1889 Bassett's Directory of Tipperary


  John Acres Bakers Queen St 13 Nenagh  
    Advocate Office Printers(Typo) Chapel St Nenagh  
  W Anadell Leach Banks Barrack St Nenagh Act/Teller, M&L
  W R Armitage Grocers Barrack St 26 Nenagh Spirits
  J N Atkinson Farmers,Residents Ashley Park Nenagh JP
  James N Atkinson Magistrates Ashley Park Nenagh  
  Jas N Atkinson Union Nenagh Ashley Park Nenagh Ex-Officio Guardians
Mrs L Austin Merchant Tailors Castle St 26 Nenagh  
  Gerard D Barry Clubs, Cycling   Nenagh Secretary
  J W C Barry Clubs, Tennis   Nenagh Treasurer
  James W C Barry Banks Peter St Nenagh Mngr, Prov
Mrs   Bayly Farmers,Residents Wellington Nenagh  
  Jno Bayly Union Nenagh Debsborough Nenagh Ex-Officio Guardians
Capt John Bayly Magistrates Debsborough Nenagh Deputy Lieutenant
  John Bayly Farmers,Residents Debsborough Nenagh JP
  John P Bayly Grand Jury Ballinaclough Nenagh Secretary
  John P Bayly Farmers,Residents Callinaclough Nenagh  
  Richd E Bayly Barony Cess Collectors Debsborough Nenagh Ormond Up NR
Dr A Birney Medical Halls Castle St 10 Nenagh  
  Adam Birney Physicians Castle St 10 Nenagh  
  Wm Black Banks Peter St Nenagh Teller, Prov
Mrs My Boland Grocers Barrack St 4 Nenagh Spirits
  T Boland Wollen Manftrs Ballinaclough Nenagh &Son
  T Boland Wool Merchants Barrack St 2 Nenagh &Son
  Thos Boland Corn Merchants Barrack St 2 Nenagh &Son
  Ths Boland Millers Ballinaaclough Nenagh &Son
  Jno Boyd Egg Exporters Pound St Nenagh  
  John Boyd Butter Merchants Pound St Nenagh  
  Thomas Boyle Farmers,Residents Ballyhogan Nenagh  
  Thos S Brereton Farmers,Residents Rarhurles Nenagh  
  John Brien Farmers,Residents Bawn Nenagh  
  Michael Brien Farmers,Residents Curraheen Nenagh  
  Thomas Brien Farmers,Residents Fawnlough Nenagh  
  Jas Brodrick Provisions Silver St Nenagh  
  Jas Buggle Grocers Queen St Nenagh  
  Fred H Bull Clubs, Rugby Football   Nenagh Treasurer
  Fred H Bull Clubs, Cycling   Nenagh Vice Captain
Capt George Bunbury Farmers,Residents Woodville Nenagh  
  Dl Burns Spirit Retailers Dublin Rd Nenagh  
  Francis J Byron Gas Co Tyone Rd Nenagh Sec & Mgr
Mrs Mt Caddell Grocers Barrack St 17 Nenagh Spirits
  Francis Cahalan Physicians Summerhill Nenagh  
  M Cahill Grocers Castle St 57 Nenagh Spirits, Hardware, Seeds, Coal, tinmer'drugs
Mrs   Cantwell Farmers,Residents Rathleen Nenagh  
Capt Wm H Carrol Magistrates Lissenhall Nenagh  
  C M Carroll Emigration Agents Summerhill Nenagh  
  Charles M Carroll Clubs, YMCA Castle St Nenagh Secretary
  Chas M Carroll Auctioneers Summerhill Nenagh  
  J M Carroll Veterinary Surgeons Barrack St 47 Nenagh  
  Jno Carroll Emigration Agents Barrack St 12 Nenagh  
Mrs M A Carroll Hotels Barrack St 12 Nenagh  
  Ptk Carroll Grocers Castle St 47 Nenagh Seeds
  Thomas Carroll Grocers Queen St 21 Nenagh Spirits
  W H Carroll Farmers,Residents Lissenhall Nenagh JP
  Wm Carroll Painters Queen St 17 Nenagh  
  Wm Carroll Farmers,Residents Belleen Lr Nenagh  
  Wm Carroll Farmers,Residents Ballyanny Up Nenagh  
  Wm H Carroll Union Nenagh Lissenhall Nenagh Ex-Officio Guardians
Miss   Casey Farmers,Residents Caseyscross Nenagh  
  K P Cash Farmers,Residents Silvermines Cottage Nenagh  
  Ml Cash Grocers Castle St 6 Nenagh Spirits
  Patrick Cash Farmers,Residents Kilkeary Nenagh  
Mrs   Chadwick Farmers,Residents Bow Rd Nenagh  
  John Chammey Boots & Shoes Castle St 71 Nenagh  
  Geo Charles Boots & Shoes Barrack St 24 Nenagh  
