1889 Bassett's Directory of Tipperary

Tipperary Pt 2 (Me-Wi) - Two Mile Borris

  Albert J Meldon Magistrates Resident Grenane House Tipperary  
Miss Mt Merrick Grocers Main St E 15 Tipperary Spirits
  John Merrigan Farmers,Residents Bohercrowe Tipperary  
  Patk Merrigan Flour Merchants Henry St Tipperary  
  Wm Merrigan Farmers,Residents G'gowlane Tipperary Junior
  John Millea Drapers Main St E 11,12 Tipperary  
  Dl Moloney Coal Merchants Railway Tipperary  
  John Moloney Butter Merchants Church St Tipperary  
  John Moloney Farmers,Residents Ballynahow Tipperary  
  Stn Moloney Farmers,Residents Ballinleinty Tipperary  
  Thos Moloney Union Tipperary Ballyryan E Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Wm Moloney Farmers,Residents Ballynilard Tipperary  
  Wm Moloney Farmers,Residents Barronstown L Tipperary  
Count A Moore Union Tipperary Mooresfort Tipperary Ex-Officio Guardians
Count Arthur Moore Farmers,Residents Mooresfort Tipperary  
Count Arthur J Moore Magistrates Mooresfort Tipperary Deputy Lieutenant
  John Moore Spirit Retailers Davis St 9 Tipperary  
  Wm Moran Grocers Michael St 59 Tipperary Spirits
  P J Morissey Physicians Michael St Tipperary  
Dr Ptk T Morressy Coroners   Tipperary  
  Ml Morris Coal Merchants James St Tipperary  
  Sl Morris Coal Merchants Railway Tipperary  
  J Morrissy Farmers,Residents Barronstown O Tipperary  
Dr P T Morrissy Union Tipperary   Tipperary Asst MO
  J H Mulcahy Farmers,Residents Ballyglass U Tipperary  
  James Mulcahy Farmers,Residents Murgasty Tipperary  
  Thomas Mulcahy Town Commissioners   Tipperary Asst Street Inspector
  Jas Murphy Hardware&Timber James St Tipperary Seeds
  James Murray Boots & Shoes James St 3 Tipperary  
  J E K Nadin Physicians Michael St Tipperary  
  Thos Nagle Grocers Michael St 4 Tipperary  
  John Neill Farmers,Residents Barronstown L Tipperary  
  John Neill Farmers,Residents Barronstown Tipperary  
  John Nolan Railways Station Tipperary BC, Goods, W&L
  Walter Nolan Solicitors Michael St Tipperary  
  Edmond Noonan Drapers Henry St Tipperary  
  Cornelius O'Brien Farmers,Residents Templenoe Tipperary  
  Jerh O'Brien Stationers Michael St Tipperary News Agents
  Kennedy O'Brien Cattle Dealers Henry St Tipperary  
  Patrick O'Brien Farmers,Residents Templenoe Tipperary  
  R O'Brien Coal Merchants James St Tipperary  
  Denis O'Callaghan Drapers Henry St Tipperary  
  Denis O'Callaghan Victuallers Church St Tipperary  
Mrs E O'Connor Hides&Skins Bridge St Tipperary  
Mrs E O'Connor Hotels Bridge St Tipperary  
Mrs E O'Connor Marine Stores Bridge St Tipperary  
  Richard O'Connor Cattle Dealers Bank Pl Tipperary  
  Patrick O'Doherty Teachers Association   Tipperary Sec & Treas
  Ml O'Donnell Grocers Michael St 11 Tipperary  
Miss Bt O'Donoghoe Spirit Retailers Bridge St Tipperary  
Miss M O'Donoghoe Spirit Retailers Main St E Tipperary  
Miss M O'Donoghue Confectioners Main St E 2 Tipperary  
Miss E O'Driscoll Spirit Retailers Main St 21 Tipperary  
  Jas J O'Driscoll Flour Merchants Henry St 14 Tipperary  
  Jas J O'Driscoll Hardware&Timber Henry St 14 Tipperary Seeds
  P&T O'Driscoll Flour Merchants Church St Tipperary  
  P&T O'Driscoll Flour Merchants Henry St Tipperary  
