County of Tipperary 1775 - Yearly Estates

(This information was found with the List of Freeholders for Tipperary)

Surname Name Notes Value
Alleyn Samuel of Golden Bridge, son in law to Col. Pennefather, little or no real estate, but possessed of farms, worth £1000
Anderson William married to another sister to English (Alex.) £600
Bagnell? William of Marlehill, a relation to John Bagwell, sometimes on the Grand Jury, has but a small fortune  
Bagwell Johh of ….. In the Co., of Corke. related to Bagwell of Clonmore £4000
Bagwell John of Clonmore, a Candidate for the County, married to a daughter of Hamilton Lowe £2000
Baker Henry of Ballydavid, Attorney £500
Baker William of Lismachur, a relation to the Massys and in their interest. £1200
Baker   of Ballymurreen  
Baker   of Ballydavid  
Barker William (Sir) of Kilcooly, son in law to William Lane, Attorney £5000
Barton William of Feathard, married to a Miss Massy, and connected with that family. His father a rich merchant in Bourdeaux £1500
Bayly John of Debsborough, half brother to Prittie £2000
Bloomfield   of Redwood, a minor, related to Lord Roden £1500
Bradshaw Robert an Attorney £1200
Briscoe John in the Bessborough Interest £700
Brooke Francis another Brother in law to Mr. Pritty. A Major in the Regiment of Light Horse, and brother to Sir Arthur Brooke £8000
Bunbury Matthew of Killfeacle, another Brother in Law to Mr. Prittie. Lives mostly in England his wife and he live separate, and his affairs much embarrassed £2000
Butler James of Kilcommon, married to Miss Doherty, has in this and the Co. Clare, (though greatly distressed) an estate of £4000
Butler James of Park, Brother to Theobald Butler £500
Butler James Archer of Bansha, was married to the sister of the above Alex. English £800
Butler John & Walter of Kilkenny, a large estate in this & other counties  
Butler Pierson of Carrick. Interests in this county in right of his wife, the daughter of Theobald Mandeville, and in the Queen's County in his own right, to the amount of £1000
Butler Richard Hamilton Lowe of Lowe's Green, married to another daughter of Lowe £2000
Butler Theobald of Willford, has in Farms £2000
Cahir Lord lives mostly in France & England £10,000
Cambie Solomon   £8000
Carden Craven of Templemore, a minor abt £3000
Carden John of Bernane, married to Miss Disney £1000
Carden Minchin   £1000
Carleton John of Darlinghill, cousin to Commr. Carleton £600
Cashell Archbishop (of) the profits of the See £5000
Chadwick William of Tipperary, married to a daughter of Richard Lockwood. £400
Chadwick William of Ballynard, nephew to the former (Wm. of Tipperary) £1000
Challoner John of Prospect, Brother in law to Mr. Palliser £400
Clanwilliam Lord connected with Prittie, has a very large estate, in this & other counties; married to a Miss Magill of the North by whom he has got a good estate. £14000
Clutterbuck Thomas of Kilgrogy, married to a Miss Prendergast £600
Cole Bowen Henry lives in the County of Corke. A good estate in this County  
Cooke Edward of Clonmell, son in law to Green of Greenville, very much embarrassed, has a Lawsuit with his younger brother, Thomas Cooke, about the estate of Killtinan, which if recovered would be worth him £1500
Cooke John of Poynstown, in the interest of the Pennefathers & Bagwell £1500
Croker John the other representative for Feathard - little or no estate in this County. Mr. Croker resides in the County of Limerick. It is thought he was brought in to represent Feathard by Mr. Pritty and the Clutterbuck family, who have an interest in that Borough.  
