A Rate for the Relief of the Poor of Thurles Union

Twomileborris Electoral Division 31 Jan 1842 
Alphabetical List

[Widows names were found on 1844 ratepayers list.]

Occupier Owner Place
Furlong, Thomas Thomas Ryan Lahardan
Mulloughney, John " Lahardan
Mulloughney, Philip " Lahardan
Molloughney, Patrick " Lahardan
Dwyer, Patrick " Lahardan
Molloughney, Danl. " Lahardan
Moloughney, Widow (Eliza?) " Lahardan
Murphy, Widow " Lahardan
Ryan, John " Lahardan
Gavin, Wm. " Lahardan
Ryan, Jeremiah " Lahardan
Gorman, Patrick Val Maher Esq. Lahardan
Lahey, John " Lahardan
Bourke, Thomas " Lahardan
Dooly, Thomas " Lahardan
Shelly, John Thomas Ryan Lahardan
Maher, Edmd. " Lahardan
Fogarty, Widow (Eliza?) " Lahardan
Cummins, Patt " Lahardan
Ryan, Thomas " Lahardan
Ryan, Alice " Lahardan
Ryan, Edmond " Lahardan
Ryan, William " Lahardan
Kenedy, Denis " Lahardan
Kenedy, Widow (Johana?) " Lahardan
Molloughney, Widow (Eliza?) " Lahardan
Molloughney, Patrick " Lahardan
Kenedy, John " Lahardan
Ryan, Widow " Lahardan
McDonald, John " Lahardan
Dempsy, Widow (Margaret) " Lahardan
Dunne, John " Lahardan
Ryan, Widow Samuel Waller Esq. Rathmanna
Quin, Daniel " Rathmanna
Ryan, Thomas " Rathmanna
Kenedy, John " Rathmanna
Ryan, Edmond " Rathmanna
Ryan, Tade " Rathmanna
Ryan, William Lord Milton Clodfields
Ryan, Cornelius " Clodfields
Hayes, William " Clodfields
Alleyn, Michl. " Clodfields
Cormack, Thomas " Clodfields
Cleary, Thomas " Clodfields
Mockler, Michl. " Clodfields
Mulloughney, Widow (Margt.?) " Clodfields
Fanning, Thomas " Clodfields
Fanning, Widow (Mary?) " Clodfields
Ryan, Lawrence " Clodfields
Shelly, William Lawrence Ryan Clodfields
Adams, William Lord Milton Clodfields
Grace, James " Clodfields
Ryan, Thomas " Clodfields
Moloughney, Danl. " Clodfields
Shelly, Cornelius " Clodfields
Mara, Thomas " Clodfields
Ryan, Roger " Clodfields
Ryan, James " Clodfields
Maher, Kerin ? " Clodfields
Moloughney, Willm. " Clodfields
Moloughney, Danl. " Clodfields
Moloughney, John " Clodfields
Moloughney, Thomas " Clodfields
Ryan, William " Clodfields
Ryan, John " Clodfields
Ryan, Philip " Clodfields
Finn, John " Clodfields
Ryan, John " Clodfields
Whyte, Benjamin Esq. Earl of Carrick Monatierna
Hanrahan, Edmond Lord Milton Garraun
Ryan, Richd. " Garraun
Moloughney, John " Garraun
Reagan (Eagan), Connor " Garraun
Penders, Thomas Connor Reegan Garraun
Alexander, Widow (Mary) " Garraun
Spooner, John Lord Milton Garraun
Carew, Martin " Garraun
Banon, William " Garraun
Shelly, Patrick " Garraun
Cormack, Thomas " Garraun
Cormack, Patrick " Garraun
Fanning, Edmond " Garraun
Hayes, Thomas " Garraun
Fanning, John " Garraun
Fanning, Widow (Margaret?) " Garraun
Hackett, Edmd. " Garraun
Fanning, Joseph " Garraun
Fanning, Widow (Mary?) " Garraun
Hanrahan, Thomas " Garraun
Hanrahan, Patrick " Garraun
Boyle, Edmond " Garraun
McBride, Daniel " Garraun
Hanrahan, James " Garraun
Maher, Daniel Danl. Heffernan Garraun
McDonald, William John O'Reilly Esq. Kielnaknick
Maher, John " Kielnaknick
Butler, Patrick " Kielnaknick
Bourke, Widow (Ellen?) Valentine Maher Coolcroo