  P&T O'Driscoll Flour Merchants Bank Pl Tipperary  
  P&T O'Driscoll Hides&Skins Henry St 94 Tipperary  
  P&T O'Driscoll Provision Merchants Henry St Tipperary  
Mrs A O'Dwyer Grocers James St 4 Tipperary  
  Jno O'Dwyer Grocers Bank Pl Tipperary  
  John O'Dwyer Solicitors Michael St Tipperary  
  Matt O'Dwyer Hardware&Timber Main St 43 Tipperary Seeds
  Michael O'Dwyer Clubs, National League   Tipperary Secretary
  Michl O'Dwyer Grocers Main St E 4 Tipperary  
  Philip O'Dwyer Flour Merchants Davis St 9 Tipperary  
  J O'Gradt England Petty Sessions   Tipperary Clerk
  J O'Grady England Commissioners   Tipperary For administring Oaths in The Supreme Court of Judicature in Ireland
Mrs Mt O'Leary Farmers,Residents Derby Tce Tipperary  
  Phillip O'Mahony Grocers Henry St 7 Tipperary  
  Ty O'Mara Bakers Henry St Tipperary  
  Ty O'Mara Millers Henry St Tipperary  
  James O'Neill Drapers Main St 63,64 Tipperary  
  James O'Neill Grocers Main St 23,24. Tipperary  
  Jno O'Neill Union Tipperary Knockandoolis Tipperary Elected Guardians
  P F O'Neill Bakers Main St 44 Tipperary  
  P F O'Neill Grocers Main St 44 Tipperary  
  Patk O'Neill Grocers Church St 3 Tipperary  
  Thomas O'Neill Bakers Bank Pl 10,11 Tipperary  
  Thos O'Neill Grocers Bank Pl 10,11 Tipperary  
  Wm O'Neill Grocers Davis St 2 Tipperary  
Miss   Orme Schools Parochial Michael St Tipperary  
    O'Ryan Druggists Henry St Tipperary &Co Wholesale, Union Contractors
    O'Ryan Medical Halls Henry St Tipperary  
  John O'Ryan Farmers,Residents Ballyhusty Tipperary  
  John F O'Ryan Physicians Henry St 15 Tipperary  
  Ml O'Ryan Farmers,Residents Henry St Tipperary LPS
  Patk O'Ryan Union Tipperary Losset Hunt Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Joseph O'Shea Butter Merchants Dobbyn's Hotel Tipperary  
  Patrick O'Sullivan Inland Revenue Davis St Tipperary Officer
  Wm Parr Commissioners   Tipperary For administring Oaths in The Supreme Court of Judicature in Ireland
  Wm Parr Brewery Store Main St E 15 Tipperary Agent, T. Murphy & Co
  Chas Peare Watchmakers Michael St 6 Tipperary  
  E S Pearson Farmers,Residents K'ballynoe E Tipperary  
  Thos Phelan Union Tipperary Tankardstown Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Hy Popham Banks Main St Tipperary Acc, M&L
  Lce Power Farmers,Residents Coolnagun Tipperary  
Rev Ml Power Churches RC Michael St Tipperary CC
  Wm Power Veterinary Surgeons Henry St Tipperary  
  Geoffrey Prendergast Farmers,Residents Clonpet Tipperary  
  Thos Prendergast Farmers,Residents Ballinleinty Tipperary  
  Wm Prendergast Cattle Dealers Davis St Tipperary  
  Wm Prendergast Victuallers Davis St Tipperary  
  Dd Quane Grocers Henry St Tipperary  
  Dd Quane Post Cars & Hearses Henry St Tipperary  
  Edm Quillinan Farmers,Residents Raheen U Tipperary  
  James Quillinan Farmers,Residents Raheen U Tipperary  
  John Quillinan Drapers Davis St 2 Tipperary  
  Patrick Quillinan Farmers,Residents Carron Tipperary  
  Jno Quinlan Grocers Henry St Tipperary  
  Thos Quinlan Grocers Church St 12 Tipperary  
  Wm Quinlan Grocers Church St 13 Tipperary  
  Wm J Quinlan Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
  John Quinn Drapers Henry St 93 Tipperary  
