A Rate for the Relief of the Poor of Thurles Union

Templemore Electoral Division 30 Jun 1846 - Part 1
Alphabetical List

x = Immediate Lessor |  Part 2

Name   Place
Stapleton, James   Balemelne ?
Stapleton, James   Balemelne ?
Richardson, William   Rossnamanniff
Meany, John x Rossnamanniff
Carroll, Roger   Rossnamanniff
Mason, James   Knockanroe
Meara, John x Knockanroe
Bryan, Thos. x Knockanroe
Smyth, John   Knockanroe
Maher, John x Knockanroe
McClean, John   Knockanroe
Westgate, Cap.   Knockanroe
Talbot, Denis x Knockanroe
Kennedy, Danl.   Knockanroe
Maher, William   Knockanroe
Kennedy, John   Knockanroe
Kennedy, Martin   Knockanroe
Whelan, Martin x Knockanroe
Egan, Daniel   Knockanroe
Kennedy, Philip x Knockanroe
Fitzpatrick, Patt   Knockanroe
Lahey, John x Knockanroe
Delaney, James   Knockanroe
Meara, Patt   Knockanroe
Egan, Margt.   Knockanroe
Hardgraft, Wm. x Knockanroe
Delahunty, Thos. & Kirwan, James   Knockanroe
Martin, James   Knockanroe
Egan, John & Guider ?, John x Knockanroe
Fogarty, John   Knockanroe
Tierney, Michl. x Knockanroe
Lahey, Thos. x Knockanroe
Fogarty, Michl. x Knockanroe
Meara, Michl. & Maher, John   Knockanroe
Ryan, Patt   Knockanroe
Quinlan, Wm.   Knockanroe
Kennedy, John x Knockanroe
Kennedy, John & Martin x Knockanroe
Trassy (Tracy), John x Kilclareen
Delahunty, John x Kilclareen
Dooley, Cath. x Kilclareen
Nowlan,  James x Kilclareen
Byrne, Michl. x Kilclareen
Trassy (Tracy), Michl.   Kilclareen
Dempsey, Michl.   Kilclareen
Meara, Michl,   Kilclareen
Delahunty, Tade   Kilclareen
Trassy (Tracy), John x Kilclareen
Egan, Patk.   Kilclareen
Bannon, Mary x Kilclareen
Hackett, James x Kilclareen
Hackett, Pierse   Kilclareen
Ryan, John   Kilclareen
Maher, Larry x Kilclareen
Maher, Thos.   Kilclareen
Trassy (Tracy), Patk. x Kilclareen
Bourke, Cath.   Kilclareen
Hackett,  Patt   Kilclareen
Hackett, James   Kilclareen
Brennan, Wm. & Darby   Kilclareen
Kennedy, Patt   Kilclareen
Quinlan, Wm.   Kilclareen
Fogarty, Patt   Kilclareen
Delahunty, Tade x Killough
Brereton, Edmd. x Killough
Hayes, Michl   Killough
Lloyde, John Esq.   Killough
Hackett, James   Killough
Bannon, Mary   Coolacame (?)
Bannon, Patt x Coolacame (?)
Fogarty, Patt x Coolacame (?)
Kennedy, Michl. x Coolacame (?)
Treacy, Danl.   Coolacame (?)
Maher, John   Coolacame (?)
Bohan, Michl.   Coolacame (?)
Lynch, Michl.   Coolacame (?)
