A Rate for the Relief of the Poor of Thurles Union

Templetouhy Alphabetical Index


Occupiers Place
Ahearn, Wm Long Orchard
Ahern, James Templetoohy
Ahern, James Templetoohy
Bannon, John Lisdaleen
Bannon, Nanz Lisdaleen
Banon, James Tullow Wood
Bennet, George Lisdaleen
Bennet, George Lisdaleen
Bennett, George Derrevilla
Bennett, John Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Bennett,Theop Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Blake, John Barnalisheen
Bohagan, James Templetoohy
Bohagan, John Templetoohy
Bohan, John Long Orchard
Bohan, Martin Templetoohy
Bohan, Patrick Cranagh
Bohan, Wm Templetoohy
Bourk, Edm Long Orchard
Bourke, Connor Templetoohy
Bourke, Edm Long Orchard
Bourke, John Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Bourke, John Cranagh
Bourke, John Cranagh
Bourke, John Barnalisheen
Bourke, Joseph Lisdaleen
Bourke, Martin Barnalisheen
Bourke, Mary Derrevilla
Bourke, Mich Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Bourke, Mich Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Bourke, Mich Barnalisheen
Bourke, Miles Cranagh
Bourke, Nancy Barnalisheen
Bourke, Patt Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Bourke, Patt Barnalisheen
Bourke, Patt Barnalisheen
Bourke, Patt Barnalisheen
Bourke, Rich Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Bowe, James Templetoohy
Bowe, James Templetoohy
Bowen ?, Larry Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Bowes, Edm Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Boylson, Edm Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Boylson, Larry Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Boylson, Wm Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Br??, John Lisdaleen
Brereton, James Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Brereton, John Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Brereton, Patt Lisdaleen
Brien, Denis Long Orchard
Brien, John Farrenree
Brookes, John Long Orchard
Brute, Rich Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Brute, Rich Templetoohy
Butler, James Barnalisheen
Butler, John Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Butler, John Barnalisheen
Butler, Thos Lisdaleen
Cahill, Connor Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Cahill, James Templetoohy
Cahill, John Lisdaleen
Cahill, John Long Orchard
Cahill, Judy Long Orchard
Campion, Keran Templetoohy
Campion, Mich Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Campion, Mich Long Orchard
Campion, Mich Long Orchard
Campion, Mich Templetoohy
Cantwell, Mary Barnalisheen
Carew, John Long Orchard
Carew, Rich Long Orchard
Carrigan, Ellen Barnalisheen
Carroll, Cath Tullow Wood
Carroll, Honora Templetoohy
Carroll, James Long Orchard
Carroll, Marg Long Orchard
Carroll, Mich Long Orchard
Carroll, Mich Templetoohy
Carroll, Patt Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Carroll, Patt Farrenree
Carroll, Thos Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Carroll, Wm Tullow Wood
Carroll, Wm Tullow Wood
Carroll, Wm Bog in common to tennants of Tullow Wood
Carroll, Wm Bog in common to tennants of Tullow Wood
Carroll, Wm & John Tullow Wood
Casey, James Long Orchard
Casey, James Barnalisheen
Casey, John Templetoohy
Cashen, Patt Templetoohy
Castigan, Kate Templetoohy
Cahill, Martin Barnalisheen
Clear, James Barnalisheen
Clear, Judy Cranagh
Cleary, Patt Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Cleary, Patt Lisdaleen
Collier, Danl Lisdaleen
Collier, Edm Lisdaleen
Collier, Edm Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Collier, John Lisdaleen
Collier, Patt Lisdaleen
Comeford, John Long Orchard
Comeford, John Long Orchard
Connell, _ Lisdaleen
Connors, Wm Cranagh
Conway, John Long Orchard
Cormack, Patt Lisdaleen
Cormack, Tom Lisdaleen
Crawford, Wm Cranagh
Crowe, Martin Barnalisheen
Curboy, James Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Curboy, Wm Lisdaleen
Curtis, John Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Dalton, Edm Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Damody, Thos Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Darcey, Mich Derrevilla
Davey, Thos Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Davey, Thos Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Davey, Wm & Mary Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Delahant, Patt Long Orchard
Delahanty, John Templetoohy
Delahanty, Thos Cranagh
Delahunty, John Templetoohy
Delahunty, Marg Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Delaney, Jer Cranagh
Delaney, Mich Lisdaleen
Delany, Darby Barnalisheen
Delany, James Barnalisheen
Delany, Johana Barnalisheen
Delany, John Barnalisheen
Delany, Martin Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Delany, Wm Barnalisheen
Delany, Wm Barnalisheen
Dempsy, James Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Dempsy, Joseph Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Dempsy, Joseph Templetoohy
Dempsy, Mich Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Dempsy, Patt Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Dispensary Templetoohy
Doherty, Dan Barnalisheen
Doherty, Denis Long Orchard
