A Rate for the Relief of the Poor of Thurles Union

Templeree E.D. 1842 

Alphabetical List

Occupier Owner Place
Purcill, John Henry Loyde, Esq. Gurtadelaw ?
Ryan, Thomas " Gurtadelaw ?
Delany, Patrick " Gurtadelaw ?
Stapleton, Thomas " Gurtadelaw ?
Britt, Thomas " Gurtadelaw ?
Brennan, Patrick " Gurtadelaw ?
Stapleton, Michl. " Gurtadelaw ?
Stapleton, William " Gurtadelaw ?
Stapleton, John " Gurtadelaw ?
Stapleton, James " Gurtadelaw ?
Ryan, Michl. " Gurtadelaw ?
Brennan, Patrick " Gurtadelaw ?
Maher, John Thomas Loyde, Esq. Lahagh
Maher, Michl. " Lahagh
Maher, Martin " Lahagh
Maher, Pierse " Lahagh
Brennan, Patrick " Lahagh
Brennan, Thomas " Lahagh
Stapleton, John " Lahagh
Stapleton, Patrick " Lahagh
Bohan, Laurence " Lahagh
Ryan, Michl. " Lahagh
McDonnell, Thomas Lawrence Bohan Lahagh
Fogarty, James Pierse Maher Lahagh
Coonan, James James Peters Lahagh
Shelly, Edmond George Roe, Esq Strogue
Redmond, Joseph Thos. Stapleton Strogue
Keane, Thomas " Strogue
Quin, Richd. George Roe, Esq Strogue
Maher, William " Strogue
Maher, William " Strogue
Fanning, Michl. " Strogue
Quinn, Martin " Strogue
Ryan, John John Keane Strogue
Troy ?, Michael " Strogue
McDonald, Widow " Strogue
Quinn, Widow " Strogue
Stapleton, Patrick " Strogue
Hogan, Hannagh Michl. Quinn Strogue
Fogarty, Martin " Strogue
Ryan, Jeremiah George Roe, Esq Strogue
Stapleton, Bridget Patrick Ryan Strogue
Stapleton, Thomas George Roe, Esq Strogue
Cormack, Edmond James Peters Strogue
Peters, James George Roe, Esq Strogue
Peters, Denis " Strogue
Peters, Daniel " Strogue
Keane, John " Strogue
Peters, William " Strogue
Laffan, Patrick " Strogue
Peters, Widow " Strogue
Ryan, Patrick " Strogue
Carr ?, Widow " Strogue
Ryan, Widow " Strogue
Quin, Richard " Strogue
Connell, Widow " Strogue
Connell, Denis " Strogue
Quin, Widow " Strogue
Quinn, Michl. Widow Quinn Strogue
Quinn, Michl. George Roe, Esq Strogue
Quinn, William George Roe, Esq Strogue
Steele, Widow Tade Ryan Strogue
Quin, Danl. Connell, Denis Strogue
Ryan, Michl. George Roe, Esq Strogue
Delahunt, Tade George Roe, Esq Kylemore
Mulcahy, Denis " Kylemore
Ryan, John Mackey, Denis Kylemore
Maher, Thomas " Kylemore
Mackey, Philip " Kylemore
Mackey, John " Kylemore
Long, John Thomas Maher Kylemore
Brennan, Philip " Kylemore
Grimes, Michl. Magrath Fogarty Cobbs
Grimes, Widow " Cobbs
Gleeson, Michl. " Cobbs
Grimes, Martin Widow Grimes Cobbs
Howard, John " Cobbs
Devane, John " Cobbs
Grimes, Honora " Cobbs
Meney, Edmd. " Cobbs
Whelan,  Edmd. Magrath Fogarty, Esq Cobbs
Mackey, Thomas " Cobbs
Gorman, William " Cobbs
Carew ?, Thomas John Howard Cobbs
Delahunt, Philip " Cobbs
Mackey, John Magrath Fogarty, Esq Cobbs
Fogarty, Patrick John Howard Cobbs
Grey, John Magrath Fogarty, Esq Cobbs
Cleary, John John Howard Cobbs
Dooly, Patrick Magrath Fogarty, Esq Cobbs
Carew ?, Thomas " Cobbs
Butler, Joseph " Cobbs
Hayden, Lawrence John Howard Cobbs
Kenedy, John " Cobbs
Meehan, John Henry Loyde, Esq. Ballinlassa
Maher, Danl. " Ballinlassa
Meehan, Michl. " Ballinlassa
Maher, Edmond " Ballinlassa
Quin, Thomas " Ballinlassa
Mara ?, Thomas " Ballinlassa
Gleeson, Johana Daniel Maher Ballinlassa
Connolly, John " Ballinlassa
Cody, William " Ballinlassa
Quinn, Daniel " Ballinlassa
Bourke, John Messrs. ? Laffan Templeree
Laffan, Nicholas " Templeree
Dwyer, Malack " Templeree
Dwyer, Denis " Templeree
Cashen, Patrick " Templeree
Dwyer, Michl. " Templeree
Dwyer, John Michl. Dwyer Templeree
Bourke, John " Templeree
Maher, John " Templeree
Ryan, Michl. " Templeree
Kenedy, Mathew " Templeree
Britt, Thomas " Templeree
Bourke, William Joseph Dwyer Ballinroe
Dwyer, John Henry Loyde, Esq. Ballinroe
Brophy, Joseph " Ballinroe
Maher, Widow " Ballinroe
Mara, Patrick " Ballinroe
Quany, John " Ballinroe
