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Pat Purcell Papers
Carlow 1818

By kind permission of Susie Warren c2008

Game Certificates

Monday, October 12th, 1818

The following details have been transcribed from the "The Carlow Morning Post" newspaper,  which can be found on micro film at County Carlow Library, Tullow Street, Carlow, IRELAND.

A list of the Names, Places of Abode, &c. of the several Persons who have taken out Certificates for Killing Game, agreeable to Act of Parliament, from the Distributor for the County of Carlow, between the 25th Day of March, and the 8th Day of October, 1818.

Certified by me, NATHANIEL PROCTOR.
Distributor of Stamps for County and Town of Carlow

Bruen, Henry, Esq. Oak Park, Carlow
Bruen, John, Esq. ditto, ditto
Bunbury, Thomas, Esq. Labenecy County Carlow
Bennett, John, Esq. Viewmount, ditto
Byrne, Robert, Esq. Carlow
Bailie, George, Esq. Sherwood-Park, ditto
Butler, George, Esq. Burgage, ditto
Butler, William, Esq. Burgage, ditto
Butler, James, Esq. Broomville, ditto
Browne, Robert Clayton, Esq. Browne’shill, ditto
Budds, Joshua, Mr. Carlow
Cornwall, John F. Esq. Myshall-Lodge, ditto
Dillon, John Mr., Killanora, ditto
Duckett, John Dawson, Esq. Duckett’s Grove, ditto
Duckett, Joseph, Esq. ditto ditto
Duckett, Jonas, Esq. ditto ditto
Duckett, William, Esq. ditto ditto
Duckett, John, Phillipstown, ditto
Eustace, James, Esq. Carlow
Eustace, Robert, Esq. Newstown, ditto
Elliott, Samuel, Esq. Rathcrogue, ditto
Fishbourne, Robert Moore, Esq. Hollymount
Finn, William, Esq. Jun, Carlow
Fishbourne, William, Esq. Hollymount
Gregory, Thomas, Esq. Clonegall, Co. Carlow
Hovendon, Thomas, Esq. Ballylohane, ditto
Lecky, Robert, Esq. Kilnock, ditto
Latouche, John, Esq. Killinene, ditto
Newtown, Henry, Dunleckney, ditto
Randal, Robert, Oak-Park, Game-keeper to Henry Bruen, Esq.
St. George, Rev.Henry, Alimont, Co. Carlow
Tenant, Charles, Esq. Dublin
Thomas, Mathew, Esq. Killeen
Tighte, Henry, Esq. Kilcarrig
Watters, Henry, Esq. Staplestown
Whelan, John, Esq. Rath
Watson, John, Esq. Ballydarton
Whitty, Ervin, Esq. Ricketstown
Ward, Charles, Esq. Lieutenant, 14th Dragoons, Quarters
Warren, Able John Caulfield, Esq. Lowhill, Co. Kilkenny
Warren, James, Mr., Ballymurphy.

Such Gentlemen, as have not taken out their Game Certificates, for the present Year, are requested to do so, immediately, otherwise, they will be prosecuted, according to Law, without further notice.

I have endeavoured to be as accurate as possible in transcribing the information from the newspapers however it is possible that errors may have occurred. Data should be verified against original copies and sources.

Susie Warren

Surnames: Malone, Doyle, Callahan, Kavanagh & Murphy,

Pat Purcell Papers.


By Walter Kavanagh, Esquire, one of his Majesty's Justices of peace for Carlow.

 The Examination of James Malone of Bauk in Carlow, Farmer, who being this Day duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelists deposeth and Sayth, that on Monday the sixteenth Day of March 1818 about the hour of eight of the Clock in the forenoon, Gerald Doyle of Bauk, a Farmer, came into the House of James Malone, and called James Malone's daughter (aged about fourteen years) for a key, which having procured, he entered by a door on the Gable, which opened to the upper or second loft or story of the house, and being aided and assisted by John Callahan of Bauk (servant of the said Gerald Doyle), Alexander Doyle, Senior, Alexander Doyle, Junior and John Murphy all of Ballyling, Carlow, Farmers, did then and there cut away the said loft, with Saws, Hatchets and other implements, and instantly after cutting down the remaining loft, which lofts they carried away on Carrs, drawn by Gerald Doyle's Horses together with said door, the frame of said door, and serveral collar braces which they tore by force from off the Rafters of said house - that James Malone has occupied and paid rent for the said house these twelve years past, the last gale of which he paid to said Gerald Doyle on the Sixth Day of March 1818 -

 James Malone further sayeth that he several times entreated the said Gerald Doyle to forbear from cutting down said lofts, the under one at least as they were his chief protection from the inclemency of the weather (the roof being in a ruinious state) which said Gerald Doyle refused to comply with, saying that he would make but one Day's Work of it, and further James Malone Sayth not ~~

Sworn before me this being 19th Day of March 1818 being first truly read to James Malone.
(signed) James, his X mark, Malone.
(signed) Walter Kavanagh.

Transcribed by Selina Lawlor.

Source: Michael Purcell 2012

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