  Geo Charles Grocers Barrack St 24 Nenagh Spirits
Mrs My Chumney Spirit Retailers Peter St Nenagh  
  Ml Clasby Egg Exporters Summerhill Nenagh  
  Ml Clasby Grocers Summerhill 31 Nenagh  
  Wm Clear Bakers Castle St 41 Nenagh  
  Wm Clear Spirit Retailers Castle St 41 Nenagh  
Mrs C Cleary Chandlers Manufacturing Castle St 63 Nenagh  
  Patrick Cleary Farmers,Residents Lisatunny Nenagh  
  Richard Cleary Farmers,Residents Nenagh S Nenagh  
Mrs   Clerihan Farmers,Residents Kylleria Nenagh  
  Jno Clerihan Millers Ballyanne Nenagh  
  John Clerihan Bakers Silver St 97 Nenagh  
  John Clerihan Corn Merchants Silver St Nenagh  
Miss Bt Clifford Grocers Silver St 95 Nenagh  
  Jas Clune Saddlers Castle St 27,28 Nenagh  
  John Cody Farmers,Residents Idrone Cottage Nenagh  
  Ptk J Coghlan Grocers Dublin Rd Nenagh Spirits
  M Connors Cattle Dealers Pound St Nenagh &Sons
  Rd Connors Victuallers Castle St 45 Nenagh  
Miss K Conroy Grocers Pound St Nenagh Spirits
  Martin Corbett Drapers Castle St 81 Nenagh  
  Martin Corbett Farmers,Residents Nenagh N Nenagh  
    Corneille Grocers Castle St 16,17 Nenagh &Co, Spirits, Seeds, Coal
Rev F Corry Churches RC Chapel St Nenagh CC
Mrs K Cosgrove Grocers Queen St 1 Nenagh &Co, Spirits, Seeds, Coal
  P Costello Drapers Castle St 4 Nenagh &Co
    Costello&Hayes Cattle Dealers Pound St Nenagh  
  Jno Courtenay Provisions Queen St Nenagh  
  Wm Courtenay Physicians Summerhill Nenagh  
Dr Wm Courtenay Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
Dr Wm Courtney Dispensaries Summerhill Nenagh Mo
  David Coyne Clubs, Rugby Football   Nenagh Secretary
  David Coyne Clubs, Cycling   Nenagh Treasurer
  E Coyne Confectioners Castle St 18,25 Nenagh &Son
  E Coyne Grocers Castle St 18,25 Nenagh &Son
  A H Crawford Civil Engineers The Cottage Nenagh  
  Andrew H Crawford Surveyors, County   Nenagh North Riding
  Jno Cuddy Saddlers Pound St Nenagh  
  John Cunneen Farmers,Residents Lisbunny Nenagh  
Miss Mary Dagg Coffee Tavern Castle St 24 Nenagh  
  Rd Dagg Mineral Water Mftrs Richmond Rd Nenagh  
  Jno Daly Merchant Tailors Chapel St Nenagh  
  Daniel D'Arcy Corn Merchants Pound St Nenagh  
  Dl D'Arcy Grocers Pound St Nenagh Spirits
  Hy N Davidge Barony Cess Collectors   Nenagh Ormond Lr NR
  Fred W Day Commissioners   Nenagh For administring Oaths in The Supreme Court of Judicature in Ireland
  Fred W Day Stationers Castle St 51 Nenagh Fancy Goods
  Fred W Day Clubs,Boat   Nenagh Treasurer
  Ml Delany Grocers Pound St Nenagh  
Mrs   Dillon Farmers,Residents Tyone Nenagh  
  Jno Dillon Union Nenagh Tyone Nenagh Elected Guardian
  John Dillon Farmers,Residents Lisbunny Nenagh  
  Rt Donald Farmers,Residents Claremount Nenagh Junior
  T Donohoe Farmers,Residents Lahesseragh Nenagh  
  Stn Dooley Builders Pound St Nenagh  
  Ml Dooly Farmers,Residents Pound St Nenagh  
  Luke Doyle Stationers Barrack St 36 Nenagh News Agent
  Pat Duggan Farmers,Residents Benedine Nenagh  
Lord   Dunalley Societies, Protestant Orphan Kilboy Nenagh Chairman, Est 1836
Lord   Dunally Magistrates Kilboy Nenagh Deputy Lieutenant
Lord   Dunally Union Nenagh Kilboy Nenagh Ex-Officio Guardians
Mrs   Dundas Farmers,Residents Summerhill Nenagh  
Mrs C Dwyer Grocers Barrack St 63 Nenagh Spirits
  Jno Dwyer Post Cars & Hearses Castle St 34 Nenagh  
  Jno Dwyer Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
  John Dwyer Flour Merchants Castle St 34 Nenagh  
  John Dwyer Farmers,Residents Kilkeary Nenagh  
  Martin Dwyer Bakers Queen St 35 Nenagh  
