A Rate for the Relief of the Poor of Thurles Union

Templebeg 23 June 1849

Alphabetical Index

Occupier Place Immed. Lessor
Cahill, Connor Asthanboe  
Ryan, Michael Asthanboe  
Ryan, Thomas Asthanboe  
Stapleton, John Asthanboe  
Bourke, Daniel Ballyboy  
Bourke, James (Jas) Ballyboy  
Bourke, James (Jno) Ballyboy  
Bourke, Patt (Richd) Ballyboy  
Bourke, Thos. & Burke, William Ballyboy  
Bourke, Walter Ballyboy  
Cahill, Jeremiah Ballyboy  
Cahill, John Ballyboy  
Larkin, Andy Ballyboy  
McNamara, John Ballyboy  
Phelan, Patrick Ballyboy x
Phelan, Patrick Ballyboy x
Phelan, Patrick Ballyboy x
Phelan, Patrick Ballyboy x
Phelan, Patt Ballyboy x
Phelan, Patt Ballyboy x
Phelan, Patt Ballyboy x
Phelan, Patt Ballyboy x
Ryan, Anthony Ballyboy  
Ryan, Anthony Ballyboy  
Ryan, James Ballyboy  
Ryan, Mary Ballyboy  
Ryan, Patrick Ballyboy  
Ryan, Rody Ballyboy  
Ryan, Thomas Ballyboy  
Ryan, Thomas Ballyboy  
Ryan, Thomas Ballyboy  
Shanihan, Dennis Ballyboy  
Shanihan, Dennis Ballyboy  
Shanihan, Philip Ballyboy x
Crough, Denis Banquet Hall  
Ryan, Patt Banquet Hall  
Britt, Philip Birchill  
Costello, Frank & Doyle, Michael Birchill  
Costello, John Birchill  
Doyle, John Birchill  
Doyle, John & Doyle, David Birchill  
Doyle, Thomas Birchill  
Purcill, James Cappaclogh  
Purcill, Richard Cappaclogh  
Shaw, Elias Cappaclogh x
Bourke, Edmd Cappaghinaleigh x
Bourke, Edmond Cappaghinaleigh  
Bourke, John Cappaghinaleigh  
Burke, Edmd. Cappaghinaleigh x
Griffin, Patt Cappaghinaleigh x
Ryan, Lant Cappaghinaleigh  
Maher, Patrick Cappaghnaleigh  
Maher, Patrick Cappaghnaleigh  
Maher, Patrick Cappaghnaleigh  
Shanihan, Edmond Cappaghnaleigh  
Corbitt, Edmond Cappaghnavale  
Corbitt, Patrick Cappaghnavale  
Cormick, Mark Cappaghnavale  
Darcy, Jeremiah Cappaghnavale  
Doyle, Patt Cappaghnavale  
Kennedy, Michael Cappaghnavale  
Kennedy, Patt Cappaghnavale  
Quirk, John Cappaghnavale  
Shanihan, Martin Cappaghnavale  
Dwyer, Tim & Short, Jas Carhoe x
Quinlan, Bridget Carhoe  
Quinlan, Edmond Carhoe  
Quinlan, John Carhoe  
Quinlan, Mary Carhoe  
Ryan, John Carhoe x
Ryan, Patt Carhoe  
Shanihan, James Carhoe  
Short, James Carhoe  
Griffin, Patt Coogy  
Ryan, Patrick Coogy  
Smith, Ellen Coogy x
Stapleton, John Coogy  
Connelly, James Corroughdhurie  
Corbitt, Michael Corroughdhurie  
Corbitt, Patt Corroughdhurie  
Cormick, Edmund; Ryan, Edmund & Welphy, Daniel Corroughdhurie  
Cormick, James Corroughdhurie  
Cormick, James Corroughdhurie  
Dwyer, Edmund Corroughdhurie  
Dwyer, Thomas Corroughdhurie  
Dwyer, Thos. & Hayes, Michl. Corroughdhurie  
Hanihan, Martin & Dwyer, Edmund Corroughdhurie  
Hayes, Michael Corroughdhurie x
Kennedy, Brien Corroughdhurie  
Phelan, John Corroughdhurie  
Welphy, Daniel Corroughdhurie  
Welphy, Daniel Corroughdhurie x
Welphy, Daniel Corroughdhurie  
Ryan, Bridget Coumbeg  
Ryan, Margaret Coumbeg  
Ryan, Patrick Coumbeg  
Ryan, Patt Coumbeg  
Ryan, Winneford Coumbeg  
Ryan, John & Ryan, Biddy Cummageha  
Ryan, Lawrence Cummageha  
Quinlan, John Cummer  
Quinlan, Patt Cummer  
Spillane, Mary Cummer  
Carew, Dennis & Carew, Jerry (Patt) Cummer Armstrong  
Carew, Jeremiah (Darby) Cummer Armstrong  
Carew, John Cummer Armstrong  
Quinlan, Patrick Cummer Armstrong  
