1889 Bassett's Directory of Tipperary


Misses   Sadeir Farmers,Residents Scallaheen Ho Tipperary  
Mrs   Sadeir Farmers,Residents Carrowclough Tipperary  
  Henry Sadeir Farmers,Residents Scallaheen Tipperary  
  James Sadeir Farmers,Residents Brookville Ho Tipperary  
  James Sadeir Farmers,Residents Ballydonagh Tipperary  
Miss   Sadlier Farmers,Residents The Terrace Borrisokane  
  Clement Sadlier Farmers,Residents Moyaliffe Drombane  
Mrs J Sadlier Grocers   Annacarty  
Mrs J Sadlier Post Office   Annacarty PM
  J H Sadlier Auctioneers   Fethard  
  John H Sadlier Barony Cess Collectors   Fethard Middlethird SR
  Ml Sadlier Barony Cess Collectors Dundrum Cashel Kilnemanagh Lr SR
  Edw Salmon Farmers,Residents Ballymacegan Lorrha  
  John Salmon Farmers,Residents Redwood Carrigahorig  
  Ml Salmon Grocers   Carrigahorig Spirit Retailers
  Patrick Salmon Farmers,Residents Derry Rathcabbin  
  Hy A Sampson Union Borrisokane   Borrisokane Med Officer
  Thos Sampson News Agents Church St Cahir See also Stationers
Rev Frederick Samuels Churches CoI   Coolbawn  
Rev Frederick Samuels Churches CoI   Puckane  
Mrs   Sargint Farmers,Residents Church St Cahir  
  Edm Sattery Farmers,Residents Ballyclerihan Clerihan  
  James Sattery Farmers,Residents Ballyclerihan Clerihan  
  John Sattery Farmers,Residents Ballyclerihan Clerihan  
Capt Edw H Saunders Union Borrisokane Killavalla Borrisokane Ex-Officio Guardians
  Edward H Saunders Farmers,Residents Kilavalla Borrisokane  
Capt Edwd H Saunders Magistrates Killavalla Borrisokane  
Miss   Savage Pawn Brokers Mary St 4 Clonmel  
  James Savage Farmers,Residents Glenacre Killaloe  
  John Savage Farmers,Residents Mary St Clonmel  
  H B Sayers Town Commissioners   Fethard  
  Hugh T Sayers Solicitors Main St Cashel  
  Jno Scales Schools National   Terryglass  
  P Scales R I Constabulary   Ardfinnane Actg Serg
  Denis Scanlan Farmers,Residents Kilnagranagh Fethard  
Miss F Scanlan Grocers Gladstone St 49 Clonmel retail spirit lic
Rev Jno Scanlan Churches RC   Cloughjordan PP
  Jno Scanlan Farmers,Residents Ballylusky Drangan  
  John Scanlan Farmers,Residents Ballygriffin Golden  
Rev John Scanlan Churches RC Chapel St Nenagh CC
Mrs M Scanlan Provisions Parnell St 15 Clonmel  
  Patk Scanlan Farmers,Residents Ruska Kilcommon  
  T Scanlan Farmers,Residents Aughnagomaun Cashel  
  Thos Scanlan Farmers,Residents Gaile Cashel  
  Ty Scanlan Farmers,Residents Ballycarron Curreeny  
  Ty Scanlan Farmers,Residents Loughisle Kilcommon  
  Wm Scanlan Farmers,Residents Loughisle Kilcommon  
  Maximillian Scherer College St Patricks   Thurles Professor
  J Schofield Grocers   Fethard Retail Spirits
    Scott Drapers Parnell St Clonmel Bros
    Scott Drapers Parnell St Clonmel Bros, Merchant Tailor
  Cornelius Scott Farmers,Residents Strogue Strogue Cross  
Rev Edward Scott Churches RC   Fethard CC
  H Scott Union Tipperary Kilbeg Cappawhite Ex-Officio Guardians
  Hugh Scott Magistrates Kilbeg Cappawhite  
  Hugh Scott Farmers,Residents Kilbeg Cappawhite JP
  John R Scott Farmers,Residents Anglesea St Clonmel  
  Michael Scott Farmers,Residents   Gurtnahoe  
  Robt Scott Farmers,Residents Balendromeen Ballagh  
  Saml Scott Millers Grange Nenagh  
  Thos H Scott Farmers,Residents Parnell St Clonmel  
  Wm Scott Grocers Gladstone St 33 Clonmel retail spirit lic
  Wm Scott Hotels Gladstone St 33 Clonmel  
  Wm Scott Victuallers Gladstone St Clonmel Cattle Dealer