  Thomas Dwyer Farmers,Residents Knockbrack Nenagh  
  Thos Dwyer Union Nenagh Knockbrack Nenagh Elected Guardian
  Ty Dwyer Farmers,Residents Knockalton Up Nenagh Junior
  Ty Dwyer Farmers,Residents Knockalton Up Nenagh Senior
  Denis Egan Farmers,Residents Ballycahill Nenagh  
  Jno Egan Grocers Silver St 3 Nenagh Spirits
  Wm J Evans Farmers,Residents Ballyrickard Nenagh  
  Anastasia Everard Union Nenagh   Nenagh Matron
  Chas S Finch Magistrates Kilcolman Nenagh  
  Chas S Finch Union Nenagh Kilcolman Nenagh Ex-Officio Guardians
Rev William Fitzgerald Clubs, YMCA Castle St Nenagh Secretary
Rev Wm F Fitzgerald Churches CoI Summerhill Nenagh Curate
  Jno Flaherty Farmers,Residents Rathnaleen N Nenagh  
Mrs   Flannery Farmers,Residents Rathaleen Nenagh  
Mrs   Flannery Farmers,Residents Tyone Nenagh  
  Denis Flannery Drapers Castle St 7 Nenagh  
  Denis Flannery Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
  Edmond Flannery Post Cars & Hearses Queen St Nenagh  
  Edw Flannery Emigration Agents Queen St 56 Nenagh  
  Edw Flannery Grocers Queen St 15 Nenagh Spirits, Seeds
  Edward Flannery Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
  John Flannery Bakers Silver St 78 Nenagh  
  Michael Flannery Bakers Pound St Nenagh  
  Ml Flannery Grocers Silver St 72 Nenagh Spirits
  Ml Flannery Grocers Pound St Nenagh Spirits
  Ml Flannery Union Nenagh ilruane Nenagh Elected Guardian
  Ml Flannery Farmers,Residents Kilruane Nenagh  
  P Flannery Farmers,Residents Rathnaleen Nenagh Junior
  Patk Flynn Drapers Barrack St 25 Nenagh  
  Jno Fogarty Union Nenagh Kilcoleman Nenagh Elected Guardian
  Ml Fogarty Grocers Barrack St7 Nenagh Spirits, Hardware, Seeds, Coal, Timber, Drugs
Miss My Fogarty Grocers Pound St Nenagh  
    Fogerty Drapers Castle St 77 Nenagh Bros
  Charles C Foley Commissioners   Nenagh For administring Oaths in The Supreme Court of Judicature in Ireland
  Charles C Foley Commissioners Perpetual   Nenagh For taking acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women in Ireland
  Chas C Foley Auctioneers Castle St 16,17 Nenagh  
  Chas C Foley Emigration Agents Castle St 16,17 Nenagh  
  Chas C Foley Union Nenagh Summerhill Nenagh Ex-Officio Guardians
  Wm Foley Banks Barrack St Nenagh Mngr, M&L
  Wm Foley Town Commissioners   Nenagh Chairman
  Wm Foley Clubs,Boat   Nenagh President
  Thomas Frazer Farmers,Residents Garrane Nenagh  
  Richd Galway Farmers,Residents Lisduff Nenagh  
  Edward Gaynor Farmers,Residents Tyone Nenagh  
  Jno Gaynor Marine Stores Queen St Nenagh  
  Jno Gaynor Stationers Queen St 8 Nenagh Fancy Goods
  Jno Gaynor Farmers,Residents Ballymurragh N Nenagh  
  John Gaynor Builders Queen St Nenagh  
  Ml Gaynor Farmers,Residents Rathnaleen N Nenagh  
  Peter E Gill Newspapers Chapel St Nenagh Tipperary Advocate, Sat
  Robert Gill Civil Engineers Castle St Nenagh  
  Robert P Gill Civil Engineers Summerhill Nenagh  
  Rt P Gill Town Commissioners Town Hall Nenagh Ce, Town Surveyor
    Gill&Courtenay Paper Bag Mftrs Castle St Nenagh  
    Gill&Courtenay Printers(Typo) Castle St Nenagh  
Mrs   Gleeson Farmers,Residents Cudville Nenagh  
Mrs   Gleeson Farmers,Residents Old Turnpike Nenagh  
Mrs   Gleeson Farmers,Residents Rathleen Nenagh  
  Andrew Gleeson Farmers,Residents Bawn Nenagh  
  Edward Gleeson Bakers Queen St 36 Nenagh  
  Jas Gleeson Union Nenagh Tinneranna Nenagh Elected Guardian
  Jno Gleeson Spirit Retailers Barrack St 1 Nenagh  
