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Benjamin D'Israeli
1st Earl of Beaconsfield, KG, PC, FRS
Beechy Park

Benjamin D'Israeli

by John Keogh

In the year 1766, Benjamin D'Israeli was born in England. There are conflicting reports concerning his early childhood and this matter is still under investigation. It is reported that he came to Ireland with his mother at a very early age. Benjamin started to serve his apprenticeship with Richard Bayly at the tender age of seventeen. Mr. Bayley was identified with the running of Lotteries, Stockbroking, Moneylending and Insurance. His new apprentice proved himself both diligent and honest. Concerning the lottery system, by buying a lottery ticket for 7.10s, one had two chances of winning 20,000.

This draw was not confined to Ireland but also extended to England. Having completed his apprenticeship, Benjamin acquired a licence on the 12th February, 1788 to run lotteries from the Right Honourable Stephen Ratcliffe, Judge of His Majesty's Court of Prerogative in Ireland. Following this he opened an office at 105 Grafton Street, Dublin. As a result of his business transactions, D'Israeli acquired property in Suffolk Street, Grafton Street, Summer Hill and Essex Street. Having accumulated vast amounts of property and money, Benjamin D'Israeli turned his interests to the country area.

On the advice of a friend of his, namely Wm. Hoare Hume of Humewood Castle, he purchased Betty-field House and lands (now Beechy Park, presently owned by Mrs. V. Burgess). Circumstances did not allow him to take up residence at once, consequently he leased the property to one George Pilsworth in 1804. After a period of five years, he took up residence himself and became one of the landed gentry. Benjamin D'Israeli was appointed High Sheriff of Carlow by the Lord Lieutenant in 1810, evidence of this to be found in the minute book of Kiltegan Vestry dated 16 April, 1811.


As the years progressed, he transferred his interest from Lotteries to Stock-broking. Five days before his death at Beechy Park he bequested 3,000 towards the erection of a school for the education of the poor at Bough, Rathvilly. The school was built 12 years after his death. For one hundred and fifty years this lovely structure has been in use, thus fulfilling its purpose. Benjamin D'Israeli died 1814 aged 48 years and was laid to rest in Saint Peter's Churchyard, Dublin.

In his will he also left a sum of 500 to the church wardens at Rathvilly which was to be invested in Government Securities and the interest to be distributed to the poor of Rathvilly Parish every Christmas. This is still the practice today. Benjamin D'Israeli will be remembered as a man of generous nature, with the poor of the district ever present in his heart. May he rest in peace.

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Source: Carloviana 1983. Vol 2. No. 31 p.10 & 11.

D'Israeli School

Memorial of the deed dated 1818.

Here is the Memorial of the deed when it was sold by Hugh Cumming, the administrator of the estate of Benjamin D'Israeli, to James Eustace in 1818 for 2400 Stg. I wonder how that compares at that time in relation to the current selling price. Seems like an awful lot of money for 1818.

Anybody have any info on the otherwise identity of Hugh Cumming?

Vol 735 Page 384, No. 501319 - Hugh Cumming exec of estate of Benjamin Disrael to James Eustace, 1818

To the Regr appd by act of Parlt for Registg Deeds & Soforth. A Meml of an Indd Deed bearg date the 2d day of Decr 1818 & made Betn Hugh Cumming of Kingswere St in the city of Dublin Public notary Exeor named & appd in & by the last will and Testamt of Benjn Disrael formy of Beechly Hill in the Coy of Carlow Esqr deceased & also residuary Devisee of the sd Benjn Disrael of the one part & Jas Eustace of Castlemore in the Coy of Carlow Esqr late a Major in his Majestys Roscommon Regt of Militia of the other part.

Whereby after Recitg that by Indented Deed bearg date the 3d day of Jany 1810 & made Betn the sd Jas Eustace of the first part the sd Benjn Disrael of the 2d part & the sd Hugh Cumming of the 3d part the sd Jas Eustace for & in conson of a sum of 2400 Stg to him paid by the sd Benjn Disrael did Grant Sell & Confirm unto the said Benjamin Disrael his heirs & assns an anny of yearly rent Charge of 400 for & durg the natural life of the sd Jas Eustace charged & Chargeable upon & issuing & payable out of all that & those the Towns & Lands of Castlemore, Corbally, Rathbally, Kenna, Ballyvohill, Tyneclash & Ballycurry oise Ballynecurry, Cloneen oise Clonnine, Kilknock, Tartane oise Tartan, the Mills of Bandens lame comy called the Mills of Ballymurry, Glassgowan, Kilinaglish, One moiety of the Lands of Kilinaglish, Templeton oise Templepeter & Lisgarvan & a yearly fee from Rent of 137~2~6 issug out of the Towns & Lands of Augha.

All sit lying & being in the Coy of Carlow payable 1/2 yearly as therein mentd & also Recitg that the sd Jas Eustace for the more effectually securg the sd anny did by the sd Decd Grant & demise to the sd Hugh Cumming his Exors Admors & assns the sevl Towns Lands fee farm Rent & prences so charged with the sd Anny.

To hold the sd to the sd Hugh Cumming his Exors Admors & assns for the term of 99 years provided the sd Jas Eustace shd so long live subt to redempn as therein mentd & also Recitg the death of the sd Benjn Disrael & that the sd Hugh Cumming as residuary Devise of the real freehold & personal property of the sd Benjn Disrael was Entitled to the sd Annuity Granted by the sd Jas Eustace as afd & that the sd Jas Eustace has agreed with the sd Hugh Cumming for the redempn or repurchase thereof the sd Hugh Cumming for & in conson of the sum of 2400 Stg & all arrears of the sd anny to him pd by the sd Jas Eustace did Grant Yield Up release & Surrender unto the sd Jas Eustace his heirs & assns all that & those the sd herein before mentd Anny or yearly rent charge of 400 so granted to the sd Benjn Disrael & Charges upon the afesd Lands & Premes herein before mentd.

To Hold the same unto the sd Jas Eustace his heirs & assns for ever & did also Grant & assign & Surr to the sd Jas Eustace All that & those the afd Towns Lands fee farm rent and premes to him Granted & demd as afd. To hold the same & every part thereof to the sd Jas Eustace his heirs & assns freed & dischd from the trusts mentd & deald in & by the said recited Indent of the 3d day of Jany 1810 for & durg the rest residue & remr yet to come & [___] of the term of 99 years thereby granted as afd which sd Deed & this Meml are Witnessed by Danl Ryan & Wm Henry Crawford both of the City of Dublin Attey at Law.

Hugh Cumming (Seal) Sealed & held in presence of Wm Henry Crawford, David Ryan

Now David Ryan of the city of Dublin Gent. maketh oath & saith that he saw Hugh Cumming & Jas Eustace duly Execute the sd Deed & the sd Hugh Cumming duly Exete the above Meml thereof & dept saith the name David Ryan Subd as a witness to sd Deed the above Meml is depts Proper name & hand writg & saith he deld sd Deed & this Meml thereof to Oliver Moore Esqr Depy Regr at the Regr Office on the Inns Quay Dublin in the 24 day of Decr 1818 at or about half past 12 of the clock noon of sd Day. David Ryan Sworn before me this 24 day of Decr 1818. Olr Moore, Depy Regr. A true copy Wm White

[transcribed exactly as written in the Memorial]

Source: Sue Clement Southern New England Irish
Cummins Families in County Carlow, Ireland

Beechy Park

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