Slater's Directory of Ireland - 1856

Post Office--Letters from all parts arrive (by foot post from Thurles) every morning at half-past nine, and are dispatched thereto every afternoon at twenty minutes before five.
Car--To Clonmel and Fethard, Stokes Car from Thomas Crokes, every morning at seven.
Railway--The nearest Station is at Thurles, on the Great Southern & Western Line, eleven miles distant.

Name Address Occupation
Bourke, Mary Killenaule Mistress, National School
Bourke, Mary Ane Killenaule Linen Draper
Cahill, John Killenaule Butcher
Cahill, John Killenaule Clothes Dealer
Cahill, Richard Killenaule Land Surveyor
Calicutt, James Ballynouty Surgeon
Carew, Edward Killenaule Carpenter
Carew, Michael Killenaule Carpenter
Carew, William Killenaule Carpenter
Carroll, James Killenaule Stonemason
Carroll, John Killenaule Stonemason
Carroll, Redmond Killenaule Stonemason
Carroll, William Killenaule Butcher
Cleary, Michael (Rev.) Helen Park Gentry & Clergy
Cody, Richard Killenaule Butcher
Coffey, Deborah Killenaule Straw Bonnet Maker
Conners, Thomas Killenaule Slater & Plasterer
Cooke, Matthew Esq. Shelborne Gentry & Clergy
Corcoran, Patrick Killenaule Grocer & Spirit Dealer
Corcoran, Patrick Killenaule Innkeeper
Cork, Mary Killenaule Shopkeeper & Dealer in Sundries
Costello, Phillip Killenaule Carpenter
Croke, Thomas Killenaule Agent-Law & for Stoke's cars
Croke, Thomas Killenaule Innkeeper
Crowley, Edward Killenaule Mine Proprietor (Knockinglass Colliery)
Cullen, Owen Killenaule Agent for the Mining Company of Ireland (Maradyke, Glangoole, Earls Hill, Coolquil Commons & Colebrooke)
Daly, William Killenaule Painter & Glazier
Daniel, Edmund Killenaule Shopkeeper & Dealer in Sundries
Daniels, James Killenaule Boot & Shoemaker
Daniels, John Killenaule Shopkeeper & Dealer in Sundries
Darby, Christopher (Rev.) Kells Gentry & Clergy
Delany, Richard Maradyke Shopkeeper & Dealer in Sundries
Delany, Roger Killenaule Blacksmith
Devane, John Killenaule Cooper
Devane, Lawrence Killenaule Carpenter
Doheney, John Killenaule Butcher
Doherty, Edmund Ballynouty Innkeeper
Donnell, Jeremiah Killenaule Shopkeeper & Dealer in Sundries
Donohue, Charles Killenaule Tailor
Donovan, Patrick Killenaule Saddler
Dunn, James Killenaule Tailor
Dunn, Michael Killenaule Blacksmith
Dunn, Michael Ballynouty Innkeeper
Dunning, Edmund Killenaule Tailor
Dunning, Thomas Killenaule Grocer
Finn, Richard Killenaule Painter & Glazier
Firkin, William Killenaule Blacksmith
Fitzgerald, John Killenaule Boot & Shoemaker
Fitzgerald, John Killenaule China, Glass & c. Dealer
Fitzgerald, John Killenaule Shopkeeper & Dealer in Sundries
Fitzgerald, William Killenaule Master, National School
Fogarthy, Patrick Killenaule Horse Dealer
Foley, Patrick Killenaule Innkeeper
Foley, Patrick Killenaule Shopkeeper & Dealer in Sundries
Going, Ambrose Esq. J.P. Ballyphillip Gentry & Clergy
Going, John Esq. J.P. Ballyphillip Gentry & Clergy
Going, William Esq. J.P. Ballynouty Gentry & Clergy
Gorman, Patrick Maradyke National School
Hall, John Killenaule Baker
Hall, John Killenaule Grocer
Hall, John Killenaule Ironmonger
Hall, Michael Killenaule Cooper
Hall, Michael Killenaule Grocer
Hanley, Denis Killenaule Linen Draper
Hanrahan, Danie Killenaule Carpenter
Hanrahan, Michael St. Johnstown Miller
Hanrahan, William Ballynouty Carpenter
Hanrahan, William Ballynouty Innkeeper
Hanrahan, William Ballynouty Miller
Harrington, Richard Lane's Park Academies & Schools
Hayd, John Killenaule Blacksmith
Hayden, John Killenaule Shopkeeper & Dealer in Sundries
Hennessy, William Killenaule Cooper
Henry, Robert Killenaule Shopkeeper & Dealer in Sundries
Hickey, Thomas Killenaule Shopkeeper & Dealer in Sundries
Hogan, John Ballynouty Blacksmith
Hunt, William Esq. Waterloo Gentry & Clergy
