Religious Census  - 1776
Contributed by Mary Heaphy

A list of the Families in the
Religious Census  Parish of Boytonrath 1766

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Parish of Boytonrath
Protestants - 3
Rich.d Champion
Nath.l Robins ,Esqr.
Thos. Smithwick, gent

Papists - 32
Thos. Hackett
Jno. Butler
Lau. Aherren
Jno. Hanley
Dan.l Deleany
Jno. Lawlor
Jno. Butler
Patt. Hackett
Jno. Mahony
Jno. Ahearn
Thos. Ahearn
Anstace Quinlan
Jim Quinlan
Will. Morressey
Jno. Finnin
Patt. Moughler
Ed. Meagher
Patt Delaney
Jno. Cunningham
Will Conneth
Thos. Cooney
Jno. Mahony
Jno. Rogers
Jno. Bourk
Widow Mahony
John Mahony
Mat. Mahony
Jno. Fogarty
Will. Murroney
Joan Power
Thos. Meagher
32 Papist Families


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