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October 4 - October 8, 1781
We the undernamed persons, do hereby certify, that we have known John
THOMAS of Clonmel, Shopkeeper, for a considerable time past, and do
believe him to be an honest and fair dealer, and a proper person to
execute the office of an AUCTIONEER and APPRAISER for this county, and do
recommend him as such. - Clonmel, Sept 25, 1781

William WHITE
C__if KELLETT, Mayor
John WATSON, jun.
Thomas SHAW

In pursuance of the above, the said John THOMAS attended the Quarter
Session held at Feathard, on the 3d inst. and was sworn into said offices
Esqrs. sitting Justices
Oct 8, 1781

November 8 - November 12, 1781
Clonmel, Nov. 12
Last Wednesday was committed to the county jail, by William HAYES, esq; Owen HOGAN, charged with feloniously robbing James KENNY, servant to Francis KEARNEY, esq; of a mule, value 12? the property of said Mr. KEARNEY.
Friday last died, in the Main Street, Mr. John KEARNEY, merchant.

December 10 - December 13,1781

One Hundred and Twelve Guineas Reward
Whereas on Sunday night the 25th of November last, there were two offices
belonging to Mr. John SWEENY of Templemore, feloniously broke open by some
evil-minded villains; in one of said houses, were two sporting Does, the
property of John C. CARDEN, Esq; whose throats were cut, and the
carcasses, &c. taken away: Now we the Templemore Light Dragoons, having a
just abhorrence to all such audacious offences, do hereby promise to pay
the sum annexed to our names, to any person who will discover and
prosecute to conviction (within six months from the date hereof) the
person or persons concerned in said felony; and ___ person concerned will
discover his accomplices __ (except the person who absolutely cut said
Does throats) such person shall be intitled to the above reward, and
application will be made for his or her pardon.
Dated Dec. 3, 1781

John C. CARDEN, Col.
Richard CARDEN, Major
John CARDEN (Fifthmoyne ?) Capt.
John SPUNNER, Adjutant
Rev. Rob. HOLMES, Chaplain
Rev. Kennedy KENNEDY
John LEE
Richard MASON
William MASON
Nich. Southcote MANSERGH
Richard Kyfin CARDEN
Hamilton LOWE
George COOKE

July 4 - July 8, 1782
Committed to the county jail the 19th ult by William HAYES esq; - Patrick COLBERT charged by oath with having, on the night of the 16th ult. feloniously stolen a horse, value 9? the property of Dennis BURN, of Derrycloony in the county of Tipperary, farmer.
- The 4th instant, by James Archer BUTLER, esq - John WALSH, charged on oath by Margaret CARRIGAN, with having, on the night of the 27th of March last, (assisted by others)forceably and feloniously taken her out of bed, at the house of John FINNANE, of Currdangan in the aforesaid county, and from thence carried her on horseback to the house of Laurence HAYS, of Ballynlander in the county of Limerick, where he, contrary to her will, had carnal knowledge of her.

July 7 - July 15th 1782
Clomel July 15th
Died, a few days ago, at Ballspellan? spa, where he went for the recovery of his health, Mr Samuel BROWN, of Feathard.

July 18 - July 22, 1782
Clonmel July 22
Died, on the Thursday morning last, Mrs HAYMAN, wife of Mr. Samuel HAYMAN.

 July 15 - July 18 1782
Clonmel, July 18
Died, on Monday morning last, Mr. Robert SHERLOCK, apothecary.
Tuesday miss Margaret KEARNEY, daughter of the late Mr. John KEARNEY, wine-merchant.
Aug 19-22, 1782. #43
Clonmel Aug 22
Tuesday our assizes ended, at which John NEIL was found guilty of forgery and perjury, and sentenced to be pillored (which he accordingly underwent yesterday in the Main-street, near the Court-house) and imprisoned 6 months.
Timothy GARDNER, found guilty of rape on the body of Elizabeth LACY, did not receive sentence, an arreil ? of judgment being pleaded, in consequence of an alleged error in the indictment; but is to remain in jail till next assizes, then to take his trial on another bill of indictment for the same crime.
Several others, for different felonies and trespases, were tried and acquitted.

August 12 - August 15, 1782
Clonmel August 15
Last Tuesday evening, as Hannah HOWELL, the wife of a shoemaker in Irishtown, was taking up a kettle of water at Rigg's Slip, she fell into the river and was drowned; her body was taken up yesterday morning near said place.
Thomas PRENDERGAST, charged on his own confession, with being concerned in dealing with sheep, the property of John LALOR, esq - and Catherine CONNERS, otherwise SCULLY, charged on oath with being also concerned in stealing the above sheep, were yesterday escorted to town and lodged in the county jail, by a party of the Cashel Volunteers, under the command of lieut. Richard PRICE, being committed thereto by Paul PHELAN esq; deputy mayor of Cashel.

