahely

Rogers John W. (& registrar of births, deaths marriages), Hacketstown.


Creighton Jane. Kiltegan
Kealy Edward (hotel),  Hacketstown
Malone Anne (Hotel) Tinahely
Plant Anna (Hotel)  Tinahely



Brian Jane                                Mitchell Thomas
Brian William                           Mitchell William
Cussack Bridget                       Pollard John
Donegan Thomas                     Pollard Joseph
Doody Myles                           Toole Laurence
Early Thomas                          Toole Nicholas
Fogarty Patrick                        Toole Thomas
Kehoe Denis                             Tracey Michael
Kehoe Thomas                         Wilson Joseph



Barker Richard                     Kavanagh Daniel
Baker William                     Kavanagh James
Bates Georgina                    Kavanagh John
Byrne Charles                      Kavanagh Patrick
Byrne Edward                     Kennedy Michael
Byrne Edward Jr                 Leeson William
Chamney Jane                    McDonnel Michael
Clare Mary                          Morris Andrew
Doyle Mary                             Murphy Patrick
Doyle Owen                            Neill John
Ebbs Thomas                      Sullivan Michael
Freney Andrew                  Symes Abraham. D
Goslin Peter                       Taylor Wentworth
Grandy John                       Tomkins Gore 
Grange John                       Tomkins John
Grant Michael                    Tomkins Robert
Howard John S.                  Toole Michael 
Johnson Joseph


Shopkeepers and Traders

Bassett Thomas, draper & grocer Tinahely
Behan Andrew, butcher, Hacketstown
Bookey John, carpenter, Tinahely
Boulger Edward, carpenter. Tinahely
Bourke Bridget, Milliner, Tinahely
Bourne Jacob, agent for the Caledonian Insurance Co. Tinahely.
Boyd Campbell, Road Surveyor, Tinahely
Bryan John, Cooper, Hacketstown
Byrne Edward, Provision dealer, Hacketstown
Byrne Hugh, butcher, Tinahely
Byrne Jane, milliner, Tinahely
Byrne John, carpenter, Kiltegan
Byrne Philip, grocer & leather dealer, Tinahely
Byrne Sarah, grocer,  spirit dealer, Hacketstown
Carroll John. Provision dealer. Tinahely
Cartland Michael, grocer, leather dealer, Hacketstown
Creighton Jane, grocer & spirit dealer, Kiltegan
D'Arcy Christopher, blacksmith, Bridgeland, Tinahely






Transcribed by Terry Curran

Shopkeepers and Traders

Dowse John, blacksmith, Tinahely
Dowse Thomas, whitesmith, Tinahely
Dowser Charles, grocer & draper Hacketstown
Dowzer Mark, grocer, Kiltegan
Dowzer Thomas, baker & provision dealer. Kiltegan
Doyle Michael, blacksmith, Hacketstown
Driver Edward, shoemaker, Tinahely
Driver Win. Boot maker, Tinahely
Duff Richard, shoemaker, Tinahely
Fitzpatrick William provision dealer Hacketstown
Gortland Michael, provision dealer, Hacketstown
Greene John, grocer & spirit dealer, Hacketstown
Hannon John, carpenter, Hacketstown.
Harmond John, bootmaker, Kiltegan
Haskins Ann. grocer, Tinahely
Haskins Nathaniel, grocer & draper Tinahely
Hinch James, grocer & spirit dealer, Hacketstown
Hutton John, grocer & shoemaker, Hacketstown
Keay Edward, grocer & spirit dealer, Hacketstown
Kealy Melville grocer, draper & auctioneer Kiltegan
Keegan John, plasterer, Hacketstown
Kelly Richard, grocer & spirit dealer, Hacketstown
Kelly Richard, tallow chandler, Hacketstown
Lamb Thomas boot & shoe maker, Hacketstown
Lowe Michael, shoemaker, Hacketstown
Lowe Richard P. grocer & spirit. Kiltegan
Lyons Patrick, grocer & spirit dealer, Hacketstown
McDonald John, grocer & spirit dealer, Tinahely
McDonnell Edward, blacksmith, Hacketstown
McGuirk Edward, butcher, Tinahely
Malone Anne, grocer & spirit dealer Tinahely
Moore Sarah draper, Hacketstown
Moreton Thomas Carpenter Hacketstown
Morris Edward P. grocer, draper & spirit dealer, Tinahely
Mullen Peter, blacksmith, Kiltegan
Murphy Michael Butcher Tinahely
Murphy Peter Grocer Tinahely
Murphy Thomas grocer, spirit dealer Hacketstown
Neill Patrick provisions dealer Hacketstown
Neill Patrick Carpenter Hacketstown
Nolan Andrew, Provision dealer. Tinahely
Nolan John Book maker Tinahely
Parry William Tailor Tinahely
Pasley John baker grocer Tinahely
Pierce Lawrence, grocer Tinahely
Plant Anna Grocer & Spirit dealer Tinahely
Redmond Rachel, butcher, Tinahely
Reilly Garrett, grocer & spirit dealer, Hacketstown
Saul Henry, grocer & hardware dealer, Tinahely
Shannon Denis, grocer & spirit dealer, Hacketstown
Symes Margaret, grocer & draper, Tinahely
Taylor Wentworth, baker, miller, grocer
& saw mill owner, Hacketstown
Timmins Elizabeth, baker, grocer & spirit dealer Tinahely
Toole John boot maker, Kiltegan
Tranor John Blacksmith Tinahely
Underwood Edward, boot maker Tinahely
Whelan Denis & John Car owners.

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