Butler, John " Ballinroe
Dwyer, Thomas " Ballinroe
Brophy, Martin " Ballinroe
Brennan, Widow " Ballinroe
Brennan, Edmd. " Ballinroe
Brennan, Edmd. (Seigs.?) " Ballinroe
Fogarty, Widow " Ballinroe
Brennan, John " Ballinroe
Nolan, Thomas Edmd. Brennan Ballinroe
Maher, Michl. " Ballinroe
Grimes, Thomas Henry Loyde, Esq. Ballinroe
Fogarty, John " Ballinroe
Bolan, Widow " Ballinroe
Loyde, Thomas Henry Loyde, Esq. Castleleiny
Kennedy, William Henry Loyde, Esq. Castleleiny
Hannell ?, William " Castleleiny
Dunne, Michl. William Kenedy Castleleiny
Shortell (Shortall), William Richard Purcill Castleleiny
Purcill, Richd. Henry Loyde, Esq. Castleleiny
Hoar, John " Castleleiny
Kinealley, Patrick " Castleleiny
Cormick, James " Castleleiny
Brien, John Martin Cassey Castleleiny
Lewis, John William Kenedy Castleleiny
Dwyer, Michl. John Hoar Castleleiny
Cassey, Patrick Henry Loyde, Esq. Castleleiny
Butler, Thomas " Castleleiny
Meehan, Daniel " Castleleiny
Maunsell, Andrew " Castleleiny
Martin, Thomas " Castleleiny
Heer__ ?, William " Castleleiny
Harris, Widow " Castleleiny
Kelly, Michl. " Castleleiny
Kenedy, Mathew " Castleleiny
Loyde, Mrs. Henry Loyde, Esq. Castleleiny
Marnell, Martin Mr. Hill Gurteen
Quin ?, John " Gurteen
Lewis, Henry Martin Carroll Gurteen
Hanihill, Richd. " Gurteen
Hogan, Daniel " Gurteen
Hickey, James " Gurteen
Kenedy, John Martin Kenedy Gurteen
Maher, John Mr. Hill Gurteen
Carroll, Martin " Gurteen
Peters, Denis " Gurteen
Shea, Widow " Gurteen
Ryan, Patrick " Gurteen
Ryan, Thomas " Gurteen
Ryan, John " Gurteen
Ormonde, Jeremiah " Gurteen
Laffan, John " Gurteen
Brennan, Thomas " Gurteen
Delahunt, Thomas " Gurteen
Carew, John " Gurteen
Bourke, Widow " Gurteen
Murphy, Michl. " Gurteen
Murphy, John " Gurteen
Maher, Edmond " Gurteen
Maher, James " Gurteen
Hickey, Patrick " Gurteen
Carroll, Patrick " Gurteen
Comerford, Patrick " Gurteen
Fogarty, John " Gurteen
Brennan, Andrew " Gurteen
Brennan, Widow " Gurteen
Duggan, Widow " Gurteen
Hogan, Patrick " Gurteen
Sweeney, John " Gurteen
Hogan, Michl. " Gurteen
Sweeney, Edmond " Gurteen
Meany, Martin Edmond Brennan Gurteen
Kenedy, John " Gurteen
Quirk, Malack " Gurteen
Sweeny, Edmond Mr. Hill Gurteen
Brennan, Edmd. " Gurteen
Meany, Martin Edmd. Brennan Gurteen
Kenedy, John " Gurteen
Quirk, Malick " Gurteen
Ryan, John Edmd. Purcill Gurteen
Lynch, Patrick " Gurteen
Shanahan, Rody " Gurteen
Quirk, Rody " Gurteen
Quirk, Thomas " Gurteen
Murphy, John " Gurteen
Higgins, Widow John Kenedy Gurteen
Butler, James James Maher Gurteen
Carew, William Mr. Hill Gurteen
Cormack, Stephen Sir. H. Carden Aughall
Cormack, John " Aughall
Cunningham, Patrick " Aughall
Stapleton, Martin " Aughall
Bourke, Richd. " Aughall
Walsh, Patrick " Aughall
Fogarty, Sally " Aughall
Fogarty, Widow " Aughall
Fitzpatrick, Thomas " Aughall
Nolan, Mathew " Aughall
Carroll, James " Aughall
Nolan, Patrick " Aughall
Murphy, Lawrence John Fogarty Aughall
Cosgriff, Patrick Sir. H. Carden Aughall
Cosgriff, Michl. " Aughall
Cormack, Martin " Aughall
Maher, Stephen " Aughall
Kineally, Michl. " Aughall
Fogarty, Lant " Aughall
Fitzpatrick, Michl. " Aughall
Cormack, Catherine " Aughall
Whelan, James John Fogarty Aughall
Malone, Timothy Sir. H. Carden Aughall
Connelly, John " Aughall
Fogarty, John " Aughall
Fogarty, John " Aughall
Mackey, Michl. " Aughall
Doolan, Patrick James Cormack Aughall
Mackey, Widow Sir. H. Carden Aughall
Brennan, John   Aughall
Glacken, Thomas   Aughall
Kinealley, Andrew   Aughall
Comerford, Patrick   Aughall
Ryan, Patrick Patrick Comerford Aughall
Sheppard, Robert John Connolly Aughall
Brearton, Richd.   Aughall
Mealey, James Widow Mackey Aughall
Brearton, John John Fogarty Aughall
Pendy, Danl.   Aughall


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