August 15 - August 19, 1782
Clonmel August 19
Yesterday died, Mr William AIRAY of this town.
November 25 - November 28, 1782

November 25 - November 18, 1782
Clonmel November 28
Committed to the county jail, by Robert RYVERS, esq; - Michael FANNEN, otherwise Bryan FANNEN, and Bryan HAMILTON, otherwise Michael DARMODY, both charged on oath by Michael PHELAN, with having on the night of the 7th instant, feloniously robbed him of twenty-seven guineas and a half. - They were escorted to town by a party of the Cashel Volunteers under the command of
lieut. Richard PRICE.
Died last Monday morning, in Cashel, Mrs HARRINGTON, wife of Edward HARRINGTON, esq; M.D.-
Yesterday morning, in Dublin street, the widow BLACK, confectioner.

December 2d - December 5th, 1782
William LONERGAN, of Ballyporeen, hereby gives notice, not to credit his wife Mary LONERGAN, otherwise REARDEN, as he will not pay any debts she may contract. Dec. 5, 1782
December 19th - December 23, 1782
Married on Friday last, in Cashel, William LOCKWOOD, esq; to miss Mary BRAY.

January 20 - January 23, 1783
Clonmel Jan 23
This morning was married, Mr John HOWELL, sadler, to miss Hannah AIRAY, daughter of the late Mr William AIRAY, of this town.

February 27 - March 3d, 1783
Clonmel, March 3
Died, on Saturday night, last, the widow of the late Mr. John McCHEANE, of this town.
Whereas William BAKER stands indicted as of Summer Assizes, 1782 at Clonmel, in the county of Tipperary, for the murder of John NOWLAN. Now I the said William Baker, have surrendered and given myself up to the Sheriff of said county, in order to stand my trial on said indictment, before the next going Judges of Assize of the Munster Circuit, at Clonmel is said county, of which all persons concerned are to take notice. Dated this 25th day of February, 1783. Wm. BAKER.

March 31 - April 3d, 1783
Clonmel, April 3.
Last Tuesday our assizes ended, at which the following persons amongst others, were tried and found guilty:
Edmond BARRY and John BARRY, for assault, fined five marks each, and to give security for their good behaviour.
Edmund DUGGAN, otherwise CROOSKEEN, for stealing a cow, - and Denis KEEFE, for stealing a bulchin calf, recommended by the grand jury as objects of mercy, were sentenced to hard labour, the former for three, and the latter for seven years.
Mary ARCHDEKIN, for felony to the value of 10d. to be privately whipped; but pleading pregnancy her sentence to be suspended until delivered.
Died. Last Tuesday, the wife of Mr. Richard CUMMINS, shopkeeper.

September 4 - September 8, 1783
From his majesty's 12th, of P.W. regiment of light dragoons, from on command at Inniskeane, in the County Cork, 25th August, 1783,
Aged 26 years, 5 feet 8 inches high, dark brown hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion, strait and well made, has a red mark on his right cheek, by trade a shoemaker, was born in Killenaule in the county Tipperary; went off in his white jacket, black leather cap, white waistcoat, and leather breeches; took with him a carbine, sword belt, and some rounds of ball cartridge
Aged 21 years, 5 feet 7 inches high, light sandy hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion, strait and well made, by trade a laborer, was born in Kilcooley in the County Tipperary; went off in a blue regimental watch coat, white jacket, white waistcoat, leather breeches, and a round hat.
Clonmel, Sept. 8.
Last Saturday our assizes ended, at which the following persons were tried and found guilty, viz.
Thomas DORCEY, for stealing a horse, value 5?. from off the lands of Newtown, the property of John ALLEN, to be executed on Saturday the 20th instant.
Arthur RADCLIFF, for uttering base coin, to be publickly whipped two market days (the 13th and 20th instant) and confined three years.
William KEATING, for breaking into and robbing the shop of Mr. Wm. THOMPSON, watchmaker, of a silver watch and sundry articles of plate, (found guilty of the same to the value of 4?.11d.) to be put to hard labour for seven years.
Richard BYRNE, for stealing money out of the warehouse of mss. Terence and Pierce DOYLE, in Carrick-on-Suir, to be put to hard labour for three years.
Mary PALMER, also for felony, to be confined three years.
Edmund CRANLY, for an assault, fined 10?. and to be imprisoned four months.
Edmund TIERNY, for breaking windows, fined 6d. and to be imprisoned six months.
At the above assizes, on Friday last, came on before the hon. baron HAMILTON, the trials of Andrew GRAHAM, esq; inspector of excise, mess. Henry O'HARA, William HAMILTON, and Hugh LYNAM, revenue officers, for the murder of Hugh WAXTED, when in the execution of their duty at the town of Newport, in the county of Tipperary; when, after a tedious and severe prosecution, they were honorably acquitted.
Married. Mr. Ambrose BLAKE, of Lisduff, to miss. Catherine RYAN, of Urlingford.

