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The Carlow Sentinal

Source: Pat Purcell Papers & Michael Purcell

Carlow Sentinel.

Saturday July, 24th 1897

Charge of false registration of death.

At last Ballickmoyler Petty Sessions, before Captain Thomas (chairman),  R.M.McMahon, R.R. Kennedy, Resident Magistrates and P. Brennan, Esquires, the case of the Crown against Bridget Brennan for having falsely registered the death on John Brennan, was adjourned on behalf of the Crown to next petty sessions for the attendance of witnesses.

The Carlow Sentinel.

Saturday, September 4th 1897

At last Ballickmoyler Petty Sessions an adjourned case was heard against a girl named Brennan, charged with having made a false registration of death for the purpose of defrauding an insurance company.

After a lengthened hearing the magistrates refused to take information in the case.

Saturday, December 11, 1897

Carlow Harriers

 Saturday, 4th instant. –

These hounds met at Coone not in the above capacity but as foxhounds. Through the kind permission of Mr. Laugrishe, M.F.H., they have been granted leave to draw the Kilkenny coverts north of the Dinan. Punctual to time, notwithstanding a wet morning, which is an often told tale during the present season, Mr. Briscoe led the way to Eskerty Wood, tried the covert on the left hand side of the road first, which proved blank, but hounds were not long on the other side ‘til we heard the reassuring notes which make a man’s heart beat faster, and were echoed by Hudson, who viewed two "furry" specimens stealing towards the lower end.

The wood is very dense, and the Master had some difficulty in getting through, with the unfortunate result that the hounds dividing settled on two foxes, one breaking on the far side and running up the hill and on to Coone at a good pace, where they put him to ground – attended by a select few who had the best of it – a good pace, where they put him to ground – attended by a select few who had the best of it – a good three-mile point. Five and-a-half couple of hounds in the meantime pushed their fox out at the lower end, and went away as if for Coolcullen with the heavy brigade, across the road and along by the river, over a trappy country, and was soon lost, but not before I saw several empty saddles. Glen Mullen was now the order – a very picturesque spot with a typical name.

The pack was not long thrown in when we heard the welking ring ; this time it proved to be a hare, for Capt. Briscoe can suit himself to any emergency, and will hunt anything that wears "fur," so long as it makes sport. Going away by the rock colliery, she swung to the left over a heavy country with a succession of fences like mountains and doubles at that, passed at the back of Coolbawn and on to Gurteen, across the road and down the hill to the Castleconner road, where we left "puss" for the night, the Master and Mrs. Briscoe refusing the proffered hospitality of the barbarous people for themselves and the pack, and had a long, wet jog of ten miles home.

Amongst those out were Capt. And Mrs. Briscoe, Mr. R.H. Prior-Wandesforde, Mayor Bryan, Messrs. Swifte, Wm. Edge, Butler-Kearney, Herbert Warren, Wm. Dobbs, S. Dobbs, Miss Draper, Dr. Sterling, Miss Sterling and party, Mr. Mandeville, Mr. Murphy.

P. Neumatic.


Saturday, December 18, 1897

Rate Collector Wanted

    Wanted a competent person to collect the Rates of the Bagenalstown Township for coming year. The person appointed will be required to enter into security with sureties.

    Tenders, with the names of proposed sureties, to be lodged with the Town Clerk, at his office, 4, The Parade, Bagenalstown, before the 1st day of January, 1898.

John B. Warren
Town Clerk.
Town Clerk’s Office,


1st December, 1897

A Good Day With The Carlow Harriers.

     On Thursday the meet was at Prumplestown cross roads, where, despite the rather threatening aspect of the morning, a good-sized field met the Master and were rewarded by capital sport. Germaine’s gorse, strange to say, did not hold the needful, so we faced for Barn Hill and found. Puss led at a smart pace up the hill, and after a circuit esfcap4d. The rocks on Mr. Rice’s land were next appealed to, and furnished material for a good twenty minutes’ gallop, over stiff country thickly dotted with big banks.

On reaching Mr. Green’s at Millbrook, we lost our game, but another hare filled the gap, and having afforded a good circular spin, narrowly escaped to run some other day. "Shades of evening" told us it was time to make for home, and we obeyed their bidding. Amongst those well in the running besides the Master, Capt. Briscoe, were Lord Garnioc, Mr. E.S. Maffett. Miss Johnson, Miss Shackleton, the Misses Boake, Mr. V. Slocock, Mr. Brown, Mr. Germaine, Mr. C. Casey Mr. Lawler, &c.

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