Coroners Inquests

Some County Tipperary Inquests - 1874/1875
Contributed by Mary Heaphy

Return of inquests held by Michael Meagher, Coroner for
part of the North Riding of County Tipperary, starting July 10th 1874 and ending Feb. 16th. 1875.

1. July 10th on Patrick McGrath, at Carrigatoher, Burgesbeg, Owney and Arra. No Doctor. Reported by Constable Treacy. Verdict-Visitation of God.

2. July 18th. on Anne Boufield, at Youghal, Parish of Youghal, Barony of Owney and Arra. Dr.McKeogh. Reported by Constable Moran. Verdict-Accidentally burned.

3. July 24th on Patrick Guilmartin, Cloughmartin, Parish of Forthcanna, Barony of Eliogarty. Dr. Barry. Reported by Inspector McArdell. Verdict-Natural Causes.

4. July 30th. on Stephen Devany, at Toomevara, Anameadle, Upper Ormond. Dr. Cashel. Reported by Constable Connell. Verdict-Heart Disease.

5. Aug. 26th. on Patrick Semour, at Drummineer, Parish of Drummineer, Lower Ormad. No Doctor. Reported by Constable Young. Verdict-Accidentally drowned.

6. Sept 4th. on Cornelius O'Donnell, at Cully, Parish of Kilneragh, Owney and Arra, Dr. Dwyer. Reported by Constable Loughnane. Verdict-Heart Disease.

7. Sept. 10th on William McGrath, at Glasdrigan, Parish of Upperchurch, Barony of Kilnemanagh, Dr. McMahon. Reported by Constable Doran. Verdict-Epilepsy.

8. Sept 14th. on Stephen Scanlon, at Killenaule, Parish of Lackeen, Lower Ormond. Dr. Wallace. Reported by Constable Ellard. Verdict-Murdered.

9. Sept 23rd. on James Russell, at Reamore, Parish of Abington, Owney and Arra, Dr. McKeogh, Reported by Constable Bassett. Verdict-Heart Disease.

10. Sept 28th. on Patrick Quinlan, at Carrigeen, Parish of Glankeen, Kilnemanagh, Dr. McKeogh. Reported by Constable Doran. Verdict-Heart Disease.

11. Sept 30th on Michael Purcell, at Tinavoher, Loughmore, Eliogarty, Dr. O'Connell. Reported by Constable Treacy. Verdict-Accidentally drowned.

12. Oct. 15th. on William Connors, at Fantane, Parish of Glankeen, Kilnemanagh, Dr. Cashel. Reported by Constable Doran. Verdict-Apoplexy.

13. Oct. 30th, on Joseph Segars, at Lisbryan, Parish of Kilmore, Upper Ormond. Dr. Cahalan. Reported by Constable McMahon. Verdict-Bursting of an Abscess.

14. Nov. 4th and 5th on Patrick Tobin, at Rapla, Parish of Kilruan, Upper Ormond. Drs, Cashel, Kittson, and Birney. Reported by Constable Treacy. Verdict-Found killed on railway line.

15. Nov. 22nd. on Ada Shanahan, at New Lawn, Ballinderry, Lower Ormond, Dr. McKeogh. Reported by Sub-Inspector Lopdale. Verdict-Visitation of God.

16. Nov. 23rd. on Patrick Ryan, at Roscrea. Barony of Ikerrin, Drs McKeogh and Summers, Reported by Sub-Inspector Singleton. Verdict-Wounded to death by some persons unknown.

17. Dec. 1st. on Patrick Delany, at Rockforest, Parish of Corbally, Ikerrin, Dr. Summers. Reported by Constable Toole. Verdict-Heart Disease.

18. Dec. 14th on John Barry, at Fishmoyne, Parish of Kilfithmone, Eliogarty. No Doctor. Reported by Constable Holmes. Verdict-Visitation of God.

19. Dec. 29th. on James Kenna at Thurles, Eliogarty, No Doctor. Reported by Sub-Inspector McArdell. Verdict-Accidentally drowned.

20. Jan 15th on a female child, name not known, at Thurles, Eliogarty, Dr. Russell. reported by Sub-Inspector McArdle. Verdict-Death from hemorrhage of the umbilical cord.

21. Feb 3rd on Michael Dwyer, at Roscrea, Eliogarty, ' Drs Powers and Summers. reported by Constable Toole. Verdict-Inflammation of stomach and bowels with crysipelas.

22. Feb. 8th on Richard Grace at Nenagh, Lower Ormond, Dr. McKeogh. Reported by Head-Constable Leahy. Verdict-Apoplexy.

Costs and expenses incurred in the prosecution of parties summoned before the petit sessions of nenagh, 13th Feb 1875 for obstructing the Coroner from holding an inquest at Beechwood on the 8th Feb. 1875. £2.2.0.

22 inquests  £33.0.0
506 miles     £12.13.0
Costs and expenses £2.2.0.
The above is a correct return of inquests held by me since the date of my last furnished account 10th July 1874 to this date.
Michael Meagher Coroner.
Monamore Feb 16th. 1875

From originals held at Tipperary Library.