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Everton House
Springhill. Co Laois

Everton House
The following is a transcript of the writing on the card (above):
Aunt Janie Fitzmaurice
Everton, Carlow
My Mothers Aunt, My Grandmothers Sister. I spent summer holidays there aged 7-10.
It was burnt down by Sein Feines (Sinn Fein) and she died of the shock 3 mths later.
Uncle Den, my motherís brother, on leave from India in the photo. Carbery Lumsden Egan.
She had high cheek bones and the most beautiful rosy cheeks, snowy hair and was a much loved woman in her 70ís. Jeanett Eganís aunt Liza Eganís sister.

The house was owned by my great grandmother's sister Jane Fitzmaurice (nee Palmer) born 1844, married in Carlow 9/4/1864 to Edward Fitzmaurice (father William Fitzmaurice)

[Note from Michael Purcell Sept 2011; we do not have a record of Everton House fire in the 1920s..It is unlikely that such an event ever took place"]

Everton House, Everton. Springhill. Carlow
Although it has a Carlow postal address the house is located to the west of Graiguecullen/Carlow town in the county of Laois.

Sent by Gillian Branagan and submitted by Michael Purcell Sept 2011

Everton 1822.

Carlow Morning Post. Thursday, September 5th,1822.


To Be Let.

For such term as may be agreed on, from the First of November next.
The House, Offices, Garden, Orchard, and Lawn of Everton, altogether about Ten Acres of Ground, of prime Quality, which can be increased to 60 Acres, within one mile of Carlow.
Frank Edwards will shew the Premises, and application to B. Hamilton, Esquire, Rahindoran, Carlow.
August 22nd, 1822.
From Pat Purcell Papaers c2012

The following item appeared in the The Argus newspaper on Friday 12th February 1864 in Melbourne



On the 9th inst., at Beaufort, Thomas Evans, of Towyn, Wales, to Leonora, daughter of Henry Fitzmaurice, Esq., of Dromana, niece of Wm. Fitzmaurice, Esq., J.P., Everton, Carlow, Ireland, and relative of the Marquis of Lansdowne.

Reverend Bartholomew Thomas married Mary Conner, c.1750., daughter of Daniel Conner and Margaret Slone.

He lived at Everton House, County Carlow, Ireland

Their son was the Reverend William Bartholomew Thomas (1751 - 1826). W.B. Thomas married Anna Jocelyn Davidson. He died at Carlow, Queens County, Ireland 31 December 1826.

Source: &

Rev. Dr. William Bartolomew Thomas 13 Born: 1751
Marriage: Anna Jocelyn Davidson
Died: 31 Dec 1826, Carlow, Ireland aged 75
Buried: 3 Jan 1827, Castle Hill, Carlow, Ireland

General Notes:

Claydach, Wales (or Cloydh) Rector of Ehayddn and of Ferns. Squire of Everton. Reverend William Bartholomew Thomas was Squire of Everton in Queens County, Ireland. He was also Rector of Clodagh, a parish across the River Barr to the east of Everton and thereby in County Carlow.

BIOGRAPHY: Educated by Mr Jessop, and entered Trinity College Dublin on 1 November 1767. BA in 1772. He was ordained at Ossory (Kilkenny) on 13 July 1783. He was curate at Cloydagh and Slaty Carlow in 1786, and Chaplain to the troops in Carlow in 1800. He became a Doctor of Divinity of TCD on 15 September 1797.

BURIAL: His funeral was held at St Mary's Carlow on 3 January 1827. He was buried in the cemetry on the Castle hill in Carlow - the old cemetery before the re-building of St Mary's in 1832. William married Anna Jocelyn Davidson, daughter of Jocelyn Davidsonand Barbara Baker. (Anna Jocelyn Davidson was born in 1749.)


Mr. W. G. Hadden was resident here in 1955 - 1956.

Source: Carloviana Vol. 1. No. 4. Dec .1955

Jeremiah Joseph Callanan at Everton House.

Callanan was a precursor of the Gaelic Revival, being one of the first poets to give adequate verse translations of original Irish poems. His life resembled that of the great Catholic poet, Francis Thomas, in many ways. Born in cork in 1799, he studied for the priesthood in Maynooth, and afterwards for the medical profession in T,C,D, but finding his vocation in neither, in despair he joined the army. Later he became a teacher and in this capacity was employed for some time in the Classical Day and Boarding School of George Alexander Lynch at Everton House near Carlow. His most famous poem is Gougane Barra, but another poem, A Sprig of Mountain Heather, recalls his sojourn at Everton:

 No more the morning mists shall break
Around Cloch Grianain's towering oak:
The stag no more, with glance of pride,
Looks fearless from its hazel side;
But there thou livest lone and free
The hermit plant of liberty.

Child of the mountain! many a storm
Hath drenched thy head and shook thy form,
Since in thy depths Clan Ruaire lay,
To wait the dawning of the day;
And many sabre, as it beamed
Forth from the heather-scabbard gleamed,
When Leix its vengeance hot did slake
In wonder city of the lake;
And the proud Saxon fortress bore
The banner green of brave O More.

 Source: Carloviana Vol. 1. No. 4. Dec .1955. Page Nine.

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