Religious Census  - 1766
Contributed by Janet Crawford

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Religious lists Cullen, Soloheadmore, Soloheadbeg ___ and Cluggin. 1766

This one is divided strangely, and I am sure that the divisions correspond to the different townlands of Cullen, Soloheadmore, Soloheadbeg, something and Cluggin, but they are not identified.

Robert Bradshaw Esq.
Mathelda Nash widow
Edmond Renolds
James Coleins [Collins]
James Moran
Alexander Read
James Clancy
Francis Forward
Thomas dwyer
Edmond Benton
Nicholas Hore
Anthony Brown
Daniel Griffin
Paul Franklin
Thomas Fitzgerald
Michael Loftus
Mary Leake widow
Papists [I think]
David Howard
William Kinnifake
James Maher
Anstice Ryan widow
Daniel Ryan
George Cummins
Darby Neal
Laurence Dundon
John Lines [Lyons]
John Maher
William Maher
Derby Ryan
Darby Neal
Brien Rourke
William Cummins
Dennis Ryan
James Maher
David Dee [Dea]
Julian Coffoe [Coffey]
Catherine Heny widow
Elias Donovan
Tim Ryan
Patrick Purcele [Purcell]
John Quane
Elinor Caty widow
Thomas Neal
John Joseph
William Kelly
Pat Lines
Phil Maher
James Cleary
John Fitzgerald
Pat Poor [Power]
James McCan
John Cleary
Michael Hayes
Michael Ryan
Robert Batters
Andrew Connele [Connell]
Tim Maher
Thomas Shanahan
Matthew Ryan
William Tobin
Pat Bluet
Mary Godfrey widow
Catherine Hunt? widow [looks like Hur and tails off]
Joan Keane
Timothy Grady
Andrew Hickey
Edmond Shanahan
Mary Russell
Thomas Batters
John Killegane [Culligan?]
John Leamy
David Londergan
John Killegane
Morgan Cahoe? [Keogh?]
William Fitzgerald
Frances Batters widow
John Horan
Michael Quillenan
William Godfrey
Thomas? Walsh
Edmond Dwyer
Patrick Connors
Honour Ryan widow
Margaret Sheedy widow
Cornelius Ryan
Michael Londergan
James Hickey
Darby Cary
Mary Hickey widow
Thomas McInerny
Timothy Ryan
Daniel Lyons
John Flemming
John English
Daniel Halfpenny
John Hickey
Patrick McEligot
Michael Hickey
James McGrath
Catherine Holtin widow
Alice Hurley widow
William Donovan
Owen Leagh
John Mulcahy
John Cane
James Coleins [Collins]
Ed Ryan
Philip Dillon
Edmond Burke
Dennis Cary
Dennis Coffoe [Coffey]
David Burk
Mary English
John Kelly
Derby Killegane
John Donohoe
Thomas Burk, Popish priest