  D J Scully Lunatic Asylum Western Rd Clonmel JP, Governor
  Darby Scully Magistrates Silverfort Fethard  
  Darby Scully Farmers,Residents Silverfort Fethard JP
  Darby Scully Union Cashel Silverfort Fethard Ex-Officio Guardians
Major E Scully Farmers,Residents Clonbynane Cashel  
  Michael Scully Farmers,Residents Modeshill Ayre Mullinahone  
  Michael Scully Farmers,Residents Arraghbeg Riverstown  
  Patrick Scully Farmers,Residents Flemingstown Newcastle  
  Vincent Scully Farmers,Residents Castlepark Golden  
  Wm Scully Farmers,Residents Ballinaclough Golden  
  Rd Seale Watchmakers Parnell St Clonmel  
Mrs M A Sealy Grocers   Dundrum  
Mrs M A Sealy Post Office   Dundrum PM
  Fredk Searson Grocers George St Templemore Hardware, Seeds, Coal, Leather
  James Searson Farmers,Residents Castlequarter Borrisoleigh  
Miss L Seymour Drapers Barrack St 68 Nenagh  
  Martin Seymour Farmers,Residents Curragh Portroe  
  Ml Seymour Farmers,Residents Ballywilliam Nenagh  
  Ml Seymour Union Nenagh Ballywilliam Portroe Elected Guardian
  Stephen Seymour Farmers,Residents Monsea Ballycommon  
  Stn Seymour Union Nenagh Monsea Nenagh Elected Guardian
  Wm Seymour Farmers,Residents Lackamore Portroe  
Mrs Cth Shanahan Farmers,Residents Curraheen Horse & Jockey  
  David Shanahan Farmers,Residents Grantstown Golden  
  E Shanahan Grocers   Horse & Jockey Spirits
  E Shanahan News Agents Main St Thurles  
  E Shanahan Printers(Typo) Main St Thurles  
  E Shanahan Stationer Main St Thurles Stamp Distributor
  E Shanahan Town Commissioners   Thurles  
  Jas Shanahan Farmers,Residents Graigueno Park Holycross  
  Jas Shanahan Farmers,Residents Curraghmore Loughmore  
  John Shanahan Farmers,Residents Ballinard Golden  
  John Shanahan Farmers,Residents Cloherailybeg Loughmore  
  L Shanahan Farmers,Residents Ballycamusk Cashel  
Mrs My Shanahan Spirit Retailers Green St Roscrea  
  P Shanahan Farmers,Residents Curraghnaboola Templederry  
  Thos Shanahan Farmers,Residents Ballinure Horse & Jockey  
  Thos Shanahan Farmers,Residents Knockroe Horse & Jockey  
  John Shanihan Farmers,Residents Glengoole N New Birmingham  
  Patrick Shanihan Farmers,Residents Rathbeg Gurtnahoe  
  William Shanihan Farmers,Residents Urard Urlingford  
  W Shanley Farmers,Residents Richmond Ho Clonmel  
  Ml Shannahan Farmers,Residents Currabaha Borrisoleigh  
  Ptk Shannahan Farmers,Residents Grangelough Borrisoleigh  
Mrs J Sharkett Grocers Henry St Tipperary  
  Jos Sharpe Spirit Retailers Limerick St Roscrea  
  Jas Shaw Grocers Michael St 49 Tipperary  
  Sl Shaw Farmers,Residents Beakstown Thurles  
  Wm&Edw Shaw Hardware Gladstone St 3 Clonmel  
Mrs   Shea Farmers,Residents Milestown Fethard  
Miss   Shea Farmers,Residents Coleman Fethard  
  Edm Shea Farmers,Residents Mullinarinka Clonmel  
  Edm Shea Farmers,Residents Baptistgrange Fethard  
Mrs Ellen Shea Farmers,Residents Butlerstown Carrick-on-Suir  
  George Shea Farmers,Residents Finnoe Borrisokane  
Mrs H Shea Farmers,Residents Ballinvreena Emly  
  James Shea Farmers,Residents Curraheen Carrick-on-Suir  
  James Shea Farmers,Residents Tullahea Carrick-on-Suir  
  John Shea Farmers,Residents Newtown Up Carrick-on-Suir  
  John Shea Farmers,Residents Garryntemple Knocklofty  
  John A Shea Farmers,Residents Macreary Carrick-on-Suir  
  Michael Shea Farmers,Residents Ballinvreena Emly  
  Michael Shea Farmers,Residents Cloran Old Fethard  
  Ml Shea Victuallers   Borrisoleigh  
  Nicholas Shea Farmers,Residents Cloran Old Fethard  