Dalton Peter of Grenanstown, a Roman Catholick abt £1000
Dalton Peter of Grenanstown, the like (Roman Catholic)  
Dancer Thomas (Sir) of Moderenny, Bart. £400
Dawson James Massy greatly embarrassed, son to Hugh Massy  
Despard Francis Green of Killaghy, married to a daughter of John Cooke £500
Elliott   of Garrangibbon, a minor £1200
English Alexander of Springfield, in the interest in lands & farms £1200
Falkiner Richard of Mount Falkiner, a Barrister, nephew of Sir Thomas Dancer £7000
Firman John of Firmount, related to Ryan's (Ewer) wife. Worth yearly abt £600, but is much embarrassed £600
Firman Pierson his (John's) eldest son  
Fitzgibbon John a Barrister, a lare estate in this County  
Gahan Daniel of Coolqul, related to the O'Callaghan family £1000
Galway John of Do. (Carrick), a very rich Roman Catholick  
Gason Richard of Killashalloe, connected with and related to Robert Waller £1000
Going Robert of Tullanoylan, married to a daughter of Commr. Maunsell £1200
Grady Henry of Ballylahiff, married to a Miss, whom he ran away with. She is sister in law to William Russell, thy younger. Grady and Russell stand on bad terms £7000
Green John of Lettyville, married to the sister of Daniel Toler, has in the Co. of Limerick, & in this county £2000
Hackett Thomas of Gambonstown, Collector of the County, his eldest son a Lawyer £1200
Head John brother to Michael Head, a small fortune  
Head Michael of Derry, another brother in law to Mr. Prittie. £1000
Hemsworth Thomas   £1000
Holmes Peter of Johnstown, Brother in law to Mr. Prittie. Representative for the Borough of Banagher, has a good interest (as to Freeholder) in this county  
Hunt Vere of Cappaghwhite, I believe under the influence of Lord Milton, he was called to the Bar, but does not practice £800
Hutchinson John Hely- of Knocklofty, Provost of Trinity College, married to the niece of Col. Hutchinson, in right of whom he enjoys an estate in this County  
Jacob Mathew of Mobarnan, the chief of the Presbyterian party in this County £6000
Jephson   of Carrick, a minor £1000
Judkin John Lapp of Cashell, related to Butler Hamilton Lowe £1200
Keating Michael married to a Miss Burgh, a sister in law to Conur. John Foster, greatly embarrassed, has in farms etc. £1500
Kiffin John a Minor, of Cashell, his Mother is Aunt to the present Carden of Templemore £1000
Lane Hamilton of Lane's Park, a minor £1200
Lane William Attorney £1000
Langley Charles of Lisnamrock, married to a Miss Croker, Co. Limerick £1200
Langley Henry of Feathard, brother to Charles £600
Lanphier   of Parkstown  
Latham Oliver of Meldrum, related to Jacob £600
Latham   of Ballysheehan, grandson to Cooke (John) £1000
Lidwell John nephew to Thomas Lidwell, greatly embarrassed £1000
Lidwell Thomas of Clonmore £1500
Lockwood Benjamin another son to Richard. (Note these are pretty much dependent on their father for fortune) £1000
Lockwood Richard the elder, of Cashell, a rich farmer… abt £1000
Lockwood Richard a miner £1000
Lockwood William son to Richard, married to a daughter of Hamilton Lowe. Brother in law to Bagwell & Butler £800
Lovett Jonathan of Kingswell, has a good estate, a great part of which lies in England. He is related to Count Derby £1500
Lowe Lovelace of Rocklowe, related to Bagwell's wife £800
Lowe Robert of Brookhill, another relation to Mrs. Bagwell £500
Loyd George of Mt. Friscoe, uncle to John Loyd of Cranagh £600
Loyd John of Cranagh, who by the death of his father, now possess about £3500
Loyd Thomas Prince of Mayfield abt £1000
Luther Guy (The Rev.) of Clonmell, related to the Moores, will have £2000
Magrath Gamaliel of Redmonstown, married to the daughter of Windham Quin, of Adare, Co. Limerick, and cousin to Count Walsh £1500
Mandeville Thomas of Ballydine, does not care a pin for anyone, and no one cares for him £1500
Mansergh Nicholas Southcott grandson to Richard Lockwood, of Cashel, & married to the daughter of Carden of Templemore £1500
Markham William of Newabby, an old man in the interest of the Moores £1000
Massy Hugh of …Knight of the Shire, for the Co. Limerick. Connected with the Parkers.  
Mathew Francis of Thomastown, one of the Knights of the Shire £1200
Maude Thomas (Sir) of Dundrum, the other knight of the Shire  
May James   £700
May Thomas of Killough, in friendship with the Lockwoods, has in farms et. £1000
McCarthy John of Springhouse, the like (Roman Catholic)  
Miles John of Rochestown  
Millitt Richard of Kyle, related to Jacob £400
Minchin Charles of Donnybrook, connected with Anthony Parker £400
Minchin   of Busherstown  
Moore Chidley of Clonmell, related to the other Moores, very much embarrassed, his estate would sell for about £1000
Moore Colvill (the Hon.) Representative for Clonmell. Brother to Lord Mt. Cashell. (No Landed Property in County  
Moore Guy Coote the other representative for Clonmell. A relation to Lord Mt. Cashell. Note. Lord Mt. Cashell at present has the sole dominion over this Borough  
Moore Richard of Derrypark, brother to Stephen, late an Officer in the Army, Keeper of the Council Chamber, Dublin  
Moore Stephen of Marlefield, married to a sister of Sir Thomas Maude, and Moore's sister is married to Sir James May. £1500
Moore Thomas of Barn, related to the two former (Stephen & Thomas Chidly) and nephew, or cousin to the Earl of Bective £2000
Moore Thomas Chidly of Abby, related to Stephen Moore £1000
Newcomen Thomas of Dovehill, related to Lord Mt. Cashell, owes a great deal of money. £800
Nicholson John an Attorney £1000
Nicholson Robert of Wilmar, nephew to Hercules Langrishe, & John Green, of Greenville £800
O'Brien Donach of Tyone, near Nenagh, Keeps & minds Bolting Mills there, though he has a very large estate in this Kingdom & in England £8000
O'Callaghan Cornelius the younger, of Shanbally. Representative for the Borough of Feathard. (He is married to the daughter of Mr. Ponsonby, the late speaker.  