This appears to be another section, but still Catholic
Rynett? Tobin widow
Catherine Crafford [Crawford] widow
John Ryan
Jonathon McNamara
George English
Michael Hickey
John Hiffernan Sr.
John Hiffernan Jr.
David Neal
William Barry
Edmond Brien
Jonathon Ryan
Phil Ryan
Edmond Neal
Christopher Rupele
Patrick Hingarty [Haggerty?]
John Hingarty
John Real
Thomas Cantwele [Cantwell]
Dennis Shanahan
William English
Thomas Finane
John Brien
Nichlas Haly
Elinor Cody widow
Edmond Rierdane [Riordan]
Elinor Cavanagh widow
Laurence English
James English
Michael Ryan
John Crow
Jonathon Crow
Thomas Maher
William Ryan
Owen Donovan
Pat Ryan
Richard Butler
Honour Ryan widow
William Cormick
Laurence Cormick
Michael Kirwick
Jonathon Kirwick
Edmond Doherty
Jonathon Roche
And here comes a huge ink blot
Richard D [Dee or maybe Dun]
Thomas Burke
James Pa....
Edmond ....
Catherine .... widow
Anstice .... widow
Jonathon Haly
Cornelius Melowny [Moloney]
Tim Brien
James Cormick
Edmond Faraher
Tim Rierdane [Riordan]
Cornelius Duggan
Phil Mara
Brien Dee
Thomas Ryan
Thomas Furlong
Edmond Dwyer
Pat Morony
Ranel? Ryan widow
Cornelius Lynch
William Horan
Jonathon McNamara
Derby Dwyer
Kennedy Brien
Pat Cole
Morgan Sheridan
Daniel Hogan
Jonathon Shanahan
Theobald English
Thomas ?yre
Pat Cranly
Derby Breen
Cornelius Molowny [Moloney]
Bridget Gnoak? widow
Daniel Borane [Birrane]
Cornelius Borane
Darby Higgins
David Bourk
John Madden
Daniel Trehy
Daniel Halloran
James Doherty
William Brien
William Marnane
William Croneen [Cronin]
Thomas Croneen
Pat Ryan
Brien O'Brien
Thomas Neal
William Horan
William Grant
Thomas McMahon
Edmond McMahon
William Kelly
Philip Peters
Julian Molowny widow
Michael Neal
Charles Carty
Patrick Maher
Timothy Quillenan
Patrick Croneen
Timothy Keef [Keefe]
David Meehan
William Cleary
Margaret Mahony widow
Philip Ryan
John Keef
William Cummins
Jonathon Daly
Tim Dwyer
Patrick Duggan
James Stanton
Andrew Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Pat Barrett
Jonathon Lynch
Jonathon Darmody
Jonathon Maher
Tim Hogan
John Daniele
James Flin [Flynn]
Milo Bourke
Cornelius Neal
Jonathan Darmody
James Dun
Michael Ryan
Thomas Ryan
Dennis Daniel
Honour Hayes widow
Mary Burk widow
Honour Hayes widow [2nd one]
Edmond Colbert
Thomas Dwyer
Michael Burk
Tim Dwyer
Phil Ryan
Thomas Ryan
William Glissane [Gleeson]
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Toohy
Dennis Ryan
John Keefe
Pat Ryan
Cornelius Ryan
Owen Doherty
Richard Owein
Jonathon English
William Hayes
Pat Ryan
Pirece Forrestal
Daniel Lahy
Pat Ryan
John Dwyer
Dennis Ryan
John Cormick
Matthew Ryan
William Gavan
Daniel Gavan
James Flemming
Mathias Houragan
Cornelius Brien
Martin Phelan
John Bourk
John Dee
William Gavan
Pat Neal
Dennis Crimmin?
Mathew Arthur
William Dwyer
Mathew Houragan
Denis Crimmin
Matthew Hogan
Derby Ryan
Tim Crow
Joan Gerane widow
John Lahy
John Hoare
Phil Maher
Daniel Neal, the Popish priest who was rescued by the mob from the sheriff
and army at Longstone in the County of Tipperary when transmitting from
Clonmel to Limerick thereto and for his trail for forcibally marrying Henry
Grady to Miss Susana Grove. In this rescue many lives were lost,
notwithstanding which Richard Neal continues to officiate as Popish priest
in the same parish.
We now go back to Protestants but the new area is not noted but I am guessing it might be Cullen:
Bnd. ? Rogers
Mary Rogers widow
Robert Bradshaw
George Evans
John Bradshaw
Robert Franklin
Elizabeth Goans? widow
Nathaniel Bradshaw
Thomas Bele?
Richard Furlong
John Furlong
Sarah Fryday widow
Richard Pope
Robert Evans
David Bradshaw
Henry Grady
John ?
John Gains
William Rogers
James Williams
Tim Brien
Stephen Webster
Thomas Walsh
Richard Nash
Hugh Franklin
Michael Collins
Michael Collins
Michael Collins
Walter Collins
John Franklin
Thomas Elard More Papists:
Martin Fitzgerald
James Condon
Tom Brien
Alice Keating
Michael Glasheen
John Phelan
Edmond Howard
Pat Neal
Michael Ryan
Thomas Thehy
Florence? O'Donnele
John Ryan
Peter Trehy
Thomas Russell
Dennis Fahy
John Lahy
Mary Lahy widow
John Geenane
Daniel Geenane
Mary Bede
Cornelius Dwyer
Brien McMahon
Pat Phelan
John Harigan
Edmond Ryan
Catherine Ryan widow
Wiliam Ryan
Mary Reilly widow
Nicholas Bradshaw
John Dunbar
Winifred Burk
Tim Cary or Cany
Pat Cormick
Cornelius Ryan
Daniel McMahon
Pat Roche
Thpmas Ryan
Dennis Ryan
John Dwyer
Pat Ryan
Daniel Bermingham
Edmond Gorman
John Russell
Honour Burk widow
Daniel Kierwick
Mary Carmody widow
Daniel Bolan
Daniel Lahy
James Morony
Pat Lynch
Thomas Ryan
Redmond Shanahan
Ann Burk widow
John Meany
More papists
Daniel Glissane
Daniel Carmody
Bridget Bolan widow
William Brien
Cornelius Ryan
William Hickey
Dennis Ryan
Margaret Ryan widow
Pat Connors
John Londergan
Pat Hogan
James Harding
John Gorman
Cornelius Glissane
Philip Ryan
Matthew Dwyer
Margaret Molloy widow
Thomas Connors
Andrew McGrath
John Ryan
Sarah Lahy widow
Matthew Glissane
Edmond Hayes
Daniel Brien
John Quilty
Joan Ryan widow
John Maher
Michael McOwen
Michael Coffoe
Thomas Delany
James Hiffernan
Tim Howard
Miles Keogh
Daniel Quilty
Daniel Moleby
Pat Toomy
Cornelius Ryan
Edmond Ryan
William Connors
Derby Dwyer
Thomas Walsh
Daniel Hicky
Martin Hennesy
Terence Burk
James Hiffernan
William Coleins
Richard Culein
John Dee
Silvester Dwyer
Richard English
Walter English
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Kelly
Tim Carrole [Carroll]
Pat Hourigan
Edmond Hoare
Tim Ryan
John Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Milo Burk
John English
Conny Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Brien
Timothy Maher
James Godfrey
Michael Godfrey
Mary ?
Matthew Donovan
Edmond Molloy
John Goian??
Owen Ryan
John Ryan
Richard Butler
William Hickey
Daniel Quage?
John Ryan
Darby Tierney
Michael Ryan
John Ryan
John Godfrey
Daniel Cary
Dennis Ryan
Pat Londergan
Michael Hoare
Tim Casey?
Julian Ryan widow
Michael Godfrey
Cornelius ?
John Haly
Coprnelius Haly
Tim Brien
Thomas Haragan
Honora Brien widow
William Stapleton
Derby Ryan
Morgan Ryan
Denis Culeinan
John Ryan
Gerald Grace
Daniel McGrath
Daniel Gavan
Michael Coscar?
Nicholas Ryan
William Brien
John Hayes
Nicholas ?
Michael Ryan
John Nugent
Richard Burk
Daniel Horan
John Ryan
Matthew Ryan
Tim Dwyer
Pat Haragan
John Reed or Real
Tim Ryan
William Burk
John Joy
John Grace
Terence McMahon
Daniel Burn
Michael Condon
Mary Brien widow
? Condon
? Colins widow
? Ryan
Walter Burk
Tim Carmody

The end



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