1889 Bassett's Directory of Tipperary


  Geo Mack Post Office   Portland PM
Mrs   Mackey Farmers,Residents Lacamore Lackamore  
  Henry Mackey Farmers,Residents Summerhill Templemore  
Mrs J Mackey Farmers,Residents Kylemore Strogue Cross  
  J W Mackey Schools National   Ballyporeen Males
  James Mackey Farmers,Residents Honeymount Roscrea  
  James Mackey Farmers,Residents Ballycahill Thurles  
  John Mackey Farmers,Residents Bailie Farm Nenagh  
  John Mackey Grocers George St Templemore Spirits, Baker
  John C Mackey Farmers,Residents Barrack St 32 Nenagh  
Mrs M Mackey Grocers Castle St 73 Nenagh  
  Rd Mackey Grocers   Lackamore  
  T F Mackey Hardware Main St Carrick-on-Suir  
  Thos F Mackey Grocers Main St Carrick-on-Suir  
  Wm Mackey Farmers,Residents Castle St Nenagh  
  Denis Madden Farmers,Residents Killeen Killeen  
Rev F Madden Churches RC Friar St Cashel Chaplin Pres Convent
  James A Madden Bakers   Dundrum  
  James A Madden Grocers   Dundrum Spirits
  James A Madden Hotels Hawarden Arms Dundrum  
  Ml Madden Emigration Agents Main St Roscrea  
  Ml Madden Grocers Rosemary Sq Roscrea Spirit Retailers
  Ml Madden Grocers Main St Roscrea Spirit Retailers
  Ml Madden Hotels Rosemary Sq Roscrea  
  Ml Madden News Agents Main St Roscrea  
  Ml Madden Stationers Main St Roscrea  
  Patrick Madden Farmers,Residents Lisgibbon Golden  
  Thomas Madden Farmers,Residents Ballinvassa Donohill  
  Wm Madden Farmers,Residents Oldcastle Roscrea  
  Donoughmore, Earl of Magistrates Knocklofty Clonmel Deputy Lieutenant
  John Magnier Tobacconists Dublin St 12 Clonmel and Chandler
    Maguire Drapers Castle St 9 Nenagh &Co
Mrs A Maguire Grocers John St Cashel  
  James Maguire Farmers,Residents Ballynacloona Carrick-on-Suir  
Mrs   Maher Farmers,Residents Coolnamona Clonbrick  
Mrs   Maher Farmers,Residents Cormackstown Holycross  
Mrs   Maher Farmers,Residents Cloneen Nenagh  
Mrs   Maher Farmers,Residents Blackcastle Rosegreen  
Mrs   Maher Farmers,Residents Gorteen Templemore  
Mrs A Maher Schools National   Ballynonty  
Mrs A Maher Grocers Main St Roscrea  
  Anthony Maher Grocers Main St Templemore Spirits, Baker
Mrs Bt Maher Grocers Main St 28 Clonmel retail spirit lic
  Cornelius Maher Farmers,Residents Pintown Roscrea  
  Cornelius Maher Farmers,Residents Killinane Thurles  
  Daniel Maher Farmers,Residents Clonbough Clonmore  
  Daniel Maher Farmers,Residents Borrisnoe Templemore  
  Daniel Maher Farmers,Residents Ballycahill Thurles  
  Denis Maher Farmers,Residents Borrisbeg Templemore Junior
  Dl Maher Grocers Grove St Roscrea Spirit Retailers
  Dl Maher Provisions Castle St Roscrea  
  Dl Maher Grocers   Rossmore  
Mrs E Maher Schools National   Glenbane  
Mrs E Maher Farmers,Residents Lahagh Strogue Cross  
Mrs E Maher Grocers Main St Templemore Spirits
  Edmd Maher Farmers,Residents Coolcroo Two Mile Borris  
  Edmond Maher Farmers,Residents Gregaugh Ballingarry  
  Edmond Maher Farmers,Residents Nodstown Boherlahan  
  Edw Maher Spirit Retailers   Two Mile Borris  
Rev Edward Maher Churches RC   Ballina PP
  Edward Maher Farmers,Residents Barna Templemore  
  Edward Maher Farmers,Residents Kilfeacle Tipperary  
Mrs F Maher Spirit Retailers   Fethard See also grocers 7 Hotels