Bourke, John Drummore  
Carey, James Drummore  
Croagh / Croak, Philip Drummore  
Grant, Patrick Drummore  
Grant, William Drummore  
Harrington John Drummore  
Landers, Anne Drummore  
Ryan, John Drummore  
Ryan, John Drummore x
Ryan, Patrick Drummore  
Walsh, Michl. Drummore  
Welphy, Daniel Drummore  
Fitzpatrick, Peter Finahagh  
Hanley, Joseph Finahagh x
Hanley, Joseph Finahagh x
Hanley, Joseph Finahagh x
Hanley, Joseph Finahagh  
Hayes, John Finahagh  
Searson, Thomas Finahagh  
Stapleton, Thomas Finahagh  
Dunne ?, Brien Finahy  
Hanley, Joseph Esq. Finahy  
Ryan, Brian (Tim) Finahy  
Ryan, Daniel Finahy  
Ryan, James Finahy  
Ryan, John Finahy  
Ryan, John Finahy  
Ryan, Michael (Jas.) Finahy  
Searson, Thomas Finahy  
Stapleton, James Finahy  
Hanley, Thomas Foilnacannina  
Kennedy, Michael Foilnacannina  
Ryan, Connor Foilnacannina  
Ryan, Mary Foilnacannina  
Ryan, Wm. Foilnacannina x
Byan, Patrick Foilnamon  
Cahill, Michael Foilnamon  
Griffin, Michael Foilnamon  
Griffin, Michael Foilnamon  
Martin, Tim Foilnamon  
Murphy, Patt Foilnamon  
Ryan, John Foilnamon  
Ryan, John Foilnamon  
Anderson, Patt Garranakilka  
Bourke, Edmond Garranakilka  
Bourke, John Garranakilka  
Dwyer, John Garranakilka  
Dwyer, Judy Garranakilka  
Hares, John Esq Garranakilka  
Kennedy, Batt Garranakilka  
Kennedy, Mary Garranakilka  
Kennedy, Patt Garranakilka  
Madding, James, Quirk, James & Ryan, William Garranakilka  
Ryan, Denis Garranakilka  
Ryan, John Garranakilka  
Ryan, Michl. Garranakilka  
Ryan, Thomas Garranakilka  
Ryan, Timothy Garranakilka  
Ryan, William Garranakilka  
Ryan, Catherine Glanbeg  
Ryan, Con. & Ryan, Michael Glanbeg  
Ryan, Jerry Glanbeg x
Ryan, John (Edmd) Glanbeg  
Ryan, John Esq Glanbeg  
Ryan, John Esq Glanbeg  
Ryan, Michl. Glanbeg  
Bourke, James Glanfinshina  
Bourke, John Glanfinshina  
Kennedy, Patt Glanfinshina  
Kenedy, Patt & Kennedy, Bridget (scratched out Rody added) Glaninchinaveigh  
Ryan, Ellen & Ryan, Patt Glaninchinaveigh x
Ryan, Jeremiah Glaninchinaveigh  
Doherty, Patt Gortkelly  
Dugan, Patt Gortkelly  
Grady, Philip Gortkelly  
Murray, Philip Gortkelly  
Purcell, No**y Gortkelly  
Purcill, Richd Gortkelly  
Ryan, John Gortkelly  
Ryan, John Esq Gortkelly  
Ryan, Timothy Gortkelly  
Stapleton, Michael Gortkelly  
Stapleton, Philip Gortkelly  
Kennedy, Mary Gortnahalla  
Quinnane, John Gortnahalla  
Ryan, Thomas Gortnahalla  
Ryan, Thomas Gortnahalla  
Bourke, Daniel Gortnaskeha  
Bourke, James Gortnaskeha  
Bourke, Thomas Gortnaskeha  
Cahill, John & Cahill, Joe Gortnaskeha  
Cahill, John & Purcill, Martin Gortnaskeha  
Gleeson, William Gortnaskeha  
Purcill, Martin Gortnaskeha  
Harrington John Gracefield  
Cormick, John Graunnerha  
Harty, James Graunnerha  
Harty, Michael Graunnerha  
Ryan, Rodger Graunnerha  
Carew, Denis (Pat) Grouse Hall  
Carew, Jeremiah Grouse Hall  
Carew, Jeremiah (Darby) Grouse Hall  
Carew, John (Darby) Grouse Hall  
Crowe (Crough), Patrick Grouse Hall  
Kenedy, James Grouse Hall  
Kenedy, Jas Grouse Hall x
Kennedy, Michael & Kenedy, Margaret Grouse Hall  
Quinlan, Patrick Grouse Hall  
Ryan, Edward Grouse Hall  
Ryan, Phil Grouse Hall  
Ryan, Thomas Grouse Hall  
Ryan, Andrew Esq Gurtatooder  
Corcoran, Patrick Gurtharinee ?  
