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Carlow Militia

The Emergency

1940 - 1946

 Source:  CARLOVIANA  - 1996 No 44 . pages 7 - 10

The Emergency

1940 -1946:

Carlow men who served

by Seamus Murphy

1996, apart from being the 50th. anniversary of the founding of the Old Carlow Society, it is also the 50th anniversary of the demobilisation of the Army which served during the Emergency years. In order to celebrate this anniversary, it was intended to publish particulars of the men who served in the Army, and the women who served the Army Nursery Corps, and whose home address was in County Carlow. However, an application to consult the department of Defence in Army Headquarters relating to the Emergency years was not replied to, so the accompanying list was compiled from the memories of men who served. For the benefit of readers, who are not familiar with the Emergency period and the Army, a short explanation is given of the commencement of the Emergency period and the composition of the Army in those years.

At the outbreak of World War II the Dail introduced emergency legislation and mobilised the Defence Forces. At that time the Defence Forces consisted of 11,900 Regular and Army Reserves and 7,236 Volunteers, however, because of exemptions the strength of the Forces was down to 13,335 by 10th. May, 1940. As a result of German successes in the Spring and early Summer of 1940, the Government, on the 7th. June, 1940 declared an Emergency and amended the Defence Forces Act which allowed the enlistment of personnel for the duration of the Emergency. The result of this amendment was that the Army of the Emergency was composed of those groups. The groups were:-

(1) Regulars. The men in this group had enlisted in the Army in the years since 1922. These men had enlisted for a period of years and then became part of the Reserve

(2) Volunteers. These men were members of the Volunteer Force, which was initially recruited in 1934. The members of this group served a short training period, and were then included in the Reserves.

(3) "E men". This group enlisted for the remainder of the Emergency. The result of this enlistment was that there was an Army of 39,744 in March 1941. This period saw the founding of the Local Defence Force (LDF), in which, approximately 80,000 men served on a part-time basis.

As already mentioned, the accompanying list was compiled with the help of men who served during the Emergency period. There are many more from the county who served at this time but after a lapse 50 years some names are bound to be forgotten, so the writer asks to be excused for any mistakes and omissions. It will be noticed that there are different series of numbers in the list. Numbers commencing with 10 are early volunteer members while the numbers in the 20s. The (are volunteers who joined in the 1938-40 period. The (E 43) are Emergency Service numbers.


The writer wishes to thank all who helped to compile this list of County Carlow men, especially Des Nolan, who supplied most of the names.

Also Lt. Col. J.P. Duggan for permission to use information from his History of the Irish Army and Mr. Michael Jones for his considerable help.

Readers who wish to know more of the Army of the Emergency could consult the above book and volumes XIX, Nos. 75 & 76 of The Irish Sword, journal of the Military History Society of Ireland.