  J Maher Schools National Mercy Convent New Inn  
Miss J Maher Grocers Main St Roscrea Spirit Retailers
Mrs J Maher Spirit Retailers Main St Roscrea  
  J Maher Farmers,Residents Ballynough Roscrea Junior
  James Maher Farmers,Residents Ballypatrick Bouladuff  
  James Maher Farmers,Residents Kilcurkee Cuguilla Cross  
  James Maher Farmers,Residents Kiltinan Fethard  
  James Maher Farmers,Residents Derrymore Knock  
  James Maher Farmers,Residents Kilcoke Loughmore  
  James Maher Farmers,Residents Maunselstown Moyne  
  James Maher Farmers,Residents Frehans Newcastle  
  James Maher Farmers,Residents Mullaghnoney Poulmucka  
  James Maher Farmers,Residents Benamore Roscrea  
  James Maher Farmers,Residents Blenaleen Lr South Lodge  
  James Maher Farmers,Residents Killough Templemore  
  James Maher Farmers,Residents Drom Templemore  
  James Maher Farmers,Residents Cranagh Templetuohy  
  James Maher Farmers,Residents Ballinveeny Toomevara  
  James J Maher Farmers,Residents Shanakill Clonmore  
  Jas Maher Farmers,Residents Currascarteen Mobarnan  
  Jas Maher Grocers   Templetuohy  
  Jeffrey Maher Farmers,Residents Tullohea South Lodge  
  Jer Maher Farmers,Residents Moatquarter Donohill  
  Jeremiah Maher Farmers,Residents Clonbough Clonmore  
  Jeremiah Maher Farmers,Residents Coolross Rathcabbin  
  Jeremiah Maher Farmers,Residents Blenaleen Lr South Lodge  
  Jh Maher Grocers   Lattin Spirit Retailers
  Jno Maher Grocers   Ballycahill  
  Jno Maher Victuallers Main St Cashel  
  Jno Maher Farmers,Residents Ballysorrel Clonmore  
  Jno Maher Farmers,Residents Ballinough Curraguneen  
  Jno Maher Farmers,Residents Biggawn Curraguneen  
  Jno Maher Farmers,Residents Bawnnradrum Curraguneen  
  Jno Maher Farmers,Residents Trees Curraguneen  
  Jno Maher Bakers Limerick St Roscrea See also Grocers
  John Maher Farmers,Residents Gregaugh Ballingarry  
  John Maher Farmers,Residents James' St Clonmel  
  John Maher Farmers,Residents Moanvurrin Drangan  
  John Maher Farmers,Residents Killough Holycross  
  John Maher Farmers,Residents Ballydonnell Mullinahone  
  John Maher Union Nenagh   Nenagh Master
  John Maher Farmers,Residents Lehinch Portland  
  John Maher Farmers,Residents Bawn'drum Roscrea  
  John Maher Farmers,Residents Bawn'drum N Roscrea  
  John Maher Farmers,Residents Scart Roscrea Junior
  John Maher Farmers,Residents Ivy Hall Templemore  
  John Maher Farmers,Residents Knockagh Templemore  
  John Maher Farmers,Residents Drom Templemore  
  John Maher Farmers,Residents Aughall Middle Templemore  
  John Maher Farmers,Residents Turtulla Thurles  
  Joseph Maher Farmers,Residents Shanakill Clonmore  
Mrs L Maher Provisions Rosemary St Roscrea  
Mrs L Maher Spirit Retailers Rosemary St Roscrea  
  Louis S Maher Union Roscrea Boolerea House Roscrea Elected Guardians
  Louis Stephen Maher Farmers,Residents Boolareagh Knock  
Mrs M Maher Grocers Irishtown 50 Clonmel  
Mrs M Maher Farmers,Residents L'darby Donohill  
Miss M Maher Drapers   Fethard  
Miss M Maher Farmers,Residents Main St Thurles  
  Martin Maher Grocers   Gurtnahoe Spirits
  Martin Maher Farmers,Residents Lahagh Strogue Cross  
  Martin Maher Victuallers Main St Templemore  
  Martin Maher Farmers,Residents Killough Templemore  
