1889 Bassett's Directory of Tipperary


Rev Henry Palmer Farmers,Residents Vicar's Hill Cahir  
  A Parker Lunatic Asylum Western Rd Clonmel JP, Governor
  A Parker Union Nenagh Castlelough Killaloe Ex-Officio Guardians
  Anthony Parker Magistrates Castlelough Killaloe  
  Anthony Parker Farmers,Residents Castlelough Killaloe JP
Mrs H Parker Farmers,Residents Brookfield Coolbawn  
  Jno Parker Painters Pound St Nenagh  
Miss M T Parker Farmers,Residents   Portroe  
  Ml Parkinson Farmers,Residents Slevoir Terryglass  
Hon Henry Parnell Military Annerville Clonmel CB, Colonel Commanding,18 Regt Dist
  John Parr Farmers,Residents Aghsmear Roscrea  
  Wm Parr Commissioners   Tipperary For administring Oaths in The Supreme Court of Judicature in Ireland
  Wm Parr Brewery Store Main St E 15 Tipperary Agent, T. Murphy & Co
  G Pattison Grocers   Cloughjordan Hardware, Seeds, Coal, Timber, Drugs
  Arthur J Payne Magistrates B'walter Cashel  
  Arthur J Payne Farmers,Residents Ballywalter Cashel  
Very Rev Michael Payne Churches RC Chapel St Nenagh PP, VG
  John Peacock Farmers,Residents John St Cashel  
  Jas Peacocke Seed Merchants Gladstone St Clonmel  
  Charles H Peare Commissioners   Carrick-on-Suir For administring Oaths in The Supreme Court of Judicature in Ireland
  Chas Peare Watchmakers Michael St 6 Tipperary  
  Chas H Peare Rent Agents Main St Carrick-on-Suir  
Miss Lizzie Peare Schools Parochial Town Wall Carrick-on-Suir CoI
  Wm Peare Marriages District Registrars   Carrick-on-Suir under 7&8 Vic,cap.81 (1844)
  Wm Peare Stationers Main St Carrick-on-Suir  
  Wm Peare Watchmakers Main St Carrick-on-Suir  
  E S Pearson Farmers,Residents K'ballynoe E Tipperary  
  R S Pelissier Druggists Dublin St 9 Clonmel  
  R S Pelissier Druggists Dublin St 10 Clonmel  
  R S Pelissier Druggists Dublin St 11 Clonmel  
  Robt S Pelissier Corn Merchants Abbey St Clonmel  
  R P Ll Pennefather Union Cashel Marlow Clonoulty Ex-Officio Guardians
  Rd Pennefather Farmers,Residents Wilford Ballingarry  
  Rd Pennefather Farmers,Residents Marlow Clonoulty JP
  Rd L Pennefather Magistrates Marlow Clonoulty  
  Thos Pennefather Farmers,Residents Marlow Clonoulty  
  Thos B Pennefeather Solicitors Gaol St Thurles  
  Edward Pepper Railways   Roscrea SM
Mrs   Perkins Farmers,Residents Curraheen Drangan  
  Arthur Perry Farmers,Residents Cedar Hill Roscrea  
Lt Saml Perry Magistrates Woodroofe Clonmel Deputy Lieutenant
  Samual Perry Lunatic Asylum Western Rd Clonmel JP, Governor
  Samual Perry Farmers,Residents Woodrofe Poulmucka DL
Lt Sl Perry Union Clonmel Woodroffe Clonmel Ex-Officio Guardian
  Thomas Perry Farmers,Residents Graystown Killenaule  
  William Perry Farmers,Residents Kilboy Killenaule  
  Wm Persse Farmers,Residents Graigillanre Carney  
  James Peters Farmers,Residents Kilnacask Lr Cahir  
  Richard Peters Farmers,Residents Neddans Nagle Ardfinnane  
  Richard Peters Farmers,Residents Ballycarron Golden  
  William Peters Farmers,Residents Tankerstown Cahir  
    Phelan Butter Merchants Market St Clonmel & Co
Mrs A Phelan Hotels Main St Carrick-on-Suir  
Miss A Phelan Spirit Retailers Bridge St Carrick-on-Suir  
  B P Phelan Magistrates Boro   Clonmel  
  B P Phelan Spirit Merchants Wholesale Market St Clonmel &Son, Tea Merchantson
  B P Phelan Farmers,Residents Spring Gardens Clonmel JP
Mrs C Phelan Farmers,Residents Clehile Bouladuff  
  David Phelan Farmers,Residents Caddlestown New Inn  
