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Clonegal , County Carlow

Taken from Clonegal St Fiaacs Church of Ireland Burial Book

The place mentioned is their last abode

20/4/1832 Annesley Derenzy - Clonegal

1/5/1882 Annesley Derenzy - Clonegal

1/5/1882 Annesley Derenzy  - Johnstown aged 47 years

17/12/1848 Illegible Derenzy  - Clonegal aged 28 years

12/4/1865 George Derenzy - Clonegal aged 37 Yeas

10/11/1872 James Derenzy - Clonegal aged 51 Years

21/11/1872 Letitia Derenzy - Clonegal aged 51 years

24/10/181878 John Derenzy - Johnstown aged 66 Years

19/9/1888 Thomas Derenzy - Dublin aged 73 years

4/4/1894 Elizabeth Derenzy - Dublin aged 75 years

19/11/1896 Richard William Derenzy - Monstervan aged 19 years

All these were found by my wandering Irish Hubby so he is the one to be thanking although I have to type them all up, and that is no burden.

Source: Cara

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