  Matthew Maher Farmers,Residents Annaghmeadle Roscrea  
  Matthew Maher Grocers West Gate Thurles Baker
  Matthew Maher Farmers,Residents Killinane Thurles  
  Matthew Maher Farmers,Residents Ballynilard Tipperary  
  Michael Maher Farmers,Residents Rehill Ballylooby  
  Michael Maher Farmers,Residents Foxfort Bansha  
  Michael Maher Farmers,Residents Nodstown N Boherlahan  
  Michael Maher Farmers,Residents   Clonmore  
  Michael Maher Farmers,Residents Cooleeny Moyne  
  Michael Maher Farmers,Residents Borrisnoe Templemore  
  Ml Maher Builders   Borrisoleigh  
  Ml Maher Union Cashel Nodstown Cashel Elected Guardians
Miss Mt Maher Bakers Main St 77 Clonmel Barron's
Mrs Mt Maher Farmers,Residents Clonan Roscrea  
Miss My Maher Grocers West Gate Thurles  
  Nichls Maher Auctioneers Ardmayle Cashel  
  Nicholas Maher Farmers,Residents Shruhane Cashel  
  P Maher Victuallers   Fethard  
  P J Maher Grocers Thomas St Clonmel retail spirit lic
  Pat Maher Farmers,Residents Thurlesbeg Boherlahan  
  Patk Maher Town Commissioners   Fethard  
  Patk Maher Spirit Retailers Cathedral St Thurles  
  Patrick Maher Builders   Borrisoleigh  
  Patrick Maher Farmers,Residents Gortmore Carrigatoher  
  Patrick Maher Farmers,Residents Thurlesbeg Cashel  
  Patrick Maher Bakers Silver St Nenagh  
  Patrick Maher Farmers,Residents Derrymore Roscrea  
  Phillip Maher Farmers,Residents Ballycahill Thurles Junior
  Pierce Maher Farmers,Residents Saulsquarter Cashel  
  Pierce Maher Farmers,Residents Killough Thurles  
  Pk J Maher Schools National   Clonmore  
  Ptk Maher Schools National   Ballingarry Male
Rev Ptk Maher Churches RC   Bouladuff PP
  Ptk Maher Grocers   Loughmore Spirits
  Ptk Maher Post Office   Loughmore PM
  Ptk Maher Grocers Barrack St Templemore Spirits
Rev Ptk Maher Farmers,Residents Drom Templemore PP
  R Maher Victuallers   Fethard  
  Richard Maher Farmers,Residents Monanore Toomevara  
  Stephen Maher Farmers,Residents Thurlesbeg Cashel  
  Stn Maher Corn Merchants   Cloughjordan  
  Stn Maher Grocers   Cloughjordan Spirits
  Stn Maher Grocers Rosemary Sq Roscrea Spirit Retailer, Baker
  T Maher Farmers,Residents Rathnaveogue Lr Roscrea  
  Thomas Maher Grocers Kickham St Carrick-on-Suir Retail Spirits, Bakers
  Thomas Maher Farmers,Residents Knockroe Horse & Jockey  
  Thomas Maher Farmers,Residents Kylemore Strogue Cross  
  Thomas Maher Farmers,Residents Moneydass Thurles  
  Thomas Maher Farmers,Residents Galbooly Thurles  
  Timothy Maher Farmers,Residents Freighduff Cashel  
  Timothy Maher Farmers,Residents Brittas Thurles  
  Walter Maher Clothiers Mary St Clonmel Old cloths only
  William Maher Farmers,Residents Cormackstown Holycross  
  William Maher Farmers,Residents Ballykelly Knock  
  William Maher Farmers,Residents Borrisbeg Templemore  
  Wm Maher Farmers,Residents Nodstown Boherlahan  
  Wm Maher Farmers,Residents Newtown N Cappawhite  
  Wm Maher Cattle Dealers Main St Cashel Sheep Only
  Wm Maher Town Commissioners   Cashel  
  Wm Maher Farmers,Residents Knockatooreen Grange  
  Wm Maher Grocers Castle St 54 Nenagh Spirits
  Wm Maher Farmers,Residents Bawn'drum N Roscrea  
  Wm Maher Drapers West Gate Thurles  
  Wm Maher Grocers Square Thurles Spirits
  Wm Maher Victuallers Square Thurles  