Doherty, mary Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Dohilty, Mary Long Orchard
Doolan, John Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Doolan, John Lisdaleen
Doolan, John Lisdaleen
Doolan, Patt & Edm Templetoohy
Doolan, Thomas Long Orchard
Dooley, Edm Lisdaleen
Dooley, John Lisdaleen
Dooley, John Lisdaleen
Dowling, Edm Lisdaleen
Downey, John Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Downey, Patt Templetoohy
Doyle, Mich Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Doyle, Mich Cranagh
Doyle, Wm Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Dumas, Patt Lisdaleen
Dunn, Darby Long Orchard
Dunn, Darby Templetoohy
Dunne, John Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Dunne, Mich Templetoohy
Dwyer, Malack Templetoohy
Dwyer, Malack Templetoohy
Dwyer, Mich Barnalisheen
Dwyer, Patt Derrevilla
Egan, John Barnalisheen
Everhard, Mich Long Orchard
Everhard, Patt Long Orchard
Everhard, Rich Long Orchard
Farrell, Mary Barnalisheen
Farrell, Tom Derrevilla
Fehely, Dem Lisdaleen
Fehely, James Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Fehely, James Lisdaleen
Fehely, Mich Lisdaleen
Fehely, Patt Lisdaleen
Fehely, Tim Lisdaleen
Ferkin, Marg Long Orchard
Ferkin, Thos Long Orchard
Fitzpatrick, James Derrevilla
Fitzpatrick, Larry Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Fitzpatrick, Mich Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Fitzpatrick, Wm Barnalisheen
Flynn, Denis Long Orchard
Flynn, Mich Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Flynn, Thos Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Fogarty, Edm Cranagh
Fogarty, James Tullow Wood
Fogarty, Jane Barnalisheen
Fogarty, John Tullow Wood
Fogarty, John Long Orchard
Fogarty, Mich Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Fogarty, Mich Long Orchard
Fogarty, Mich Barnalisheen
Gantly, Patt Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Gehely, Marg Boulerea
Glacken, Mich Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Gleason, James Long Orchard
Gleason, Jeramiah Tullow Wood
Gleason, Mich Long Orchard
Gleason, Thomas Long Orchard
Gleason, Thos Long Orchard
Gleason, Thos Long Orchard
Gleeson, Patt Barnalisheen
Gleeson, Thos Barnalisheen
Gorman, Martin Templetoohy
Grady, Ellen Templetoohy
Grady, James Templetoohy
Grady, Jas & Mich Lisdaleen
Grady, John Lisdaleen
Grady, Philip Long Orchard
Grady, Philip Templetoohy
Grady, Thos Long Orchard
Grady, Thos Templetoohy
Grady, Tos Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Gray, John Templetoohy
Hanlan, Mick Lisdaleen
Harrihill, Biddy Barnalisheen
Hearn, Honora Barnalisheen
Hearn, Joseph Derrevilla
Heatherton, Edm Templetoohy
Hennesy, James Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Herke, Patt Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Hetherton, Mary Cranagh
Hewitt, Mich Lisdaleen
Hunt, Charles Templetoohy
Keating, Mich Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Keating, Redmond Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Keefe, Mich Barnalisheen
Kelly, Christopher Tullow Wood
Kelly, John Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Kenehan, James Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Kenehan, Mich Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Kennedy, Arthur Templetoohy
Kennedy, Bridget Long Orchard
Kennedy, James Cranagh
Kennedy, John Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Kennedy, John & Rich Lisdaleen
Kennedy, Rich Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Kennedy, Rich Jun. Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Kennedy, Thos Lisdaleen
Kiernan, Wm Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Laffan, Mich & Wm Long Orchard
Lahey, James Barnalisheen
Lahey, James Templetoohy
Lahey, John Long Orchard
Lahey, John Long Orchard
Lahey, Mich Long Orchard
Lahey, Mich Barnalisheen
Lahey, Mich Barnalisheen
Lahey, Patt Long Orchard
Lahey, Patt & John Long Orchard
Lahey, Thomas Long Orchard
Lahey, Wm Long Orchard
Lalor, Cath Long Orchard
Lalor, Darby Farrenree
Lalor, Darby Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Lalor, James Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Lalor, Jerry Long Orchard
Lanigan, Bridget Lisdaleen
Lanigan, Patt Lisdaleen
Lanigan, Thos Templetoohy
Larkin, Luke Long Orchard
Larkin, Luke Templetoohy
Lawlor, Mich Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Leahy, Mich Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Leahy, Patt Long Orchard
Leahy, Thos Templetoohy
Leonard, Edm Templetoohy
Lloyd, John Cranagh
Lloyd, John Cranagh
Lonergan, James Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Lonergan, John Long Orchard
Long, James Derrevilla
Long, Larry Barnalisheen
Long, Thos Lisdaleen
Lowe, Larry Long Orchard
Mackey, Edm Barnalisheen
Mackey, James Lisdaleen
Mackey, Jas Lisdaleen
Mackey, John Barnalisheen
Maher, Biddy Barnalisheen
Maher, Edm Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Maher, Edm Barnalisheen
Maher, Edm Barnalisheen
Maher, James Long Orchard
Maher, John Cranagh
Maher, John Barnalisheen
Maher, John Templetoohy
Maher, Mich Templetoohy
