Religious Census  - 1776
Contributed by Mary HeaphyReligious Census 1766 Parish of Clonbeg Diocese of Cashel, County Tipperary
Barony of Clanwilliam

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Parish of Clonbeg, The Reverend Henry Burnbury, Rector.

Prot. Families,14

Francis Wheeler,Esqr.
William McClure
Mathew Hill
Robert Givins
Rich.d Holmes
John Holme
Thos Sampson
Maurice Holloway
James Goran
John McClure
George Hughy
William Barton
Widow Davis
Widow Acheson

Popish Families,228

John Ryan Dominican Fryar, Curate to the Titular Ab. of Cashel , Mr. Butler ,

This parish being united to Galbally according to their rules and both belong to Mr. Butler."

John Landers
John Cashen
Rbt. Dowan
Wm. Kifsane
Edm. Cushen
Patrick Kenah
John Breen
Patrick Breen
John Walsh
Timothy Lahy
Elly Commens
John Barry
Matthew Ryan
Mathew Ryan
John Lahy
Edm.d Neal
Timothy Brien
John Ryan
William Cushen
Maurice Noonan
Jo'n Kelly
Dan'l Noonan
Dan'l Hanley
Wm. Hanley
Wm. Martin
John Collins
Dan'l Carroll
John Daly
Maurice Quenane
Wm. Russell
Denis Hays
John Hayes
Martin Martin
Owen Heffernane
John Heffernane
Adam Landers
Michael Landers
Robt. Landers
Jon. Moresy
Jon. Coyne
Michael Celher
Thos Fling
Timothy Mally
Thos Mally
Wm. Quinlan
Jeffry Burk
Jon. Mansell
James Hogan
Rich.d Londergan
Denis Keasy
Mich'l Walsh
Denis Sullivan
John Hurly
Denis Hurly
Patrick Walsh
Jon Brien
Thos Deverux
James Henesy
Darby Kilmartin
Darby McGrath
Wm. Horan
Dan Noonan
Patrick Noonan
Timothy Dwyer
Edm. Brien
Thos Mahony
Thos Chapman
David Condon
Rich.d Condon
Jon. Condon
Michael Shallow
Daniel Brien
Michael Butler
Jon Butler
Patrick Dwyer
Kenedy Brien
Pierce Deverux
Mich'l Trassy
Mich'l O' Danell
James Deverux
Mathew Shanon
David Tobin
Roger Mahony
Parick Kealey
Jon. Dwyer
Jon. Burk
James Sheehy
Patrick Barane
Thos Ryan
Timothy Noonan
William Leary
Edm. Ryan
Wm. Brien
Conor Mara
James Ban
James Ginivan?
Jon. Nail
Jon. Nail
Wm. Doherty
Edm'd Doherty
Denis Cleary
Jo'n Fruin
Jon Griffen
Ben Horan
Wm. Hora
Edm'd Meany
Jon Cumane
Jon Ryan
Timothy Horley
John Hanrahan
Thos Ryan
Thos. Morooney
Thos. Fox
Jon. Kill Martin
Jon. Walsh
James Moston
Jon Ryan
Jon Croneen
Patrick Killmartin
Thos Fahey
Wm. Gravery
Cor's Leary
Jon. Connel
Jon. Hannen
Denis Dwyer
Thos. Coleman
Jon. Heffernan
William Pomeroy
Jon. Heffernan
Edm'd Melton
Wm. Scot
Rich'd Fraher
Jon. Coughlan
Charles Burn
Wm. Cosker
Roger Hays
Ellick Burk
Darby Hays
William Hays
William Hays
Jam's Conway
Jon. Conway
Thos. Conway
Roger Kennedy
Dan'l Buckley
Wm. Corkeron
Thos. Carrol
Jon. Carrol
Paul White
Rich'd Lahy
Morgon Brien
Owen Curravane
Roger Hall
Jon. Ryan
Jon. Bryan
Jam's Cantwell
David Nagle
Jon. Deveran
Jon. Brien
Denis Heffernan
Thos. Nail
Mich'l Cannery
Wm. Kennedy
Edm'd Kenedy
Thos. Margarth
Wm. Brien
James Shea
James Kane
Denis Scovalane
Mich'l Henesy
Denis Brien
James Barry
Jon. Ryan
Mich'l Kenedy
James Began
Jon Hickey
Wm. Bourk
James Tobin
Jon. Walsh
Jon Hanglisby
Darby Crow
Patrick Hiffernane
Darby Ryan
Jon Ryan
Edm'd Fitzgerald
Patrick Dowan
Jon Dally
Wm. Harney
Denis Callaghan
Darby Callaghan
Wm. Bryan
Rich'd Gilbert
Patrick Connery
Thos Londregan
Jon Londregan
Jon Dwyer
Edm'd Roberts
Cor. Donevan
Terence Brien recte No 167
Terence Brien recte No 167
James Conery
Darby Ryan
James Russell
Darby Quirk
James Fahey
Mich'l Hanley
Wm. Meregine
Patrick Horan
Edmund Slattery
Jon Fitzgerald
Roger Dunahow
Timothy Dunahow
Patrick Dunahow
David Bourke
Luke Punch
Thomas Hennebry
Edmund Markhan
William Ryan
Richard Bourke
Jon Meagher
Terence Bryan
William Bryan
Widow Conery
Widow Comane
Widow Corvane
Widow Ryan
Widow Doherty
Widow Brien

228 Papist Families
in the Parish of Clonbeg
Jo Henry Baker Sterne
esqr, Clerk of the Right
Hon, House of Lords
at the Parliment House



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