Meara, Thos.   College Hill
Meara, Thos.   College Hill
Meara, Thos.   College Hill
Meara, Thos.   College Hill
Ahearn,  John x College Hill
Ryan, Mary x College Hill
Treacy, John x College Hill
Byrne, Wm.   College Hill
Casey, Michl. x College Hill
Bohan, Margt. x College Hill
Schoolhouse   College Hill
Connell, Richd.   College Hill
Kennedy, Joseph x College Hill
Treacy,  Thos.   College Hill
Jackson, George x College Hill
Carew, Joseph x College Hill
Hogan, John x College Hill
Kennedy, James x College Hill
O'Connell, Richd.   College Hill
Maher, Patt x College Hill
Kennedy, Joseph x College Hill
Mackey, James   College Hill
Bannon, Richd   College Hill
Bohan, Danl. x College Hill
Kennedy, John   College Hill
Kennedy, John   College Hill
Kennedy, John x College Hill
Dempsy, Margt.   College Hill
Maher, Patt   College Hill
Purcill, Michl.   College Hill
Shelly, Michl. x College Hill
Cahill, Patt x College Hill
Moore, Michl.   College Hill
Cahill, John x College Hill
Ryan, Thos.   College Hill
National School   College Hill
Stapleton, James x College Hill
Gannon, Thos. x College Hill
Devane, Wm. x College Hill
Ryan, James x College Hill
Ryan, Roger   College Hill
Kennedy, Thos.   College Hill
Harden,  Thos. Esq.   Ballybegane
Harden, Thos. Esq.   Ballybegane
Maher, Philip   Poloughs
Maher, James   Poloughs
Egan, Patt   Poloughs
Gray, Edmd.   Poloughs
Maher, John   Poloughs
Maher, Philip   Poloughs
Ryan, John x Poloughs
Ryan, John x Poloughs
Fogarty, Martin x Poloughs
Mackey, John x Poloughs
Mackey, Philip x Poloughs
Bourke, Nich. x Poloughs
Connell, Michl. x Poloughs
Connell, Michl.   Poloughs
Maher, Michl. x Poloughs
Quinn, Richd.   Poloughs
Marnel, Andrew   Poloughs
Maher, Martin   Poloughs
Connell, Richd.   Poloughs
Ryan, Danl. x Poloughs
Ryan, Patt x Poloughs
Ryan, Patrick x Poloughs
Blake, Wm.   Poloughs
Howard, John   Poloughs
Maher, Thomas   Poloughs
Maher, Pierse   Poloughs
Maher, John x Poloughs
Maher, Denis   Poloughs
Maher, Denis x Poloughs
Mackey, Michl. x Poloughs
Healy, Michl.   Poloughs
Healy, James x Poloughs
Healy, Michl.   Borrisbeg
Healy, James   Borrisbeg
Healy, Judy   Borrisbeg
Healy, Judy x Borrisbeg
Healy, Wm.   Borrisbeg
Healy, Wm. x Borrisbeg
Maher, Wm. x Borrisbeg
Dougherty, James   Borrisbeg
Maher, Denis x Borrisbeg
Fogarty, James x Borrisbeg
Maher, Wm.   Borrisbeg
Ryan, John x Borrisbeg
Maher, Wm.   Borrisbeg
Maher, John   Borrisbeg
Maher, Denis   Borrisbeg
Maher, Wm. x Borrisbeg
Ryan, John x Borrisbeg
Bourke, Richd   Borrisbeg
Quill, John   Borrisbeg
Quill, Thos.   Borrisbeg
Reardon, Michl.   Borrisbeg
Reardon, Thos.   Borrisbeg
Reardon, John   Borrisbeg
Hennesy, Thos. x Borrisbeg
Devane, John x Borrisbeg
Quill, James   Borrisbeg
Reardon, Matt   Borrisbeg
Ryan, Wm.   Borrisbeg
Kearns, Danl.   Borrisbeg
Carew, James   Borrisbeg
Maher, Patt x Borrisbeg
Sweeny, Charles   Borrisbeg
Fant, M. (Rev.)   Borrisbeg
Howson, Eliza   Borrisbeg
Dudley, Wm.   Borrisbeg
Gorman, Wm. x Borrisbeg
Gorman, John   Borrisbeg
Sweeny, Danl.   Borrisbeg
Holmes, A. (Rev.)   Borrisbeg
Mason, James Esq.   Eastwood
Headen, Patt   Fannanaderry
Headen, Thos.   Fannanaderry
Healy, Thos.   Fannanaderry
Lanigan, John   Fannanaderry
Toohey, Michl. x Fannanaderry
Dempsey, Charles   Corough
Donohoe, Philip   Corough
Gleeson, Thos. x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Quinlan, Denis x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Bohan, Patt x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
O'Meara, John   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
O'Connell, Richd.   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Fant, John   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Fant, R. (Rev.)   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Camby, Thos. Esq.   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Hindy, Carrol x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Mackey, Eliza   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Costigan, Wm. x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Collin, Patt x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Maher, Michl.   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
O'Meara, John   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Rudd, Minchin   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Rudd, Minchin   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Rudd, Minchin x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Connell, Richd.   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Carroll, James x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Connell, Patt x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Fogarty, James x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Cary, Thos. x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Wall, Jer. x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Ryan, Patt   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Laffan, Thos.   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Laffan, Thos.   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