October  2d - October  6, 1783
Clonmel Oct 6
Died a few days ago in Dublin, Mr. Edward McALLISTER, attorney, of Feathard.

January 12 - January 15, 1784
Whereas Margaret LAUGHNANE, my Wife, has turned out contrary in the duty of
a Wife, by running me in debt in many places, I now therefore caution the
Publick from crediting her any more on my account, for that I am resolved to
pay no debts she shall contract for the future.
Tipperary Jan. 15, 1783. STEPHEN DOWDAL.

April 5- April 8, 1784
CLONMEL, April 8.
Committed to jail, the 2d Inst. by John Lapp JUDKIN, esq; - Thomas SPEIGHT,
charged on oath with being suspected of feloniously taking, from the lands
of Gortmore, near Cashel, on the night of 17 December, last, two milch cows,
value 1 3l. Sterling, the property of Michael DUGGAN.

Last Saturday was married, in Waterford, Meade HOBSON, esq; to the amiable
Miss JONES, with a very considerable fortune.

We hereby give notice to all Prosecutors and other Persons concerned, that
we will surrender ourselves Prisoners to the Sheriff of the County of
Tipperary, on or before the 17th Day of April next, to answer any Charge
that may be exhibited against us, for the Murder of Michael BEARY.
George CASEY.
March 20, 1784

June 10- June 14, 1784
CLONMEL, June 14.
Committed to jail the 12th inst. by Hugh MASSEY, esq; - Thomas  DOUGHING,
charged on suspicion with feloniously killing on the night of the 1st inst.
two wedders, and taking away part of the fat and wool, the property of
Godfrey TAYLOR of Noan, esq.

December 6 - December 9, 1784
Committed to jail, the 7th inst. by Richard COX, esq; Catherine RYAN,
charged on oath with feloniously taking and carrying away from the house of
Miss Catherine POWER of Carrick, On the 3D inst. one silver cream-ewer, and
sixteen silver tea spoons, value two pounds ster, -
The 8th inst. by John HAMILTON LANE esq.;
Thomas MARTAIN, charged with feloniously stealing a pig from James GLENNAN ?
of Roscrea.

A CALL to the Benevolent.
Mrs. Henrietta DEMPSEY, Widow of Mr. DEMPSEY, Uppolsterer, lies at this
instant, in Clonmel, loaded with accumulated distress; deprived of her own,
and six helpless Children's support, by the late loss of her Husband, whose
industry had, till now, kept her above the necessity of publick application,
painful to her many other Feelings, with Heart-felt Sorrow she was disabled
from her attendance on, and doing the lst office to her departing ? Husband,
being at that time, confined to her Lying-in Bed, from he? effect of which
she is now barely recovering.
Such good persons, as can feel for such complicated affliction, are requited
to send their Benefactions to the Rev. Doctor MOORE, or the Rev. Mr. BACON.
Clonmel  Nov. 22, 1784.

Committed to jail, the 8th inst. by the worshipful Richard MOORE, esq;
moyer, John QUONY, and John SWEENY, charged on oath with breaking open the
mill of James MORRIS of Drith, and the malt-house of John CASHEL of Thurles,
and feloniously taking therbot, forty-two stone of malt, value two pounds,
six shillings, ster. -
The 11th inst. by the same magistrate, Margaret HIGGINS, and Ann RYAN
charged on oath with feloniously stealing from the shop of John WALIHE, of
Clonmel, one piece of linen, value two pounds fourteen shillings, ster.

January 12 - January 15, 1784
CLONMEL, Jan 15, 1784
Died last Sunday night at Grove, Mr. Henry KICKHAM.

Mar 29 - Apr 1st, 1784
Last Tuesday night the house of doctor MEAGHER, in the east suburbs of this town, was entered by some villains, who broke in at a back door, and rifled the house of plate, linen, and other articles to a considerable amount (the doctor being from home) a diligent search and pursuit was made by several gentlemen, and about two o'clock yesterday, one of the villains, named John SEXTON, was apprehended in Carrick, with a watch, and several articles of plate in his possession, being part of the plunder taken the preceeding night - Sexton had formerly lived as servant with the doctor.

April 1 - Apr 5, 1784
Clonmel Apr 5
Died a few days ago, at Lettyville, in this county, John GREEN esq.

May 13 - May 17, 1784
Hereby Caution the Public, not to take my ** Note in any Payment from Henry SMITH of Lismore, as I was drunk and received no Value when I passed it to his Son Robert. Cappoquin
May 2, 1785 [sic]

July 19 -  July 22, 1784
Died Saturday last, sincerely regretted, the wife of Mr. John MURPHY, of this town, chandler.

