Tipperary Encumbered estates

*The Encumbered Estates Act of 1848 and 1849 allowed for the sale of Estates which  were burdened with debt. There was no protection for the tenants. By 1856 5,000,000 acres had been sold off.
Terminology: Cestui que Vie is the person for whose life any lands or hereditaments may be held - (www.bartleby.com)

In the Matter of the Estate of
MATHEW PENNEFATHER of NEWPARK, in the county of Tipperary

Eyre Nicholas Sadleir & Others Sale

Estate of Thomas P Firman of Mount Falkner  Tipperary -Sale Notice


Encumbered Estate of Henry Whitby Briscoe
Which will be sold by auction by the Commissioners for Sale of Incumbered Estates in Ireland, at their Court, 14, Henrietta-st. Dublin,
on FRIDAY, the 28th day of NOVEMBER, 1856, at the Hour of Twelve o'Clock at Noon.

Lot 6

Carrick-on-Suir Lot 7

New Street
Chapel Lane
Main Street
Carrick-on-Suir Lot 8
Peach Lane
New Ln. & Main St.
Lot 9

Estate of John Butler Clarke Southwell Wandesforde, Esq. & the Right Honorable John Arthur Wynne, Trustees of the Will of the Right Honorable Somerset Richard, Earl of Carrick, deceased.
Situate in the Barony of Ikerrin in the county of Tipperary. To be sold on 13 Nov 1855

Estate of Samuel Jacob and Robert Jacob, both late of Mabarnane, in the County of Tipperary, Esqrs., 
To be sold on 6 May 1853

Estate of Lovick Loftus READE and Clement MILWARD - owners, Ex-parte - Martha BOOKEY, - Petitioner
3rd Feb 1854


The Property of John Russell, Esq.
The townland is situated 8 miles from the City of Cashel.

Sale on 11 May 1858
In the matter of the Estate of  Robert Lidwill, owner
Clonmore which will be sold in Four Lots, are situate about 3 miles North of the town of Templemore. The tenants are solvent and respectable.

Sale on 7th Day of December 1855
The Estate of Daniel Kinahan & others of the fee simple Estate of


For Sale of Incumbered Estates in the Co. of Tipperary.
In the Matter of the Estate of William Henry Cooper Marrett, Esq., Owner

Sale on 5th day of November 1857 - In the matter of the estate of Julia WATSON. Sold in 6 Lots: 
Lot 1 consists of the Village of Portroe, and land adjoining it. Lots 2,3 & 4 adjoin Lot 1, and are well worthy of small capitalists. Lot 5 is a nice Farm and joins the Demesne of Garrykennedy. Lot 6 consists of the Demesne Lands of Garrykennedy.

Sale on 10 December 1858 - In the matter of the estate of Charles John Henry, Esq., Owner.
The lands partly lie along the Noble River Shannon, and are nearly opposite the rising and Picturesque Town of Killaloe. (In the E.D. of Ballina in the North Riding of Co. Tipperary)

Sale on 8 July 1852 - The Estate of Robert Lidwill, a minor, Owner.

The Estate of Mathew Pennefather

 Sale: 5 November 1852 - Encumbered Estate of Francis BULKLEY & John King FORREST, Esquires,
Trustees of the settlement of Vere Dawson HUNT, Esq. situate in the Barony of

From the Encumbered Estate of John Craven CARDEN, Bart., Owner
Sale - 13 Dec. 1853

From the Encumbered Estate of Francis O'Brien, Esq., Owner
Sale 8 May 1855

Sale of the Encumbered Estate of John Craven CARDEN, Bart., Owner
Sale - 13 Dec. 1853

Sale on 22 Jun 1858.
Estate of Rebecca ONGE & Dive ONGE, Esq. Owners

Estate of John Pennefather Lanphier Esqr.

Parkstown (with map)

Estate of John William BURMESTER, Farmery John LAW & James SADLEIR, Esqrs., - Owners

Carrick Parks - (Suburb of Carrick on Suir) (Jephson)

Miscellaneous small Estates

Source: FHL# 0258813 & 0258844.
Rentals of Encumbered Estates