Name  Rank  Number  Address  Unit
Abbey, William  Private  St. Brigid's Crescent,
16th. Battalion 
Bambrick, Stephen  Company Sergeant  Tullow St., Carlow  Military Police 
Begley, Bernard  Artillery
Begley, Peter  Trooper  6th. Cyclist Squadron 
Blake, James  Private  Hacketstown  16th. Battalion 
Bahanna, Michael  Corporal  203027 Dublin Rd., Carlow 9th. Cyclist Squadron 
Burroughs, John  Trooper Clogrennane  Cavalry Depot., Curragh 
Brannigan, Seamus  Company Quarter Master Sergt.  Montgomery St., Carlow 
Breen, M  Burren St., Carlow 
Breen, James  Lieutenant  Strawhall, Carlow 
Brennan, Thomas  Sergeant  Gramby Row, Carlow  16th. Battalion 
Broderick, Sean  Corporal  206850 Pollerton Big, Carlow  6th. Cyclist Squadron 
Brophy, William  Captain  Rathcrogue, Carlow 
Brophy, James  Borris 
Brophy, Edward  Dublin Rd., Carlow 
Brophy, Patrick  Corporal Borris  5th. Company Military Police 
Brown, Joseph  Corporal  E433918  Upper Staplestown Rd., Carlow  25th. Battalion 
Brown, Peter  Trooper  Borris  6th. Cyclist Squadron 
Byrne, James  Squadron Sergeant  92990 Ballon  Cavalry Depot, Curragh 
Byrne, Michael  Sergeant  Upper Staplestown Rd., Carlow 
Burke,  Browneshill Rd., Carlow  Medical Corps 
Butler, John  Captain  Graiguecullen, Carlow 
Carroll,  Corporal  Lr. Staplestown Rd., Carlow  Military Police 
Clarke, Thomas Private  Old Leighlin  25th. Battalion 
Cleary, Joseph  Private  Myshall  25th. Battalion 
Clifton, Bernard  Private  St. Killian's Crescent, Carlow 
Connolly, John  Trooper  Cloghna, Carlow  I0th. Cyclist Squadron 
Cooney, Noel  Dublin Rd., Carlow 
Costigan, Andrew  Trooper  Clogrennane, Carlow  I0th. Cyclist Squadron 
Crowe, Austin  Lieutenant  Graiguecullen, Carlow 
Crowe, Henry  Lieutenant  Graiguecullen, Carlow 
Crowe, James  Captain  Graiguecullen, Carlow 
Crowe, Joseph  Captain  Graiguecullen, Carlow 
Crowe, Francis  Corporal  204365 Chaplestown, Carlow  6th. Cyclist Squadron 
Culliton, Michael  Private  Ballymurphy House  16th. Battalion 
Cunningham, Brendan  Private  Dublin St., Carlow 
Cunningham, M  Squadron Sergeant  202984 Fairview, Bagenalstown  7th. Motor Squadron 
Darcy, John  Corporal  Bagenalstown  16th. Battalion 
Deere, Michael  Trooper  Hanover Mills, Carlow  6th. Cyclist Squadron 
Deere, Patrick  Squadron Quartermaster Sergt.  74930 Hanover Mills, Carlow  Cavalry School, Curragh 
Delaney, Gerald  Lieutenant  Chaplestown  1st. Motor Squadron 
Dempsey, John  Corporal  206848 Pollerton Rd., Carlow  6th, Cyclist Squadron 
Dooley, James Private  Graiguecullen, Carlow  16th. Battalion 
Donoghue, James  Sergeant  102562 St. Fiac's, Graiguecullen, Cavalry Depot, Curragh 
Donoghue, John  Private  E435251 Cox's Lane, Carlow 
Donoghue, Joseph  Sergeant  Tankardstown, Tullow  13th. Battalion 
Donoghue, Patrick  Graiguecullen 
Donoghue, Patrick  Tullow 
Donoghue, Thomas  Lieutenant  Dublin St., Carlow  7th. Motor Squadron 
Doran, Peter  Ballymurphy, Borris  16th. Battalion 
Doyle, Edward  Station Rd. Bagenalstown  16th. Battalion 
Doyle, James  Donore, Bagenalstown  16th. Battalion 
Doyle, Patrick  Kilcruit, Bagenalstown  16th. Battalion 
