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The Carlow Sentinal

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State of the County Of Carlow 1841

Names mentioned: Myles Burke, John Kelly, Mr. Hutton, Mr. O'Connell

From the Carlow Sentinel, published in The Times (of London) on January 21, 1841 (p. 3).

 On the 2nd inst., about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, a large body of men proceeded to the lands of Williamstown and Rathmore, in this county, shouting and blowing horns. They visited the houses of Myles Burke and John Kelly, and threatened others with death if they did not proceed to Tullow on the Monday following to register before Mr. Hutton. They next visited the adjoining townlands, and stated they were the friends of Mr. O'Connell and would burn the houses of any who refused to attend the registry. They paraded that part of the county until a late hour at night, spreading terror among the peaceable inhabitants, who are afraid of being murdered if they attend fair or market.

ANOTHER ATTACK. ‘On Saturday last a man named Kelly, a tenant to the Hon. Somerset Maxwell, was dragged out of a house in Kildavin by a ruffian named Connor, and both Kelly and his wife were savagely treated, for daring to exercise his privilege conscientiously. From every part of the barony of Rathvilly we receive almost daily accounts of the outrages committed on persons and property; and, not only are the people's lives endangered if they attend the worship of God, but they are suffering at home a kind of systematic persecution unparalleled in the annals of the most barbarous nations.’

BLACK LIST --Last week black lists were posted up in the barony of Rathvilly, containing the names of the independent electors who voted at the late election against the Government candidate, and calling on the people to mark them, and to dispose of the traitors that voted against their clergy. Copies of these lists were forwarded to Carlow, as a proof that they were written by a higher class of incendiaries.

 CHAPEL RIOTS.-On the 6th inst., as William Dawson was proceeding to the chapel of Tullow, he was met at the gate by a mob, and threatened with death if he entered the chapel. The gates were shut against him, and he was hooted from the place by the mob. They next entered the chapel, and dragged out his brother, Francis Dawson, and ordered him to be off, saying every supporter of Colonel Bruen should be excommunicated, and placed beyond the pale of civilised life. The Dawsons were under the necessity of effecting their escape from the lawless mob, that were instigated to the committal of these outrages by the disappointed agitators.

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