  Thomas Shea Farmers,Residents Graigue Ballypatrick  
  Thomas Shea Farmers,Residents Crohane Up Drangan  
  P Sheady Farmers,Residents Ballinakill Dunkerrin  
Mrs   Sheahan Bakers Kickham St Carrick-on-Suir  
  J Shealy Farmers,Residents Coolagarranroe Ballyporeen  
Mrs   Sheckleton Butter&Eggs Dungar Roscrea Butter Only
  A Shee Farmers,Residents Abbey View Clonmel  
  Alphonso Shee Union Clonmel Abbey View Clonmel Elected Guardian
  J J Shee Union Clogheen     Ex-Officio Guardians
  J J Shee Lunatic Asylum Western Rd Clonmel JP, Governor
  J J Shee Rent Agents Market St Clonmel  
  J J Shee Farmers,Residents Abbey View Clonmel JP
  James John Shee Farmers,Residents Abbey View Cahir  
  Jas J Shee Union Clonmel Abbey View Clonmel Ex-Officio Guardian
  John Shee Coroners Abbeyview Clonmel JP
Mrs Ann Sheedy Town Commissioners New St Carrick-on-Suir Town Hall, Caretaker
  D Sheedy Corporation   Clonmel Town Councillor
  Danial Sheedy Pawn Brokers West Gate Clonmel Loan Office
  William Sheedy Farmers,Residents Ballydrehid Cahir  
Mrs Bt Sheehan Grocers Rosemary Sq Roscrea Spirit Retailers
  Daniel Sheehan Clubs, Nat Literary Instit   Nenagh Librarian
Rev F Sheehan Churches RC   Riverstown CC
Mrs J Sheehan Grocers Main St Carrick-on-Suir Retail Spirits
  J Houston Sheehan Marriages District Registrars   Nenagh under 7&8 Vic,cap.81 (1844)
  James Sheehan Farmers,Residents Kilcoran Ballylooby  
  John Sheehan Farmers,Residents Kilcoran Ballylooby  
  John Sheehan Grocers   Clogheen  
Mrs M A Sheehan Grocers West Gate Carrick-on-Suir Retail Spirits
Rev Mce Sheehan Churches RC   Carrick-on-Suir CC, St Nicholas
  Ml Sheehan Saddlers Barrack Hill Roscrea  
  Morgan Sheehan Farmers,Residents Kilcoran Ballylooby  
  N K Sheehan National League   Mullinahone Sec
  P J Sheehan Clubs, Temperance Castle St Carrick-on-Suir Secretary
  Patrick Sheehan Farmers,Residents Poulmaleen Carrick-on-Suir  
  Patrick Sheehan Farmers,Residents Clashnasmut Carrick-on-Suir  
  Thomas Sheehan Farmers,Residents Tannersrath Clonmel  
  Thos Sheehan Union Clonmel Tannersrath Clonmel Elected Guardian
  Edward Sheehy Farmers,Residents Poulavalla Ballylooby  
  J Sheehy Farmers,Residents   Ballyporeen Junior
  James Sheehy Farmers,Residents Dangan Ballyporeen  
  Jno Sheehy Farmers,Residents Garrancanty Tipperary  
  John Sheehy Corn Merchants   Ballyporeen  
  John Sheehy Grocers   Ballyporeen Hardware, Baker
  John Sheehy Farmers,Residents Gortnaskehy Cranna  
  Wm Sheehy Grocers   Ballylooby  
  Jno Shelly Teachers Association   Templemore Sec&Treas
  John Shelly Farmers,Residents Ardbane South Lodge  
Mrs Mt Shelly Grocers Main St Thurles Spirits
  Patrick Shelly Farmers,Residents Knockabritta Killenaule  
  Thomas Shelly Farmers,Residents Heathview South Lodge  
  Timothy Shelly Grocers Cathedral St Thurles Spirits
  Wm Shelly Saddlers Church St Cahir  
Capt Henry Sheppard Magistrates Clifton Shinrone  
Capt Henry Sheppard Union Borrisokane Clifton Shinrone Ex-Officio Guardians
  Henry Sheppard Farmers,Residents Clifton Shinrone  
Mrs K Sheppard Post Office   Strogue Cross PM
Mrs   Shepperd Farmers,Residents Loughthea Ho Killaloe  
  R Sheridan Saddlers Pound St Nenagh  
  E Sherlock Post Office Square Thurles PM
  Jno Sherlock Farmers,Residents Curraghgraigue Killeen  
  John Sherlock Farmers,Residents Curraghduff Lorrha  
  John Sherlock Farmers,Residents Coolross Rathcabbin  
  Cornls Shine Provisions   Newport  
