Religious Census  - 1776
Contributed by Mary Heaphy

Religious Census 1766 Parish of the Rock, Cashel, County Tipperary
Barony of Clanwilliam

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Parish of the Rock. Cashel

Hen. Osburn, Esq.
Will Lamphier, Elder
Will Lamphier, Younger
Jno. Gilbert
Jno. Mills
Jno. Griffin.
6 families

Papists. 94 families.
Phill Heany
Denis Heany
Rich. Bourke
Jno. Looby
Will Lonergan
Thos. Cuddy
Jno. Ryan
Denis Heaney
Jno. Gough
Rich. Power
Mich. Stapleton
Jas. Phelan
Thos Welsh
Patt. Hogan
James Butler
Jno Tobin
Thos Quinlan
Jos. Mara
Patt. Reynolds
Pat Grady
James Dunn
James Heaney
Thos. Glisson
Jno. Heany.
Wid. Larkin
Will Dwyer
Donall Keary
Jno Cody
Thos. Mara
Michael Mara
David Meagher
Ed Glisson
Ed. Scully
Mich. Dwyer
Will Mathew
John Tearney
Jas. Meagher
Conor Mahony
Mich Cearney
Thos Cormick
Will Boughhally
Will Cearwick
Patt Britt
Walt. Bourke
James Ryan
Phill Loughlin
Patt Bergin
Patt Hogan
Edward Francis
John Murnann
Daniel Kearwick
Will Ryan
Phill Quossion
Conor Garvan
Ed Britteen
Thos. Purcell
Andrew Barry
Will Ryan
Conor Dwyer
Thos. Mortlow
Ed. Grant
Jno. Domville
Pat Liston
Will Barragah
Thos. Morressy
Jas. Bleake
Jno. Bergen
Jno. Carrol
Roger Scully
Will Marah
Ed. Bourke
Jno. Bourke
Ed Russell
Pat Delleany
Mich Mocler
Mich. Sullivan
Thady Kennedy
Mich. King.
Mich. Ryan
Jas. Cormick
Thos. Carrol
Thos Bourke
Patt Morressy
James Dunn
Jno. Morressy
Thos. Dwyer
Mich. Dwyer
Jno. Connorry
Will Connorry
Nicholas Maxey
Rich. Daniel
Moris Morressy
Nic. Bryan
Will Kearney

Total Popish families
Parish of Rock. 94.





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