July 22 - July 26, 1784
County Tipperary
WHEREAS I stand indicted for the Murder of Mathew SHANAHAN, of Burrosoleigh, in said County, Cooper, and as I intend standing Trial for the same, at the next General Assizes and General Gaol Delivery, to be held at Clonmel, for said County, of which all Persons concerned are to take notice; and especially my Prosecutrix, Mary SHANAHAN, Dated this 26th of July, 1784.

May 30 - June 2d, 1785
CLONMEL, June 2.
Yesterday was executed, pursuant to his sentence at our last assizes, Patrick NUGENT, for killing two sheep, with an Intent to steal the carcasses, the property of Mr. Darby SCULLY: -
John LYONS, and Mary CLEARY, who were to have been executed at the same time, received a respi** from his grace the lord lieutenant, until further order.
Married, on Sunday the 29th instant at Fish*oyne, John CARDEN, esq; late lieutenant in the 36th regiment, to Miss GRIFFITH, of Forres*, in the county of Tipperary.

Clonmel, June 20 (1785)
On Thursday departed this life, at Mount Juliet, the seat of the right honourable Harriett viscountess Mountgarret and baroness Kells, daughter of the late and sister of the present earl of Carrick, and niece to the earl of Shannon. Her ladyship was born the 11th of August, 1750 (a twin with the honourable Pierce Butler) and married the 21st of october, 1768, to the right honourable Edmund viscount MOUNTGARRET, and baron Kells; by whom and has issue on daughter, Charlotte, and four sons, Edmund, Somerset-Hamilton, Henry Thomas and Pierce. -
At Eden, Samuel BENNETT, jun. esq; son of Samuel BENNETT, esq; of Tipperary, aged 18 years, a young gentleman universally regretted by all who knew him.

November  21 - November 24, 1785
Yesterday was committed to the county jail, by Edward COLLINS, esq;- John DWYER, charged on oath, with having with several other persons, on the 9th of September, last, entered upon the Lands of Ballynamona, near Goolden in this county, in the peaceable possession of Michael MULCAHY, farmer, for several years past, by virtue of a lease, granted to him of said lands, by Richard KIELY, late of Lismore, in the county of Waterford, esq; deceased, and with force and arms, took a forceable and unlawful possession of said MULCAHY'S house, farm, and the premisses thereunto belonging, and thereout expelled him to his great loss and prejudice;- and also with having ransacked said Mulcahy's house and farm, embezzled and converted to his own use, and those concerned with him, the crops of hay, corn, grass, and potatoes, on said lands, to the amount of 260l. ster. and upwards, and likewise cutting down, an orchard, and several ash trees, on said premisses, and putting the said MULCAHY, in dread and terror of his life.

Nov 21 - 24, 1785
A RENT ROLL of Part of the Estate of St. Johnstown, in the County of Tipperary,
Property of MATHEW JACOB, Esq; to be sold immediately.
Names of Lands.     Tenants Names.                  Term to run
Moyne,                        Robert SHAW                          FOR 3 Lives
Kilkenay Beg             Tim. and Ed. GUYNON           14 Years.
Part ditto,                    Mich. RYAN & partners          10 Years.
Part ditto,                    Wm. CA*HINE                        10 Years.
Another part do          Jn. HEAD & partners                9 Years.

Proposals will be received by the above named Mathew JACOB, at St. Johnstown, Clonmel, ** Phineas RIALL, of Clonmel, and by Richard MILLET OF Ballynonty, Cashel, Esqrs. who will declare the Purchaser as soon as the value is offered. Dated Nov. 17, 1785
James Kell*y of St. Johnstown wil shew the Ground.


CLONMEL, April 10.
Married. This day sennight, in Waterford, James ELLIOTT, esq; to the amiable Miss Shaw, daughter of the late doctor SHAW, both of this town.

June 1- June 5, 1786
We have the pleasure of informing the public, that Michael RYAN, who was one of the five men, lately apprehended, and taken up by the mayor, on suspicion, is discovered and found to be an old offender, and that a committol a day or two ago, was lodged against him, for robbing the house of John FOGARTY, of Ballioughter, in this, county, in the month of February, 1785, of cash and several articles; and also, strongly suspected of being concerned in robbing the house of Edmond RYAN, of Ballioughter, aforesaid, of nine guineas.

June 12-15, 1786
Died last Sunday at Rathkenny, near Fethard, Mrs. MASSEY.

June 6 - June 15, 1786
CLONMEL, June 19.
Committed to jail, the 10th inst. by Thomas GORDON, esq; mayor,- Tobias STAPLETON, charged with having on the 25th February last, violently assaulted Robert B*SSE*T, of Carrick, by giving him blows, with several unlawful weapons, by which he had his arm broke, and different wounds, in many other parts of his body:

June 22 - June 26, 1786
Wednesday last, Thomas HENEY, alias captai* SLEDGER, one of the persons concerned in the murder of Ambrose POWER, of Barretstown, in this county, esq; was brought up to the court of king's bench, Dublin, and received sentence of death, to be executed in this county, on Saturday, the 1st of July next.