Bourke, John " Coolcroo
Delany, Thomas " Coolcroo
Delany, Edmond " Coolcroo
Bourke, Alick? " Coolcroo
Dwyer, Malick " Coolcroo
Maher, Thomas " Coolcroo
Kenna, James " Coolcroo
Stapleton, George " Coolcroo
Kenna, Edmond " Coolcroo
Loyde, Richd. " Coolcroo
Ryan, Edmond " Coolcroo
Kirby, Michl. " Coolcroo
Russell, John " Coolcroo
McDonald, Martin " Coolcroo
Hayes, Edmond   Ballyerk
Hayes, Daniel   Ballyerk
Ryan, Patrick   Ballyerk
Murray, Jeremiah Daniel Hays Ballyerk
Hayes, Philip Valentine Maher Esq. Ballyerk
Hayer, Timothy Val Maher Esq. Ballyerk
Hayes, Patrick " Ballyerk
Hayes, Martin " Ballyerk
Shanahan, Thomas " Ballyerk
Ryan, James " Coollakean (Clooncleagh)
Henesy, David " Coollakean (Clooncleagh)
Tierney, John " Coollakean (Clooncleagh)
Ryan, James " Coollakean (Clooncleagh)
Henesy, David " Coollakean (Clooncleagh)
Maher, Martin " Ballynamona
Hayes, Daniel " Ballynamona
Hogan, Michl. " Ballynamona
Hogan, Philip " Ballynamona
Hogan, Andrew " Ballynamona
Gorman, William Andrew Hogan Ballynamona
Gorman, Edmond " Ballynamona
Russell, John " Ballynamona
Hayes, Edmond Val Maher Esq. Ballynamona
Hayes, Philip " Ballynamona
Ryan, Jeremiah John Russell Esq. Ballydavid
Bray, Patrick " Ballydavid
Maher, Michl. " Ballydavid
Ryan, Patrick " Ballydavid
Ryan, Patrick " Ballydavid
Britt, William " Ballydavid
Cummins, John " Ballydavid
Campbell (Cantwell), Patrick " Ballydavid
Costelloe, Michl. " Ballydavid
Grimes, Michl. " Ballydavid
Britt, William " Ballydavid
Dwyer, John " Ballydavid
Leamy ?, John " Ballydavid
Cormack, Thomas " Ballydavid
Eagan, Thomas " Ballydavid
Toole, Thomas " Ballydavid
Fogarty, Edmond " Ballydavid
Fogarty, Edmond " Ballydavid
Fogarty, John " Ballydavid
Treacy, Michl. " Ballydavid
Kenedy, John " Ballydavid
Fogarty, Patrick " Ballydavid
Cantwell, John " Ballydavid
Dwyer, Edmond " Ballydavid
Gleeson, Michl. " Ballydavid
Connors, Michl. " Ballydavid
Campbell (Cantwell), John " Ballydavid
Lahey, John " Ballydavid
Lanigan, William " Ballydavid
Hall, John " Ballydavid
Maher, Lawrence " Ballydavid
Lanigan, John " Ballydavid
Quirk, John Vernon Russell Esq. Ballydavid
Hogan, James " Ballydavid
Maher, John & Jas. Mark? Russell Esq. Ballydavid
Russell, John Esq. " Ballydavid
Doyle, Michl. John Russell Esq. Ballydavid
Purcill, Matt & John Mark? Russell Esq. Ballydavid
Ryan, Lawrence " Ballydavid
Ryan, Mathew " Ballydavid
Kenna, James " Ballydavid
Russell, Vernon Esq. " Ballydavid
Hogan, Philip John Russell Esq. Ballydavid
Kirby, Michl. " Ballydavid
Phelan, Richd. " Ballydavid
Fogarty, John " Ballydavid
Ryan, Patrick " Ballydavid
Russell, John " Ballydavid
Russell, William " Ballydavid
Dwyer, Timothy " Ballydavid
Dwyer, Michl. " Ballydavid
Ryan, Jeremiah " Ballydavid
Rohan, William " Ballydavid
Russell, Thomas Esq. " Ballydavid
Cormack, John " Ballydavid
Oldfield, Mrs. (Eliza) " Ballydavid
Godfrey, John " Ballydavid
Carroll, Patrick " Ballydavid
Murphy, Thomas " Ballydavid
Hickey, John " Ballydavid
Farrell, James " Ballydavid
Dwyer, Widow (Mary) " Ballydavid
Bourke, Patrick " Ballydavid