  Jas Shine Union Tipperary Coolheary Co Limerick Ex-Officio Guardians
  Michael Shine Farmers,Residents Ballylaffin Ardfinnane  
  Owen Shine Farmers,Residents Ballylaffin Ardfinnane  
  Patrick Shine Farmers,Residents Knockgraffon Cahir  
  Rodolphus H Shine Magistrates Camass Park Cashel  
  Roger H Shine Union Cashel Camuss Park Cashel Ex-Officio Guardians
  Roger H Shine Farmers,Residents Camus Pk Cashel JP
  Thos Shine Farmers,Residents Ballylaffin Ardfinnane  
  P Shinners Grocers   Lackamore  
Mrs   Short Farmers,Residents Hogan's Pass Nenagh  
  Chas H Short Grocers Main St Templemore Spirits
  John Short Farmers,Residents Summerhill Templemore  
Mrs M Short Spirit Retailers   Riverstown  
  Edmond Shorthall Farmers,Residents Ballygerald New Inn  
  Matthew Shorthall Farmers,Residents Rathsallagh Fethard  
  Jos Shortis Victuallers Dublin St Clonmel Cattle Dealer
  P Shortis Farmers,Residents Ballingeary E Cahir  
  Leonard Shouldice Farmers,Residents Glentane Templederry  
  Wm D R Shoveller R I Constabulary Castle St Cahir  
  Michael Shsnahan Farmers,Residents Bigpark Latteragh  
  Phillip Shsnahan Farmers,Residents Glenmore Lr Latteragh  
Sergt Wm Shummacher R I Constabulary   Cloughjordan  
  T M Simmons Grocers Gladstone St 38 Clonmel retail spirit lic
  Alan Simpson Farmers,Residents Clone Ballagh  
  James Simpson Farmers,Residents Shavaralla Ballagh  
  Isaac Sinclair Farmers,Residents Corrogebeg Tipperary  
Lt Col T S Sinclair Military   Templemore Offr Comd, 66Regt, 2Bn, Royal Berkshire
  C Singleton Saddlers Richmond St Clonmel  
Mrs M Sisk Farmers,Residents Carraleigh Ballyporeen  
  John F Skally Farmers,Residents Marlfield Clonmel  
Mrs   Skehan Farmers,Residents Cregg Carrick-on-Suir  
Mrs   Skehan Farmers,Residents Gordon St Clonmel  
Miss E Skehan Grocers Friar St Cashel Spirits
  Jas Skehan Grocers Dromard Clonmore  
  Jas Skehan Grocers Main St 74 Tipperary  
  Jeremiah Skehan Farmers,Residents Curraghtarsna Mobarnan  
  Jno Skehan Victuallers Friar St Cashel  
  John Skehan Town Commissioners   Cashel  
  John Skehan Farmers,Residents Ballyhomuck Fethard  
  Ml Skehan Grocers Irishtown 42 Clonmel retail spirit lic
  Patrick Skehan Farmers,Residents Cregg Carrick-on-Suir  
  T Skehan Bakers Gladstone St 1 Clonmel  
  T Skehan Bakers Gladstone St 2 Clonmel  
  T Skehan Grocers Gladstone St 1 Clonmel retail spirit & wholesale beer lic
  T Skehan Grocers Gladstone St 2 Clonmel retail spirit & wholesale beer lic
  Walter Skehan Farmers,Residents Cooleagh Fethard  
  Walter Skehan Farmers,Residents Clonbrogan Mobarnan  
  William Skehan Farmers,Residents Coolbawn Fethard  
Mrs   Slattery Farmers,Residents Loughisle Kilcommon  
  Andrew Slattery Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
  Andw Slattery Grocers Queen St 38,39 Nenagh Spirits
  Aw Slattery Bakers Queen St 38,39 Nenagh  
Mrs C L Slattery Bakers   Fethard  
Mrs C L Slattery Grocers   Fethard  
Mrs C L Slattery News Agents   Fethard  
  Dd Slattery Corn Merchants   Clogheen  
  Dd Slattery Grocers   Clogheen Spirits, Hardware, Seeds, Timber
  Dd Slattery Saddlers   Clogheen  
  Denis Slattery Farmers,Residents Knockeevan Clonmel  
  Dl Slattery Post Office   Killeen PM
  Edm Slattery Farmers,Residents Ballyvaden Fethard  
  Edm Slattery Farmers,Residents Ballyvaden Mobarnan  
  H Slattery Grocers   Ballycommon Spirit Retailers
  Hh Slattery Post Office   Ballycommon PM
  Hugh Slattery Farmers,Residents Kiladangan Puckane  