    Maher Bros Drapers Main St Cashel  
Miss E Mahon Grocers   Lorrha  
  Andw Mahoney Farmers,Residents Lagganstown Up Golden  
Mrs   Mahony Farmers,Residents Carriganroe Clogheen  
Mrs B Mahony Farmers,Residents Coolagarranroe Ballyporeen  
  Bryan Mahony Builders Ardlamon Tipperary  
  Daniel Mahony Farmers,Residents Dangan Ballyporeen  
  James Mahony Clubs, Gaelic Athletic Ass   Ballyporeen Capt, Templetenny Rangers
  James Mahony Farmers,Residents Ballyverassa Clogheen  
  Jas Mahony Victuallers Chapel St Cahir  
  Jas Mahony Spirit Retailers George St Templemore  
  Jas Mahony Town Commissioners   Templemore  
  Jas Mahony Veterinary Surgeons Main St Templemore  
  Michael Mahony Farmers,Residents Burgess New Ballylooby  
Dr O'Brien Mahony Mayors   Clonmel 1854
  Thomas Mahony Farmers,Residents Kilmaloge Ardfinnane  
  Wm Mahony Schools Night Anglesea St Clonmel Master, Literary Institute
  John Main Bakers Main St 48 Clonmel  
  John Main Confectioners Main St 48 Clonmel  
Mrs   Malcomson Farmers,Residents Manila Clonmel  
  Jos S Malcomson Farmers,Residents Suir Valley Lodge Carrick-on-Suir  
  Rt Malcomson Farmers,Residents Melview Clonmel  
  Thos Malcomson Farmers,Residents Manila Clonmel  
  Wm Malcomson Union Carrick-on-Suir   Portlaw Senior, Elected Guardian
  Jeremiah Malloney Farmers,Residents Loughisle Kilcommon  
Sergt E Malone R I Constabulary   Drombane  
  Fr T Malone Pawn Brokers Rosemary St Roscrea  
  Michl Malone Town Commissioners   Carrick-on-Suir  
  Ml Malone Grocers Main St Carrick-on-Suir Retail Spirits
Dr Cornls Maloney Dispensaries   Mullinahone  
  F R Maloney Grocers Castle St 35 Nenagh Spirits
  F R Maloney Town Commissioners   Nenagh  
Mrs My Maloney Farmers,Residents Cranna Ballycommon  
Miss Nora Maloney Union Borrisokane   Borrisokane Matron
Mrs   Mandeville Farmers,Residents Ballyquicken Ballyneal  
  F H Mandeville Farmers,Residents Ballydine E Kilsheelan  
Mrs   Manning Farmers,Residents Ballinamona Carrick-on-Suir  
  James Manning Farmers,Residents Ballingeary Poulmucka  
  James Manning Farmers,Residents College Lane Thurles  
  Jno Manning Schools National   Two Mile Borris  
  Richard Manning Post Office Main St Clonmel PM
Lt Col D Mansergh Union Tipperary Ardmayle Cashel Ex-Officio Guardians
  Daniel Mansergh Farmers,Residents Clonmore N Cashel  
  Danl J Mansergh Militia   Clonmel Lt Col Commanding, 5 Bde S. Irish Div., Royal Artillery (late Tipperary Artillery)
  Dl Mansergh Union Cashel Ardmayle Cashel Ex-Officio Guardians
Lt Col Dl J Mansergh Magistrates Ardmayle Cashel  
Major Jno C Mansergh Magistrates Harcourt Tce 1 Dublin  
Lt Col John S Mansergh Magistrates Hanover Sq Club London Deputy Lieutenant
  O Mansfield Union Carrick-on-Suir Landscape Kilsheelan Ex-officio Guardians
  John Manton Farmers,Residents Urard Gurtnahoe  
  Michael Mara Grocers Wellington St Cahir  
  Ml Mara Farmers,Residents Boolabawn Roscrea  
  Thomas Mara Farmers,Residents Monacrea Ardfinnane  
  Michael Marlin Farmers,Residents Ballinroe Strogue Cross  
Mrs E Marnane Bakers Main St 44 Tipperary  
  Patrick Marnane Farmers,Residents Ballyryan W Monard  
  Wm Marnane Farmers,Residents Knockfelah Clonbrick  
  James Marnell Farmers,Residents Gortfree Ballingarry  