Landers, James Gurtharinee ?  
Landers, John Gurtharinee ?  
Landers, John Gurtharinee ? x
Ryan, Honora Gurthbrack  
Armstrong, John Gurtheendyhy x
Armstrong, John Gurtheendyhy x
Corbitt, John Gurtheendyhy  
Quinane, Simon Gurtnahalla  
Quinnane, Darby Gurtnahalla  
Quinnane, Mary Gurtnahalla  
Ryan, William Gurtnahalla  
Quinlan, Mary Guthnara  
Ryan, James, Ryan, Michael & Laney, John Guthnara  
Bourke, Tim Kilcommon  
Car (Carr), Daniel Kilcommon  
Car (Carr), John Kilcommon  
Carew, Mary Kilcommon  
Carew, Michael Kilcommon  
Comeford, Michal Kilcommon  
Connick, Martin Kilcommon  
Cormick, Denis Kilcommon  
Cormick, Martin Kilcommon  
Dwyer, John Kilcommon x
Hayes, Margaret Kilcommon  
Hughes, Patt Kilcommon  
Jordan, David Kilcommon  
Jordan, David Kilcommon  
Kirwan, John, Ryan, James & Ryan, Patt Kilcommon  
Ryan, James Kilcommon  
Ryan, James Kilcommon x
Ryan, John Kilcommon  
Ryan, John & Ryan, Biddy Kilcommon  
Ryan, Patrick Kilcommon  
Ryan, Patt (Preston) Kilcommon  
Ryan, Patt (Preston) Kilcommon  
Ryan, Patt (Preston) Kilcommon  
Cormick, Francis Knockalough x
Cormick, Francis Knockalough x
Dwyer, Honora Knockalough x
Dwyer, James Knockalough  
Dwyer, John Knockalough  
Dwyer, Mich Knockalough x
Dwyer, Michael Knockalough  
Fogarty, Thomas Knockalough x
Fogarty, Thos. Knockalough x
Hanihan, Patt Knockalough  
Hogan, Thomas Knockalough  
Langley, Henry Knockalough x
Quinn, John Knockalough x
Quinn, John Knockalough  
Quinn, Michael Knockalough  
Quinn, Patrick Knockalough  
Ryan, Michael Knockalough  
Smith, Ellen Knockalough x
Smyth, Ellen (12x) Knockalough x
Stapleton, Denis Knockalough  
Stapleton, John Knockalough  
Dwyer, John & Dwyer Phil Knockanamauroo  
Ryan, Thomas Knockanamauroo  
Studdert ?, Thomas Knockanamauroo x
Dwyer, Denis Knockane  
Fitzpatrick, Roger Knockane x
Heally, Thomas Knockane  
Murphy, Michael Knockane  
Stapleton, John Knockane x
Stapleton, Michael Knockane  
Tierney, Roger Knockane x
Kennedy, Michl & Quirk, John Knockanehila?  
Car(r), Edmund Knockcorraboula x
Car, Edmd Knockcorraboula x
Car, Edmond Knockcorraboula x
Davern, James Knockcorraboula x
Doherty, Edmd Knockcorraboula x
Doherty, Edmd Knockcorraboula x
Fahey, James Knockcorraboula  
Fitzgerald, Edmund Knockcorraboula x
Harrington, Patt Knockcorraboula  
Harrington, Tim Knockcorraboula  
Harrington, Timothy Knockcorraboula  
Lee, Ally? Knockcorraboula x
Lee, Patrick Knockcorraboula  
Russell, James Knockcorraboula  
Russell, Thomas Knockcorraboula  
Ryan, Daniel Knockcorraboula  
Ryan, Daniel Knockcorraboula  
Ryan, Daniel Knockcorraboula x
Ryan, Ellen Knockcorraboula  
Ryan, John Knockcorraboula  
Ryan, Larry Knockcorraboula x
Ryan, Larry Knockcorraboula x
Ryan, Larry Knockcorraboula x
Ryan, Laurence Knockcorraboula  
Ryan, Patrick Knockcorraboula  
Ryan, Patrick Knockcorraboula  
Ryan, Patrick Knockcorraboula  
Hayes, Biddy Knocknakilla  
Hayes, John Knocknakilla  
Ryan, Joanna Knocknakilla  
Ryan, John Knocknakilla  
Ryan, Mathew Knocknakilla  
Ryan, Michael Knocknakilla  
Bourke, William Knockturroe  
Costello, Thos Knockturroe x
Dwyer, Jas & Shanihan Knockturroe  
Kennedy, John Knockturroe x
Kennedy, Ml. Knockturroe x
Kennedy, Phil Knockturroe x
Shaninhan, Martin Knockturroe x
Bourke, Edmond Knokmekill  