  J F Slattery Corporation   Clonmel Town Councillor
  J F Slattery Drapers Parnell St 27 Clonmel & Co
  J F Slattery Drapers Parnell St 27 Clonmel & Co, Merchant Tailor
  James Slattery Farmers,Residents Skeheenaranky Ballyporeen  
  Jas Slattery Farmers,Residents Ballyanny Lr Nenagh  
  John Slattery Farmers,Residents Carhue Ballycommon  
  John Slattery Farmers,Residents Ballydine Kilsheelan  
  John Slattery Farmers,Residents Blackfort Puckane  
  Jos Slattery Emigration Agents   Borrisokane  
  Jos Slattery Loan Fund   Borrisokane Mrg Clerk
  Jos Slattery Petty Sessions   Borrisokane Clerk
  Jos Slattery Loan Fund   Cloughjordan Mgr Clerk
  Jos Slattery Petty Sessions   Cloughjordan  
  Jos Slattery Loan Fund   Lorrha Mng Clerk
  Jos Slattery Petty Sessions   Lorrha Clerk
Mrs M Slattery Drapers Main St Carrick-on-Suir  
  Mce Slattery Farmers,Residents Coolacussane Dundrum  
  Michael Slattery Farmers,Residents Glenbower Coolbawn  
Miss Mt Slattery Bakers Dublin St 1 Clonmel  
Miss Mt Slattery Confectioners Dublin St 1 Clonmel  
Miss Mt Slattery Grocers Dublin St 1 Clonmel  
Mrs My Slattery Farmers,Residents Jossestown Lisronagh  
  Patrick Slattery Farmers,Residents Grange Nenagh  
  Patrick Slattery Farmers,Residents Glengoole N New Birmingham  
  Phil Slattery Post Office   Drangan PM
  Ptk Slattery Union Nenagh Ballywilliam Carrigatoher Elected Guardian
  Ptk Slattery Farmers,Residents Ballyvaden Mobarnan  
Mrs T Slattery Drapers   Borrisokane  
  Thomas Slattery Farmers,Residents Kyle Coolbawn  
  William Slattery Farmers,Residents Jossestown Fethard  
  William Slattery Bakers Davis St 23 Tipperary  
  Wm Slattery Farmers,Residents Ballywilliam Carrigatoher  
  Wm Slattery Farmers,Residents Lisobehane Emly  
  Wm Slattery Union Nenagh Knigh Nenagh Elected Guardian
  Jh Slevin Drapers   Borrisokane  
  Geo Slyne Petty Sessions   Cappawhite Clerk
  Geo Slyne Petty Sessions   Dundrum Clerk
  Jas Small Farmers,Residents Gortnacranmore Borrisoleigh  
  Mary Small Grocers   Templemore Spirits
  Ml Small Farmers,Residents Gortnacranmore Borrisoleigh  
  Rd Small Farmers,Residents Knockshearone Borrisoleigh  
Mrs E Smallman Farmers,Residents Main St Roscrea  
  Fr Smallman Rent Agents Church Sq Roscrea  
  Francis Smallman Coal Merchants Church Sq Roscrea See also Grocers, Hardware
  Joshua Smallman Tanners Mall Roscrea  
  Joshua Smallman Wool Merchants Castle St Roscrea  
  Robt Smee Corn Merchants Main St Thurles  
  Stn Smee Corn Merchants Pike St Thurles  
Sergt   Smith R I Constabulary   Ballynonty  
Mrs   Smith Farmers,Residents Ballylusky Drangan  
  Aquila J Smith Grocers Rosemary Sq Roscrea  
  Aquila J Smith News Agents Rosemary Sq Roscrea  
Lt C Smith Military   Templemore Qm, 66Regt, 2Bn, Royal Berkshire
  Chr Smith Farmers,Residents Gordon Pl Clonmel SI
Rev G H Smith Churches CoI   Curraguneen  
  Geo Smith Spirit Retailers New St Carrick-on-Suir  
  H M&W Smith Grocers Castle St Roscrea Hardware, Seeds,Caol, Timber
Rev J W Smith Churches CoI   Clonakenny  
  John Smith Grocers Irishtown Clonmel &Co, retail spirit lic
  John Smith Farmers,Residents Magowry Drangan  
  John Smith Farmers,Residents Donegal Poulmucka  
  John Smith Farmers,Residents Knockanroe Templemore  
  John J Smith Barony Cess Collectors   Roscrea Ikerrin NR
Mrs M Smith Spirit Retailers Stephen St Clonmel  
  Markham Smith Farmers,Residents Ballymona Cottage Ballingarry  
  Markham Smith Union Borrisokane Ballymona Cottage Shinrone Elected Guardians