  Walter Marnell Farmers,Residents Beeverstown Mullinahone  
  Wm K Marshall Farmers,Residents Barrone Court Riverstown  
  James Martin Farmers,Residents   Clonmore Junior
Rev Jas Martin Farmers,Residents Finnoe Glebe Borrisokane  
  Maurice Martin Farmers,Residents Ballynamona Cahir  
  Michael(Pat) Martin Farmers,Residents   Clonmore  
  Patk M Martin Farmers,Residents   Clonmore  
  Thomas Martin Farmers,Residents Carrigeen Cahir  
  Thomas Martin Farmers,Residents   Clonmore  
  Thos Martin Grocers Abbey St Cahir Spirit Licence
  Thos Martin Grocers Main St Templemore Spirits
Mrs   Martley Farmers,Residents Coolmoyne Mobarnan  
Mrs C Mason Provisions Main St 67 Clonmel  
Miss G Mason Schools Parochial   Clogheen  
  Geo Mason Lunatic Asylum Western Rd Clonmel Storekeeper
  J P Mason Auctioneers Abbey St Roscrea  
  Wm Mason Farmers,Residents Derrylahan Roscrea  
  G K S Massey - Dawson Lunatic Asylum Western Rd Clonmel JP, Governor
  Geo K Massey - Dawson Union Clogheen     Ex-Officio Guardians
Col D Massy Union Tipperary Ardmayle Cashel Ex-Officio Guardians
Capt Dl Massy Farmers,Residents Cahervillahowe Golden JP
  F Massy Union Tipperary Suir Castle Golden Ex-Officio Guardians
  Francis Massy Farmers,Residents Ballyvada Golden JP
  Francis H Massy Magistrates Suir Castle Golden  
  G W Massy Farmers,Residents Cahervillahowe Golden  
Capt H F Massy Magistrates Newcourt Bray  
  H F Massy Union Cashel Newcourt Bray Ex-Officio Guardians
Major H W Massy Union Tipperary Grantstown Tipperary Ex-Officio Guardians
Major H W Massy Farmers,Residents G'town Tipperary JP
Major Henry W Massy Magistrates Grantstown Tipperary  
Rev Hy Massy Churches CoI   Terryglass  
  Jno Massy Union Tipperary Kingwells House Tipperary Ex-Officio Guardians
  Jno B Massy Farmers,Residents Ballywire Kilross  
  John Massy Magistrates Kingswell House Tipperary  
  John Massy Farmers,Residents Kingswell House Tipperary JP
  W G D Massy Farmers,Residents G'town Tipperary JP
Maj Gen Wm G D Massy Magistrates Grantstown Tipperary CB
  M C Maude Estate Office   Cloughjordan Agent Dunally Estate
  Maurice C Maude Magistrates Lenigan Park Enniskillen  
Mrs A Maunsell Spirit Retailers Main St Cashel  
  John Max Farmers,Residents Maxfort Horse & Jockey  
Mrs M Max Farmers,Residents Maxfort Horse & Jockey  
  David Maxey Farmers,Residents Garryclogher Cahir  
Rev J Maxwell Churches RC   Clonakenny CC
Rev Jno Maxwell Churches RC   Curraguneen CC
  John Maxwell Farmers,Residents Ballinlough Toomevara  
  M Maxwell Farmers,Residents Glen Albert Roscrea  
  Thomas Mayne Members of Parliament   Dublin (N), Mid Div
  B Maziere Prentice Banks Castle St Roscrea Agent, BoI
  Thomas Meade Farmers,Residents Tullow Templetuohy  
    Meagher Farmers,Residents Tullyhea Carrick-on-Suir  
  Dl Meagher Grocers George St Templemore Spirits, Hardware, Seeds, Coal
  Dl Meagher Town Commissioners   Templemore  
  Edw Meagher Farmers,Residents Monsea Ballycommon  
Rev F Meagher Churches RC   Knock  
Rev Jas Meagher Churches RC   Ballingarry Chaplin to convent
  Jas Meagher Farmers,Residents Ballyannymore Nenagh  
  John Meagher Farmers,Residents Monsea Ballycommon  
  John F Meagher Farmers,Residents Kickham St Carrick-on-Suir  
Mrs K Meagher Farmers,Residents Cloneen Fethard  