Doyle, Patrick St.  Brigid's Crescent, Bagenalstown 
Dowling, John  Trooper  Fighting Cocks, Carlow I0th. cyclist Squadron 
Downey, Joseph  Trooper  E433208  Pembroke, Carlow  2nd. Armoured Squadron 
Dundon, Patrick Lieutenant Fenagh  25th. Battalion 
Duffy, M  Private  E433912  Hacketstown  25th. Battalion 
Doyle, James  Trooper 6th. Cyclist Squadron 
Farrell, James  Pair Mhuire, Bagenalstown  16th. Battalion 
Farrell, Richard  Paire Mhuire  16th. Battalion 
Farrell, Matthew  Trooper  Burrin St., Carlow  Ist. Armoured Squadron 
Finnegan, Owen  Private  E433916  Primrose Hill, Carlow  25th. Battalion 
Fitzpatrick, Michael  Gunner  The Mall, Killeshin  Artillery 
Fitzpatrick, D  Private  434451 Rossmore, Carlow  25th. Battalion 
Fitzpatrick, J  Private  431352 Upper Tomard, Leighlinbridge  16th. Battalion 
Fitzpatrick, J  Private  434255 Killanane, Leighlinbridge  Medical Corps 
Fitzpatrick, Michael  434247 Clonmore, Co. Carlow 
Finlay, William  Sergeant  204370 Rathoe, Carlow  3rd. Motor Squadron 
Gaffney, Liam  Captain  Killeshin 
Gardener, Patrick  St. Brigid's Crescent,
Gaynor, Patrick  Private  25th. Battalion 
Glendan, Thomas  Private Dublin Rd., Carlow  25th. Battalion 
Gorman, Michael  Sergeant  10216 Tullow  1st. Armoured Squadron 
Gorman, Michael  Trooper  Tullow  10th. Cyclist Squadron 
Haughney, Patrick  Private Pollerton Rd., Carlow  12th. Battalion 
Hickey, Timothy  Corporal  College St., Carlow  Cavalry Depot, Curragh 
Hughes, Patrick  Rathduff, Bagenalstown  16th. Battalion 
Jacob, Christopher  Killcarrig, Bagenalstown 
Jones, Michael  Sergeant  Bagenalstown  16th. Battalion 
Kinsella, Michael  Trooper  206825 Clonmore  6th. Cyclist Squadron 
Kavanagh, Laurence  corporal  74901 Dublin Rd., Carlow  4th. Motor Squadron 
Kavanagh, Stephen  Corporal  203022 Dublin Rd., Carlow  6th. Cyclist Squadron 
Kavanagh, Thomas 
Kehoe, Thomas  Sergeant  Park, Carlow  C,T & M Depot, Curragh 
Keely,  Private  433925 Bagenalstown  25th. Battalion 
Kelly, Patrick   Private 433925 Little Barrack St., Carlow  16th. Battalion 
Kelly,  Corporal  Staplestown Rd., Carlow  Military Police 
Kelly, Peter  Private  Clowater, Bagenalstown  16th. Battalion 
Kidd, Desmond  Private  Bagenalstown  Medical Corps 
Kinsella, William  Corporal  100683 Grangeford, Tullow  4th. Armoured Squadron 
Lawler, Samuel  Bagenalstown  25th. Battalion 
Lillis, Michael  St. Brigid's Crescent,
16th. Battalion 
Lyons, Charles  Private 
Maher, Edward  Regent St. Bagenalstown  16th. Battalion 
Meaney, John  Trooper Little Barrack St. Carlow  6th. Cyclist Squadron 
Meehan, Michael  Regent St. Bagenalstown  16th. Battalion 
Meehan, Patrick  Private  Dublin Rd., Carlow  16th. Battalion 
Monks, John  Corporal  206849 Pollerton Rd., Carlow  6th. Cyclist Squadron 
Monks, William  Corporal  Staplestown Rd., Carlow  25th. Battalion 
Moran, Denis  Battalion Sergeant Major  Graiguecullen  I0th. Battalion 
Moran, Laurence  Corporal  73583 Palatine, Carlow  Ist. Armoured Squadron 
Mulrooney, Denis  Corporal  201538 Dublin St.,Carlow  7th. Motor Squadron 
Murphy, Joseph  Trooper  16th. Battalion 
Murphy, Andrew  Private  16th. Battalion 