O'Callaghan Cornelius the elder. Uncle to Cornelius the younger. A rising estate. This gentleman lives in Bath; has settled his estate on his Nephew, Cornelius, the younger.  
O'Meara Morgan of Lisanisly, grondson to Col. Pennefather £2000
Otway Loftus of Lissenhall, connected with Prittie abt £600
Otway Thomas of Castleotway, Brother-in-law to Mr. Prittie. £2000
Palliser Wray of Derryluskan, present High Sheriff, in the interest of Prittie, married to the niece of the Rev. Mr. Challoner, decd. £2500
Parker Anthony of Castlelough, married to a Miss Massy. A good estate in the county of Limerick, the profits of which he receives as Committee to his elder brother who is an idiot. Has an estate and lands in this County of the yearly value of about £1000
Parker Anthony the younger, of Castletown, eldest son to the former,. Married to a Miss Grady, of the Co. Limerick  
Parker John of Newtown, has been at the Temple £1000
Pennefather Bolton Nephew to Col. Pennefather £400
Pennefather Richard of Newpark, Representative in Parliament for the City of Cashell, at present has the entire Government of it, he is an old man, his eldest son, Kingsmill Pennefather (who is dead), was married to the daughter of Lord Lisle, and the Pennefather estate is settled on the issue of the marriage £2000
Pennefather Richard son to the Rev. Francis Pennefather, another nephew to the Colonel £500
Pennefather Thomas of Marlow, another nephew to the Colonel £400
Pennefather William the other representative for Cashell, and late a Major of Dragoons, son to Richard P. (No landed property)  
Pepper George of Knockalton, connected with Prittie £600
Poe James of Sallsborough, married to a sister of Robert Waller £600
Power Ambrose of Barretstown, elder brother to Baron Power £1200
Power John of Tullsmain, another brother to the Baron £500
Prendergast Jeffery of Ballynomasny, (now lives in the Co. Limerick,) agent to Mr. Quin, of Adare £500
Prittie Henry of Kilboy. Representative for the Borough of Gowran. Chief Connection Sir Henry Cavendish £6000
Purefoy William of Ballysheedy, Landwaiter in Corke, has an estate in this County of about £500
Roden Earl   abt £500
Russell William of Tipperary, the elder  
Russell William of Tipperary, the younger £1000
Ryal William & Phineas of Clonmell, Bankers, of the same Interest with Mathew Jacob  
Ryan Ewer of Port Ryan, married to a Miss Magrath, who is sister in law to Denis O'Brien, Attorney, worth yearly in lands abt £800
Ryan John a Roman Catholic abt £1200
Ryan John    
Sadleir Francis of Sopwellhall, father in law to Mr. Prittie. Has a good interest in the County. (as to Freeholders) £2000
Sankey Jacob of Coolmore, related to Jacob £1000
Scott Mark of Mohobber £700
Taylor Godfrey of Noan, his sister was married to William Pennefather, brother to Col. Pennefather, another sister married to James Lowe, of Rocklow £2000
Tennison Joseph of Kildonogy, related to the Carletons £1000
Toler Daniel of Graige, a candidate for the County and related to Prittie 1500
Toler John his (Daniel's) brother abt £1000
Towers Reilly formerly attended the Bar. The town of Borrisokeene and the land about it belong to him; is very imprudent in his affairs has a good many Freeholds Tenants £1000
Waller Richard of Cully abt £1500
Waller Robert of Newport, a relation to Lord Roden, Representative for Dundalk, has very little estate in fee, but has Freehold interests in lands to the amount of abt £1200
Walsh Charles of Derrylaghan, related to Lawton, of Corke £1000
Walsh David    
Walshe David of Clonmell, a Lawyer £1300
Watson John of Ballymohir, was a Quaker, is now a Justice of the Peace. Tenant to Counr. Walsh at Ballymohir £1000
White Henry of Greenhills, married to another daughter of Count Maunsell £1000
Willington James   abt £1500
Willington James of Newhouse £500
Willington John of Killoskehan, late High Sheriff £1500
Woodward William in the Interest of Prittie £600
Woulfe Walter of Do. (Carrick), a very rich Roman Catholick