September 7 - September 11, 1786
CLONMEL, September 11
Committed to our County Jail, the 8th inst. by Samuel ALLEYN, Esq;- Catherine MARNANE, charged on oath, with having on the night of the 7th inst. feloniously stolen several articles of wearing Apparel, value Twenty Shillings, out of his Garden, which were found in her possession and Custody.
Same day, by John Lapp JUDKIN, Esq;-
John FITZPATRICK, charged on oath, with having assembled in a riotous and tumultuous manner, on the Lands of Killoke, on the 28th of July, last, with others to the number of Sixty and upwards, assaulting and wounding Michael McNEMARA, and robbing him of Fire Arms.
Same day, by Robert RYVES, Esq;_
John O'FLAHERTY, (a Captain of the White or Right Boys, as he calls himself) Thomas HIFFERNAN, Denis DUGGAN, Connor RYAN, Patrick DWYER, and Connor RYAN, charged on oath, with having on the 23rd July, last with others, to the number of Five Hundred and upwards, assembled at Mocarky, on the Ground of John MANNIN, Gent, for the purpose of swearing the Parish, to act by their, the White Boys Laws, and their Regulations, respecting the Tythes, and Dues, of the different Clergy, and there striking said MANNIN, by giving him, six cuts on the Head, severely wounding him, in the left Arm, by the firing of a Gun, which was done with an intent, feloniously to kill, wound or to maim him, and obliged him and his Friends, who were with him, to swear several unlawful oaths, respecting their Regulation, and requiring him to assume a Title or Command amongst them, and as such, to go at their Head, to swear other Parishes,- and at the same time, feloniously took and carried away, from said MANNIN, and his Friends, Eight Guns, One Pistol, and a Silver hilted Sword, value Eight Pounds, Sterling, and upwards, and likewise forced him, to take an oath, not to prosecute them.
The same day, by a Transmit Warrant, from Thomas CHATTERTON, Esq; Clerk of the Crown for the County of Waterford,- James FITZGERALD, otherwise called KELLY, and Thomas HENNESY, otherwise called MAGRATH, charged with a Burglary and Felony, by them committed, in the Co. of Tipperary.
The 10th inst. by John HEAD, Esq;_ James *acy, Daniel RYAN, John CONNOR, and Elizabeth CONNOR, charged on oath, with feloniously stealing Checker and Bandle Linen, value One Pound, Nineteen Shillings, and Four Pence, Sterling.-
Hugh MURRAY, for stealing a Mare, value 10l. the Property of Robert SCOTT, of Cashel._
Laurence WHELAN, for having Wool in his Possession, suspected to be stolen, from Hugh MINCHIN, Esq.-
Connor HAYES, for stealing Two Lambs, the Property of William HANLEY and Denis RYAN.

December 14 - December 18, 1786
CLONMEL, December 18
Married. Last Thursday, at the Quaker's Meeting-House, Mr. Joseph STRANGMAN, of Waterford, to Miss Rebecca GRUBB, daughter of Mr. Joseph GRUBB, late of this town.-
Same day, Mr. Robert WILKINSON, sadler, to Miss Catherine CONSTABLE, daughter of Mr. Robert CONSTABLE.

December 18 - January 1st, 1787
CLONMEL, January 1.
Committed, to our County Jail, by the Worshipful Nathaniel MITCHELL, Esq; Mayor-
Jeremiah MURPHY, charged by information, sworn before Neptune BLOOD, Esq; one of his Majesty's Justices of the peace, for the county of Clare, and by a mandate, on a warrant to the said information, from Edward COLLINS, Esq; for that having feloniously stolen from off the lands of Mount Rice, in the county of Clare, four cows, the property of James O'SULLIVAN, of the city of Limerick, Merchant.
The 31st ult. by Richard COX, Esq; Walter DUGGAN, and James DUGGAN, charged on oath, with being strongly suspected of stealing three sheep, from off the lands of Creg, the property of Thomas LALOR, Esq.

February 1 - February 5, 1787
CLONMEL, February 5.
Committed, to our county jail, on the 2d inst. by James Archer BUTLER, Esq;-
Patrick KEEFE, butcher, charged on oath with stealing five ewes, off the Lands of Knocklofty, the property of John BUTLER.
The 3d inst. by Oliver LATHAM, Esq; Deputy Mayor of Cashel-
Michael DAWSON, Michael CONNOLLY and Margaret CONNOLLY alias DAWSON his wife, who stand indicted in the Crown Office of the county, with having on the 28th Day of July 1st, feloniously assaulted Michael M'NAMARA, at Kilcoke, and with having taken from him One Gun and Three Pistols, the property of the Rev Patrick HARE.
The 19th ult. by Oliver LATHAM, Esq; Deputy Mayor of Cashel.-
John RYAN otherwise BEHOL ?, charged on oath with stealing a Cow the property of Thomas RYAN, of Tipperary, Esq.
MARRIAGE. Nicholas HAMMERTON, of this county, Esq; to Miss TILDALL, only daughter of Thomas TILDALL, Esq; of French street, Dublin.

