Religious Census  - 1776
Contributed by Mary Heaphy

A list of the Families in the
Religious Census  Parish of Coleman 1766

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Parish of Coleman
Hen. Anderson, gent
Chas. Moore
2 Prot. families

Papists 22 families
Thos Butler
Thos. Britteen
Jno. Dullunty
Thos. Hickey
Will Hogan
Peter Peters
Mich'l English
Thos English
Ed. Hogan
Jno. Healy
Will Hogan
David Hogan
Thos McGrath
Thos Connell
Mich'l Bohan
Ed. Rouhane
Thos Ryan
David Hogan
Patt Hickey
James Kearwick
Patt. Mullony
Will Ryan

22 Papist families


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