  Dl Phelan Farmers,Residents Parnell St 27 Clonmel  
  E Phelan Corporation   Clonmel Town Councillor
  E Phelan Grocers Dublin St 16 Clonmel retail spirit lic
  E Phelan Grocers Dublin St 17 Clonmel retail spirit lic
Miss E Phelan Grocers   Killenaule Spirits
  Edm Phelan Grocers   Nine Mile House  
  Edm Phelan Post Office   Nine Mile House PM
  Edmond Phelan Farmers,Residents Modeshill S Mullinahone  
Dr Edward Phelan Mayors   Clonmel 1844-47-53
Very Rev J A Phelan Churches RC Gladstone St Clonmel PP, VG, SS Peter & Paul's
Very Rev J A Phelan HM Prison Richmond St Clonmel PP, VF, RC Chaplin
  James Phelan Farmers,Residents Oldcastle Carrick-on-Suir JP
  James Phelan Provisions Main St Cashel  
  James Phelan Farmers,Residents Horsepasture Clonmel  
  James Phelan Farmers,Residents Parnell St 27 Clonmel  
  James Phelan Farmers,Residents Grangehill Grange  
  James P Phelan Farmers,Residents Friar St Cashel  
  Jas Phelan Cooperages Carrickbeg Carrick-on-Suir  
  John Phelan Boots & Shoes Parnell St 12 Clonmel  
Mrs K Phelan Drapers Main St 76 Clonmel  
Mrs M Phelan Grocers Carrickbeg Carrick-on-Suir Bakers
  Martin Phelan Farmers,Residents Lisfuncheon Ballyporeen  
  Martin Phelan Spirit Retailers Carrickbeg Carrick-on-Suir  
  Martin Phelan Farmers,Residents Figlash Carrick-on-Suir  
  Martin Phelan Farmers,Residents Galbooly Littleton  
  Mary Phelan Schools National   Curraguneen  
  Ml Phelan Clubs, Young Ireland John St Carrick-on-Suir Treasurer
  Ml Phelan Grocers Irishtown 104 Clonmel retail spirit lic
Mrs Mt Phelan Farmers,Residents Modeshill Mullinahone  
  Patrick Phelan Farmers,Residents John St Cashel  
  Ptk Phelan Farmers,Residents Barnlough Bansha  
  Rd Phelan Grocers   Milestone Spitit Retailer
  Richard Phelan Farmers,Residents Gurtnapisha Killenaule  
Rev Thomas Phelan Churches RC   Borrisokane PP
  Thomas Phelan Farmers,Residents Bolintlea New Birmingham  
  Thos Phelan Farmers,Residents Tankerstown Bansha  
Rev Thos Phelan Union Borrisokane   Borrisokane Chaplin RC
  Thos Phelan Grocers   Borrisoleigh Hardware, Seeds
  Thos Phelan Drapers Main St 1 Clonmel & Co
  Thos Phelan Drapers Main St 2 Clonmel & Co
  Thos Phelan Drapers Main St 3 Clonmel & Co
  Thos Phelan Farmers,Residents Spring Gardens Clonmel  
  Thos Phelan Clubs, Horticultural Society Spring Gardens Clonmel Secretary
  Thos Phelan Union Tipperary Tankardstown Tipperary Elected Guardians
  W Phelan Bakers Parnell St Clonmel & Sons
  W Phelan Bakers Gladstone St Clonmel & Sons
  W Phelan Boat Owners(Freight) Parnell St Clonmel & Sons
  Wm Phelan Bakers Carrickbeg Carrick-on-Suir  
  Wm Phelan Union Cashel   Cashel Clerk
  Wm Phelan Corn Merchants Parnell St Clonmel & Sons
  Wm Phelan Millers Parnell St Clonmel & Son
  Wm Phelan Millers Gladstone St Clonmel & Son
  Wm Phelan Farmers,Residents Glenhackett Clonmel  
  Wm Phelan Farmers,Residents Glenhackett Clonmel Junior
  Wm Phelan Farmers,Residents Russellstown Monard  
  Wm Phelan Farmers,Residents Garrymorris South Lodge  
  Wm Phelan Farmers,Residents Graiguepaddeen Urlingford  
  Thos G Philips Farmers,Residents Park Ville Clonmel  
  Edward Phillips Farmers,Residents Thurlesbeg Cashel  
  F Phillips R I Constabulary   Fethard Serg
  Francis Phillips Grocers Lady's Well Cashel Spirits
  Jno J Phillips Farmers,Residents Beachmount Mobarnan  
  John Phillips Post Office   Ballycahill PM
  John P Phillips Farmers,Residents Mountphillips Newport  
  Joseph Phillips Grocers Lady's Well Cashel  
