Religious Census  - 1776
Contributed by Mary Heaphy

A list of the Families in the
Religious Census  Rathcoole Parish 1766

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Rathcoole Parish

Prot. Families
Wray Bury
Rich Hutchinson
Mr.Godfrey Taylor
Mr. Henry Blackmore
Mr. James Lowe
Mr.Mathew Sankey (coolmore)
Edmond Kearney
Mr.John Langley

These are the prot. of
the whole parish.

Popish Inhabitants Derryluskan
Patrick Bourke
Roger Kennedy
Will Davin
Edm. Lonergan
Laur. Carroll
Tim Gleesane

Edm. Meagher
Edm. Brennan
James Meagher
James Skehane
James Meagher
James Tyle
Terence Brien
Dan Mulloney
John Daniel

Rathvin, Coolenure
Laur. Cavanagh
James Cavanagh
James Head
Thos Connell
Tim Carew
James Eagan
Edm. Meagher
Darby Skehane
John Connelly

Powers Wood
Mathew Kinderkin
Thos Britton
Patk. Cuddahy
Edm. Delaney
John Lahey
Rich Hacket
Will Fahy
Peter Drew
John Butler

Andrew Quinlan
James Mulcahy
John Dwyer
James Ryan

Mich Stapleton
Thos Hickey
Patk. Mansell
Will Mansell

Nich. Kelly
Mich Quirk
Roger Rahully
Thos Mackey
James Heaney
Patk Hacket
Will Meagher
Roger Ryan
James Meagher
Mich Duggan
Rich Britton
James Dorney
James Meagher

James Connell
Thos Carroll
Patk. Meagher
Will Carroll
Mich Quinn
Anthony Carroll
Thos Carew
Denis Brien
James Craddock

Carrigeen &Farranbeen
Will Mulloghty
Will Meagher
Con Dwyer
John Hays
Mortogh Skehane
Rich Shee

Bartho. Lyons
Patk. Walsh
John Nagle
Patk. Martley
Mick Martley
James Nagle
Will Croak
Thos Burke
Pat. Lahey
Patk. Whelan
Edm. Heffernan
Will Fahy
Will Delaney
John Butler


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