Kenna, James " Ballydavid
Churchill, Betty " Ballydavid
Groves, Betty " Ballydavid
Connors, Jeremiah " Ballydavid
Carew, John " Ballydavid
Tobin, Patrick " Ballydavid
Carroll, Michl. " Ballydavid
Blake, Richd. " Ballydavid
Grant, Patrick " Ballydavid
Doyle, Patrick " Ballydavid
Scully, Roger " Ballydavid
McGregor, Thos. " Ballydavid
Dorcey (Ducey ?),John " Ballydavid
Patterson, Charles " Ballydavid
Heffernan, Kate " Ballydavid
Mara, Mary " Ballydavid
Noctin, Philip " Ballydavid
Magregor, Saml.? " Ballydavid
Dwyer, Michl. " Ballydavid
Lamphier, Anthony " Ballydavid
Boyle, Mrs. " Ballydavid
Cormick, Thomas " Ballydavid
Doyle, Michl. " Ballydavid
Patterson, Thomas " Ballydavid
Budds, John " Ballydavid
Budds, George " Ballydavid
Leamy, Mich. " Ballydavid
Maher, Thomas " Ballydavid
Magregor, Mrs. " Ballydavid
Going, George " Ballydavid
Fitzpatrick, Widow (Catherine) " Ballydavid
Rayley, John " Ballydavid
Hughes, William " Ballydavid
Lahey, Andrew " Ballydavid
Russell, (Sarah) " Littleton
Comerford, __der? " Littleton
Vinn ?, William " Littleton
Gaw__th ?, Mathew " Littleton
Manning, Michl. Michl. Hughes Littleton
Taylor, Mary John Russell Esq. Littleton
Landy, William " Littleton
Mulholland, James " Littleton
Russell, Vernon Esq. " Littleton
Going, Samuel " Littleton
Boylson, William   Littleton
Shea, William   Littleton
Lawrence, Rev. Mr.   Littleton
Grant,Michl.   Littleton
McBride, John   Littleton
Maher, James   Littleton
Boylson, Thomas Samuel Going Esq. Littleton
Ryan, Mary " Littleton
Lamphier, Anthony Esq. " Littleton
Leamy, Patrick " Littleton
McBride, Andy " Littleton
Maher, William " Littleton
Russell, William " Littleton
Massey, Doctor " Littleton
Russell, Mark Esq. Val Maher Esq. Ballybeg
Chadwick, James " Ballybeg
Delany, Tade " Ballybeg
Larkin, Thomas John Bourke Ballybeg
Bourke, John Thomas Ellard ? Ballybeg
Larkin, David   Ballybeg
Going, Thomas Esq.   Ballybeg
Ryan, Michl.   Ballybeg
McDonald, James   Ballybeg
McBride, John   Ballybeg
Kelly, Thomas   Ballybeg
Ryan, Michl.   Ballybeg
Ryan, Daniel   Ballybeg
Ryan, Patrick   Ballybeg
St. John, John   Ballybeg
Fitzpatrick, Edmd.   Ballybeg
Ryan, Widow   Ballybeg
Skoes, Richd. Michael Ryan & Partners Ballybeg
Eagan, Tade   Ballybeg
Eagan, James   Ballybeg
Purcell, James   Ballybeg
Flyng, John   Ballybeg
Ryan, John   Ballybeg
Craddick, Michl.   Ballybeg
Ryan, William   Ballybeg
Fanning, Michl. Michl. Ryan Ballybeg
Heney, Martin James McDonald Ballybeg
Ryan, John Thomas Ellard ? Ballybeg
Cormick, Patrick " Ballybeg
Leamy, William   Ballybeg
Leamy, John   Ballybeg
O'Brien, Thomas   Ballybeg
Coppinger, Thomas   Ballybeg
Fahey, Tade   Ballybeg
Neal, Joseph   Ballybeg
Nagle, George   Ballybeg
Maher, Martin   Ballybeg
Going, Samuel Esq. Usher Beer, Esq. Ballybeg
Russell, Vernon Esq. " Ballybeg
Cowin, Edmd. Valentine Maher Esq. Ballybeg
Molloy, John " Ballybeg
Lamphier, Vernon Esq. " Ballybeg
Maher, Mathew " Ballybeg
Going, George " Ballybeg
Hughs, William " Ballybeg
Martin, John " Ballybeg
Clancy, Martin John Martin Ballybeg
Campbell (Cantwell), Thomas Valentine Maher Esq. Ballybeg