  John Gleeson Printers(Typo) Dublin Rd Nenagh  
  John Gleeson Farmers,Residents Ballintotty Nenagh  
  John Gleeson Farmers,Residents Gorthnacleha Nenagh  
  Martin Gleeson Farmers,Residents Bawn Nenagh  
  Michael Gleeson Coroners Peter St Nenagh Soliciter
  Michael Gleeson Farmers,Residents Lahesseragh Nenagh  
  Ml Gleeson Solicitors Peter St Nenagh  
  Ml Gleeson Farmers,Residents Lisbunny Nenagh  
  Patk Gleeson Grocers Castle St 37 Nenagh Spirits
  Patk Gleeson Farmers,Residents Gortshaneroe Nenagh  
  R Gleeson Clubs,Boat   Nenagh Secretary
  Thomas Gleeson Farmers,Residents Lisatunny Nenagh  
    Gleeson&O'Brien Cattle Dealers Silver St Nenagh  
    Gleeson&O'Brien Victuallers Silver St Nenagh  
Mrs   Godby Farmers,Residents Old Turnpike Nenagh  
  Rt E Going Magistrates Traverston Nenagh  
  Rt E Going Union Nenagh Traveston Nenagh Ex-Officio Guardians
  Rt E Going Farmers,Residents Traverston Nenagh JP
  Michael Grace Builders Bachelor's Walk Nenagh  
Mrs My A Grace Grocers Dublin Rd Nenagh Spirits
  P Grace Farmers,Residents Pallanorman Nenagh Senior
  Pierce Grace Farmers,Residents Pallanorman Nenagh  
  T Grace Farmers,Residents Carrigatoher Abbott Nenagh  
  Patrick Gregane Farmers,Residents Barbaha Nenagh  
Mrs   Grey Farmers,Residents Dublin Rd Nenagh  
  Patk Griffin Grocers Barrack St 65 Nenagh Spirits
    Guardian Office Printers(Typo) Summerhill Nenagh  
  Jos Gubbins Hides&Skins Queen St 14 Nenagh  
  Jos Gubbins Leather etc Queen St 14 Nenagh  
  Jos Gubbins Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
  Jos Gubbins Wool Merchants Queen St 14 Nenagh  
  E F Guerin Solicitors Summerhill Nenagh  
  Edmond F Guerin Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
Miss M M Hanley Marine Stores Castle St Nenagh  
  Dl J Hanly Grocers Barrack St 1 Nenagh Spirits
Miss Mt M Hanly Hides&Skins Castle St Nenagh  
Mrs   Harkness Stationers Castle St 46 Nenagh Fancy Goods
    Harkness&Chumney Hardware Peter St Nenagh  
    Harkness&Chumney Plumbers Peter St Nenagh  
  Ptk Harpur Grocers Summerhill Nenagh Spirits
  Jno Harty Grocers Castle St 68 Nenagh Hardware, Seeds, Coal, Timber, Drugs
  Ml Harty Farmers,Residents   Nenagh  
  Patk Harty Farmers,Residents Ballyranny Lr Nenagh  
  Jas Haugh Grocers Castle St 1 Nenagh Spirits
  Michl Haugh Provisions Silver St 9 Nenagh  
  Ml Haugh Town Commissioners Town Hall Nenagh Street Inspector
Mrs   Hayes Farmers,Residents Ballinware Nenagh  
  J F Hayes Veterinary Surgeons Cudville Nenagh  
  John Hayes Bakers Silver St 93 Nenagh  
  John Hayes Farmers,Residents   Nenagh  
  John F Hayes Town Commissioners   Nenagh VS
  Ml Hayes Grocers Silver St Nenagh Spirits
  Wm C Hayes Farmers,Residents   Nenagh  
  John P Head Farmers,Residents Ballyquiveen Nenagh  
  Michael Head Farmers,Residents Castle St 24 Nenagh  
  Chas S Heard Banks Queen St Nenagh Act, Nat
  Koe Heber Barony Cess Collectors The Lodge, Portroe Nenagh Owney & Arra NR
Sergt Phil Hennessy Military Summerhill Nenagh Bks unoccupied Since1886
    Hodgins Grocers Castle St 53 Nenagh &Co, Spirits, Seeds, Coal
  Adm Hodgins Drapers Castle St 13 Nenagh  
  Anthony Hogan Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
  James Hogan Butter Merchants Barrack St Nenagh  
  James Hogan Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
  Matthew Hogan Farmers,Residents Erinagh Nenagh  
  Ml Hogan Farmers,Residents Coolahallaga Nenagh  
  Ml Hogan Farmers,Residents Turnpike N Nenagh  