O'Meara, John   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Connell, Richd.   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Fant, John   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Peacock, James   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Roger, Richd.   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Comerford, Patt   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Ryan, Patt   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Ryan, Patt   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Usher, John   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
O'Meara, John   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Peters, John x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Mackey, Betty   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Egan, Stephen   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Bowland, Richd.   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Laffan, Martin   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Stanley, Robt.   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Evans, George x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Lynch, Margt. x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Gorman, Wm.   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Laffan, Martin   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Brassell, Roger x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Brassell, Roger x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Stanley, Robt.   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Brassell, Roger x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Boland, Richd.   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Ryan, Thos.   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Kelly, Roger   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Bryan, John   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Hendy, Carrol x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Ryan, John   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
National School   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Kennedy, James x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Lee, Wm. x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Fitt, John   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Guest, James   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Kingsley, Edwd.   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Dudley, Large x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Carr, Brien x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Carew, Denis x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Healy, John   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Turner, John x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Fant, R. (Rev.) x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Healy, John   Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Ryan, Danl. x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Carding, W. (Sir) x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Mackey, Eliza x Kiltylawn (Kiltillane ?)
Jackson, George   Goslin Green
Boland, Richd.   Goslin Green
Maher, Patt   Goslin Green
Bradley, Thos.   Goslin Green
Fitt, John   Goslin Green
Rudd, Minchin   Goslin Green
Lahy, James   Goslin Green
Jackson, George x Goslin Green
Shelly, Michl. x Goslin Green
McDonald, John x Goslin Green
Guest, James   Greenwood
Guest, John   Greenwood
Rudd, Wm. - Min.   Greenwood
Lanigan, James   Greenwood
Connell, Richd.   Greenwood
Laffan, Thos.   Greenwood
Rogers, Richd.   Greenwood
Ryan, James   Greenwood
Hewson, Eliza   Greenwood
Jackson, George   Greenwood
Clarke, Frank x Greenwood
Bohan, Danl. x Greenwood
Ryan, James x Greenwood
Guest, John x Greenwood
Walsh, Judy x Greenwood
Dudley,  Large x Greenwood
Guest, John   Manna South
Ryan, Patt   Manna South
Lanigan, James x Manna South
Mullane, Jer. x Manna South
Walsh, Judy x Manna South
Clancy, Patt   Manna South
Gottinber, Wm.   Manna South
Mullane, Jer. x Manna South
Loobey, Wm. x Manna South
Forsaight, Doctor   Manna South
Ledwill, Robert   Manna South
Ryan, James   Manna South
Ryan, James & Jackson, John   Manna South
Forsaight, Doctor   Manna South
Hewson, W.   Manna South
Forsaight, Doctor   Manna South
Phelan, Michl.   Manna South
Connolly, John   Manna South
Carden, Paul Capt.   Manna South
Breen, Connor   Manna South
Jackson, John   Manna South
Treacy, James x Manna South
Fant, M. (Rev.)   Manna South
Mullane, Jeremiah   Manna South
Military Barrack   Manna South
Camby, Thos. L. Esq.   Manna South
O'Loughlin, Wm.   Manna South
Forsaight, Doctor   Manna South
Lanigan, John Esq.   Manna South
Ledwil, Robt. Esq.   Manna South
Smythe, John Esq.   Manna South
Harper, Capt.   Manna South
O'Mulllane, Jer   Manna South
Leahy, Doctor   Manna South
Carden, H. (Sir)   Manna South
Keeshan, Tim x Church St.
