Religious Census  - 1776
Contributed by Mary Heaphy

A list of the Families in the
Religious Census  Pepperstown 1766

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Protestant Families
Rich'd Howell
Rich'd Headen
Math'w Henderson

Popish Families
Patk. Phelan
Mathew Fahy
Mich. St.John Doesn't give a townsland so presume the above are Pepperstown

Gurt Scaugh

John Crehane
Edm. Carew
Edm. Lahey
John St.John


Patk. Kenedy
John Heffernan

Knock Kelly

Edm. Dwyer and Son
Rich'd Tobin
Philip Cummins
Wm. Lahy
Edm. Dwyer
Math. Cormuck
Thos. Mara
Phelix Neale
Andrew Keating
John Lahey
James Dwyer
James Tobin

Sause Town

Philip Corbit
Mich. Corbit
Wm. Flin
John Flin
John Commons
James Firkin
John Dun


James Lahy
James Doolin
Thos. Mara
John Mara
John Carragan
John Cummins
Jim Hickey
Thos. Coffee
Wm. Lahy
Philip Cummins


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