Mrs M Meagher Farmers,Residents Carrick Ballycommon  
Mrs M Meagher Farmers,Residents Monsea Ballycommon  
Mrs M Meagher Grocers Kickham St Carrick-on-Suir Retail Spirits
Mrs M Meagher Hotels Kickham St Carrick-on-Suir  
  Malachi Meagher Spirit Retailers New St Carrick-on-Suir  
  Malachi Meagher Societies, St Vincent de Paul   Carrick-on-Suir Secretary
  Martin Meagher Union Roscrea Loughan Dunkerrin Elected Guardians
Mrs Mary Meagher Grocers Pound St Nenagh Spirits
  Michael Meagher Town Commissioners   Templemore San Sub Offr & Rate Collector
  Michael F Meagher Farmers,Residents Mary St Clonmel  
  Ml Meagher Flour Merchants Bridge St Clonmel  
Miss Mt Meagher Drapers George St Templemore  
Miss Mt Meagher News Agents George St Templemore  
  Ptk Meagher Town Commissioners   Templemore  
  T Meagher Grocers   Cappawhite Spirits
  Thomas Meagher Farmers,Residents Llismortagh Fethard  
Rev W Meagher Churches RC Irishtown Clonmel CC, St Mary's
  Wm Meagher Builders Blind St Clonmel  
  Wm Meagher Monument Makers Blind St Clonmel  
  Wm Meagher Farmers,Residents Tober Fethard  
  Wm Meagher Union Cashel Tober Fethard Elected Guardians
V Rev Canon Wm Meagher Churches RC   Templemore PP
Rev F Meany Churches RC   Clogheen PP
Mrs J Meany Egg Exporters John St Carrick-on-Suir  
  John Meany Boots & Shoes Main St Carrick-on-Suir  
  Patrick Meany Grocers Main St Cashel Spirits
    Meara Drapers   Borrisokane &Co
  Aw Meara Farmers,Residents Ballyvaden Mobarnan  
  D Meara Union Borrisokane Kilcommon Borrisokane Elected Guardians
  Denis Meara Farmers,Residents Kilcommon Borrisokane  
  Edward Meara Farmers,Residents Moyneard Moyne  
  Edward Meara Farmers,Residents Moanfin Nenagh  
  Edward Meara Farmers,Residents Roughan Rathcabbin  
  Hugh Meara Farmers,Residents Cappanasmear Borrisokane  
  James Meara Farmers,Residents Knockinglass Ballymackey  
  James Meara Farmers,Residents Ballycormack Borrisokane  
  James Meara Farmers,Residents Moyneard Moyne  
  James Meara Farmers,Residents Rossgoordagh Toomevara  
  Jno Meara Farmers,Residents Gorteenashingaun Roscrea  
  John Meara Farmers,Residents Coorevan Borrisokane  
  John Meara Farmers,Residents Grange Holycross  
  John Meara Farmers,Residents Curraghglass Lorrha  
  John Meara Farmers,Residents Lisballyard Rathcabbin  
  John Meara Farmers,Residents Garrane Toomevara  
  Michael Meara Farmers,Residents Curraghglass Lorrha  
  Michael Meara Farmers,Residents Moanfin Nenagh  
  Michael Meara Farmers,Residents Ballyknockane Templetuohy  
Mrs Mt Meara Spirit Retailers Main St Roscrea  
  Pat Meara Farmers,Residents Greyfort Borrisokane  
  Patrick Meara Town Commissioners   Thurles  
  Patrick Meara Farmers,Residents Bohernamona Thurles  
  Patrick Meara Farmers,Residents Garrane Toomevara  
Rev Ptk C Meara Churches RC   Rathcabbin CC
  Thomas Meara Farmers,Residents Ballycahane Ballynahinch  
  Thomas Meara Farmers,Residents Munlusk Borrisokane  
  Thomas Meara Farmers,Residents Boolabeha Moyne  
  Thos Meara Farmers,Residents Carriganeagh Nenagh Senior
  William Meara Farmers,Residents Annagh Derrinsalla  
  Wm Meara Farmers,Residents Bartoose Emly  
  Wm Meara Farmers,Residents Ballyvaden Mobarnan  
  G Austin Medlen Union Roscrea Low Lands Roscrea Ex-Officio Guardians