  John Quinn Grocers Henry St 93 Tipperary  
  Daniel Quirke Grocers Main St E 6 Tipperary  
  Edmond Quirke Grocers Main St 42 Tipperary  
  James Quirke Provision Merchants James St Tipperary  
  John Quirke Farmers,Residents Clonpet Tipperary  
  Michael Quirke Beer Retailers James St Tipperary  
  Patk Quirke Farmers,Residents Sadleirswells Tipperary  
  Jas Rafferty Grocers Limerick St Tipperary  
Mrs M Rahelly Boots & Shoes Main St 68 Tipperary  
  William Ranalow Banks Davis St Tipperary Acc&Teller, Prov
  Stephen Rankins Farmers,Residents Kilfeacle Tipperary  
  Jeremiah Reardon Farmers,Residents Ardloman Tipperary  
  Wm B Riordan Union Tipperary   Tipperary Clerk
Mrs B Roche News Agents Limerick St Tipperary See also Stationers
  Richard Ronan Boots & Shoes Main St E 4 Tipperary  
  Richard Ronan Town Commissioners   Tipperary Chairman
  John Rourke Farmers,Residents Grantstown Tipperary  
  J N Russell Bakers Main St 29 Tipperary &Sons
  Geo Rutherford Flour Merchants Main St 58,59 Tipperary &Sons
Mrs A Ryan Farmers,Residents Bohercrowe House Tipperary  
Dr Chas E Ryan Magistrates Glenlara Tipperary  
  Chas E Ryan Physicians Glenlara Tipperary  
Dr Chas E Ryan Union Tipperary Glenlara Tipperary Ex-Officio Guardians
  Cornls Ryan Grocers Limerick St Tipperary  
  Daniel Ryan Cattle Dealers James St Tipperary  
  Danl Ryan Grocers Davis St 4 Tipperary  
  Danl Ryan Union Tipperary Ballyfireen Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Dl B Ryan Victuallers James St Tipperary  
  Henry Ryan Bakers Michael St Tipperary  
  Henry Ryan Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
  Hy Ryan Confectioners Michael St Tipperary  
  J A Ryan Bakers Main St 22 Tipperary  
  James Ryan Farmers,Residents Ballyhusty Tipperary  
  James Ryan Farmers,Residents Bohercrowe Tipperary  
  John Ryan Grocers Main St 17,18,19 Tipperary  
  John Ryan Grocers Davis St 5 Tipperary  
  John Ryan Loan Offices Bridge St Tipperary Chairman, Treasurer
  John Ryan Marine Stores Main St E off Tipperary  
  John Ryan Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
  John Ryan Farmers,Residents Ballynahow Tipperary  
  John Ryan Farmers,Residents Camea Tipperary  
  John Ryan Farmers,Residents Carron Tipperary  
  John Ryan Farmers,Residents Rathnaveen R Tipperary  
  John Ryan Farmers,Residents Templenoe Tipperary  
Lt Col Jos C Ryan Military Barracks Tipperary Commanding
Mrs M A Ryan Coal Merchants Henry St Tipperary  
Mrs M A Ryan Corn Merchants Main St 32 Tipperary  
Mrs M A Ryan Flour Merchants Main St 32 Tipperary  
Mrs M A Ryan Provision Merchants Main St 32 Tipperary  
  Matt Ryan Grocers Henry St Tipperary  
  Ml Ryan Coal Merchants Railway Tipperary  
  Ml Ryan Drapers Main St 65 Tipperary  
  Ml Ryan Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
  Pat Ryan Cattle Dealers Davitt St Tipperary  
  Pat Ryan Provision Merchants Davis St Tipperary  
  Thomas Ryan Farmers,Residents Templenoe Tipperary  
  Thomas Ryan Farmers,Residents Lacken Tipperary  
  Wm Ryan Hardware&Timber Main St 8 Tipperary  
  Wm Ryan Solicitors Michael St Tipperary  
  Wm Ryan Union Tipperary Ballycohey Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Wm Ryan Farmers,Residents Ballinleinty Tipperary  