  Michael Smith Farmers,Residents Tinlough Riverstown  
Mrs My Smith Grocers Friar St Thurles Spirits
  R E H Smith Farmers,Residents The Mall Cahir  
  R W Smith Farmers,Residents Duneske Cahir  
  Richard Smith Farmers,Residents Ivy Hall Riverstown  
  Sidney D Smith Rent Agents Ashbury Roscrea  
  Sidney E Smith Union Roscrea Ashbury Roscrea Elected Guardians
  Sydney E Smith Farmers,Residents Ashbury Roscrea  
  Thomas Smith Farmers,Residents Mortlestown Killenaule  
  William Smith Farmers,Residents Barona Poulmucka  
  Wm Smith Farmers,Residents Boulebane Curraguneen  
  Wm Smith Farmers,Residents Boolabawn Roscrea  
  Geo Smithwick Farmers,Residents Tullamore Park Newtown  
  Henry Smithwick Farmers,Residents Garranakeevan Newtown  
  Jno Smithwick Magistrates Shanbally Ballymackey  
  John Smithwick Farmers,Residents Shanbally Ballymackey JP
  John Smithwick Farmers,Residents Lisheen Bansha  
  John Smithwick Farmers,Residents Cottage Tipperary  
  Peter Smithwick Farmers,Residents Tullamore Newtown Junior
  Thomas Smithwick Farmers,Residents Suirville Golden  
  W B Smithwick Farmers,Residents Youghal House Newtown  
  Wm Smithwick Magistrates Youghall House Nenagh  
  Wm B Smithwick Union Nenagh Joughall House Nenagh Ex-Officio Guardians
Miss E Smyth Post Office   Fethard PM
  Edward Smyth Victuallers Main St Clonmel Cattle Dealer
  Fredk J Smyth R I Constabulary   Killenaule DI
Rev Hy Smyth Churches CoI   Monard  
  Jas Smyth Cattle Dealers Gladstone St 54 Clonmel  
  Maria Smyth Schools National   Ardcroney  
  Ml Smyth Post Office   Ardcroney PM
  Ml Smyth Schools National   Ardcroney  
  Patk Smyth Spirit Retailers Gladstone St 54 Clonmel  
  Patrick Smyth Cattle Dealers Gladstone St 54 Clonmel  
Dr Ptk Smyth Farmers,Residents Bank House Cloughjordan  
  W Smyth Grocers Irishtown Up Clonmel retail spirit lic
  Wm Smyth Cattle Dealers Irishtown Up Clonmel  
Capt   Smythe Farmers,Residents Beech Lodge Cloughjordan  
Rev Hy Smythe Farmers,Residents Ballybrenoge Cullen  
Sergt Thomas Soden R I Constabulary   Birdhill  
  Jas J Somers Physicians Castle St Roscrea  
Dr Jas L Somers Magistrates Castle St Roscrea  
Dr Jas L Somers Medical Halls Castle St Roscrea  
  R N Somerville Banks Bank St Templemore Mgr, Provincial
    Soraghan's Grocers Parnell St 6 Clonmel retail spirit lic
  J H Spackman Merchant Tailors Parnell St 36 Clonmel  
  Alex P Spain Banks Main St Cashel Teller, National
  Charles Spain Farmers,Residents Castle St Nenagh  
  Cornelius Spain Farmers,Residents Beechwood Nenagh  
  John Spain Farmers,Residents Derry Rathcabbin  
Mrs Mary Spain Grocers Richmond Rd Nenagh  
  Michael Spain Farmers,Residents Gortadalaun Ardcroney  
  Michael Spain Farmers,Residents Ballyrickard Ardcroney  
  Michael Spain Farmers,Residents Ballykinash Riverstown  
  Ml Spain Farmers,Residents Ringroe Ardcroney  
  Patrick Spain Farmers,Residents Lisgarode Nenagh  
  R Spain Grocers Castle St 61 Nenagh Spirits
  Rody Spain Farmers,Residents Lisgarode Nenagh  
Dr Thos Spain Farmers,Residents Summerhill Nenagh  
  William Spain Farmers,Residents Moanfin Nenagh  
Mrs   Sparling Farmers,Residents Faha Portroe  
  Henry Sparling Farmers,Residents Lisduff Urlingford  
  Allen St Sparrow Farmers,Residents Johnstown Fethard  
  Rd Spearman Post Office   Poulmucka Pm
Miss   Spelman Schools Ladies Stanton Pl 21 Clonmel  
  Jas Spence Grocers   Ballynonty Spirits
  Francis Spencer Farmers,Residents Killeen Ballynonty  