Maher, Patt Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Maher, Patt Lisdaleen
Maher, Patt Long Orchard
Maher, Patt Long Orchard
Maher, Patt Barnalisheen
Maher, Philip Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Maher, Philip Cranagh
Maher, Pierse Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Maher, Rich Farrenree
Maher, Thomas Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Maher, Thos Tullow Wood
Maher, Thos Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Maher, Thos Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Maher, Thos Lisdaleen
Maher, Thos Farrenree
Maher, Thos Boulerea
Maher, Wm Cranagh
Mansfield, Wm Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Mansfield, Wm Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Mansfield, Wm Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Meade, Judy Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Meade, Thomas Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Meara, Cath Templetoohy
Meara, Edm Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Meara, John Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Meara, John Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Meara, John Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Meara, Martin Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Meara, Mich Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Meara, Rich Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Miller, Edm Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Moghlan, Martin Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Moylan, Anne Templetoohy
Moylan, Roger Templetoohy
Mungs, Thompson Rev Long Orchard
Murphy, Dandy Templetoohy
Murphy, Dandy Templetoohy
Murphy, Danl Lisdaleen
Murphy, Danl Barnalisheen
Murphy, Judy Templetoohy
Murphy, Marty or Morty Lisdaleen
Murphy, Marty or Morty Lisdaleen
Murphy, Mich Lisdaleen
Murphy, Morty Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Murphy, Patt Templetoohy
Murphy, Prudence Barnalisheen
Nolan, Cath Boulerea
Owens, Martin Lisdaleen
Phelan, John Long Orchard
Phelan, Mich Long Orchard
Phelan, Roger Lisdaleen
Police Barrack Templetoohy
Portens, Mary Templetoohy
Portens, Robt Templetoohy
Purcill, James Barnalisheen
Quancy, James Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Quaney, Martin Templetoohy
Quaney, -wd Templetoohy
Quinn, James Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Quinn, Patt Lisdaleen
Quirk, Thos Lisdaleen
Riely, Matt Lisdaleen
Russell, Edm Barnalisheen
Russell, James Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Russell, James Long Orchard
Russell, James Long Orchard
Russell, James Farrenree
Russell, James Boulerea
Russell, James, Pierse & Edm Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Russell, Marg Barnalisheen
Russell, Mary Boulerea
Russell, Mich Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Russell, Patt Long Orchard
Russell, Patt Templetoohy
Russell, Wm Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Ryan, Danl. Templetoohy
Ryan, Darby Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Ryan, Denis Tullow Wood
Ryan, Edm Long Orchard
Ryan, Francis Lisdaleen
Ryan, James Tullow Wood
Ryan, John Tullow Wood
Ryan, John Tullow Wood
Ryan, John Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Ryan, Lucy Barnalisheen
Ryan, Lucy Barnalisheen
Ryan, Patt Lisdaleen
Ryan, Patt Long Orchard
Ryan, Patt Templetoohy
Ryan, Thomas Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Ryan, Thos Lisdaleen
Ryan, Wm Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Ryme, Edm Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Scott, Edm Long Orchard
Scott, Mary Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Shanahan, Mary Templetoohy
Shelly, James Long Orchard
Shelly, Mich Long Orchard
Shelly, Mich Long Orchard
Shelly, Mich Templetoohy
Shelly, Mich Templetoohy
Shiels, Rich Long Orchard
Shiels, Rich (Rt. Hon) Long Orchard
Shiels, Rich (Rt. Hon) Long Orchard
Skehan, James Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Skehan, Martin Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Skehan, Patt Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Skehan, Rick Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Smyth, James Templetoohy
Spearman, James Templetoohy
Spearmann, James Long Orchard
Spearmann, James Long Orchard
Stokes, Patt Templetoohy
Stokes, Rich Long Orchard
Thnan, Thos Barnalisheen
Tierney, Doris Lisdaleen
Tierney, Edm Barnalisheen
Tierney, John Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Touse, Thos Templetoohy
Treacy, Connor Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Treacy, Denis Lisdaleen
Treacy, Thos Tullow Wood
Troy, Mich Templetoohy
Wall, Mich Lisdaleen
Walsh, Garret Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Walsh, Garret Cranagh
Whelan, Eliza Long Orchard
Whelan, Jerry Long Orchard
Whelan, John Tullow McJames (Tullowmacjames)
Whelan, Mich Long Orchard
Whelan, Mich Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Whyte, Bridget Farrenree
Whyte, Ellen Ballyknocken (Ballyknockane)
Wryght,_ Templetoohy
Young, Nantz Boulerea

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