Misses   Sadeir Farmers,Residents Scallaheen Ho Tipperary  
Mrs   Sadeir Farmers,Residents Carrowclough Tipperary  
  Henry Sadeir Farmers,Residents Scallaheen Tipperary  
  James Sadeir Farmers,Residents Brookville Ho Tipperary  
  James Sadeir Farmers,Residents Ballydonagh Tipperary  
Mrs J Sharkett Grocers Henry St Tipperary  
  Jas Shaw Grocers Michael St 49 Tipperary  
  Jno Sheehy Farmers,Residents Garrancanty Tipperary  
  Isaac Sinclair Farmers,Residents Corrogebeg Tipperary  
  Jas Skehan Grocers Main St 74 Tipperary  
  William Slattery Bakers Davis St 23 Tipperary  
  John Smithwick Farmers,Residents Cottage Tipperary  
  Edmond Spring Plumbers Davis St Tipperary  
  Thos Stapleton Union Tipperary Seskin Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Ptk Sullivan Farmers,Residents Grantstown Tipperary  
  James Taylor Commissioners   Tipperary For administring Oaths in The Supreme Court of Judicature in Ireland
  James Taylor Marriages District Registrars   Tipperary under 7&8 Vic, cap.81 (1844)
  James Taylor Emigration Agents James St Tipperary  
  James Taylor Post Office James St Tipperary PM
  Henry Tee Gas Co   Tipperary Mgr & Sec
  T Thompson Farmers,Residents Kilfeacle M Tipperary  
Miss M Tobin Coal Merchants Bank Pl Tipperary  
Miss M Tobin Grocers Bank Pl Tipperary  
  Thos Tobin Grocers Main St E 17 Tipperary  
  Michael Toomy Farmers,Residents Drumclieve Tipperary  
  H H Townsend Estate Office   Tipperary Agent, AH Smith-Barry
  H H Townsend Union Tipperary Cordangan Manor Tipperary Ex-Officio Guardians
  H H Townsend Farmers,Residents C'Dangan Manor Tipperary  
  Horatio H Townsend Magistrates Cordangan Manor Tipperary  
  Denis Treacy Farmers,Residents Sollohedbeg Tipperary  
  Thomas Treacy Farmers,Residents Sollohedbeg Tipperary  
Miss J Tulloch Stationers James St 1 Tipperary  
  Denis Wall Grocers Michael St 5 Tipperary  
  E Walsh Grocers Bank Pl Tipperary  
  Elly Walsh Coal Merchants Bank Pl Tipperary  
  John Walsh Bakers Main St E 13 Tipperary  
  Michl Whelan Grocers Main St 14 Tipperary  
  D White Military Barracks Tipperary Quarter Master
  Newport White Farmers,Residents Greenrath Tipperary  
  Rd Wilkinson Farmers,Residents Ballinahow Tipperary  
  Henry H Williams Banks Main St Tipperary Teller, Nat
  Jas Wise Saddlers Church St Tipperary  
  Thos Ahearn Schools National   Toomevara  
  Joseph Allison Farmers,Residents Park Toomevara  
  H J Bently Farmers,Residents Pallas W Toomevara  
  William Bohan Farmers,Residents Blean Toomevara  
  Michael Brislane Farmers,Residents Coologue Toomevara  
  Patrick Carroll Farmers,Residents Garrane Toomevara  
  John Clarke Farmers,Residents Knockane Toomevara  
  Wm Cleary Farmers,Residents Ammameadle Toomevara  
Mrs   Coffey Farmers,Residents Blean Toomevara  
  William Coffey Farmers,Residents Ballybeg Toomevara  
  William Cormack Farmers,Residents Ballybeg Toomevara  
Mrs   Cummins Farmers,Residents Clonalee Toomevara  
  Wm Cummins Farmers,Residents Clonalea Toomevara  
  Wm Cummins Farmers,Residents Clonalea Toomevara Junior
  Lancelot Cunneen Farmers,Residents Knockane Toomevara  
Rev Jas Daly Churches RC   Toomevara CC
  John Delaney Farmers,Residents Lismore Toomevara  