  R Phillips Lunatic Asylum Western Rd Clonmel DL, Governor
  Rd Phillips Union Tipperary Gaile House Cashel Ex-Officio Guardians
  Rd Phillips Union Cashel Gaile Ho Fethard Ex-Officio Guardians
  Rich Phillips Magistrates Gaile House Cashel Deputy Lieutenant
  Richard Phillips Infirmary, County   Cashel JP, Treasurer
  Richard Phillips Farmers,Residents Gaile Cashel JP
  Thomas G Phillips Barony Cess Collectors Parkville Clonmel Iffa & Offa West SR
  George A Pierce Banks Parrnell St Clonmel BoI, cashier
  Richard Piercy Farmers,Residents Tinderry Knock  
  Thos Pigott Grocers Queen St 6 Nenagh Spirits
  Frank Pilkington Farmers,Residents Westgrove Poulmucka  
    Pim Chandlers Manufacturing New Quay Clonmel Bros
    Pim Coal Merchants Nelson St Clonmel Bros
    Pim Druggists New Quay Clonmel Bros
    Pim Hardware New Quay Clonmel Bros
  Saml B Pim Farmers,Residents New Quay Clonmel  
  J Plunkett - McFadden Union Roscrea Ballybrophy Ho Ballybrophy Ex-Officio Guardians
  Arthur Poe Magistrates Harley Park Callan  
  Arthur Poe Farmers,Residents Harleypark Callan  
  Henry H Poe Magistrates Rectory, Tenby Sourh Wales Deputy Lieutenant
  Henry R Poe Farmers,Residents Solsborough Nenagh  
  Hy H Poe Union Nenagh Denby S. Wales Ex-Officio Guardians
  J H Poe Union Nenagh Harley Park Callan Ex-Officio Guardians
  James H Poe Farmers,Residents Riverston Nenagh JP
  James J Poe Farmers,Residents Riverston Nenagh  
  Thomas Poe Farmers,Residents Whitewalls Killeen  
  Andrew Pollard Merchant Tailors Gladstone St 18 Clonmel  
  M Pollard Grocers Main St 24 Clonmel retail spirit lic
Mrs C B Ponsonby Farmers,Residents Kilcooly Abbey Grange  
  E Pope Marine Stores Irishtown 2 Clonmel  
  E Pope Poulterers Irishtown 2 Clonmel  
  Edward Pope Fowl Shippers Irishtown 2 Clonmel  
  Hy Popham Banks Main St Tipperary Acc, M&L
  Nicholas Pound Farmers,Residents Cloncannon Templemore  
Miss A Powell Post Office   Cranna PM
Dr B C Powell Dispensaries Gaol St Roscrea Mo
  Blacker C Powell Physicians Mt Dudley Roscrea  
  Blacker C Powell Union Roscrea   Roscrea Medical Officer
  Caleb Powell Farmers,Residents Gortmore Carrigatoher  
Mrs E Powell Farmers,Residents Parkmore Roscrea  
  Geo Powell Grocers   Templederry  
  Geo Powell Post Office   Templederry PM
Dr Geo Hy Powell Dispensaries   Toomevara  
  George Powell Farmers,Residents Knockmeal Dolla  
  Henry Powell Farmers,Residents Curraghleigh Dolla  
  Henry Powell Farmers,Residents Laghile Toomevara  
Dr Hy Powell Medical Halls Castle St 21 Nenagh  
Dr Hy Powell Dispensaries   Silvermines  
  James Powell Farmers,Residents Derryleigh Newport  
  John Powell Farmers,Residents Ballycrenode Ballinaclough  
  John Powell Newspapers Barrack St Nenagh Sentinel, Wed
  William Powell Farmers,Residents Felix Templederry  
  William Powell Farmers,Residents Blean Toomevara  
Mrs   Power Farmers,Residents B'brunick Carrick-on-Suir  
Miss A Power Spirit Retailers Carrickbeg Carrick-on-Suir  
  A&E Power Bakers Kickham St Carrick-on-Suir  
  Arnold Power Solicitors Gaol St Thurles  
  Arnold J Power Commissioners Perpetual   Thurles For taking acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women in Ireland
  Arnold J Power Sheriffs Goal St Thurles Sol, Sub-Sheriff
  Chas W Power Tanners Carrickbeg Carrick-on-Suir  
Miss E Power China&Glass Main St Carrick-on-Suir  
Miss E Power Farmers,Residents Gaol St Thurles  
  Edmond Power Farmers,Residents Killenamack Killenaule  