Jenkins, Henry Killenaule Boot & Shoemaker
Jenkins, John Killenaule Innkeeper
Jenkins, Johnna Killenaule China, Glass & c. Dealer
Keaty, William Killenaule Slater & Plasterer
Keiley, John Killenaule Cooper
Keilly, William Killenaule Grocer & Spirit Dealer
Kelly, William Killenaule Baker
Kennedy, Daniel Killenaule Shopkeeper & Dealer in Sundries
Kennedy, John Killenaule Baker
Kennedy, John Killenaule Grocer & Spirit Dealer
Kennedy, John Killenaule Grocer & Spirit Dealer
Kennedy, Mary Killenaule Leather Seller
Kennedy, Thomas Killenaule Butcher
Kirwick, Patrick Killenaule China, Glass & c. Dealer
Laffan, Martin (Rev.) P.P. Helen Park Gentry & Clergy
Lane, Ambrose Esq. Ballynouty Gentry & Clergy
Lane, Mr. Vere (attorney) Shelborne Lodge Gentry & Clergy
Langley, Henry Esq. J.P. Colebrooke Gentry & Clergy
Langley, John Esq. Killenaule Mine Proprietor (Lickfin & Knockaduffe Collieries)
Langley, John Esq. J.P. Knockenure Gentry & Clergy
Langley, Mr. Matthew (attorney) Knockenure, Killenaule, and 30 Grenville Street,Dublin Gentry & Clergy
Latham, Oliver Killenaule Boot & Shoemaker
Lawless, Robert Ballynouty Miller
Maher, James Killenaule Blacksmith
Maher, James Killenaule Boot & Shoemaker
Maher, James Killenaule Relieving Officer
Maher, John Killenaule Boot & Shoemaker
Maher, John Jr. Killenaule Boot & Shoemaker
Maher, Johnna Killenaule Shopkeeper & Dealer in Sundries
McCarty, William Killenaule Mine Proprietor (Ballincurry Colliery)
McCraith, Benjamin Killenaule Grocer & Spirit Dealer
McCraith, Mr. Michael Killenaule Gentry & Clergy
Miller, John Killenaule Tailor
Millet, John Esq. J.P. Lismortagh Gentry & Clergy
Millet, Matthew Esq. St. Johnstown Gentry & Clergy
Molony, James Killenaule Boot & Shoemaker
Moran, Thomas Killenaule Tailor
Morrisy, John Killenaule Innkeeper
Mullany, James Killenaule Shopkeeper & Dealer in Sundries
Murray, James Coolquil Carpenter
Newton, Richard Killenaule Stonemason
Nicholson, John Lane's Park Agent for the Irish Land Company
Nolan, Anastatia Killenaule Shopkeeper & Dealer in Sundries
Nolan, Anty Killenaule China, Glass & c. Dealer
O'Flinn, William Esq. New Birmingham Gentry & Clergy
O'Halloran, Bernard Esq. Lurgoe Gentry & Clergy
O'Keefe, Denis Ballynouty Cooper
Perkins, William Killenaule Blacksmith
Pierce, William Killenaule Blacksmith
Power, Edward Esq. Mortalstown Castle Gentry & Clergy
Power, James Killenaule Nail Maker
Power, John Killenaule Weighmaster
Power, Thomas Esq. Clarah Gentry & Clergy
Purcel, Robert Esq. Roan Gentry & Clergy
Purcell, John Killenaule Grocer & Spirit Dealer
Purcell, John Killenaule Innkeeper
Quillinan, Chas. (Rev.) c.c. Helen Park Gentry & Clergy
Quin, Felix Killenaule Cooper
Royle, George Esq. Moyglass Gentry & Clergy
Russell, George Killenaule Boot & Shoemaker
Russell, George (Rev.) Coolquil Gentry & Clergy
Russell, Michael Killenaule Butcher
Russell, Nathaniel Killenaule Boot & Shoemaker
Russell, William Killenaule Post Master
Russell, William Killenaule Boot & Shoemaker
Ryan, James Killenaule Shopkeeper & Dealer in Sundries
Ryan, John Killenaule Butcher
Ryan, Lewis Killenaule Innkeeper
Shea, John Killenaule Butcher
Shea, Patrick Killenaule Tinner & Brazier
Shearman, Honoria Killenaule Baker
Shearman, Honoria Killenaule Grocer
Shearman, Honoria Killenaule Innkeeper
Smyth, Henry (Rev.) curate Upham Gentry & Clergy
Smyth, Samuel Killenaule Tinner & Brazier
Stapleton, William Killenaule Boot & Shoemaker
Steep, Peter Killenaule Process Server
Stokes, Michael Killenaule Surgeon
Sweeney, Fielding O. Esq. Killenaule Gentry & Clergy
Taylor, George Killenaule Innkeeper
Walsh, Thomas Killenaule Baker
Walsh, Thomas Killenaule Grocer & Spirit Dealer
Walsh, Thomas Killenaule Innkeeper, Victoria Hotel
Walsh, Thomas Killenaule Leather Seller

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