  Michael Delaney Farmers,Residents Garrane Toomevara  
  Thomas Delaney Farmers,Residents Clonteige Toomevara  
  Ty Delaney Grocers   Toomevara Spirit Retailers
  Michael Donohue Farmers,Residents Knockane Toomevara  
  Rody Donohue Farmers,Residents Knockane Toomevara  
  J Donovan Bakers   Toomevara  
  Jno Donovan Grocers   Toomevara Spirit Retailers
  John Donovan Union Nenagh   Toomevara Elected Guardian
Mrs E Dunlea Schools National   Toomevara  
  John Dwyer Farmers,Residents Carrigdawson Toomevara  
Mrs Eliza Enright Grocers   Toomevara  
  H Eustace Union Nenagh Goermanstown Toomevara Ex-Officio Guardians
  Henry Eustace Magistrates Goermanstown Toomevara Deputy Lieutenant
  Henry Eustace Farmers,Residents Grenanstown Toomevara JP
  John Farrell Farmers,Residents Ballinveeny Toomevara  
  Wm Farrell Farmers,Residents Ballybeg Toomevara  
Rev Dl Fogarty Churches RC   Toomevara PP
Miss My A Freeze Drapers   Toomevara  
  Edward Gleeson Farmers,Residents Gortagarry Toomevara  
  Timothy Gleeson Farmers,Residents Baurroe Toomevara  
Mrs   Grace Farmers,Residents Blean Toomevara  
  Wm Grace Farmers,Residents Blean Toomevara  
  John Guilfoyle Farmers,Residents Pallas E Toomevara  
  Denis Harty Farmers,Residents Blean Toomevara  
  Patrick Harty Farmers,Residents Lismore Toomevara  
  Patrick Harty Farmers,Residents Clonalea Toomevara Junior
  John Hassett Farmers,Residents Clash Toomevara Junior
  Adam Hodgins Farmers,Residents Garryglass Toomevara  
  Cornls Hogan Farmers,Residents Kilnafinch Toomevara  
  Michael Hogan Farmers,Residents Ballinlough Toomevara  
  Patrick Hogan Farmers,Residents Coolderry Toomevara  
  Ptk Hogan Farmers,Residents Knockbrogue Toomevara  
Sergt E Kelly R I Constabulary   Toomevara  
  Denis Kenna Farmers,Residents Park Toomevara  
  John Kennedy Farmers,Residents Clonalea Toomevara  
  Wm Kennedy Farmers,Residents Bunacum Toomevara  
  Thos Landrigan Grocers   Toomevara  
  S M Lanigan Farmers,Residents Glenaguile Ho Toomevara  
  J A Lewis Farmers,Residents Clash Cottage Toomevara  
  Phillip Looby Farmers,Residents Kilnafinch Toomevara  
  James Maher Farmers,Residents Ballinveeny Toomevara  
  Richard Maher Farmers,Residents Monanore Toomevara  
  John Maxwell Farmers,Residents Ballinlough Toomevara  
  James McDonnell Farmers,Residents Stook Toomevara  
  John McDonnell Farmers,Residents Gortagarry Toomevara  
Rev D McNamara Churches RC   Toomevara CC
  James Meara Farmers,Residents Rossgoordagh Toomevara  
  John Meara Farmers,Residents Garrane Toomevara  
  Patrick Meara Farmers,Residents Garrane Toomevara  
  Geo Mooney Farmers,Residents Ballinveeny Toomevara  
  John O'Brien Farmers,Residents Ballybeg Toomevara  
  Danl O'Connell Farmers,Residents Castlequarter Toomevara  
  James O'Donnell Union Nenagh Annameadle Toomevara Elected Guardian
  Jas O'Donnell Farmers,Residents Annameadle Toomevara  
  John Oldfield Farmers,Residents Loughane Lr Toomevara  
  J O'Meara Bakers   Toomevara  
  James O'Meara Union Nenagh   Toomevara Elected Guardian
  James O'Meara Grocers   Toomevara Spirit Retailers
  Jas O'Meara Post Office   Toomevara PM
  John D O'Ryan Farmers,Residents Cloughonan Toomevara  
Dr Geo Hy Powell Dispensaries   Toomevara  