Mrs Mary Spillane Grocers Silver St 77 Nenagh Spirits
Miss P Splint Grocers Castle St Roscrea Baker
Rev P Spratt Churches RC   Kilsheelan PP
  Chas A Sprent Banks Main St Carrick-on-Suir Teller, National
  Edmond Spring Plumbers Davis St Tipperary  
  Thos O Springfield Magistrates Anner Castle Clonmel  
  Thos O Springfield Union Clonmel Anner Castle Clonmel Ex-Officio Guardian
    St Albans, Duke of Magistrates Newtown Anner Clonmel  
  A St George Solicitors Jervis Pl 2 Clonmel  
  Arthur St George Societies, St Vincent de Paul SSPeter & Pauls Parish Clonmel Sol, President
  Ellen St John Grocers   Two Mile Borris  
  Hy St John Grocers   Nine Mile House Spirits
  James St John Farmers,Residents Crampscastle Fethard  
  John St John Flour&Meal Merchants   Mullinahone See also grocers
  Ml St John Grocers   Littleton Spirits
  Robt B St John Watchmakers Castle St 42 Nenagh  
  Thos St John Grocers   Templetuohy Spirits
  Thos St John Monument Makers   Templetuohy  
  Wm St John Grocers Cathedral St Thurles Spirits
  Thos Stableton Drapers   Cappawhite  
  Michael Stakelum Farmers,Residents Ballynahow Ballycahill  
  Ml Stakelum Grocers   Holycross Spirits
  Rt P Stakelum Farmers,Residents Ballynahow Ballycahill  
Mrs A Standish Farmers,Residents Ballykelly Knock  
  Robert Standish Farmers,Residents Ballykelly Roscrea  
  Thos Stanistreet Farmers,Residents Roseville Clonmel  
  Wm Stanistreet Farmers,Residents Roseville Clonmel  
  Geo Stanley Farmers,Residents   Ballingarry  
  Geo Stanley R I Constabulary   Kilsheelan Serg
Mrs Mt Stanley Farmers,Residents Boherlee Carney  
  Rd Stanley Millers Valley Roscrea  
Mrs S Stanley Farmers,Residents Riverlawn Ballymackey  
Mrs   Stapleton Farmers,Residents Knockanevin Borrisoleigh  
Mrs Bt Stapleton Schools National Newtown Drombane  
  Denis Stapleton Farmers,Residents Pallas Up Borrisoleigh  
Miss J Stapleton Schools National   Cranna  
  James Stapleton Farmers,Residents Knockagh Templemore  
  John Stapleton Farmers,Residents Pallas Up Borrisoleigh  
  M Stapleton Farmers,Residents Glenpaudeen Hollyford  
Mrs M Stapleton Farmers,Residents Galbertstown Holycross  
  Ml Stapleton Farmers,Residents Sedgemoor Nenagh  
  Patrick Stapleton Farmers,Residents Knockwilliam Borrisoleigh  
  Thomas Stapleton Farmers,Residents   Ballycommon  
  Thos Stapleton Grocers   Gurtnahoe  
  Thos Stapleton Farmers,Residents Piperhill Hollyford  
  Thos Stapleton Grocers   Littleton  
  Thos Stapleton Farmers,Residents Knockfune Templederry  
  Thos Stapleton Union Tipperary Seskin Tipperary Elected Guardians
  Toby Stapleton Farmers,Residents Knockanevin Borrisoleigh  
  Wm Stapleton Farmers,Residents Clonkelly Dundrum  
  Wm Starr Farmers,Residents Claree Puckane  
Rev Canon Jno L Stawell Churches CoI   Toomevara  
  Susan E Steele Union Clogheen   Clogheen Matron
Mrs H M Stephens Grocers   Borrisokane Spirit Retailers
  S H Stephens Farmers,Residents Innislonagh Clonmel CI
  Saml H Stephens R I Constabulary   Clonmel Co Inspector, SR
    Stephenson Wollen Manfrs Depot Main St Carrick-on-Suir Bros
  Jno Stevenson Spirit Retailers   Cloughjordan  
  J Stewart Painters Canopy St Cashel  
  Jameson Stewart Grocers Canopy St Cashel Spirits
  Jameson Stewart Hotels Canopy St Cashel  
  Jameson Stewart Town Commissioners   Cashel  
Mrs   Stokes Farmers,Residents Gladstone St Clonmel  
Mrs   Stokes Farmers,Residents Riverside Clonmel  
Mrs A Stokes Farmers,Residents Ballydonnell Mullinahone  
