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St. Fiacc's Football Club
Graiguecullen, Carlow.

St. Fiacc's Football Club
Graiguecullen, Carlow.

St. Fiacc’s Football Club (SFFC) was established by its founders (James Heary, Bernard O’Shea and Kenny Hurley) on 10th of August 2002. We are about to enter our sixth season in the Carlow and district football league. Our home is in Graiguecullen Carlow to the rear of St Fiacc's national school. We also have a second pitch beside the arch in Oak Park in Carlow. We are a small but growing club and since our foundation we have been fairly successful due to the commitment, dedication and passion of our players and staff. Our home colours for all our teams are always blue and white.

As it says above we were founded in 2002. It all happened at the dinner table of an extremely bad mobile home in the Dairyland Cuisine yard on the Portlaoise road. A small group of lads used to play Astroturf five a side once or twice a week and in chatting about the game we had had the previous night  the conversation between James Heary, Kenny Hurley and Bernard O’Shea somehow turned to wondering how difficult it would be and how much effort it would  take to start our own amateur team, laughable really when you  think about  but nearly five years on and with many great times had and friends made whenever either of us think back to that day and look at what we have now with so many people involved, it always brings a little smile to our faces. The very next day each of us had a job to do, to gather all the information and details we needed to assess whether it was all possible and in doing so and taking everything from jerseys and equipment to players and pitch to insurances and most importantly money into consideration we decided it was possible if we put our minds to it and with that and a lot of work ST. FIACCS FOOTBALL CLUB was born.

Don't get me wrong it wasn't easy to set up and it was very difficult to secure a pitch, but after several meetings all over the town with many people we finally secured a pitch and set up our home in the school field in Graiguecullen, the perfect place. As difficult as it was for a bunch of lads who hadn't a clue the most difficult part has been keeping things going and always trying to do what was best for the development of the club. For all the good times we have had there has been equally as many bad times but we have overcome them all and that’s all history now anyway so we will leave it at that.

We have had many great days celebrating different things and usually playing in the background was which is now a St Fiacc's FC anthem from our second year on, (partially thanks to Nicky Branagans insisting on playing it every time we won a game and it stuck) sang by Paddy Casey Saints And Sinners and it really describes us quiet well.

Management Committee:  
Chairman Michael Mayling
Secretary/Founder Kenny Hurley
Treasurer Shaun Webb
Founder Bernard O’Shea
Founder James Heary
Vice-Chair P J Nolan
P.R.O Philip Feeney
Child Welfare Officer Tracey McDonald
Senior B team rep Garry McGrath
Under 16s Team rep P J Nolan
Under 9s Team rep Paul Hayden
Under 10s Team rep Tracey McDonald}
Over 35s Team rep David Cowen

Source: St. Fiacc's Football Club website c.2006

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