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Images of Graiguecullen

Some of these pictures previously appeared in Carlow in old postcards Vol. 2  / Vol. 3  & Carlow in Old Picture Postcards by Michael Purcell. (1994/99 & 2000)
Other contributors include: Carlowman, J. Brennan, Tom LaPorte & W. Muldowney
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Tower Hill, Carlow
Tower Hill, Graiguecullen.
Formally the home of the old Royal Constabulary (R.I.C) barracks on the corner of Killeshin Road and Chaff Street, Graiguecullen.
It was built in 1867 by Rowan McCombe from Ulster who used the building to operate his own printing works.
Built of granite cut stone, it is decorated with gargoyle style heads. On the Chaff Street side of the tower there is a plaque with the inscription underneath: Erected A.D. 1867 by Rowan McCombe.
Donated by "Carloman"
Tower Hill (rear). Rowan McCombe incorporated Gargoyles and other grotesque images as ornamental decoration on the barracks. Usually such figures would act as water spouts carrying rainwater away from a building, in former times such figures were erected usually on church buildings as protection from evil spirits.
The image was taken by Peter Walker in Sept 2008.
This is the view you would have seen in 1968 as you left Church Street, Graiguecullen going towards Ballickmoyler into County Laois.  The street on the left is St. Fiacc's Terrace and the street on the right is St. Clare's Road which leads into Governey Park housing estate.
The house up on the left was known as Brennan's was demolished in 1972 to make way for a Petrol Station.  This house once had a thatched roof.
(Photo W. Muldowney)
Sleaty Street 2009

The Numbers, Graiguecullen

St. Patricks Boys club on Sleaty Street, Graiguecullen.

Henry Street c.1901.
Source: Gary Sétanta Heary

Henry Street c.2009.
Source: Google Street Maps

Morrin's Lane viewed from Maryborough Street.

Graiguecullen Tyres Centre on the Ballickmoyler Road 1980.
Source: Declan Alcock
Bridge Street, Graiguecullen
Brennan's Lounge, Bar & Snug on the corner Maryborough Street and Morrins Lane, Graiguecullen. Photo source Carlow.PL. website.
Tower Hill (now turned into apartments).
Image taken by Tom LaPorte
Milkman delivering your milk in 1968 in Governey Park housing estate, Graiguecullen.   Only one Horse Power and two wheels required!
(Photo W. Muldowney)
St. Clare’s Roman Catholic Church, Graiguecullen
Image taken by Tom LaPorte

Tommy Murphy Park in Graiguecullen
The Finn Property of Graigue c.1782.
(Click on map)

St. Fiacc's Terrace
Junction of Chaff Street and Bridge Street, Graiguecullen
Image taken by Tom LaPorte
The Croppy Grave
Image taken by Tom LaPorte
The Croppy Grave  plaque
Image taken by Tom LaPorte

Behans Farmyard which used to be opposite Killeshin Church in Graigue c.1968. The image on the right was the Farmhouse
(Photo W. Muldowney)
A family called Hayden used to live here in the 1960's.  I went to school with Tommy Hayden. There used to be a very large barn in the yard.
Photo by M. Brennan
St. Clare's Church, Graiguecullen
St. Clare’s Roman Catholic Church, Graiguecullen known as the 'Church that moved across the River Barrow' and was formally known as St. Anne's Church.  It was originally built in 1852 by John Derrick See Article

Sunday School in the grounds of the Killeshin Church, Graigue.
(Photo W. Muldowney)

Ballickmoyler Road at the junction of Church Road and the Saw Mill in 1968.
(Photo W. Muldowney)
St. Clare's RC Church. Graiguecullen.
Chaff Street, Graiguecullen
Morrins Lane, Graiguecullen.
The shop on the right was once know as "The Hole in the Wall".  It was where Pat Swan had his first shop in the early 1960's. Where the window on he corner  there used to be a door and immediately behind the door was an opening in the wall and you were served through the opening.

Church Street c. 2011 looking towards the Ballickmoyler Road. The garage in the background on the left was where Brennans Forge used to be many years ago.

Begley's Store. It is the first building around the corner from Graigue it is named "The Bridge Take Away". The photo was taken July 1970.

Henry Street at the junction of Maryborough  Street. Source Google Street Views

 Anna Nolan Gough's father with Garoid Bradley......walking the greyhounds along Maryborough Street. Source: Anna Nolan Gough (Facebook).
Castle View in Chaff Street opposite The Numbers.
Source: Michael Cradden
Photo taken from St Fiacc's Terrace, looking across Chapel St, Graiguecullen
The Numbers, Graiguecullen
Fr. Byrne's house
Source: Anna Nolan Gough.
Looking down Maryborough Street towards the Bridge, Henry Street is on the right and the entrance to O'Reilly's yard is on the left.
Source: Google Maps
Ninety-Eight Street leading to Church Street with the 1798 Memorial on the right.
Source: Google Maps
98 Street, Graiguecullen
Cozy Cot
Source: Anna Nolan Gough.

Graiguecullen Wet Lands c.1967.
 Photo by William Muldowney.

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