Lamphier, Anthony " Ballybeg
Laurence, Richd. (Rev.) " Ballybeg
Markham, Stephen " Ballybeg
Beer, Usher Esq. " Ballybeg
Churchill, Joseph " Ballybeg
Smyth, John " Ballybeg
Steward, John " Ballybeg
Carroll, John " Ballybeg
Cahill, John " Ballybeg
Anderson, Edmond " Ballybeg
Dunphy, Patrick " Ballybeg
Eagan, Richd. " Ballybeg
Eagan, John " Ballybeg
Eagan, James " Ballybeg
Pigott, Owen " Ballybeg
Finnane (Feehan ?), John " Ballybeg
St. John, William " Ballybeg
Grant, James " Ballybeg
Grant, Thomas " Ballybeg
Maher, Valentine Esq. Valentine Maher Esq. Ballybeg
Graham, Patrick " Ballybeg
Connell, Richd. " Ballybeg
Pigott, Widow " Ballybeg
Houlihan, Edward " Ballybeg
Brien, John " Ballybeg
Carrigan, John " Ballybeg
Kenedy, John " Ballybeg
Crough, John " Ballybeg
Carroll, Widow " Ballybeg
Stapleton, Thomas Marks Russell, Esq. Derryhogan
Maher, James " Derryhogan
Heffernan, Patrick " Derryhogan
Fanning, Joseph " Derryhogan
Lalor, Philip " Derryhogan
Healy, Michl. " Derryhogan
Foley, William Esq. " Derryhogan
Russell, Marks Esq. " Derryhogan
Going, John Esq. Christopher Dunville Newhill
Maher, Richd. " Newhill
Maher, John " Newhill
Maher, Michl. " Newhill
Hayes, Thomas " Newhill
Mulcahy, Hugh Esq. " Noard
Mulcahy, Hugh Esq. " Noard
Cleary, Thomas Hugh Mulcahy Noard
Purcill, Thomas " Noard
Lowry, Thomas " Noard
Ryan, Philip " Noard
Brophy, William William Ryan Noard
Fitzgerald, Thos. " Noard
Lahey, William Mrs. Mullany Noard
Maher, Thomas " Noard
Mullany, Mrs. (Anty) " Noard
Ryan, William Christopher Dunville Noard
Lahey, Timothy " Noard
Mullany, Thomas " Noard
Moore, Mich. Hugh Mulcahy Noard
Fogarty, Patrick Christopher Dunville Noard
Dwyer, Widow (Anne) " Noard
Daly, Thomas " Noard
Ryan, Rody William Ryan Noard
Hanrahan, Widow (Mary) " Noard
Denis Dunne Christopher Dunville Noard
Divane, Kate " Noard
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Pierse Purcill Noard
Purcill, Pierse Christopher Dunville Noard
Mulany, John " Noard
Lahy, James " Noard
Treacy, Martin " Noard
Going, John Esq. John O'Reilly Esq. Burris
Maher, Martin John Going Esq. Burris
Delany, John " Burris
Maher, John " Burris
Russell, Thomas " Burris
Ryan, Thos. & Jas. & John O'Reilly Esq. Burris
Lowry, Thomas " Burris
Moore, Edmd. & Wid. Or Wm. " Burris
Hayes, Martin John Going Esq. Burris
Hayes, Thomas " Burris
Walsh, James " Burris
Hayes, John " Burris
Maher, Daniel John O'Reilly Esq. Burris
Maher, John " Burris
Maher, Widow (Eliza) " Burris
Keating, John Daniel Maher Burris
Duggan, Nicholas " Burris
Hayes, Daniel " Burris
Maher, Widow (Ellenor) " Burris
Maher, John " Burris
Maher, Martin " Burris
Hayes, Michl. " Burris
Maher, Ellenor (Widow) " Burris
Hayes, John & Thos. John O'Reilly Esq. Burris
Hayes, Edmd. Daniel Heffernan Burris
Maher, James " Burris
Boland, Thomas " Burris
McBride, Thomas " Burris
Boland, James Daniel Heffernan Burris
Boland, Joseph   Burris
Maher, Patrick   Burris
Maher, Martin John O'Reilly Esq. Burris
Cormack, John   Burris
Dillon, John Luke Larkin Burris
Maher, Judith " Burris
Molloy, Nancy   Burris