February 22 - February 26, 1787
CLONMEL, February 26.
Committed, to our County Jail, the 21st inst. by the Rev. Patrick HARE_
William FINN, of Cashel, shop-keeper, charged on oath, with having, on Friday, the 16th inst. assaulted and beat Thomas BURROWS, of his Majesty's 9th regiment of dragoons, and of threatening to take away his life, as being a soldier in disguise, and a spy to the Right Hon. the Earl of CARHAMPTON.
The 24th inst. by Mathew EVANS, Esq;-
William FARRELL, late of Killbog, farmer, charged on oath, with having in his possession an ash tree, the property of the Righ Hon. Pierie (or Pierse), Lord Baron Cahir, which was feloniously cut on the night of the 22d inst.

I DO hearby caution the Public, from hiring, or otherwise employing, Connelius RYAN, Servant, who lived with me for about Two Months, when I discharged him, for Drunkenness, and other Misdemeanors. But he has since come to my House, in my Absence, and feloniously stole thereout, One Pair of Boots and Spurs, my Property.
Patrick's Well, Feb. 25, 1787

The Public are informed, the we, Maurice and William LOOBY, passed Two Notes, in the Year 1786, to James KEILY, Wheel Wright, for which we received no Value, and are determined not to pay them.
Clonmel, Feb. 16, 1787


May 17 - May 21st, 1787
Committed. To our County Jail, the 10th inst. by Nathaniel MITCHELL, Esq; Mayor-
Michael MURPHY, charged, on oath, with feloniously breaking open a box, in the house of Richard MORRISY, with whom the said MURPHY lived as a servant, and thereout taking three guineas in gold, one guinea and a half in silver, and a silk handkerchief, the property of the above MORRISY.
The 14th inst. by Charles TUCKEY, Esq;-
Patrick FITZGIBBON, charged on oath, with aiding and assisting James FITZGIBBON, and John HALLINAN (a man of no certain place of residence) ** feloniously stealing, from off the Lands of Drumoe, one lined, black cow, and one red and white cow, value twelve pounds sterl. the property of Michael MAGRATH, of Drumroe, aforesaid.
The 18th, inst. by Richard MOORE, ESQ;-
John CONNELLY, bellman, charged on oath, with being strongly suspected, for burglariously breaking open the warehouse door of Mr. John BUTLER, of this town, and thereout feloniously stealing, and carrying away, eight bundles of rod iron, value ten shillings a bundle, the property of said Mr. BUTLER.
DIED. Last Tuesday evening, at his seat at Doneraile, co. Cork, most sincerely lamented, the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Doneraile. His death was occasioned by the bursting of a blood vessel. He was a Nobleman steady and sincere in his friendships, unbounded in hospitality, and his good nature endeared him to all his acquaintance; he was adored by his domestics as the kindest of masters- from his great indulgence to a numerous tenantry, and readiness to alleviate the wants of the poor around him, we may justly say his feelings were always awake to the noblest dictates of the mind- relieving the distressd. He is succeeded in his title and estate by the Hon. Hayes St. Leger (now Lord Viscount Doneraile, his eldest son.

June 28-July 2, 1787
Married. At Kilmore, on Saturday, the 23d ult. John Thomas MEDLYCOTT, of Mayfield, co. Waterford, Esq; to Miss LOCKWOOD, dau. of William LOCKWOOD, of Clarahan, co. Tipperary, Esq.
Committed. To our County Jail, the 16th ult. by Robert NICHOLSON, Esq; Andrew HENEBERY, of Carrick-on-Suir, charged on Oath, with assaulting John CASEY of said town, on the 15th of June last, after which he went to said CASEY'S house, burglariously broke open the door thereof, with a sledge, (as is supposed) broke the window, and attacked said house three different times, on the above night, to the terror and dread of the said CASEY and his family.-
The 28th, by Robert NICHOLSON, Esq;
a man who called himself Laurence MURPHY, taken on suspicion of robbing some person lately, having been seen early on the 28th crossing the bridge of Carrick, from the County of Waterford, with a black mare, much tired, and riding her in a halter, without a saddle.- On being examined, he gave a very contradictory account of himself: he knew nobody, said he lived always under Col. DEANE, in the County Wexford. He had in his pocket, eight guineas and a half, and a turnpike ticket of Nine Mile House, dated 27th June: says he is a dealer.-
The 29th, by Robert RYVES, Esq;
John MORONY, charged on oath (before William CHADWICK Esq;) with having on the 29th, of October last, with divers other persons then assembled riotously, and feloniously taking away, a black colt, value ten pounds sterling, the property of William BARRAGRY, of Tipperary, and beating and assaulting the said BARRAGRY, obliged him to quit his habitation, (near the village of Drum) and forcing him to take an oath, not to discover the above transaction-
The 30th, by John POWER, Esq;
Thomas KEATING, of Loughkent, farmer, charged on the oath of Margaret MORR*SSY, spinster, with being aiding and assisting, in committing a rape on her body, on or about the 29th of April last.