  Edmond Power Farmers,Residents C'garrane Mullinahone  
Mrs J Power Schools National   Donohill  
  J H Power Union Carrick-on-Suir Mount Richard Carrick-on-Suir Ex-officio Guardians
Rev J H Power Churches RC   Drangan  
  James Power Grocers   Ballingarry Spirits
  James Power Farmers,Residents Ballynoran Carrick-on-Suir  
  James Power Farmers,Residents Ballinderry Carrick-on-Suir  
  James Power Farmers,Residents Mooresfort Kilross  
  James Power Farmers,Residents Ballynaraha Kilsheelan  
  Jas Power Schools National   Donohill  
  Jno Power Farmers,Residents   Ballyneal  
  Jno Power Grocers Bridge St Carrick-on-Suir Retail Spirits
  Jno Power Pawn Brokers Town Wall Carrick-on-Suir  
  Jno Power Saddlers Barrack St Nenagh  
  John Power Schools National   Ballycommon  
  John Power Farmers,Residents Poulacapple E Callan  
  John Power Osier Manufacturers Kickham St Carrick-on-Suir  
  John Power Farmers,Residents Clashnasmut Carrick-on-Suir  
  John Power Farmers,Residents Figlash Carrick-on-Suir  
  John Power Farmers,Residents Inishlounagh Clonmel  
  John Power Farmers,Residents Quay St Clonmel  
  John H Power Magistrates Mount Richard Carrick-on-Suir  
  John H Power Farmers,Residents Mt Richard Carrick-on-Suir JP
Dr Jos Power Dispensaries   Borrisoleigh  
Dr Jos Power Dispensaries   Kilcommon  
Dr Jos Power Dispensaries   Upperchurch  
  L Power Farmers,Residents Templenahurney Bansha Junior
  Laurence Power Veterinary Surgeons Main St Cashel  
  Lce Power Farmers,Residents Coolnagun Tipperary  
Rev M Power Churches RC   Ballyneal CC
Miss Margaret Power Grocers   Cloughjordan  
  Margt F Power Schools National   Rear Cross  
  Martin Power Farmers,Residents Lisnatubrid Clonmel  
  Maurice Power Clubs, Gaelic Athletic Ass   Clonmel Captain
  Maurice Power Farmers,Residents West Gate Thurles  
  Mce Power Pawn Brokers Kickham St Carrick-on-Suir  
Rev Mce Power Churches RC   Emly PP
  Michael Power Town Commissioners Main St Carrick-on-Suir  
  Michael Power Societies, St Vincent de Paul   Carrick-on-Suir Treasurer
  Michael Power Farmers,Residents Ballinamorsough Rathkea  
  Michael Power Farmers,Residents Kyle Thurles  
  Michl Power Town Commissioners Greystone St Carrick-on-Suir Chairman
  Michl V Power Union Carrick-on-Suir Garrynarea Carrick-on-Suir V. Chairman
  Ml Power Chandlers Manufacturing Main St Carrick-on-Suir Blacking
  Ml Power Pawn Brokers Greystone St Carrick-on-Suir  
  Ml Power Union Carrick-on-Suir Garrynarea Carrick-on-Suir Elected Guardian
  Ml Power Clubs, Readings' Town Hall Carrick-on-Suir Est 1870
Rev Ml Power Churches RC Michael St Tipperary CC
Rev Mn Power Churches RC   Nine Mile House CC
Miss Mt Power Fancy Goods Main St Carrick-on-Suir  
Mrs Mt Power Grocers Barrack St 47 Nenagh Spirits
  N A Power Union Carrick-on-Suir Belview Waterford Ex-officio Guardians
Rev Nichls Power Churches RC Chapel St Cahir CC
  Patrick Power Farmers,Residents Cregg Carrick-on-Suir  
Rev Paul Power Churches RC   Carrick-on-Suir PP, St Nicholas, Est 1804
Rev Paul Power Societies, St Vincent de Paul   Carrick-on-Suir CC, Spiritual Director
  Pierce Power Farmers,Residents Priorstown Kilsheelan  
Miss Prettie Power Farmers,Residents Glenview Clonmel  
Sir R C Power Union Carrick-on-Suir Thomastown Kilkenny Ex-officio Guardians
  Rd Power Union Thurles Ballydavid Ho Littleton Ex-Officio Guardians
  Rd Power Farmers,Residents Ballydavid Ho Littleton JP
  Rich Power Magistrates Ballydavid House Littleton  
