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CARLOMAN born c. 715 died Aug. 17, 754 Frankish prince, son of Charles Martel and brother of Pippin III the Short. After inheriting Austrasia, Alemannia, Thuringia, and the suzerainty of Bavaria from his father, Carloman fought alone and with his brother to suppress external enemies and rebellious subjects. Concerned with reform of the church, he called on St. Boniface for help.

CARLOMAN born 751 died Dec. 4, 771, Samoussy, France the younger brother of Charlemagne, with whom, at the instance of their father, Pippin III the Short, he was anointed king of the Franks in 754 by Pope Stephen II (or III) in the abbey of Saint-Denis. Carloman inherited the eastern part of Pippin's lands (768). He favoured alliance with the Lombards and married Gerberga, a daughter of their king, Desiderius. When Carloman died. Charlemagne annexed his territory and became sole ruler of the Prankish empire

CARLOMAN (b.830 - d. March or September 880. Altötting, Ger). eldest son of Louis II the German and father of the emperor Amuif Carloman rebelled against his father in 861 and 863 but in 865 was entrusted by Louis with a share in his authority, being granted jurisdiction over Bavaria and Carinthia. After this he remained loyal to his father, even helping to suppress the rebellion of his two younger brothers (866) and taking part in a campaign against the Moravians (869). The latter by 874 were forced to admit Prankish supremacy. After the death of the emperor Louis 11 (875). a faction in northern Italy favoured Carloman as candidate for the imperial crown; but Pope John VIII preferred Charles II the Bald. When Louis the German died (876), Carloman succeeded him as king of some of the German territories. In undisputed control of Bavaria, he promptly crossed the Alps on the death of Charles the Bald (877) and was recognised as king in northern Italy. The Pope, however, still refused him the imperial crown. Falling ill, Carloman had to renounce his lands and titles to his brother Louis III the Younger. His illegitimate son Arnulf became emperor in 896.

CARLOMAN (877 - died Dec. 12, 884, King of the West Franks, France), second son of King Louis II (Louis the Stammerer). He became joint ruler with his brother Louis III in 879. His reign was disturbed by revolts in Burgundy, by the loss (879) of Provence to Boso. count of Aries, and by an invasion of the Normans. He became sole ruler at his brother's death (882). He was succeeded as French King by Emperor of the West Charles III (Charles the Fat).

1996 Encyclopaedia Britannica

Research: Dr. Norman McMillan

Source: "Hibernian Chronicle"

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