Leahy, James x Church St.
Maher, Larry   Church St.
Bourke, Michl. x Church St.
Brien, John   Church St.
Healy, Connor x Church St.
Keough, Jane x Church St.
Whyte, Anne x Church St.
Barrett, Thos. x Church St.
Nealle, Charles x Church St.
Brophy, Michl. x Church St.
Stapleton, John x Church St.
Ryan, Patt x Church St.
Morris, Edmd. x Church St.
Dealy, Tim x Church St.
Devane, Philip x Church St.
Shearn, John x Church St.
Purcill, Wm. x Church St.
Purcill, Mary x Church St.
Usher, John x Church St.
Kennedy, Sarah x Church St.
Kelly,Ellen x Church St.
Maher, Edmd. x Church St.
Kennedy, John x Church St.
Carew, Roger x Church St.
Devane, Jer x Church St.
Gavin, Mary x Church St.
Mertwill, John x Church St.
Sweeny, Matt x Church St.
Meara, John x Church St.
Sweeny, John x Church St.
Headen, John x Church St.
Cahill, Anne x Church St.
Cain, Tade x Church St.
Kenny, Anny   Church St.
Kenny, Anne   Church St.
O'Connell, Richd. x Church St.
Delahunty, Richd. x Church St.
Chadwick, Wm. x Church St.
Peters, John x Church St.
Ryan, Eliza x Church St.
Carroll, John x Church St.
Pratt, Jer x Church St.
Hite, Joseph x Church St.
Hite, Joseph x Church St.
Hardniss, Wm. x Church St.
Woodlock, Thos. x Church St.
Treacy, Michl x Church St.
Brown, Jane x Church St.
Sweeny, John x Church St.
Casey, Wm. x Church St.
Hickey, Eliza x Church St.
Maxan, Michl. x Church St.
Gorman, Danl. x Church St.
Bourke, Wm. x Church St.
Kennedy, Mary x Church St.
Carter, John x Church St.
Brerton, Robt. x Church St.
Hennessy, Thos.   Church St.
Henesy, Thos. x Church St.
Maher, John x Church St.
Maher, Sarah x Church St.
Maher, Rody x Church St.
Nesbitt, Philip x Church St.
Heally, John x Church St.
Ryan, Thos. x Church St.
Shanahan, Michl. x Church St.
Duggan, Patt x Church St.
Kennedy, James x Church St.
Ryan, John x Church St.
Brennan, Michl. x Church St.
Sweeny, Matt   Church St.
Devane, John x Church St.
Headen, Laurence x Church St.
Meade, Barnaby x Church St.
Meade, Barnaby x Church St.
Healy, James x Church St.
Falahan, John x Church St.
Grey, Thos. x Church St.
Ryan, Stephen   Church St.
Morris, Matt x Mary St.
Gleeson, John x Mary St.
Renihan, James x Mary St.
Healy, John   Mary St.
Maher, Philip   Mary St.
Peacock, Thos. x Mary St.
Carew, Thos. x Mary St.
Kenna, Thos. x Mary St.
Oakley, Wm. x Mary St.
Ryan, Danl. x Mary St.
Grady, Patt x Mary St.
Britt, Mary x Mary St.
Pierse, Brien x Mary St.
Maher, Patt x Mary St.
Phelan, Richd. x Mary St.
Kennedy, Michl. x Mary St.
Smythe, Robert x Mary St.
Connell, Patt x Mary St.
Connell, James x Mary St.
Kenna, Mary x Mary St.
Sullivan, Michl. x Mary St.
Kennedy, Widow x Mary St.
Fogarty, James x Mary St.
Walsh, Michl. x Mary St.
Moore, Mary x Mary St.
Morris, Mary x Mary St.
Ledwith, John x Mary St.
Delahunty, Patt x Mary St.