  Richard Power Farmers,Residents Graigue Ballypatrick  
  Richard Power Grocers Cathedral St Thurles Hardware, Seeds
  Robert Power Farmers,Residents Clonwalsh Clonmel  
Rev Rt Power Churches RC   Ballyneal PP
  Rt Power Grocers Main St Carrick-on-Suir Retail Spirits
Rev Rt Power Churches RC   Nine Mile House PP
  Thomas Power Farmers,Residents Noan Horse & Jockey  
  Thomas Power Farmers,Residents Mardyke Killenaule  
  Thomas Power Farmers,Residents Crohane Lr Killenaule  
  Thos Power Union Carrick-on-Suir Ballyclohy Carrick-on-Suir Elected Guardian
  Thos Power Farmers,Residents Elmville Clonmel  
Rev Thos Power College St Patricks   Thurles Professor
  Wm Power Tobacco Manufacturers Main St Cashel  
  Wm Power Farmers,Residents Tullowcusssane Drangan Junior
  Wm Power Farmers,Residents Tullowcusssane Drangan Senior
  Wm Power Veterinary Surgeons Henry St Tipperary  
Mrs   Power-Lalor Farmers,Residents Orchardstown Ho Templetuohy  
  G Power-Lalor Farmers,Residents Orchardstown Ho Templetuohy  
  Thos Poyntz Cabinet Makers Peter St Clonmel  
  Wm Poyntz Cabinet Makers Main St41 Clonmel  
  Geo Pratt Farmers,Residents Camblin Roscrea  
  Henry Pratt Farmers,Residents Aghsmear Roscrea  
  Thomas Pratt Farmers,Residents Penane Loughmore  
Mrs   Prendergast Farmers,Residents Pill Rd Carrick-on-Suir  
     Prendergast Cabinet Makers Main St 43 Clonmel Bros
    Prendergast Undertakers Main St43 Clonmel Bros
    Prendergast Clubs, Gaelic Athletic Ass Powerstown&Lisronagh Clonmel Secretary, Mandeville Club
Lt Col A Prendergast Farmers,Residents Llandaff Lr Thurles  
Miss E Prendergast Grocers Main St 56 Clonmel retail spirit lic
  Edm Prendergast Farmers,Residents Barnora Cahir  
  Edmond Prendergast Farmers,Residents Tullow Ardfinnane  
  Edmond Prendergast Farmers,Residents Gortacullin Ardfinnane  
  G Prendergast Petty Sessions   Ardfinnane Clerk
  G Prendergast Petty Sessions   Ballyporeen Clerk
  G Prendergast Petty Sessions   Clogheen Clerk,2nd Thurs, Month
  Geoffrey Prendergast Commissioners   Clogheen For administring Oaths in The Supreme Court of Judicature in Ireland
  Geoffrey Prendergast Farmers,Residents Clonpet Tipperary  
  J Prendergast Farmers,Residents ChancellorstownC Clerihan  
Lt Col J A Prendergast Clubs, Social Main St Thurles Secretary
  James Prendergast Farmers,Residents Shortcastle Clonmel  
  James Prendergast Farmers,Residents Ballynaraha Kilsheelan  
Lt Col James A Prendergast Magistrates Llanndaff Lodge Thurles  
Col James A Prendergast Union Thurles Llandaff Lodge Thurles Ex-Officio Guardians
  Jas Prendergast Union Clogheen     Elected Guardians
  Jas Prendergast Farmers,Residents Curraghatoor Ballylooby  
  Jas Prendergast Farmers,Residents Bohernagore E Clogheen  
  Jas Prendergast Farmers,Residents Gordon St 11 Clonmel  
  M Prendergast Bakers   Kilsheelan  
  Ml Prendergast Farmers,Residents Ballyhohan Cahir  
  Ml Prendergast Farmers,Residents Derrygrath Lr Cahir  
  Ml Prendergast Bakers William St Carrick-on-Suir  
  Ml Prendergast Grocers   Kilsheelan  
  P Prendergast Farmers,Residents Bohernagore W Clogheen  
  Patrick Prendergast Farmers,Residents Rathokelly Newcastle  
  R K Prendergast Magistrates Ardfinnane Castle Ardfinnane  
  R K Prendergast Farmers,Residents Ardfinnane Castle Ardfinnane JP
  Robert Prendergast Farmers,Residents Crohane Newcastle  
  Rt K Prendergast Union Clogheen     Ex-Officio Guardians
  T Prendergast Farmers,Residents Bohernagore W Clogheen  