  Geo A Medlin Farmers,Residents Lowlands Roscrea  
  J T Medlycott Union Carrick-on-Suir Rockett's Castle Portlaw Ex-officio Guardians
  John Meehan Grocers   Newport Spirits
  John Meehan Provisions   Newport  
Miss K Meehan Schools National   Emly  
  Thomas Meehan Farmers,Residents Drumlummin Clogheen  
  William Melbourne Farmers,Residents Curraheen Horse & Jockey  
  Albert J Meldon Magistrates Resident Grenane House Tipperary  
Miss H Melville China&Glass Gladstone St 30 Clonmel  
Mrs L Menton Provisions Castle St Roscrea  
  Wm J Menton Commissioners   Roscrea For administring Oaths in The Supreme Court of Judicature in Ireland
  Wm J Menton Union Roscrea Castle St Roscrea Elected Guardians
  Wm Jos Menton Solicitors Castle St Roscrea  
  John Merrick Farmers,Residents Ballygorteen Cahir  
Miss Mt Merrick Grocers Main St E 15 Tipperary Spirits
  P Merrick Auctioneers Ballycarron Cashel  
  Patrick Merrick Farmers,Residents Bawnbrack Golden  
  John Merrigan Farmers,Residents Bohercrowe Tipperary  
  Patk Merrigan Flour Merchants Henry St Tipperary  
  Wm Merrigan Farmers,Residents G'gowlane Tipperary Junior
  Patrick Meskil Farmers,Residents Frehans Newcastle  
  William Meyers Farmers,Residents Knockgraffon Cahir  
  Johanna Mihan Grocers   Ballagh  
  Patrick Mihan Post Office   Ballagh  
  Michael Miles Farmers,Residents Graigue Clogheen  
  Patrick Miles Farmers,Residents Barnahown Ballyporeen  
  John Millea Drapers Main St E 11,12 Tipperary  
Mrs M Millea Drapers Irishtown 51 Clonmel  
  John Millers Drapers   Killenaule  
  Thomas Millers Grocers Rosoulty Ballycahill Spirits
Miss Ht Mills Hotels   Dromineer  
  William Mills Farmers,Residents Monaroan Capparoe  
  A Milne Drapers Dublin St 40 Clonmel & Son
  A Milne Drapers Dublin St 40 Clonmel & Son, Merchant Tailor
  J M Minchen Farmers,Residents Duncan St Clonmel  
  Falkiner J Minchin Union Borrisokane Annagh Coolbawn Ex-Officio Guardians
  Falkner J Minchin Farmers,Residents K'biller Borrisokane JP
  Falkner J Minchin Magistrates Annagh, Coolbawn Roscrea  
  Geo J Minchin Magistrates Busherstown Dunkerrin  
  Geo J Minchin Union Roscrea Busherstown Dunkerrin Ex-Officio Guardians
Miss A Minnitt Farmers,Residents Annaghbeg Dromineer  
  J R Minnitt Physicians Summerhill Nenagh  
Dr J R Minnitt Union Nenagh   Nenagh Med Offr
Sergt J Minogue R I Constabulary   Ballingarry  
  Patrick Minogue Farmers,Residents Ballintotty Nenagh  
  Rody Minogue Hides&Skins Dublin Rd Nenagh  
  Rody Minogue Marine Stores Dublin Rd Nenagh  
  Rody Minogue Mineral Water Mftrs Dublin Rd Nenagh  
  Rody Minogue Wool Merchants Dublin Rd Nenagh  
  E Cromwell Mitchell Farmers,Residents Kilteely Pallasgreen  
Dr G Mitchell Medical Halls George St Templemore  
  Geo Mitchell Union Roscrea Mount Butler Roscrea Elected Guardians
  Geo Mitchell Farmers,Residents Mount Butler Roscrea  
Dr Gerald Mitchell Dispensaries Main St Templemore  
  Gerald Mitchell Town Commissioners   Templemore Med Offr of Health
  Gerard Mitchell Physicians Richmond Templemore  
  Matt B Mitchell Farmers,Residents Chantersland Emly  
  T J Mitchell Veterinary Surgeons Gladstone St Clonmel  
  Wm Mitchell Union Roscrea Castle Fleming Ballybrophy Elected Guardians