Hospital   Mary St.
Delahunty, Wm. x Mary St.
Dwan, James x Mary St.
Lanigan, John x Mary St.
Woods, John x Mary St.
Murphy, John x Mary St.
Brophy, Daniel x Mary St.
Fitzpatrick, Wm. x Mary St.
Costigan, Wm. x Mary St.
Bollton, John x Mary St.
Fogarty, Edmd. x Mary St.
Brien, Patt x Mary St.
Byrne, Wm. x Mary St.
Kirwan, Edmd. x New Row
Shanahan, John x New Row
Whyte, Judy x New Row
Ryan, John x New Row
Whyte, James x New Row
Kinneally, Wm. x New Row
Commons, Wm. x New Row
Grady, Patt x New Row
Dowd, James x New Row
Bray, Danl. x New Row
Ryan, Patt x New Row
Hickey, Michl. x New Row
Bottom, John x New Row
Hogan, Michl. x New Row
Kirwan, Cath. x New Row
Carew, Denis x New Row
Scully, Michl. x New Row
National School   New Row
Sides, John x New Row
Trassey (Tracey), Michl. x New Row
Meara, James x New Row
Carew, John x New Row
Maxwell, Patt x New Row
Carew, John x New Row
Donovan, James   John St.
Lynch, James x John St.
Hooley, Patt x John St.
Delahunty, Patt x John St.
Glyndon (Glinn), Martin x John St.
Spillane, Edmd. x John St.
Lalor, James x John St.
Hardy, Thos. x John St.
Donovan, Michl.   John St.
Huggard, John   John St.
Hardy, Thos. x John St.
May, Mark   John St.
Maher, Margt. x John St.
Ryan, James x John St.
Nowlan, Patt   John St.
Nowlan, Patt x John St.
Butler, Margt. x John St.
Donovan, Edmd. x John St.
Delahunty, Rody x John St.
Doolan, Betty x John St.
Meara, Katty? (Cath.) x John St.
Bourke, Michl. x John St.
Maher, Edmd. x John St.
Carroll, Martin x John St.
Laffan, Martin x John St.
Fogarty, Lanty -Gaoler ?   John St.
Lahey, James x John St.
Hickey, Patt x John St.
Maher, Wm. x John St.
Kelly, Ellen x John St.
Carroll, Michl. x John St.
Dunne, Michl. x John St.
Gunning, Edmd. x John St.
Flood, Thos. x John St.
Kieffe, Thos. x John St.
Shelly, Patt x John St.
Darmody, John x John St.
Gorman, Patt x John St.
Dwyer, Anthony   John St.
Mackey, Dennis   John St.
Shelly, Patt x John St.
Shelly, Michl. x John St.
Mackey, Patt x John St.
Scott, Ally x John St.
Bohan, Patt x John St.
Flood, John x John St.
Lynch, Thos. x John St.
Watson, John x John St.
Trassy (Tracy), John x John St.
Botter, Michl. x John St.
Carroll, Roger x John St.
Carroll, Patt x John St.
Fogarty, Thos. x John St.
Long, Ellen x John St.
Dwyer, Thos.   John St.
Searson, Anne x John St.
Nealle, Mary x John St.
Treacy, Denis x John St.
Barrett, Thos. x John St.
Hylard, Thos. x John St.
Kelly, Philip x John St.
Kelly, Philip x John St.
Gilfoyle, Patt x John St.
Guilfoyle, Patt x John St.
Guilfoyle, Patt x John St.
Cavanagh, Michl. x John St.
Mooney, Mary x John St.
Fitzpatrick, Darby x John St.
Stapleton, Patt x John St.
Brown, John x John St.
Moloney, Tim x John's Court (Houses only)
Carroll, Denis x John's Court (Houses only)
Cosker (Cusker), x John's Court (Houses only)
Brassill, Mary x John's Court (Houses only)
Rochford, John x John's Court (Houses only)
Short, Michl. x John's Court (Houses only)
Guest, John (9x) x John's Court (Houses only)

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