Ryan, John Ryan, Thomas Burris
Ryan, James & John John O'Reilly Esq. Burris
Maher, John " Burris
Shelly, James " Burris
Walsh, Thomas " Burris
Maher, Edmd. " Burris
Walsh, Widow " Burris
Pratt, James " Burris
Kineally, Widow (Mary) " Burris
Quishan, Widow (Mary or Marg. Denis written above 1844) Burris
Bowe ?, William " Clooncleagh
Carroll, John " Clooncleagh
Maher, William   Clooncleagh
Comerford, James John Fogarty Esq. Clooncleagh
Fogarty, John John O'Reilly Esq. Clooncleagh
Brennan, James John Fogarty Esq. Clooncleagh
Shelly, Thomas John O'Reilly Esq. Clooncleagh
Doyle, Michl. Thomas Shelly Clooncleagh
Ryan, Thomas William Hickey Clooncleagh
Hickey, William & Michael John O'Reilly Esq. Clooncleagh
Mullany, Thomas " Clooncleagh
Carroll, James " Clooncleagh
McDonald, John " Clooncleagh
Hayes, James & Michael " Clooncleagh
Dwyer, John " Clooncleagh
Molloy, John " Clooncleagh
Williams, Richard " Clooncleagh
Molloy, Michl. " Clooncleagh
Quishen, Widow (Judith) " Clover
Quishen, John & Wm. " Clover
Quishen, Philip " Clover
Hanrahan, Patrick John Quishen Clover
Bowe, Jeremiah John O'Reilly Esq. Clover
Hanrahan, Michl. " Clover
Hayes, John   Clover
Mullany, Jas. & Matt   Clover
Lahey, Jas. & John   Clover
Carroll, Patrick Christopher Dunville Clover
Lalor, James " Clover
Delahunt, Michl. " Clover
Maher, John " Clover
Maher, Martin " Clover
Carroll, Widow (Margt. & Jas. 1844) " Clover
Carroll, Danl. " Clover
Lahey, James and " Clover
Cooney, Patt " Clover
Kickham ?, Widow (Ellenor?) Lord Norbury Leaghe
Kickham ?, Thomas " Leaghe
Cormack, Miles & John " Leaghe
Lowry, William " Leaghe
Purcill, Philip " Leaghe
Purcill, James " Leaghe
Hayes, Thomas " Leaghe
Hayes, Michl. " Leaghe
Scully, Edmd. Esq " Leaghe
Scully, Edmd. Esq " Leaghe
Power, Thomas " Leaghe
Power, Edmd. " Leaghe
Power, Michl. " Leaghe
Hayes, Widow (Mary) & Michl. " Leaghe
Gleeson, Philip " Leaghe
Purcill, Patrick " Leaghe
Walsh, John " Leaghe
Lahy, Michl. " Leaghe
Rafter, Hugh " Leaghe
Cleary, Patrick " Leaghe
Stokes, Patrick " Leaghe
Stoke, Thomas " Leaghe
Stokes, Michl. " Leaghe
Mullany, Patrick " Leaghe
Large, William " Leaghe
Lanigan, Michl. " Leaghe
Hackitt or Hackett, John James Lanigan Esq. Longfordpass
Lowry, Michl. John Hackett Longfordpass
Butler, James " Longfordpass
Lyston, Michl. " Longfordpass
Hickey, John James Lanigan Esq. Longfordpass
Hickey, Tade " Longfordpass
Brien ?, Martin Tade Hickey Longfordpass
Bergan, John & Patt James Lanigan Esq. Longfordpass
Cormack, Michl " Longfordpass
Ryan, Philip " Longfordpass
Fogarty, William " Longfordpass
Bowe, John " Longfordpass
Bowe, William " Longfordpass
Purcill, John " Longfordpass
Hickey, Thomas John Butler Longfordpass
Renihan, Thomas Henry Langley Esq. Derrymore
Shanahan, Thomas Thomas Renihan Derrymore
Ryan, Edmd. " Derrymore
Ryan, John " Derrymore
McBride, Danl. " Derrymore
Shehan, Patrick Henry Langley Esq. Derrymore
Morris, John " Derrymore
Fogarty, Charles " Derrymore
Hearne, William " Derrymore
Langley, Henry Esq. " Derrymore

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