  Tho Prendergast Farmers,Residents Derrygrath Lr Cahir  
  Thos Prendergast Farmers,Residents Ballinleinty Tipperary  
  W E Prendergast Grocers Irishtown Up Clonmel retail spirit lic
  William Prendergast Clubs, Gaelic Athletic Ass   Clonmel Secretary
  William Prendergast Farmers,Residents Rathokelly Newcastle  
  Wm Prendergast Farmers,Residents Kildanoge Ardfinnane  
  Wm Prendergast Farmers,Residents Burgess Ballylooby  
  Wm Prendergast Grocers Parnell St 13 Clonmel retail spirit lic
  Wm Prendergast Cattle Dealers Davis St Tipperary  
  Wm Prendergast Victuallers Davis St Tipperary  
  Edw Price Farmers,Residents Kilballyhemikin Templemore  
  Henry Price Post Office   New Inn PM
  Thomas Price Farmers,Residents Coleraine Cashel Junior
  Thomas E Price Farmers,Residents Ardmayle Cashel  
  Adam Prior Newspapers Summerhill Nenagh Nenagh Guardian, Wed & Sat
Miss Elizabeth Proctor Union Roscrea   Roscrea Matron
Rev G A Proctor Farmers,Residents Ballybeg Knocklofty CoI
  Robert Proctor Farmers,Residents Cullaun Knock  
  John Prout Farmers,Residents Garryclough Gurtnahoe  
  Michael Prout Farmers,Residents Gregaugh Ballingarry  
Miss   Purcell Stationers Main St Carrick-on-Suir News Agents
Mrs   Purcell Farmers,Residents Moanmore E Emly  
Mrs   Purcell Farmers,Residents Lisaroon Thurles  
  Andrew Purcell Farmers,Residents Drom Templemore  
Mrs C Purcell Farmers,Residents Convent Bridge Clonmel  
  Chas Purcell Union Clonmel Orchardstown Clonmel Elected Guardian
  Chas Purcell Farmers,Residents   Lisronagh  
Miss E Purcell Post Office   Lisronagh PM
  Ellis Purcell Farmers,Residents Gorteen Emly  
  Francis Purcell Corks New St Thurles  
  James Purcell Farmers,Residents Cheesemount South Lodge  
  Jas Purcell Corks New St Thurles  
  John Purcell Farmers,Residents Moorstown Poulmucka  
Miss M A Purcell Grocers Bridge St Clonmel retail spirit lic
Miss Mary A Purcell Post Office Main St Carrick-on-Suir PM
  Matt Purcell Clubs, Cycling   Clonmel Treasurer
  Ml Purcell Schools National   Emly  
Mrs Mt Purcell Farmers,Residents Modeshill Mullinahone  
  Patrick Purcell Farmers,Residents Brenormore South Lodge  
  Rd Purcell Hardware Castle St 66,67 Nenagh Seeds, Timber, Drugs
  Tim Purcell Farmers,Residents Killeenleigh Drombane  
  Ty Purcell Farmers,Residents Killeenleigh Ballycahill  
  Chas Purcill Farmers,Residents Caherclough Clonmel  
  Michl Purcill Farmers,Residents Caherclough Clonmel  
  Phillip Purcill Farmers,Residents Moanmore Emly  
  Phillip Purcill Farmers,Residents Killahagan Templemore  
  Wm Purdon Grocers   Ballynahinch  
  Wm Purdon Post Office   Ballynahinch PM
  Wlifred B Purefoy Farmers,Residents Greenfield Cappawhite  
  Charles Purtill Farmers,Residents Kilconnell Mobarnan Junior
  Edmond Purtill Farmers,Residents Brickendown Cashel  
  Stewart Purviss Farmers,Residents The Leap Roscrea  
  Robert Pyke Farmers,Residents   Cloughjordan  
Rev Thomas Pyke Churches CoI   Killenaule  
Rev Dr   Pyne Union Nenagh   Nenagh CC, RC Chaplin
Mrs M Pyne Farmers,Residents Cooladerry Ballyporeen  
  Dd Quane Grocers Henry St Tipperary  
  Dd Quane Post Cars & Hearses Henry St Tipperary  
  Ml Quaney Union Roscrea Grange Ballybrophy Elected Guardians
  Jno Quann Cattle Dealers Kickham St Carrick-on-Suir  
Rev W Quealy Churches RC   Clogheen CC
Mrs   Quigley Farmers,Residents Ballycahill Nenagh  
  Jno Quigley Grocers   Killenaule  
  Jno Quigley Farmers,Residents Gurth Milestone  