October 29 - November 1st, 1787
CLONMEL. Nov. 1,
Died, Last Tuesday, at Tipperary, Mr. Denis HILL, shopkeeper.

November 29 - December 3, 1787
Committed, to our County Jail, on the 24th ult. by Samuel BRADSHAW, Esq;-
John BLAKE, of Ballyvirane, in this county, charged by information on oath, with having, on the night of Sunday, the 18th ult. feloniously stolen, from off 
the Lands of Greenane, in the said county, eleven sheep, the property of Mr. Henry SMITHWICK, of Tipperary, value seven pounds, sterling, and with 
having offered to sell them, to Michael BREEN, of Ballysheedy, (?) in whose custody five of said sheep were found, on the 22d ult. and who has proved, 
that he bought the same from the aforesaid John BLAKE. 
- The said John BLAKE stands indicted in the Crown-office of said county *****ously assembling, with others, and assaulting Denis CAHILL, at Ballyvirane, 
on the 4th day of March 1772. 
- And also; indicted for forcibly expelling Henry EDGAR ? out of the possession of a messuage, at Ballyviran, on the 6th day of March 1776 
- And also, indicted for assaulting Michael RYAN, on the said 6th day of March; at Ballyvirane 
- And also, indicted for assaulting Silvester GREEN, at Ballyvirane, on the 27th day of January, 1779- And also indicted for the murder of Bridget RYAN, at 
Clashequirk, (?) on the 20th day of December, 1779 
- And also, indicted for feloniously stealing, four sheep, the property of Michael GREEN at Ballybeggane, on the 16th day of December, 1779. - And also, 
indicted for feloniously setting fire to, and consuming a house of Edmond CLEARY, at Ballyvirane, on the 28th day of January, 1781 -
And also indicted for falsely imprisoning John CLEARY, same day and place. - And also, indicted for the murder of William SHORT, at Tipperary, on the 
15th day of Sept. 1785. 
- And also, indicted for feloniously stealing four ____, at Gortavohir, on the 21st day of July, 1786
- And also, indicted for feloniously stealing one brown cow, at Lacken, on the 22d day of Dec. 1786, the property of Thomas TOBIN.
- And also, indicted in the Peace office, of said county, for forcibly taking the possession of a messuage, at Ballyvirane, from Henry EDGAR, on the 25th 
day of March, 1776. He was apprehended, and conducted to jail, by a detachment of the Sub-constables of Kilneniana District.

December 3 - December 6, 1787
CLONMEL, Dec. 6.
BIRTH. Last Friday, the Lady of the Hon. Col. SOUTHWELL of a daughter.

On the Apprehending of Denis KEEFFE, on the 2d Inst. there was found on him, One Brass Barrel Pistol, London made, Silver, carved Hilt, Man's Face, and 
Brass-mounted, a Powder Horn, Bullet Mould, and Ammunition, &c. by Martin HACKET, of Fethard, Sub-Constable, who will give them to any Person, 
Proving Property, and paying the necessary Expences.

This is to Caution the Public against crediting Anne RYAN, otherwise MEAGHER, on my Account, as I am determined not to pay any Debt she may 
contract. Dated, Knockinary, 
Dec. 3, 1787.

December 6 - 10, 1787
CLONMEL, Dec. 10.
On Sunday night, the 2d inst. the Bingley, from Newfoundland, for Waterford, with 160 passengers, put into the river Shannon.
DIED. Last Thursday night, in Cashel, Mrs. FITZGERALD, wife of the Rev. Richard FITZGERALD.-
Committed, to our County Jail, the 6th inst. by Oliver LATHAM, Esq; Deputy Mayor of Cashel,-
Stephen RIORDAN, Laurence PURCELL, and Philip FLOOD, charged, by the information of Joseph REALY, of Burrisoleigh, Police Constable, of the District of Kilnemana, with having, on the 4th inst. in a riotous manner, armed with a gun and sword, dragged and pulled, the said Joseph REALY, in a desperate manner, made a prisoner of him, without producing any authority, and robbed him of his gun, value one pound sterling. They were apprehended, and conducted to jail, by the Chief and Sub-constables of the District of Kilnemana, aforesaid-
On the 7th inst. by Matt. EVANS, Esq;-
Honora CALLAGHAN (a woman of no certain place of residence) charged on oath, of being suspected to have feloniously stolen, taken and carried away, one piece of bandle cloth, the property of John CONOLLY, of Caher, in this county, on Friday, the 7th inst. She was apprehended and conducted to jail by the Sub-constables of the District of Iffa and Offa West.