Murphy, Seamus  Private  E435604  Pollerton, Little, Carlow  16th. Battalion 
Murray, Kevin  Dublin St., Carlow 
McCartney, Henry  Corporal  Burrin St., Carlow  2nd. Armoured Squadron 
McGarry, John  Montgomery St., Carlow  16th. Battalion 
McGrath, M  Trooper  73949 Tullow  4th. Motor Squadron 
Noctor, Joseph  Trooper  Brown St., Carlow 5th. Motor Squadron 
Noctor, Patrick  Trooper  Brown St., Carlow 
Nolan, Charles  Corporal  206846 Pollerton Rd., Carlow  6th. Cyclist Squadron 
Nolan, Desmond  Corporal  E433926  Burrin St., Carlow  25th. Battalion 
Nolan, James  Athy Rd., Carlow 
Nolan, Thomas  Lieutenant  Cappa water  25th. Battalion 
Nolan, Thomas  Private  E433921  Bridewell Lane, Carlow  25th. Battalion 
Nevin, John  Private  Closutton, Bagenalstown,  Supply & Transport 
O'Brien, F  Sergeant  100685 Tullow St., Carlow  2nd. Armoured Squadron 
O'Brien, M  Company Sergeant  Lr. Staplestown Rd. 
O' Hanlon, J  Corporal  E431314  Tullow St., Carlow  4th. Armoured Squadron 
O'Neill, Brian  Granby Row, Carlow 
O' Neill, Peter  Squadron Quartermaster Sergt  Granby Row, Carlow  6th. Cyclist Squadron 
O' Neill, Peader  Lieutenant-Colonal  College St., Carlow 
O' Rouke, Brian  Corporal  107261 Ballymurphy, Borris  6th. Motor Squadron 
Parker,  Corporal  Accomodation Rd.,  Carlow Military Police 
Power, Aiden  Gunner  409845 St. Joseph's Rd., Carlow  4th. Field Artillary 
Prendergast, Sean  Captain  Cox's Lane Carlow  7th. Motor Squadron 
Prendergast, Pierce  Lieutenant Cox's Lane, Carlow 
Price, Michael  Battalion Quartermaster Sergt  Graiguecullen, Carlow 
Quigley, Eamon  Lieutenant  Staplestown Rd., Carlow 
Quigley, Edward  Sergeant  Staplestown Rd., Carlow  Command Depot, Curragh 
Reddy, James  Kilcarrig St. Bagenalstown 
Redmond, J  Corporal  76773 Garristown, Rathvilly  1st. Armoured Squadron 
Redmond, Luke  Gunner  Lr. Pollerton Rd., Carlow  Artillery Depot, Kildare 
Reynolds, Charles  Corporal  Courthouse, Carlow  21st. Battalion 
Ryan,Paudge  Trooper  Killian's Crescent, Carlow  Cavalry Workshops, Curragh 
Reilly, Matthew  Private  Graiguecullen, Carlow  Supply & Transport 
Reddy, James  Kllcarrig St., Bagenalstown  16th. Battalion 
Shaw, Edward  Sergeant  Pollerton Rd., Carlow  Command Depot, Carlow 
Shaw, Thomas  Corporal  Killian's Crescent, Carlow  Military Police 
Shevlin, Patrick  Captain  Tullow St., Carlow  Garrison Supply, Curragh 
Smithers, Peter  Corporal  Ullard, Myshall  5th. Company 
Sullivan, Patrick  Tinryland  3rd. Battalion 
Tallon, James  Trooper  Clonmore, Hacketstown 6th. Cyclist Battalion 
Tobin, Thomas  Trooper  Carlow  6th. Cyclist Squadron 
Traynor, Thomas  Private  6th. Cyclist Squadron 
Tuite, Paddy  Tullow  3rd. Motor Squadron 
Wall,, Patrick  Private  Tullow  25th. Battalion 
Walsh, John L  Private  Graiguecullen, Carlow  16th. Battalion 
Walsh, Richard  Gunner  73031 Burrin St., Carlow  Anti-Aircraft Regiment 
Ward, J Woodview,  Borris 
Whelan, P 
Whitney, Henry  Private  Graiguecullen, Carlow 
Whitney, Patrick  78595 Graiguecullen, Carlow  Signal Corps
 Published in CARLOVIANA  - 1996 No 44. p. 7-10

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