  Henry Powell Farmers,Residents Laghile Toomevara  
  William Powell Farmers,Residents Blean Toomevara  
  Samual T Reid Farmers,Residents Poulakerry Toomevara  
  James Reidy Farmers,Residents Clonalea Toomevara  
  Michael Ryan Farmers,Residents Annameadle Toomevara  
  Michael Ryan Farmers,Residents Baurroe Toomevara  
  Patrick Ryan Farmers,Residents Glenguile Toomevara  
  Patrick Ryan Farmers,Residents Killiesk Toomevara  
  Thomas Ryan Grocers   Toomevara Spirit Retailers
  Timothy Ryan Farmers,Residents Kilconane Toomevara  
  Timothy Ryan Farmers,Residents Knockane Toomevara  
Rev Canon Jno L Stawell Churches CoI   Toomevara  
  Patrick Tierney Farmers,Residents Ballinlough Toomevara  
  Patrick Tierney Farmers,Residents Clash Toomevara  
  Thomas Troy Farmers,Residents Park Toomevara  
  Patk Ahearn Farmers,Residents Foilduff Jackson Tour  
  Patrick Carey Farmers,Residents Foilduff Tour  
  James Coffee Farmers,Residents Doonane Tour  
  John Crowe Farmers,Residents Cappanakeady Tour  
  Patrick Dwyer Farmers,Residents   Tour  
Mr   Fleming Schools National   Tour  
Miss   Kearney Schools National   Tour  
  Daniel Kennedy Farmers,Residents Foilduff Tour  
  Jeremiah Kennedy Farmers,Residents Gortacoola Tour  
  John Kennedy Farmers,Residents Foilduff Tour  
  John P Kennedy Farmers,Residents Glencroe Tour  
  Matt Kennedy Farmers,Residents Glencroe Tour  
  Rody Kennedy Farmers,Residents Knockacullin Tour  
  Thomas Kennedy Farmers,Residents Foilduff Tour  
  Thomas Kennedy Farmers,Residents Knockacullin Tour  
  William Kennedy Farmers,Residents Bunkimalta Tour  
  Denis Ryan Farmers,Residents Knockfune Tour  
  Hy Ryan Farmers,Residents Bunkimalta Tour  
  Pat Ryan Farmers,Residents Touknockane Tour  
  Thos Ryan Farmers,Residents Kilnacappagh Tour  
  Ty Ryan Grocers   Tour Spirits
  Ty Ryan Post Office   Tour  
  Pat Bannon Spirit Retailers   Two Mile Borris  
  Thomas Commins Farmers,Residents Blackcastle Two Mile Borris  
  Jas Cooke Post Office   Two Mile Borris PM
Miss Mt Cushing Farmers,Residents Borris Two Mile Borris  
  Jeremiah Dalton Farmers,Residents Noard House Two Mile Borris  
  Michael Duggan Farmers,Residents Borris Two Mile Borris  
  Thos Duggan Farmers,Residents Borris Two Mile Borris  
  Jas Dwyer Grocers   Two Mile Borris  
  Martin Fanning Farmers,Residents Borris Two Mile Borris  
  Michael Guilfoyle Farmers,Residents Ballyerke Two Mile Borris  
Mrs A Hayes Farmers,Residents Leigh Two Mile Borris  
  Cath Hayes Spirit Retailers   Two Mile Borris  
  Daniel Hayes Farmers,Residents Leigh Two Mile Borris  
  Daniel M Hayes Farmers,Residents Borris Two Mile Borris  
  Dl Hayes Union Thurles Ballyerke Two Mile Borris Elected Guardians
  Thomas Hayes Farmers,Residents Leigh Two Mile Borris  
  Christopher Large Farmers,Residents Leigh Two Mile Borris  
  Edmd Maher Farmers,Residents Coolcroo Two Mile Borris  
  Edw Maher Spirit Retailers   Two Mile Borris  
  Jno Manning Schools National   Two Mile Borris  
  Thomas Morriss Farmers,Residents Borris Two Mile Borris  
  John Ryan Farmers,Residents Borris Two Mile Borris  
  Thomas Ryan Farmers,Residents Coalfields Two Mile Borris  
  Ellen St John Grocers   Two Mile Borris