The Dwelling House, Tan Yard, Offices, and Garden, late the Property of Mr. James PURCELL, deceased, to be immediately Let, or the Interest Sold, by Mr. John BRAY, Thurles. Dec. 6, 1787.

December 13 - December 17, 1787
CLONMEL, December 17,
Committed, to our County Jail, the 12th inst. by Nathaniel MITCHELL, Esq;-
Michael LYONS, of Kilsheelan, in this county, labourer, for that he, about eleven o'clock, on the night of the 5th of November, last, burglariously and 
feloniously, forced open the door of the dwelling house of Honora DONOVAN, and threw her on the floor, and with one hand caught her by the throat, 
and forcibly and feloniously, committed a rape on the body of the said Honora DONOVAN. He was apprehended, and conducted to jail, by the Chief and 
Sub constables of the Eastern District of Iffa and Offa. 
On the 15th inst. by the Rev. Charles TUCKEY, -
Thomas LADRIGANE, of Burn-court, in the county, labourer, charged, on oath, with being suspected of having cut, stole and carried away, off the lands 
of Shanbally, in said county, one ash tree, value two shillings, sterling, the property of the Right Hon. Lord LISMORE, and that the top of said tree was 
found in his possession; and, also, with being suspected, at several times, with having feloniously stolen, taken and carried away, large quantities of fruit, 
out of the said Right Hon. Lord LISMORE'S garden, to which felony he has since confessed. He was apprehended, and conducted to jail, by the Sub 
constables of the Western District of Iffa and Offa.

It is reported that I have resigned my claims to the house in Jail Street, in which John TENNISON Esq. lives and Demised to me, by the late Richard SHAW. I 
now inform the Public, that I have not resigned it, and caution them, not to credit such Report, as I intend fyling a Bill against the Administrator, for the 
recovery of my right.
Balinhover, Nov 27, 1787
Rebecca SHAW

December 20 - December 24, 1787
CLONMEL, Dec. 24.
DIED. Yesterday morning, in an advanced age, at his house, in Jail-street, John PENNEFATHER. Esq.

December 27 - December 31, 1787
Committed, to our County Jail, the 24th inst. by Edward COLLINS, Esq; Mayor of Clonmel, -
William Fogarty, who stands charged by information on oath, with having feloniously taken from the person of Mary STAPLETON, on the highway, a blue 
cloak, a white cloak, a silk handkerchief, two ribbands, a cambrick cap, a new pocket, together with ten shillings and four pence half penny in cash. 
On the 27th inst. by ditto,-
John KELLY, charged, by information on oath, with having, on the night of the 26th inst. feloniously and burglariously, broke open, and entered the 
dwelling house of John MAHONY, the elder, of the West Suburbs of Clonmel, with an intent to commit a rape on the body of Elenor MAHONY. He was 
apprehended, and conducted to Jail, by the Constable of the Western District of Iffa and Offa. 
On the 25th inst. by ditto,-
John KEATING and Edmond DWYER, charged, by information on oath, with having burglariously broke open, and entered the dwelling house of William 
ENGLISH, of George's Town, on the night of the 16th November, last, with an intent to commit a felony.
On the 28th inst. by Robert RYVES, Esq;-
William MEAGHER, butcher, and Simon CORM*CK, hatter, both of Thurles, in this county, charged, by the informations of Robert HEMPILL, servant to the 
Rev. Thomas Bourke DUNLEAVY, and the said Thomas Bourke DUNLEAVY, with having, on the night of the 10th inst. about the hour of ten o'clock, 
riotously assembled, and assaulted the said Robert HEMPILL and also with assaulting the said Thomas Bourke DUNLEAVY, cutting and desperately 
wounding him, having lain in wait for the purpose, and that they are of a party of vicious, wicked, and disorderly persons, who make a practice of lying in 
wait, in order to beat and _____ indiscriminately, any person they meet; and that, from the severity of the wounds and bruises, received on the head of 
the said Thomas Bourke DUNLEAVY, and the great effusion of his blood, his life is much endangered: They also stand indicted, in the Peace Office, of this 
county, for forcibly and feloniously taking possession of a house and tenement, in Thurles.

MARRIED. Last Friday, Mr. John SILLITO, of this town, Merchant, to the amiable Miss BRISCOE, of Bleachville, county Kilkenny.

source: Library of Congress film of Clonmel Gazette issues