Mrs E D Holmes Farmers,Residents St David's Nenagh  
  W B T Holmes Farmers,Residents St David's Nenagh JP
  Wm B T Holmes Union Borrisokane St David's Nenagh Ex-Officio Guardians
  Wm Bassett Traherne Holmes Magistrates St David's Nenagh  
  C S Honner Petty Sessions Court House Nenagh Clerk
  Charles S Honner Clubs, North Tipperary   Nenagh Secretary
  Chas S Honner Crown & Peace   Nenagh Deputy Clerk
  John Houston Sheehan Union Nenagh   Nenagh Clerk&Exec San Offr
    Jones Victuallers Castle St 74 Nenagh Bros
Rev Andrew Jones Farmers,Residents Richmond Nenagh  
  James Jones Cattle Dealers Silver St Nenagh  
  Ludlow M Jones Farmers,Residents Castle St Nenagh  
  Rd T Jones Coach Builders Barrack St 33,34 Nenagh  
  Arthur Judge Grocers Dublin Rd Nenagh Spirits
Miss Emily Kelly Confectioners Barrack St 52 Nenagh  
Miss Emily Kelly Grocers Barrack St 52 Nenagh Spirits
Mrs   Kennedy Farmers,Residents Summerhill Nenagh  
  Dl Kennedy Painters Silver St Nenagh  
Mrs E Kennedy Provisions Pound St Nenagh  
  John Kennedy Farmers,Residents Bawn Nenagh  
  P Kennedy Farmers,Residents Killyloughnane Nenagh  
  Thomas Kennedy Farmers,Residents Ballyanny Up Nenagh  
Mrs Mt Kenny Post Cars & Hearses Chapel St Nenagh  
Mrs Mt King China&Glass Castle St 64 Nenagh  
Mrs Mt King Stationers Castle St 64 Nenagh Fancy Goods
Capt T King Farmers,Residents Shallee White Nenagh  
Mrs   Kirwan Farmers,Residents Ballycahill Nenagh  
Rev Br Joseph Leddy Schools Christian Bros Silver St Nenagh Superior
  Richard Lewis Post Office Castle St 20 Nenagh PM
  Richd Lewis Grocers Castle St 20 Nenagh Spirits, Seeds
  Ml Lutteral Egg Exporters Summerhill Nenagh  
  John Mackey Farmers,Residents Bailie Farm Nenagh  
  John C Mackey Farmers,Residents Barrack St 32 Nenagh  
Mrs M Mackey Grocers Castle St 73 Nenagh  
  Wm Mackey Farmers,Residents Castle St Nenagh  
  Jas F MacNamara R I Constabulary Barrack St Nenagh DI
    Maguire Drapers Castle St 9 Nenagh &Co
Mrs   Maher Farmers,Residents Cloneen Nenagh  
  John Maher Union Nenagh   Nenagh Master
  Patrick Maher Bakers Silver St Nenagh  
  Wm Maher Grocers Castle St 54 Nenagh Spirits
  F R Maloney Grocers Castle St 35 Nenagh Spirits
  F R Maloney Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
  Denis McCann Grocers Castle St 72 Nenagh Spirits
  Wm McCarthy Grocers Castle St 8 Nenagh Spirits
  Jno McCormack Grocers Castle St 2,3 Nenagh Spirits
  Phil McCraith Grocers Castle St 15 Nenagh Spirits
  Hh McCreedy Boots & Shoes Queen St 24 Nenagh  
  Hh McCreedy Grocers Queen S 23t Nenagh Spirits
  James McCumaskey Clubs, Nat Literary Instit   Nenagh Secretary
  Jas McCutchen Grocers Castle St 11,12 Nenagh Spirits, Seeds
Mrs   McGrath Farmers,Residents Rathaleen Nenagh  
  Denis McGrath Pawm Brokers Queen St Nenagh  
  Denis McGrath Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
Mrs J McGrath Grocers Barrack St 66 Nenagh Spirits
  Jas McGrath Provisions Pound St Nenagh  
Miss K McGrath Grocers Barrack St 67 Nenagh Spirits
  Alister H McLeod Clubs, Rugby Football   Nenagh Captain
  Alister H McLeod Clubs, Cycling   Nenagh Captain
  Allister H Mcleod Banks Queen St Nenagh Teller, Nat
Rev John McMahon Churches RC Chapel St Nenagh CC
  Michael McMahon Corn Merchants Queen St Nenagh  
  Ml McMahon Grocers Queen St 27,28 Nenagh Spirits, Hardware, Seeds, Coal
  Ml McMahon Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
  Jas Meagher Farmers,Residents Ballyannymore Nenagh  
Mrs Mary Meagher Grocers Pound St Nenagh Spirits