  Edm Stokes Farmers,Residents Magowry Fethard Junior
  Edw Stokes Farmers,Residents Magowry Drangan  
  John Stokes Grocers Cahedral St Thurles Spirits
  Patrick Stokes Farmers,Residents Poulakerry Kilsheelan  
  Richard Stokes Farmers,Residents Ballingarry Up Ballingarry  
Miss S A Stokes Post Cars & Hearses   Fethard  
Miss Susan A Stokes Grocers   Fethard Retail Spirits
Miss Susan A Stokes Hotels   Fethard  
  William Stokes Farmers,Residents Priorstown Kilsheelan  
Misses   Stoney Farmers,Residents Ballykane Borrisokane  
Mrs E Stoney Farmers,Residents Ballykane Borrisokane  
  Johnstone T Stoney Union Roscrea Emel Castle Cloughjordan Ex-Officio Guardians
  Sadlier Stoney Farmers,Residents Ballycapple Cloughjordan  
  T J Stoney Farmers,Residents Ballyknockane Ballymackey  
  Thos B Stoney Farmers,Residents Portland Park Portland JP
Capt Thos B Stoney Magistrates Portland Roscrea  
  Thos B Stoney Union Borrisokane Portland Roscrea Ex-Officio Guardians
Mrs   Storman Farmers,Residents Nodstown Boherlahan  
  Denis Strong Farmers,Residents Lehinch Portland  
  H J R V Stuart Union Carrick-on-Suir Castletown Carrick-on-Suir Ex-officio Guardians
  Hny J R V Stuart Magistrates Castletown Carrick-on-suir  
  R H Stubber Union Roscrea Moyne Durrow Ex-Officio Guardians
Mrs E Studdert Farmers,Residents Lodge Puckane  
  Bart Sullivan Grocers   Mobarnan  
  Cornelius Sullivan Farmers,Residents Grangebarry Fethard  
  David Sullivan Farmers,Residents Toormore Burncourt  
  Denis Sullivan Farmers,Residents Ballinure Horse & Jockey  
  J Sullivan Farmers,Residents Gladstone St 19 Clonmel  
  Jas Sullivan Farmers,Residents Derrinlieragh Riverstown  
  Jerh Sullivan Post Office   Drombane PM
  Jh Sullivan Grocers   Drombane Draper
  John Sullivan Farmers,Residents Kilbreagh Ballingarry  
  John Sullivan Cork Cutters Quay St Clonmel  
  John Sullivan Farmers,Residents Clohaskin Riverstown  
  Martin Sullivan Victuallers   Newport  
  Michael Sullivan Farmers,Residents Rossfinch Ballynahinch  
  Michael Sullivan Farmers,Residents Cathaganstown Killenaule  
  Owen Sullivan Grocers   Ballyporeen  
  Patrick Sullivan Farmers,Residents Grallagh Horse & Jockey  
  Patrick Sullivan Farmers,Residents Cooneen Killaloe  
  Patrick Sullivan Farmers,Residents Ballyard Newport  
  Ptk Sullivan Farmers,Residents Grantstown Tipperary  
  Thomas Sullivan Farmers,Residents Ballagh Riverstown  
  Thos Sullivan Coachbuilders Wellington St Clonmel  
  Ty Sullivan Farmers,Residents Brick Knocklofty  
  Matthew Sutcliffe Farmers,Residents Broomhill Killenaule  
  William Sutherland Banks   Clogheen Prov, Act.
  Ml Sutton Farmers,Residents Ballinakill Dunkerrin  
  John Sweeney Farmers,Residents Park Knocklofty  
  Michael Sweeney Farmers,Residents Park Knocklofty  
  Dl Sweeny Union Roscrea Garron Ballybrophy Elected Guardians
  Edm Sweeny Farmers,Residents   Lisheens  
  James Sweeny Farmers,Residents Shanballyduff Thurles  
  Jas Sweeny R I Constabulary   Borrisokane HC
Mrs Johanna Sweeny Grocers   Ballyporeen Spirits, Baker
Mrs M Sweeny Farmers,Residents Glennacunna Ballyporeen  
  Michael Sweeny Farmers,Residents Garranroe Thurles  
  Ml Sweeny Post Office   Moyne PM
  Matthew Switzer Farmers,Residents Newpark The Commons  
  Nathaniel Switzer Farmers,Residents Newpark The Commons  
  Richard Switzer Farmers,Residents Lisnamuck The Commons  
  Wm Sydney Farmers,Residents Gortmore Terryglass  
Mrs M Synott Bakers Carrickbeg Carrick-on-Suir