  John Quigley Farmers,Residents Mortlestown Killenaule  
Miss K Quigley Farmers,Residents   Ardcroney  
Dr M Quigley Medical Halls Queen St 42 Nenagh  
  Matt Quigley Physicians Queen St 42 Nenagh  
  Michael Quigley Farmers,Residents Kilbreedy Fethard  
  Pat Quigley Farmers,Residents Suttonrath Cahir  
  James Quill Grocers West Gate Thurles Spirits
  Edm Quillinan Farmers,Residents Raheen U Tipperary  
  James Quillinan Farmers,Residents Raheen U Tipperary  
  John Quillinan Drapers Davis St 2 Tipperary  
  Patrick Quillinan Farmers,Residents Carron Tipperary  
Lt Thos A Quin Magistrates Bellevue Pl Clonmel  
Mrs   Quinlan Farmers,Residents   Clonbrick  
Mrs   Quinlan Farmers,Residents Foilnemore Kilcommon  
Mrs C Quinlan Farmers,Residents Loughkent New Inn  
  Daniel Quinlan Farmers,Residents Feigh Borrisokane  
  Dd Quinlan Farmers,Residents Garrangibbon South Lodge  
  Denis Quinlan Grocers   Cullen Spirits
  Dl Quinlan Farmers,Residents Ballinakill Dunkerrin  
  Dl Quinlan Grocers   New Birmingham Spirits
  Dl Quinlan Farmers,Residents Glengoole N New Birmingham  
  Edmond Quinlan Farmers,Residents Ballinderry Carrick-on-Suir  
  Edmond Quinlan Farmers,Residents Suirmount Cashel  
Miss Fanny Quinlan Grocers   Borrisoleigh  
  Frank Quinlan Farmers,Residents Coleman Hennessy Fethard  
Mrs G Quinlan Farmers,Residents B'neal Donohill  
  James Quinlan Clubs, Rowing Irishtown Up Clonmel Treasurer
  Jas Quinlan Farmers,Residents Garrangrena Borrisoleigh  
  Jas Quinlan Farmers,Residents Gladstone St Up Clonmel  
  Jereh Quinlan Farmers,Residents Ballynaveen Emly  
  Jno Quinlan Grocers Henry St Tipperary  
  John Quinlan Farmers,Residents Ballydaff Borrisoleigh  
  John Quinlan Farmers,Residents Derryclooney Cahir  
  John Quinlan Farmers,Residents Camlin Roscrea  
  John Quinlan Grocers Main St Thurles  
Mrs M Quinlan Farmers,Residents Abbey Golden  
  Mce Quinlan Farmers,Residents Skeheenaranky Ballyporeen  
  Michael Quinlan Farmers,Residents Glenbreedy Borrisoleigh  
  Ml Quinlan Grocers   Emly Spirit Retailers
  Ml Quinlan Farmers,Residents Ballygodoon Monard  
  Ml Quinlan Grocers   Newport Spirits
  Patk Quinlan Farmers,Residents Manganstown Kilsheelan  
  Patrick Quinlan Farmers,Residents Ballinderry Carrick-on-Suir  
  Patrick Quinlan Farmers,Residents Glengar Doon  
  Patrick Quinlan Farmers,Residents Boolabawn Roscrea  
  Ptk Quinlan Grocers Grove St Roscrea Spirit Retailers
  Rt Quinlan Farmers,Residents Manganstown Ballypatrick  
  Thomas Quinlan Farmers,Residents Derrymore Roscrea  
  Thos Quinlan Grocers   Knock Spirits
  Thos Quinlan Grocers Church St 12 Tipperary  
  Wm Quinlan Town Commissioners   Cashel  
  Wm Quinlan Grocers Church St 13 Tipperary  
  Wm J Quinlan Town Commissioners   Tipperary  
    Quinlan,White Grocers Gladstone St 13 Clonmel &Co, retail & wholesale spirit lic
  W Quinlisk Grocers   Cloughjordan  
Miss   Quinn Confectioners Main St Thurles  
  E Quinn Union Carrick-on-Suir Shankill Carrick-on-Suir Ex-officio Guardians
Mrs E Quinn Grocers Quarry St Thurles  
Mrs E Quinn Farmers,Residents Quarry St Thurles  
Mrs Ellen Quinn Bakers Quarry Sy Thurles  
  Felix Quinn Schools National   Bouladuff  
  Fredk J Quinn Farmers,Residents Riverside Clonmel  
Mrs H Quinn Farmers,Residents Kilbragh Rosegreen  
  Hy J Quinn Farmers,Residents Convent Bridge Clonmel  
  James Quinn Farmers,Residents   Ballypatrick  
  James Quinn Farmers,Residents Ballynamona Carrick-on-Suir  
