Homicides from 1848 - 1870 in County Westmeath

Cook, John murdered in a field.

Flanagan, James  age 16.

Williams, Lowden M. soldier, died of a beating received.

Curley, James shot in his own house; an agrarian quarrel amongst relatives.

Conner, Pat gardener was stabbed to death, for supposed fidelity to his master.

Flynn, Thomas shot dead while attempting to take possession of disputed property.

North, Roger Esq.J.P., shot dead near his own residence. About to evict tenants.

Carey, James shot.

Dyre, Walter labourer, fatally assaulted while walking with a woman.

Murtagh or Murdoch shot and buried in a bog.

Cooney, Thomas waylaid, robbed and beaten to death.

Lyons, John labourer (stranger) beaten to death.

Regney, Mich. skull fractured from a blow of a stone, of which he died. Drunken quarrel.

Farrell, Thomas shot dead in his own house: an agrarian outrage.

Kerry, Thomas beaten to death; a fruit of the Ribbon Society.

Carey, James beaten to death by three or four men who had attacked his son to 
whose assistance he had come.

Kerr, James labourer, killed by the blow of a hammer on the head.

Kelly, Mrs. Sarah a lady of wealth, shot dead while walking with nephew George Stevens 
who was a suspect. (Kelly, Sarah - in Moate in 1856. Local suspicion was that a GORRY and CARBERRY commited the murder because they left for America at the time.
Story in 'Moate County Westmeath' by Liam Cox pg 129. Printed Athlone 1981.
Contributed by Frank McGonigal Ont.Canada)

McLaughlen, Owen waylaid and beaten to death.

Kelly, Edward respectable farmer, waylaid & shot dead. 

Gavagan, Mary labourer's wife, who lived on bad terms with her husband, was found 
dead with skull fractured. 

Jessop, Thomas farmer, shot dead; he had taken a farm in connection with which Edward 
Kelly had been shot (above).

Geraghty, Thomas labourer, murdered and thrown into a bog hold; a drunken quarrel.

Lyons, Pat labourer, died from injuries on the head inflicted by to mavvies.

Boylan, James labourer, died from a stab in the abdomen recd. when returning from 
a funeral.

Kelly, Lawrence farmer, shot dead while sitting at his dinner.

Sullivan, Owen labourer, died from an injury recd. on the head.

Bannon, Michael farmer, murdered in a field near his own house. Was a family disupute 
                  over property.

Fielding, Peter farmer, was returning home at night, and recd. a blow to the head. 

Crosby, Christopher labourer, stabbed in the thigh and died soon afterwards.

Conner, Pat. carpenter, waylaid and beaten to death. He had given information to the 
magistrates and was supposed to be unpopular.

Walsh, Peter farmer, died from injuries recd. when attacked by an armed party.

Auley, Pat, M. labourer, died from a stab in the abdomen; a drunken quarrel.

Fetherston, James Howard Haugh, Esq., J.P., 
shot dead at midnight, returning from Dublin.. had raised rents.

Anketell, Thomas station master at Mullingar, shot; died shortly afterwards.

Tarleton, Capt. Rowland of the Kings County Militia, was shot deat by some persons unknown.

Kerigan, Michael farmer, died from the effects of a gunshot wound. Person fired into his 
dwelling at night.

Hiney, James - farmer, died from the effects of a blow on the head in a drunken quarrel.

Dowling, Francis an army pensioner, steward to Messrs. Perry, of Ballingore Mills. Shot dead.

Waters, Thomas process server, found by a police patrol...shot dead.

*Names of suspects and convicted not included. If interested in a case I can tell you the 
disposition of the case. 

Report from the Select Committee on Westmeath, &c. (Unlawful Combinations);

Ribbon Society, a society in Ireland, founded in the early part of the 19th century in antagonism to the Orangemen. It afterwards became an organization of tennant farmers banded together to prevent eviction by landlords. It took its name from the green ribbon worn by members as a badge. From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)