  Edward Meara Farmers,Residents Moanfin Nenagh  
  Michael Meara Farmers,Residents Moanfin Nenagh  
  Thos Meara Farmers,Residents Carriganeagh Nenagh Senior
  J R Minnitt Physicians Summerhill Nenagh  
Dr J R Minnitt Union Nenagh   Nenagh Med Offr
  Patrick Minogue Farmers,Residents Ballintotty Nenagh  
  Rody Minogue Hides&Skins Dublin Rd Nenagh  
  Rody Minogue Marine Stores Dublin Rd Nenagh  
  Rody Minogue Mineral Water Mftrs Dublin Rd Nenagh  
  Rody Minogue Wool Merchants Dublin Rd Nenagh  
  F R Moloney Bakers Castle St 35 Nenagh  
  F R Moloney Hotels Castle St 35 Nenagh  
  Jerh Moloney Farmers,Residents Kilkeary Nenagh  
Miss My Molony Bakers Castle St 75 Nenagh  
Miss A Morkan Grocers Old Turnpike Nenagh  
  F G Morteshed Emigration Agents Summerhill Nenagh  
  Fr G Morteshed Auctioneers Summerhill Nenagh  
    Mortished Grocers Castle St 59 Nenagh Bros, Spirits
  Jno Mounsey Farmers,Residents Clashnevin Nenagh  
    Moylan Coach Builders Chapel St Nenagh &Sons
  Bryan Moylan Grocers Barrack St 37 Nenagh Spirits
  Bryan Moylan Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
  Jno Moylan Wool Merchants Barrack St Nenagh &Son
  John Moylan Corn Merchants Barrack St Nenagh &Son
  John Moylan Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
  John Moylan Farmers,Residents Silverview Nenagh  
Mrs K Moylan Bakers Pound St Nenagh  
Miss E A Mullins Grocers Silver St Nenagh  
  Peter Murray Bridewell   Nenagh Keeper
  Thos Murray Drapers Queen St 7 Nenagh  
  A Nolan Gas Co Tyone Rd Nenagh Hon Sec, 6s 8p per1000ft
  Anthony Nolan Drapers Castle St 6 Nenagh  
  Anthony Nolan Solicitors Summerhill Nenagh  
  Patk Nolan Farmers,Residents Knockalton Up Nenagh  
  Jas Nowlan Farmers,Residents Cunnahurt E Nenagh  
Miss L Oakley Schools National Barrick St Nenagh  
Mrs H O'Brien Farmers,Residents Cunnahurt Nenagh  
  Jerh O'Brien Bakers Castle St 44 Nenagh  
  Jerh O'Brien Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
  Jh O'Brien Grocers Castle St 44 Nenagh Spirits
  John O'Brien Farmers,Residents Cunnahurt W Nenagh  
  Michl O'Brien Grocers Silver St 11 Nenagh Spirits
  P O'Brien Farmers,Residents Lissenhall Nenagh  
  P G O'Brien Town Commissioners   Nenagh MP
  P J O'Brien Hotels Castle St 22 Nenagh  
  P J O'Brien Union Nenagh   Nenagh MP, C'man, Elected Guardian
  Patrick O'Brien Cattle Dealers Silver St Nenagh  
  Patrick J O'Brien Members of Parliament   Nenagh (N), North Div
  Ptk O'Brien Drapers Castle St 22 Nenagh  
  Thos O'Brien Union Nenagh Fawnlough Nenagh DV C'man, Elected Guardian
  Rd O'Connell Painters Summerhill Nenagh  
  Chas O'Halloran Monument Makers Summerhill Nenagh  
Mrs   O'Leary Farmers,Residents Beechwood Nenagh  
  Edmond O'Leary Boots & Shoes Barrack St 20 Nenagh  
  James O'Meara Hotels Castle St Nenagh  
  Jas O'Meara Post Cars & Hearses O'Meara's Hotel Nenagh  
  Michl O'Meara Grocers Bank Pl Nenagh Spirits
Miss N O'Meara Grocers Castle St 76 Nenagh Spirits
  Rody O'Meara Flour Merchants Castle St 62 Nenagh  
  Rody O'Meara Provisions Castle St 62 Nenagh  
  Jno O'Neill Painters Pound St Nenagh  
Lady   Osborne Farmers,Residents Beechwood Park Nenagh  
  John O'Shea Farmers,Residents Chapel St Nenagh  
  Jno Parker Painters Pound St Nenagh  
Very Rev Michael Payne Churches RC Chapel St Nenagh PP, VG
  Thos Pigott Grocers Queen St 6 Nenagh Spirits
  Henry R Poe Farmers,Residents Solsborough Nenagh  
  James H Poe Farmers,Residents Riverston Nenagh JP
