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Ballintrane House
Co. Carlow

Ballintrane  House

(Please note that Ballintrane has been misspelt on the photograph)

Extract from 'The Carlow Gentry' page 170.

“And if Mrs. Olive Hall could win the affection of royalty, she won it in even greater measure in her own locality where her many acts of generosity to needy neighbours are still remembered and recalled. In 1932, when campaigning in a general election for Fine Gael, she called to the home of the Tobins in Ballintrane. She found Mrs. Mary Tobin confined to bed with disabling pains, while her husband Jack - 20 years her senior - was no longer able to leave the house. Mrs. Hall enquired of Mrs. Tobin how she could manage in such circumstances, and she was told that a neighbour, Mrs. Rosie Cummins, called twice a week and did the shopping. When Mrs. Hall left, she told her driver, Frank Bingham to take her to Mrs. Cummins. She made immediate arrangements for daily visits to the Tobins to have the household chores done, and from then on, Rosie would be on the weekly payroll from Kellistown Cottage. Every week for several years until Mrs. Tobin's death, her pay cheque was delivered by gardener Michael Dowling, who lived nearby.”

Source of Image: Carloviana Vol 2. No. 27 1978/79. p.23

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