Religious Census  - 1776
Contributed by Mary Heaphy

A list of the Families in the
Religious Census  Parish of Clerahan 1766

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Parish -Clerahan
Protestants, 4
Jno. Carleton,esq.
Will Vauhan
Isaac Loc
Denis Hollaran

Papists 31
Dave Hogan
Mich'l Bermingham
Jno Hackett
Ed. Hackett
Denis Bermingham
Will Beard
Nic. Hackett
Andy Hackett
Darby Healy
Ed. Conway
Patt. Maxey
Rob. Mockler
Will Morressy
Tim Ryan. Elder
Tim Ryan
Ed Ryan
Andrew Russell
Patt. Henbury
Jno. Looby
Jno. Fogarty
Mich'l Kearney
Thos Welsh
Jas. Bales
Jno. Larkin
And. Hollaran
Robt. Morressy
Will Prendergast
Thos. Nowlan
Maur. Keating
Thos Butler
31 Papist Families


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