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Griffith's Valuation of Ireland
The Primary Valuation of Tenements Poor Law Union of Carlow.
Parish of Lorum    
Townland of Skahanrane
(Ord. S. 19), 221 acres
Map# Occupants Immediate Lessor Description
1 A} William Ashmore Henry Bruen {Land
1 B} {House, office & land
2 Patrick Walsh same House, offices and land
3 A} James Kelly same {House & land
3 B} {House, offices and land
4 John Sheane same House & land
5 Michael Rooney same House, office and land
6 Luke Ashmore same House, offices and land
7 Martin Cummins same House, offices and land
Parish of Nurney
Townland of Cloneen
 (Ord. S. 12), 112 acres
Map# Occupants Immediate Lessor Description
 1 a Mary Kinsella Peter Stafford House and land
1 b Thomas Kinsella same House and garden
1 c Catherine Byrne same House
2 William Nolan Martin Nolan House, office and land
 3 a Martin Nolan Peter Stafford House, offices and land
3 b Michael Clarke Martin Nolan House
3 c Thomas Cummins same House
4 Peter Brady Mary Splenghan Land
 4 a Daniel McClane Peter Brady House
 5 a Michael Doorley Peter Stafford House, office and land
5 b James Murphy Michael Doorley House
6 Mary Byrne Peter Stafford House and land
 7 a Gregory Coogan same House, offices and land
7 b Catherine Bryan same House and garden
7 c Roger Dillon Gregory Coogan House and small garden
7 d Michael Lealess Roger Dillon House
8 James McGrath Peter Stafford Land
Parish of Sliguff
Townland of Knocklonagad
(Ord. S. 19), 776 acres
Map# Occupants Immediate Lessor Description
1 A} Henry Hogan Philip Newton {House, offices & land
1 B} {House, offices & land
2 Michael Hogan same House, offices & land
3 A   } David McDonnell same {Land
3 B   } {House, offices & land
3 C a} {House & land
3 C b Michael Kane David McDonnell House
4 John Gahan jun. Philip Newton House, office & land
5 A  } Edward Caulfield same {House, offices & land
5 B a} {House, offices & land
6        } William Doyle same {Land
  5 B b} {House & garden
7 A      }  Daniel Young {David Tennant Land
7 B      } {Philip Newton House, office & land
  29 A b} {same Land
8 A} John Murphy {same House, offices & land
8 B} {David Tennant Land
9 William Todd Philip Newton House, offices & land
10 Simon McDonnell same House, offices & land
11 John Byrne David Tennant House, offices & land
12 David Tennant Philip Newton Land
13 James Cummins same House, offices & land
14 Mary Byrne David Tennant House & land
15 Denis Fenlon Philip Newton House, offices & land
16 a Peter Heary same House, offices & land
16 b Michael Bryan same House & garden
17 A} Philip Newton In fee {Land (bog pasture)
17 B} {Land (bog)
17 C} {Land (bog)
 -- Turbary on 17 A
18 Michael Tracy Philip Newton House, offices & land
19 Patrick Curran same House, offices & land
20 James McDonnell same House & land
21 Michael Doyle same House, offices & land
22 Denis Fenlon jun. same House, office & land
23 Pat. & John Fleming same House, office & land
24 Anne Shaughnessy same House & land
25 Edward Stapleton same House, offices & land
26 A} Thomas Murphy {same House, office & land
26 B} {John Murphy House, office & land
27 Jeremiah Halloran Philip Newton House, offices & land
28 a John Murphy same House, office & land
28 b Michael Murphy John Murphy House
29 A  } William Vigors {Philip Bagenal Land
29 B a} {Philip Newton House, offices & land
29 A a Bryan Neill John Hayden House & garden
29 B b John Gahan William Vigors House
29 B c Michael Rourke same House
29 B d Patrick Neill same House
30 Ellen Neill Philip Bagenal Land
31 A  } Bartholomew Vigors same Land
31 B a}
31 A a Nicholas Byrne Bartholomew Vigors House & garden
31 B b Johanna Coghlan Patrick Gallagher House & garden
31 B c John Caulfield same House & garden
31 a    } Patrick Gallagher Philip Bagenal {House, offices & land
 31 B d} {Garden
32 b Bryan Kennedy Bartholomew Vigors House, offices & garden
33 Richard Vigors Philip Bagenal House, offices & land
34 Ainsworth Kavanagh same House, offices & land
Townland of Knockullard
(Ord. S. 19), 293 acres
Map# Occupants Immediate Lessor Description
1 A a} Susanna Burgess Henry Bruen {House, offices & land
1 B b} {House, offices & land
1 A b Margaret Marple Susanna Burgess House & garden
1 A c John Regan same House & garden
1 B b Thomas Lawless same House & office
2 Henry Bruen In fee Land
3 Jane Reddy Henry Bruen House & land
4 Martin Cummins same House & land
5 George Lomax same House, office & land
6 Henry Bruen In fee Land
7 James Gibson Henry Bruen House, offices & land
 8 a James Agar same House, office & land
8 b Mary Byrne same House & garden
8 c Elizabeth Brien same House & garden
Transcribed by Sue Clement

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