  James J Poe Farmers,Residents Riverston Nenagh  
Dr Hy Powell Medical Halls Castle St 21 Nenagh  
  John Powell Newspapers Barrack St Nenagh Sentinel, Wed
  Jno Power Saddlers Barrack St Nenagh  
Mrs Mt Power Grocers Barrack St 47 Nenagh Spirits
  Adam Prior Newspapers Summerhill Nenagh Nenagh Guardian, Wed & Sat
  Rd Purcell Hardware Castle St 66,67 Nenagh Seeds, Timber, Drugs
Rev Dr   Pyne Union Nenagh   Nenagh CC, RC Chaplin
Mrs   Quigley Farmers,Residents Ballycahill Nenagh  
Dr M Quigley Medical Halls Queen St 42 Nenagh  
  Matt Quigley Physicians Queen St 42 Nenagh  
  Ml Quirke Pawm Brokers Peter St Nenagh  
  Ptk Reddan Boots & Shoes Pound St Nenagh  
  Jno Reedy Bakers Queen St 18 Nenagh  
  T J Riggs-Miller Union Nenagh Tyone House Nenagh Ex-Officio Guardians
  T J Riggs-Miller Farmers,Residents Tyone House Nenagh JP
  Thos J Riggs-Miller Magistrates Tyone House Nenagh  
  J W Robinson Drapers Castle St 69,70 Nenagh  
  Wm Roche Farmers,Residents Kilkeary Nenagh  
  Thomas Rochford Clubs, Nat Literary Instit   Nenagh President
  Wm Roden R I Constabulary Barrack St Nenagh HC
  Michl Rohan Grocers Pound St Nenagh Spirits
  Patk Rohan Grocers Castle St 60 Nenagh Spirits
  Thos Ross R I Constabulary   Nenagh Co Inspector, NR
  Thos Ross Farmers,Residents Summerhill Nenagh CI
  J N Russell Bakers Barrack St Nenagh &Sons
    Ryan Halls,Munster Summerhill Nenagh &Son,Capacity 500
    Ryan Merchant Tailors Summerhill 11 Nenagh &Son
  Denis Ryan Spirit Retailers Silver St 24 Nenagh  
Mrs E Ryan Spirit Retailers Dublin Rd Nenagh  
  James Ryan Farmers,Residents Benedine Nenagh  
  Jno Ryan Grocers Old Turnpike Nenagh  
  John Ryan Butter Merchants Peter St Nenagh  
  John Ryan Corn Merchants Old Turnpike Nenagh  
  John Ryan Corn Merchants Peter St Nenagh  
  John Ryan Farmers,Residents Old Turnpike Nenagh  
Mrs M A Ryan Grocers Barrack St 28 Nenagh Spirits
  Matt Ryan Butter Merchants Barrack St Nenagh  
  Matt Ryan Grocers Barrack St Nenagh Spirits
  Michael Ryan Town Commissioners Town Hall Nenagh Town Clerk
  Michl Ryan Grocers Summerhill Nenagh Spirits
  Michl Ryan Grocers Barrack St 64 Nenagh Spirits
  Ml Ryan Stationers Barrack St 64 Nenagh News Agent
Mrs Mt Ryan Spirit Retailers Summerhill Nenagh  
Mrs My A Ryan Spirit Retailers Pound St Nenagh  
  Patrick Ryan Farmers,Residents Benedine Nenagh  
  Patrick Ryan Farmers,Residents Erinagh Nenagh  
  Patrick Ryan Farmers,Residents Grange Lr Nenagh  
  Ptk Ryan Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
  Thomas Ryan Corn Merchants Riverston Nenagh  
  Thomas Ryan Farmers,Residents Ballycahill Nenagh  
  Thos Ryan Millers Riverston Nenagh  
Rev John Scanlan Churches RC Chapel St Nenagh CC
  Saml Scott Millers Grange Nenagh  
Miss L Seymour Drapers Barrack St 68 Nenagh  
  Ml Seymour Farmers,Residents Ballywilliam Nenagh  
  Stn Seymour Union Nenagh Monsea Nenagh Elected Guardian
  Daniel Sheehan Clubs, Nat Literary Instit   Nenagh Libarian
  J Houston Sheehan Marriages District Registrars   Nenagh under 7&8 Vic,cap.81 (1844)
  R Sheridan Saddlers Pound St Nenagh  
Mrs   Short Farmers,Residents Hogan's Pass Nenagh  
  Andrew Slattery Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
  Andw Slattery Grocers Queen St 38,39 Nenagh Spirits
  Aw Slattery Bakers Queen St 38,39 Nenagh  
  Jas Slattery Farmers,Residents Ballyanny Lr Nenagh  
  Patrick Slattery Farmers,Residents Grange Nenagh  
  Wm Slattery Union Nenagh Knigh Nenagh Elected Guardian