Bourke, John Knokmekill  
Bourke, John Knokmekill  
Collins, Phill Knokmekill  
Dwyer, Honora Knokmekill  
Dwyer, Michael Knokmekill  
McNamara, Michael Knokmekill  
Pinchion, George (Esq.) Knokmekill  
Smyth, Ellen Knokmekill x
Cummins, Patt Knucknumarow  
Davern, James Knucknumarow  
Hanley, John Knucknumarow  
Hanley, William Knucknumarow  
Russell, Thomas, Russell, James & Carr, Edmund Knucknumarow  
Ryan, Peter Knucknumarow  
Ryan, Thomas Knucknumarow  
Britt, Mary Laffans folly  
Britt, Philip Laffans folly  
Bourke, Patt Moher  
Bourke, William Moher x
Darmody, Darby Moher  
Darmody, Darby Moher  
Darmody, Owen Moher  
Dunne, Thomas Moher  
Gleeson, John Moher x
Quinane, Edmond Moher  
Quinane, Terence Moher  
Quinlan, Peter Moher  
Quinlan, William Moher  
Ryan, John Moher  
Ryan, Michael Moher  
Tracey, William Moher  
Kirwan, Patrick Mokeland  
Ryan, Connor Mokeland  
Ryan, Denis Mokeland  
Ryan, Denis Mokeland  
Ryan, John Mokeland  
Ryan, John Mokeland  
Ryan, John Mokeland  
Ryan, Mary Mokeland  
Ryan, Tade Mokeland  
Ryan, Thomas Mokeland  
Kenedy, John & Kennedy, James Newtown x
Perkin, William Newtown  
Hanly, James Reaskahagh  
Hanly, Michael Reaskahagh  
Ryan, Denis Reaskahagh  
Ryan, Edmund Reaskahagh  
Ryan, John Reaskahagh  
Scanlon, Catherine Reaskahagh  
Scanlon, Denis Reaskahagh  
Scanlon, Thomas Reaskahagh  
Ryan, Edmund Roan / Ruan  
Stapleton, Dennis Rock  
Stapleton, John Rock  
Stapleton, John Rock  
Stapleton, Thomas Rock  
Stapleton, Timothy Rock  
Connelly, John Rossoulty  
Connelly, Mathew Rossoulty  
Connelly, Patrick Rossoulty  
Dwyer, James Rossoulty  
Fogarty, Patt Rossoulty  
Morris, John Rossoulty  
Morris, Malick Rossoulty  
Ryan, Daniel Rossoulty  
Ryan, Michl. Rossoulty  
Ryan, Michl. Rossoulty  
Ryan, Patrick Rossoulty  
Ryan, Philip Rossoulty  
Ryan, Phill Rossoulty  
Ryan, Valentine Rossoulty  
Bourke, Patt Sheavri  
Bourke, Thos. Sheavri x
Bourke, William Sheavri  
Carey or Carew, John Sheavri x
Corbett, William Sheavri  
Daughton, John Sheavri x
Gleeson, Michl. Sheavri x
Lee, Ally Sheavri x
Lee, Edward & Lee, Patt Sheavri  
Minehan, Tade Sheavri x
Molony, John Sheavri x
Murphy, Matthew Sheavri x
Phelan, Patt Sheavri x
Phelan, Richard Sheavri  
Phelan, Richard Sheavri  
Phelan, William Sheavri  
Phelan, Wm. & Patt Sheavri  
Phelan, Wm. & Tinney, Hugh Sheavri  
Ryan, John Sheavri  
Ryan, Mary Sheavri x
Slattery, James Sheavri  
Walsh, Edmond Sheavri x
Walsh, Patt Sheavri  
Bourke, David Sheskin  
Bourke, William Sheskin  
Burke, David Sheskin  
Quinlan, Patt (Hugh) Sheskin  
William, Mara Sheskin  
Ryan, Biddy Thourfillough  
Ryan, Margaret Thourfillough  
Ryan, Patrick Junr. Thourfillough  
Ryan, Patrick Senr. Thourfillough  
Ryan, Winnefred Thourfillough  
?, James Upper Moher  
Bourke, Mary Upper Moher  
Gleeson, Dennis Upper Moher  
Gleeson, Edmond Upper Moher  
Gleeson, Francis Upper Moher  
Gleeson, Frank Upper Moher  
Gleeson, John Upper Moher  
Gleeson, John Upper Moher  
Gleeson, John Upper Moher x
Gleeson, John (Jno.) Upper Moher  
Gleeson, Patt Upper Moher  
Gleeson, Patt Upper Moher  
Gleeson, William Upper Moher  
Ryan, Cath. & Gleeson, Edmund Upper Moher x
Ryan, Connor Upper Moher  


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