  James Quinn Farmers,Residents Magowry Fethard  
  Jas Quinn Farmers,Residents Magowry Drangan  
  Jas Quinn Grocers Main St Roscrea Spirit Retailer, Baker
  Jas Quinn Stationers Main St Roscrea  
  Jno Quinn Farmers,Residents Cranna Cahir  
  John Quinn Farmers,Residents Killurney Ballypatrick  
  John Quinn Farmers,Residents Ballyconnor Latteragh  
  John Quinn Farmers,Residents Borrisnafarney Moneygall  
  John Quinn Grocers Main St Templemore Leather
  John Quinn Farmers,Residents Lisduff Thurles  
  John Quinn Drapers Henry St 93 Tipperary  
  John Quinn Grocers Henry St 93 Tipperary  
  John Quinn Schools National   Upperchurch  
  Mce Quinn Grocers Irishtown 8 Clonmel retail spirit lic
Mrs Mt Quinn Hotels Castle St Roscrea Portarlington Arms
  Patrick Quinn Farmers,Residents Freaghduff Cashel  
  Patrick Quinn Farmers,Residents Walshbog Fethard  
  Patrick Quinn Farmers,Residents Ballycohy Shronell  
  Richard Quinn Farmers,Residents Fair Green Carrick-on-Suir  
  T Quinn Schools National   Shronell  
  T A Quinn HM Prison Richmond St Clonmel Visiting Justice
  T A Quinn Lunatic Asylum Western Rd Clonmel JP, Governor
Lt T A Quinn Union Clonmel Bellevue Place Clonmel Ex-Officio Guardian
  T A Quinn Farmers,Residents Bellvue Pl Clonmel JP
  Ml Quinnane Farmers,Residents Drumminphillip Ballycahill  
Mrs C Quirk Farmers,Residents Rossadrehid Bansha  
  Edmond Quirk Farmers,Residents Boreen Monard  
Mrs H Quirk Farmers,Residents Rossadrehid Bansha  
  John Quirk Farmers,Residents Coologue Bansha  
  John Quirk Town Commissioners   Carrick-on-Suir  
  Jos F Quirk Town Commissioners   Carrick-on-Suir Soliciter
  Ml Quirk Grocers   Cappawhite  
  Ml Quirk Farmers,Residents Slate Quarries Carrick-on-Suir  
  Rd Quirk Farmers,Residents Clashoquirke Bansha  
  Thomas Quirk Farmers,Residents Ballinahinch Golden  
  Andrew Quirke Farmers,Residents Green Carrick-on-Suir  
  Daniel Quirke Farmers,Residents Ballycamusk Cashel  
  Daniel Quirke Grocers Main St E 6 Tipperary  
  David Quirke Spirit Retailers Castle St Cahir  
  Denis Quirke Farmers,Residents Ballinderry Ballinderry  
  Edm Quirke Farmers,Residents Gortenrigh Donohill  
  Edmond Quirke Farmers,Residents Ashgrove Bansha  
  Edmond Quirke Grocers Main St 42 Tipperary  
  George Quirke Farmers,Residents Ballycamusk Cashel  
Miss J Quirke Grocers Main St Cashel Spirits
Miss J Quirke Stationers Main St Cashel  
  James Quirke Farmers,Residents Ballingeary E Cahir  
  James Quirke Farmers,Residents Clonmurragha Hollyford  
  James Quirke Farmers,Residents Ballingeary Poulmucka  
  James Quirke Provision Merchants James St Tipperary  
  Jno Quirke Farmers,Residents Toom Pallasgreen  
  John Quirke Farmers,Residents Clonpet Tipperary  
  Michael Quirke Farmers,Residents Churchquarter Clonoulty  
  Michael Quirke Beer Retailers James St Tipperary  
  Michl Quirke Farmers,Residents Coolacussane Dundrum  
  Ml Quirke Farmers,Residents Pallas Donohill  
  Ml Quirke Farmers,Residents Sollohedbeg Donohill  
  Ml Quirke Pawm Brokers Peter St Nenagh  
  Patk Quirke Farmers,Residents Toom Pallasgreen  
  Patk Quirke Farmers,Residents Sadleirswells Tipperary  
  Thomas Quirke Farmers,Residents Pubblehill Cashel  
  Thos Quirke Farmers,Residents Sollohedbeg Donohill  
  Thos Quirke Farmers,Residents Knocknaquill Poulmucka  
  Wm Quirke Farmers,Residents Main St 2 Clonmel  
  Wm Quirke Farmers,Residents Cahernahallia,Toom Pallasgreen  
    Quirke & Quirk Solicitors Main St Carrick-on-Suir