  Wm Smithwick Magistrates Youghall House Nenagh  
  Wm B Smithwick Union Nenagh Joughall House Nenagh Ex-Officio Guardians
  Charles Spain Farmers,Residents Castle St Nenagh  
  Cornelius Spain Farmers,Residents Beechwood Nenagh  
Mrs Mary Spain Grocers Richmond Rd Nenagh  
  Patrick Spain Farmers,Residents Lisgarode Nenagh  
  R Spain Grocers Castle St 61 Nenagh Spirits
  Rody Spain Farmers,Residents Lisgarode Nenagh  
Dr Thos Spain Farmers,Residents Summerhill Nenagh  
  William Spain Farmers,Residents Moanfin Nenagh  
Mrs Mary Spillane Grocers Silver St 77 Nenagh Spirits
  Robt B St John Watchmakers Castle St 42 Nenagh  
  Ml Stapleton Farmers,Residents Sedgemoor Nenagh  
  Jno W Talbot Saddlers Castle St 39,40 Nenagh  
  John Talbot China&Glass Castle St 40 Nenagh  
  John Talbot Confectioners Summerhill Nenagh  
  John Talbot Grocers Simmerhill 1 Nenagh  
Mrs   Thom Farmers,Residents Norwood Nenagh  
Rev Canon   Thomas Clubs, YMCA Castle St Nenagh President,Treasurer
Rev Canon Alex Thomas Churches CoI Summerhill Nenagh Rector
Rev Alex Thomas Union Nenagh   Nenagh CoI Chaplin
  Patk Tierney Farmers,Residents Carrackaneagh Nenagh  
  Michael Tobin Farmers,Residents Fawnlough Nenagh  
  Thos M Tobin Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
  Thos M Tobin Watchmakers Castle St 65 Nenagh  
Mrs Nora Tooher Confectioners Barrack St 70 Nenagh  
Mrs Nora Tooher Grocers Barrack St 70 Nenagh  
  Ml Toohey Union Borrisokane Annagh-Puckane Nenagh Elected Guardians
  James Treacy Farmers,Residents Kilruane Nenagh  
Sir Mark Tuit Farmers,Residents Ballymacue Nenagh Bart
  J F Tumpane Grocers Castle St 56 Nenagh Spirits, Seeds
  J F Tumpane Union Nenagh   Nenagh Elected Guardian
  J F Tumpane Wool Merchants Peter St Nenagh  
  Jno F Tumpane Auctioneers Castle St 56 Nenagh  
  Jno F Tumpane Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
  John F Tumpane Corn Merchants Castle St Nenagh  
Miss J Tuohy Grocers Bank Pl Nenagh Spirits
Mrs My Tuohy Farmers,Residents Knockalton Nenagh  
  R J Waller Union Nenagh Summerville Nenagh Ex-Officio Guardians
  Robert J Waller Magistrates Summerville Nenagh  
  Robert J Waller Farmers,Residents Annbrook Nenagh  
  Robt J Waller Maltings Barrack St Nenagh  
  Rt J Waller Farmers,Residents Summerhill Nenagh JP
Mrs   Walsh Farmers,Residents Tyone Nenagh  
  J P Walsh Clubs, Cycling   Nenagh Jp,President
  John R Walsh Banks Queen St Nenagh Mngr, Nat
  Edward Walshe Farmers,Residents Tyone Nenagh  
Major Holt Waring Magistrates Resident Bayly Farm Nenagh  
Capt Holt Waring Clubs, Tennis   Nenagh RM, Secretary
Mrs F Whealey Provisions Barrack St 68 Nenagh  
Mrs   Whealy Farmers,Residents Rathleen Nenagh  
Miss E White Confectioners Barrack St 69 Nenagh  
Miss E White Grocers Barrack St 69 Nenagh Spirits
  Jno White Saddlers Queen St 22 Nenagh  
    Whitehead Engineers, Smiths etc William St Nenagh &Co
  Chr Whitehead Drapers Castle St 52 Nenagh  
    Wolfe Flour Merchants Barrack St Nenagh &Co
Mrs   Wolfe Farmers,Residents Rapla Nenagh  
  John S Wolfe Farmers,Residents South Hill Nenagh  
  R Wolfe Union Nenagh Rockford Nenagh Ex-Officio Guardians
  Theobald R Wolfe Magistrates Rockford Nenagh  
  Toler K Wolfe Farmers,Residents Millview Nenagh  
  Patrick Woods Farmers,Residents Ballycuddymore Nenagh  
  Geo W Worthington Railways   Nenagh SM, GS&W
  Benj Young Union Nenagh Killalane Nenagh Elected Guardian
  Dd Young Banks Peter St Nenagh Act, Prov
  Fredrick Young Farmers,Residents Ballygibbon Nenagh